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CARLA CARLA WIJAYA for president

If you notice the campaign posters, we took pictures of students from different years who voiced what they want from AIAS. It is because I strongly believe in listening to member's voice while in the decision making process to shaping NewSchool's AIAS. I hope to become your AIAS president. I feel that the duty of a president is not to tell members what to do, but it is to serve, delegate and lead the members to communicate and come up with better ideas and better solutions for AIAS. So that when AIAS excels, each one of us (board members and members) can reflect our individual contribution and what they have learned from growing with AIAS. Its not about what I want from AIAS, but how members can benefit from AIAS.

Q: why should I vote for you? Besides having the members as the focus of the organization, my goal as a leader is to bring AIAS to have more meaningful events that helps students to grow not only in our architectural education, but also our career. So that when these students graduate, because of AIAS and its involvements, students has a platform to start their career. (the skill, the knowledge, the experience and the connections). I've been with AIAS since i first started school here as a first year undergraduate, and for the past years, I've been working closely with the events AIAS host. And see how much AIAS has grown, its amazing. I am also given the chance to represent 3rd year for student council this year, and have learned tremendously on how the school works. Working for cartouche for the past two years, it may seemed like just a publication, but working to publish this school paper has given me the insight to working with not only students but also staff, faculty and professionals. Because of my experience, I was then invited to work with NAAB. As the only student working for this accreditation process, I discovered so much about NewSchool more than most students in school. This is not the first time I have run for president of an organization. Being culturally diverse, I had the chance to lead organizations from different backgrounds and different types from academic, sports to other extracurricular activities. But its not only about your qualifications or what you have done, its also about what you have learned from what you have done. My diverse experiences has stretched my point of view to become broader and grow as a person. I I feel that these experiences can be a great starting point for me to lead AIAS to become a better organization.

Q: So, how can I benefit from AIAS next year?Any plans? AIAS hosts many events that provides great opportunities for students like Barchitecture , IDP , Community services, and National events like west quad, grassroots, forum and workshops. These events already exist and planned this year to provide many opportunities for AIAS for members.

And here's some events I have in mind that can be added into AIAS to make AIAS a better organization for its members:

Help members create connections

Annual Life Portfolio

We should have workshops that train our members in getting a job. In this economy, we are going to need more than good grades and good portfolios in order to be successful. We need good connections, skills to represent ourselves and our experience outside the classroom.

We have so many talented students that should be demanded for by firms. Instead of only going to firms and showing them student's portfolio, we should make an annual gallery of student's work. Getting firms excited to come for our students, even in this economy.

We should have: - workshops that do not only teach us graphic skills, but skills that can help members connect and get jobs. -Ellyn Lester, the career services director, teach us how to make our own resumes. - workshops on the does and donts on interviews. - workshops that teaches students to make our own name cards. so that when they meet architects in events, our students can network. -workshops that teaches us to build our own online portfolios and how to spread the words.

For example, students that just graduated or about to graduate, can show case their work. Its like a life portfolio. Students can showcase their work for firms to see. Not only their thesis work, but also work from previous years, so that the architects and firms we invite, can also see the student's process and progress in their architectural education.

Mentor-Student Speed dating

Professional Projects

Craig Howard and Lauren Passion has planned a great mentorship program within students. I think the one thing that should be followed through is to get a professional-to-students mentorship program. We can have like a speed-date professional mentorship program where professional architects come to school and get to know students and vice versa. Students can exchange informations.

We can have events that let AIAS members to work with professionals in a real projects. More than community service, more than Habitat for Humanities.

In addition, Maybe we can have a midterm review by professional architects.Where AIAS members have the opportunities to post up their process work, or sketches and let these architects be a part of the student's thought process and how to improve them. Not just reviewing or critiquing the finish product.

What if, aias members can built something? or work on real projects with real architects and real contractors? Like the periscope project Newschool students built. why cant we have more of that? This is also a chance for us to get sponsors and fundraise.

Work with other schools

Get more support

I realized that NSAD have a unique studio culture that we can take full advantage of. We demonstrate healthy competitions.

As an organization that links students to the professional world, we have the opportunity to ask support from both the educational organization and professional organization.

AIAS has organized firm tours, what if we add to it? We visit not only architecture landmark but also architecture schools. What if we have tours that also visit say Sci-Arch, or UCLA or USC? it will be interesting to see how other architecture programs work. We can also have events that creates healthy competitions between these schools.

To start with, we need to get the school more involved and get more support from Laureate. Events like "architecture lecture", "west quad" and many more are not only beneficial to members but it is also a great publicity for NewSchool, which is a great reason why Laureate should support this organization.

Q: How can you get members to participate? So we have all these events. Do AIAS members know about them? How many aias members actually help plan these events? I may have many ideas on how to make AIAS a better organization, but all these ideas, are initial ideas. Just like a studio project, initial ideas need to be developed and shaped and tweaked in order to make a better project, better events. We need the voices of the AIAS members to shape these ideas. When members help shape an idea and members work together to create the activities that interest them, there will be a better response to the events. In addition, we need to have a more transparent and diverse organization. Opening the board members position to the enthusiastic people from all levels of the undergraduate and graduate programs. And having meetings where members have more access to decision making and be more aware to what is happening within AIAS will encourage students to participate in the organization. We can have meetings that are open to public so that any one even non-members can join the group and get to know AIAS better.

Q: How can you make AIAS NSAD be more Natonally recognized? Being recognized nationally is a great goal. To achieve this goal, we need to concentrate on ourselves first; who we are, what we do as the NSAD AIAS chapter. If we have a strong and dedicated group of people working together to keep improving and shaping this chapter to become a better organization, we will inherently let our confidence show. People from other chapters can see for themselves who we are as a chapter; our intentions, collaborations, passions and what means most to us. Respect for national recognition will follow.

I need your support: I need you to vote for me this Fiday, Main Hall 12-4

A vote for Carla is a vote for YOU :)  

I need your support to vote for me tomorrow.

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