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Production method Our manufacturing method is totally handmade without the use of machines. The OLIVAE soaps are produced from extra virgin olive oil and sodium hydroxide, which give origin to SOAP through a chemical reaction of saponification. The aromas are obtained by the use of essential oils and no chemical substances are used for this purpose. The essential oils used are certified organic and are obtained by the distillation of Portuguese flora. No animal products are used, with the exception of goat milk, produced naturally by the Serpentina Goat. No petrochemical derivatives are used. Not tested in animals.

The SOAP and all ingredients are produced in Portugal.


Produced with extra virgin olive oil, serpentina goat milk, organic essential oils and leaves/ flowers.

Benefits for skin

Emollient, moisturizing, rejuvenating and anti-oxidant. The leaves or flowers add a gentle exfoliating effect.


OLIVAE soaps are available in the following scents: Wild majoram Thymus mastichina, Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis, Topped lavender Lavandula stoechas and no aroma.


The OLIVAE soaps are available in packs of 25 g and 100 g..

Serpentina goat The Serpentina goat is Portuguese indigenous breed practically restricted to the South of Portugal. Currently regarded as endangered breed. According to the Portuguese Association of Serpentina breeders, there are 3967 adult females and 201 males. The use of the Serpentina goat milk in the production of our soaps is a contribution to its protection. | +351 961 374 194

OLIVAE Catalog  

Handmade soaps with virgin olive oil and serpentina goat milk. Made in Portugal.