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Vemma Scam – 5 Things You Need To Know!

Does Vemma scam people? This article will answer this question for you by presenting you a condensed version of hours of research and also includes industry first hand experience. Let's get to it. Vemma Scam - 1st Thing You Need To Know They are a legitimate MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company. MLM is also known as Network Marketing, and it is a perfectly legitimate business. Vemma is one of them. Any Vemma scam claims based on saying otherwise is, in my opinion, incorrect. Vemma is a multi-million dollar company. Looks secure, and safe enough place for you to do business. Vemma Scam - 2nd Thing You Need To Know They have received complaints to the FTC. Some for getting minors involved in their business. This has now been rectified. Bare in mind, complaints to the FTC about MLM companies is not uncommon. Here's why... ...People invest in an MLM business opportunity. They work hard for maybe a month, don't make much or any money, blame the company, report it as a scam.

Fact is, business, ANY kind, is hard and can take months or years to hit it 'big time'. MLM and Direct Sales are legitimate business models enjoyed by lots of home business entrepreneurs Globally. Some do earn a lot of money. Fact. Some don't. Fact. This is one online business that I do recommend, and there is a free video to watch about it before you invest anything. Click Here. Vemma Scam - 3rd Thing You Need To Know The CEO, Benson Boreyko has been in hot water before over a previous company. It was all to do with alleged improper claims of health benefits of a particular product. Does this mean Vemma's products are bad? No. In fact there energy drinks side sponsor major US sports teams! You do need strong products to sell in home business. It's what is know (in the UK any way!) as your “bread and butter�.

This company has a one of a kind technology product that completely avoids the complicated world of 'health claims'.

Vemma Scam - 4th Thing You Need To Know Comp Plan. It is legitimate. You can make money from product sales and you can also make money by introducing people to the business opportunity. That's fine...but. As with most MLM's the percentage of your cut aint all that. If you invest the money, you do all the work, you make the sales, how much do you think you should get paid? I believe it should be 90+%. Vemma does not offer that. This company does. Click to see. Vemma Scam - 5th Thing You Need To Know Marketing training. In my opinion is way to old school. The old “make a list of all your friends and family” then pester them until some sign up then get them to do the same...for me...just does not constitute as marketing. Will and does the old school method work for some? Yes. Very social people with lots of friends and family. Friends and family are also known as “warm market”. What do you do once you have worn out your finite warm market? Exactly. What you need once you already have a great product to sell, is trainings and systems on how to sell it! What sounds more appealing to you: 1 – Repeatedly hitting up your warm market and everyone you ever

meet. 2 – Marketing from your computer an letting people who want what you have to come and find you. Internet marketing, as a learned skill, will always out perform old school methods. Times have changed and most companies need to too! Click here to see a system that trains you the 'new way' to grow a business from home. Incidentally it also has bespoke technology products that you do not need to be an expert in! In fact they are very simple to understand and very powerful to use. Win win. Oh, and 90+% commissions isn't bad either :) Vemma Scam – Summary. I think Vemma is an MLM company trying to do something slightly different with it's Verve drink and movement. I don't know wether they will survive the test of time. But I am sure they will do everything they can to be here for many many years. Would I invest in it? No. I believe in more modern home based businesses like this one. It just makes sense to me. People will always talk about some kind of Vemma scam, sadly that is just the nature of people wether it is a scam or not. This article may also be found under searches for vemma scam, vemma review, vemma reviews, what is vemma, vemma UK, Vemma,Vemma Scams, vemma business,vemma products,vemma company,pyramid scheme vemma,vemma pyramid, veema.

Vemma Scam 5 Things You Need To Know  

Does Vemma scam people? This article will answer this question for you by presenting you a condensed version of hours of research and also i...

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