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P6 – Finding another way

(Energy Resources)

1) Describe what the term renewable means_________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 2) Describe what the term non renewable means_________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 3) Describe how a power station transfers energy from a fossil fuel to electrical energy __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ 4) List the renewable energy resources__________________________________________________________________ 5) List the non renewable energy resources__________________________________________________________________ 6)List the fossil fuels _____________________________________________________________ 7) Which type of power station has the longest start up time, gas, oil, coal or nuclear? _________ 8) Which of the following is the more expensive power plant to build wind, or gas? _______ 9) Which is the most reliable energy source nuclear or solar? __________ 10) Which energy source produces the most pollution nuclear or gas? __________ 11) What type of energy resources have the lowest running cost renewable or non renewable? ____________ 12) Which type of energy resource is good for remote locations?________________ 13) The use of which type of energy resource causes damage to the habitats of wading birds._____________ 14) Which energy resources produce green house gases? _______________________________ 15) Which energy resources produce gases which cause acid rain? _______________________________


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Physics workbook 12 13  

Physics workbook 12 13