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Artistic portifolio Carla Coelho Batista

Carla Coelho Batista Apresentation

I really enjoy to surprise the looking, always able to see the everyday as something new, which is always changing. I looking to show this by showing new perspectives of the everyday and that almost nobody notices.

Postcards Project Magnifier Urban Itervention

Group work within the subject Introduction to Architecture and Urbanism. Text: Denise Oliveira; Formatting and text Anna Ferreira; Photography: Carla Batista Coelho

The postcards were produced from walks around town observing the most interesting aspects of everyday urban life demonstrate that happened through the historic center of the Ouro Preto. The Postcards were then handed people passing through the historic center, the intention was that the fact that they are being expanded she could see the city with new eyes.

Picture taken at São José Street, looking through the keyhole of one of the houses.

Picture taken at Paranรก Street, marks use left in construction.

Picture taken at Fountai Contos, carelessness, abandonment.

Picture taken at Reinado Alves de Brito Square, too many cars and junk.

Back of Postcard (example). Text : "Derangement of revolt stones in a bid for revenge, noticeable in constant trips and falls by circuitous routes. Were not designed to withstand heavy traffic of vehicles so new and so impatient ... “

Photograpy Personal Work

Looking through photography, show in a different way the reality that we are accustomed to see. I also like to record the moments of rest of the people always so natural and uncompromised..

Photos taken with amateur camera (Nikon coolpixS3300 and cameras mobile)

Plant, point and line Model

In this work, the proposal was to choose a building, draw it and after that make a model in which these elements are separated for a different way of representing the house.

Work done in a group in the discipline of Plastic

Free hand drawings and sketches Personal Works

Designs made with various materials

Designs made with pencil 2B, 2H , Canson

Designs made with pencil 2B, 2H , Canson

Design made with color pencil Canson

Design made with color pencil Canson

Montagem desenho

Design made with color pencil, baking paper

Matrix for the next two drawings were made ​from the mecla it with baking paper.


Designs made with color pencil, baking paper

Designs made with color pencil, baking paper

Portifólio artístico carla coelho