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P6 – Energy Resources By the end of this topic I will be able to: q Compare and contrast the particular advantages and disadvantages of using different energy q

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sources to generate electricity. Understand that in most power stations an energy source is used to heat water. The steam produced drives a turbine which is coupled to an electrical generator. Energy is transferred from fuel to kinetic energy to electrical energy by generator. Know that coal, oil and gas, are burned to produce heat and that uranium/plutonium, are used in nuclear fission to produce heat. Know that energy from renewable energy sources can be used to drive turbines directly. List renewable energy sources Describe how geothermal energy is used. Identify the effects of different energy resources on the environment. Describe how the start-up time of power stations, and the reliability of the energy source differ.



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Physics workbook 12 13  

Physics workbook 12 13