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“Changing the world one mind at a time….”!

What is Teachers of Tomorrow?

Teachers of Tomorrow is an avenue for young educators and those interested in education to practice and develop their skills by giving them the opportunity to teach in an international platform in the fields of Language and Cultural Education

How Do We Do It?

We give young people the opportunity to teach abroad through AIESEC’s Global Network of Education Related Partner Projects and Organizations

Why Do We Do It?

We believe that EDUCATION is a powerful medium of social change and we advocate the cause of changing the world one mind at a time. We also believe in the Filipino and the Philippine culture as an able and willing agent to promote the change we all want to see in the world, peace through cultural understanding and better future through proper education.

Where Will We Go?

Teachers of Tomorrow is an international exchange program which means that you will be given the opportunity to go to a predesigned country and join an education program there to teach in the field of Language, Cultural and general education.

What Do We Do?

You as a participant of the Teachers of Tomorrow Program are given the unique opportunity to represent the Philippines in a foreign country as an educator. We have a wide selection of Job Roles with our partner countries and projects which aims to maximize your experience and social impact: You could be sharing the Filipino culture in Taiwan, Teaching Arts and Crafts to Kids in Poland or Teaching elementary school students basic English in Brazil. The opportunities are diverse and limitless and will be guided by your sense of willingness and adventure.

Why take Teachers of Tomorrow? Your knowledge is only as good as your willingness to apply it and your eagerness to share it. We are blessed with the gift of a good education, we can see the impact it has made in our lives and foresee the benefit it will have on our future.

Why take Teachers of Tomorrow? Unfortunately, some others in the world aren’t so lucky. We firmly believe that education is the way to go to make a change in the world and you as a participant of ToT will not only be an agent to this change but will also be able to immerse yourself in a completely different culture having real and intimate interactions with the locale in a way that no other experience can provide. AIESEC’s global network allows us to make sure that your experience is well maintained and monitored by our entities in countries around the world so you’re assured of not only the personal development of your hard skills but also an opportunity to develop intrapersonal and other soft skills as well as broaden your global network and cultural mindset. Being part of ToT opens up your door to, quite literally, a whole new world.

Am I Qualified?

If you’re a university student, recent graduate or a recent working professional then you are qualified to apply for the program! We are looking for those who have the following qualities: –  –  –  –  – 

Good English proficiency Has a good grasp of their cultural background Adventurous and Open Minded Independent Patient and Responsible

How do I join this amazing program?

The Steps to Joining the Program Are Simple: On the next page you will see the flow of the basic application procedure to become a Teacher of Tomorrow

How do I join this amazing program?


• Sign-Up Through Our FB Page


• Attend an Info Session Held Year Round by One of Our AIESEC Local Chapters

Assessment Center

• The Assessment Center is a quick 1 ½ hour event that all our exchange participants go through. It’s a fun process and it allows us to measure some of your intrapersonal soft skills


• The final step in becoming part of Teachers of Tomorrow is an interview with our Review Board which ensures that the participants we get are fit for the experience and will be able to contribute the most and get the best experience from the program

Start Your Journey

Sign-Ups for the program are open year long! Just click on the “Sign-Up Now!” button on our FB Page or on the icon below and a representative from one of our AIESEC Local Chapters will contact you within the Next 48 Hours

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Tot General Information Booklet  
Tot General Information Booklet  

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