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holiday gift ideas

Holiday Gift GUIDE On the following pages are a few gift ideas to get you started in your holiday shopping this season. Some of these items can be found at your neighborhood Half Price Books store. And we’ve included a couple of items that you can add to the mix to maximize the sentiment behind each. This pocket-sized guide can travel with you on your shopping adventures. Feel free to print out this PDF and fold it to create a handy reference.

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gift ideas for her

gift idea for HER Gather together some books on gardening, plants, flowers or a how-to book on a backyard project that she’s been talking about doing for years, such as building a pond or landscaped pathway. GO ALL IN Fill a wooden crate or basket with a variety of seeds and bulbs, along with gardening gloves and a spade. Get a few fresh stems at your local market; a blooming tulip with a thoughtful card about your appreciation for her will brighten her day.

gift idea for HER Find a cookbook containing recipes for the type of food she enjoys. Choose a recipe and gather all of the ingredients ahead of time. After she opens the gift, tell her you’re making dinner together. GO ALL IN Insert an old family recipe with a handwritten note sharing a memory from childhood. Go all out by packaging a cookbook together with a stylish apron, silicone baking cups, cookie cutters or a subscription to a popular foodie magazine.

gift idea for HER Choose an impressive coffee table book on a subject you know she is interested in. Books on art, collectibles, sports, travel destinations, history and photography are just a few of your options. GO ALL IN Give a box of blank note cards that feature the same subject. Bundle together with a nice pen, postage stamps and envelope seals. Not only can she keep up correspondence with family and friends near and far, but she’ll think of you each time she writes a note.

gift idea for HER Check for a book on her nightstand and note the author. Get her a book by the same author, or one who writes similar stories. She’ll be thrilled (and in some cases, shocked!) that you noticed what she is reading. GO ALL IN Write an inscription on the inside cover of the book, just a short message, noting the occasion and date, and insert a colorful bookmark. Each time she settles in to read, she’ll be able to keep her place and remember your kindness.

gift ideas for him

gift idea for HIM Find some mouth-watering books on outdoor grilling. Search for a book on a specific cuisine for him to master. Pair it with a book about beers or wines. Toss in a six pack of his beverage-of-choice with a note saying “Let’s fire up the grill.” GO ALL IN Give the books to him with an apron that is personalized or humorous. Throw in some new grilling utensils or a fun branding iron to mark his steaks. Spice it up more with a specialty jar of seasoning or rub.

gift idea for HIM Look for limited edition or rare CDs by his favorite music group. Take him back to yesteryear with vintage tunes. Replace his long-gone record player and pair it with some of his favorite albums on vinyl. GO ALL IN Hunt down a sentimental album or song. Frame album artwork from his most-adored musical artist. He’ll have something special to hang in his office or study, and be reminded daily of your thoughtfulness.

gift idea for HIM If he loves old cars, used bookstores often carry vintage instruction books, manuals and blue books for a variety of models. Choose one of his favorites and pair it with a scaled model of the car, bobble head or auto accessory. GO ALL IN Browse your city’s upcoming calendar of local events. Treat him to a day at the race track or the auto show. Spend some quality time together with the whole family, doing what he really loves most. Afterwards, have a fun dinner at the local drive-in diner.

gift idea for HIM Find a book that focuses on a favorite vacation spot – a place he’s been or a place he’s dreamt of travelling to some day. In the inscription, write something short about a past vacation and attach a photo on the inside cover. GO ALL IN Reminisce on past trips with a photo album or slideshow featuring memorable moments. Take it up a notch by including an airline carrier gift card to give him the incentive to take that much-deserved vacation of his dreams.

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