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Brook’s bull: Advent 2013 Our dear friends and family, too many months have gone by without news. With email, Facebook and other instant communication technologies, you’d expect society to have grown closer together – but that isn’t quite true, is it? Far from slowing down, the programme at Silver Oaks is still in full swing. Ron & I had the joy of attending the Swaziland grad in October. Here’s a snap of our own grad last month. Each one is a special occasion, recognizing not only of the individual but his / her entire support network: friends, family, church. On this, the 15th SCBS graduation, we were blessed to have ALL the past principals in attendance and participating in the service: Keith Frew, Mark Wesson, Carl Brook and Jonathan Thomas. The wives of these men were responsible for the school’s excellent administration. Also attending was Cherith Becker (née Ross) who was of invaluable help to SCBS during Keith’s and Mark’s era. As you see, ‘re-tyred’ missionaries Keith & Cindy Frew are with us again, visiting from Canada. Keith and I have enjoyed ministering together at Bhala and Magusheni in the Transkei, bringing back some great memories – we hoped to get a hike under the belt before they depart but the rain prohibits. Elma’s mom Cathy spent a week with us and managed to take a few pics before returning to Bethlehem – what a place to spend Christmas! Vastly relieved that school is over, Eric & Aidan are doing a life-guard course that will occupy them for most of December. Our first-born enters his matric year next month (can you believe it?) while Aidan plots to bring gunpowder into the high school basement. Thank you, Lord Jesus , for these precious boys. We’ve had major car trouble this year but Jonah’s prayer has greatly encouraged me, challenging my traditions and beliefs. When last did I really CRY OUT to God (v. 1)? Can it be that He is responsible for my difficulties (v. 3)? What is the gospel according to Jonah (v. 6)? And what does it mean to remember properly (v. 7)? Wishing you all a splendid holiday season. Love, Carl & Elma, Eric and Aidan

May Yahweh bless you and keep you. May Yahweh let his face shine on you and be gracious to you. May Yahweh show you his face and bring you peace.

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