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Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Once upon a time there was a beautiful castle, a fairy tale castle, where a terrible, but pretty queen lived. Who is the fairest queen ?

She had a magic mirror and she always asked the same question:

But one day, she was rather enraged, because the mirror said that Snow White was more beautiful.

Snow White

At your

Go and Kill Snow



No, I can’t do that.


So, she sent for a huntsman and she told him to take


White into the forest, kill her and heart.



Yes, your Majesty. Obey me, or I kill you !

The huntsman had a terrible task, but he didn’t want to kill

I am not afraid of the forest, because you are here.

the lovely princess. However, at the same time he was afraid of the wicked queen. He didn’t know what to do. And





walking and enjoying the day in the forest, watching the birds and the other animals. Run, Snow White, your stepmother wants to kill you.

Then, the poor man decided to let Snow White run away and kill a deer to take a heart to the Queen.

Snow White was so afraid that she ran for a long, long time; then she was exhausted and she fell asleep.

I ‘ m so tired...

The next morning, when she woke up, she met some animals watching her, astonished. She explained who she was and they decided to help her. They took her to a nice place where she saw a small, charming house ‌

... she entered and the kitchen was such a terrible mess. Everything was dirty and she began to clean, to

What a mess !! I must clean this.

wash, to dust and sweep. Inside the house, the furniture was very, very small and she thought that it was a children’s house. But it wasn’t; the house belonged to seven dwarves; they were miners and at that they were coming Hi! time -Ho! Hi! -Ho! It’s home from work we go ! Hi! -Ho! Hi! back home.

They had no idea that a princess was waiting for them at home, so they sang happily, on their way.





everything was clean and

... and dusted

and swept


the floor. I don’t

the house...

like this!

shiny. They understood that there was someone else in the house. They were very afraid, but they decided to go upstairs to find out who was there. I am so sorry. And they discovered Snow White sleeping. She told them that




queen, wanted to kill her. They were all very sorry, except for Grumpy, a very, very sad dwarf.

So, you are a Princess ...

She must go, now. I don’t want her here.

And probably he was right, because not very far, in the castle the wicked queen drank a magic potion and turned into a very old poor lady.

With the magic potion the pretty queen became an ugly old woman, or

Meanwhile all the dwarves learned to

better, a real witch.

love Snow White and they, all together, had some beautiful days, with a lot of fun.

A little of poison...

But that was not enough to the bad queen. The queen made an evil spell with a nice apple . Then, she went to the dwarves’ house and offered What a delicious and beautiful

apple ....

it to Snow White.

Snow White ate the apple and she immediately fainted.

When the dwarves arrived home they found Snow White on the floor and they thought she was dead. They decided to make a crystal coffin to put her, so that they could go on watching the princess.

And so they did; they put the coffin in the forest .

Some months later the prince rode past the dwarves’ house and he saw the coffin; he opened...

... it and kissed Snow White. She woke up at once. It was a miracle. The kiss of true love broke the spell. Snow White said goodbye to her friends and...

...she rode away with her prince. And they lived happily ever after.

The end

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snow white  

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