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P8 – Crash, Bang!!

(Light and Sound)

1) Light and sound travel as ______________. 2) Sound is caused by _______________. 3) Which cannot travel through a vacuum? _______________ b) Why not? ________________________________________________________________ 4) When light hits a plane mirror, angle of incidence ______ angle of reflection. 5) In sound, high frequency = _____________________ b)

low amplitude = _____________________

6) Which of these, a – d, is a high pitched, quiet sound? _____________





7) When we see look at an object in a mirror what we‟re actually seeing is an i__________. 8) All objects which we can see either ___________ or ______________ light. 9) If you are watching a fireworks display, which will happen first? q You see the explosion, then hear the explosion q You hear the explosion, then see the explosion 10) Why does this happen? _____________________________________________________


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Physics workbook 12 13  

Physics workbook 12 13