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1.After the request of more than 17 thousand persons in order that was recognized officially the presence of OVNIs and extraterrestrial beings in our world and there was announced the whole documentation related in power of the government agencies, the White House denied officially that should have evidence of life out of the Earth. 2. CABO CAÑAVERAL, Florida, USA .-An asteroid bigger that an aircraft carrier will happen between the Earth and the Moon on Tuesday, in what it would be the most nearby meeting with a rock of such a magnitude in 35 years. Nevertheless, the scientists say that nothing of what is to worry since there will no be collision. 3.  According to several historical, most ancient maps of which they date back to the 16th century, to the north of the Peninsula of the Yucatan, out to sea, one finds a so called Vermilion island. Though his presence repeats itself in later maps, nowadays, all the attempts of meeting on her they have finished in failure. Despite everything, some of them ask themselves how it can be that an island, which was appearing in official Mexican maps of middle of the 20th century, could am had to lost by it. 4.  London - Scientists monitor the birth in the Antarctic one of what might be a "monstrous" iceberg, which surface is estimated it would reach approximately 880 square, kilometres almost the size of Berlin, the German capital. 5.The news continues giving the round-the-world trip, is the not happy at all history of an employee of cleanliness of a gallery of art in Germany that caused irreparable hurts to a valuable piece of art on having tried to clean what he believed it was a spot in her. It is a question of a part of Martin Kippenberger's work which name takes the title ' When the ceiling starts leaking ' and which was showing itself in the museum Ostwall, in Dortmund.

& The The bieber fever is like many they say to admire justin and to know that nothing is impossible so as says his idol "never say never� this artis of 17-year-old singer this year has happened for latinoamÊrica making his bielivers very satisfied that already for some time for a tour along Mexico, Brazil, Chile, etc. The tour gave beginning in Monterrey in which there chose Debanhi a girl of approximately 14 years as his " one less lonely girl " in the one that already is a tradition to sing a song to him in the scene dedicated only for the select girl and a branch of flowers to be donated... But this one

was not a the previous Justin was by a video known social is was interviewed face since him .

common case as ones since this time affected where a girl cry in the network that by

In that Debanhi tears in the

it had tickets Justin she was justin for sky

just informed that the for the concert of his idol had been exhausted, quiet in weeping , managed to see it and look for sea and land. The artist

publish this exactly:

on a message,in message Justin say this words

“I need the help from all. We have less than 24 hours. We need to find this girl, it is in the second one 30 (of the video). Help! Thank you ".j  In the included the are observed by the

message it video where several girls devastated tickets .

The highlight this fall

High volume, inspiration, 60 and 40 years, gathered straps. Trends in winter hairstyles are very, very clear this autumn-winter 2011. And, therefore, also have very clear what we have to forget this summer and past seasons.

Fashion designs for autumn-winter 2011/2012 from the renowned clothing brands mostly have paraded down the catwalks of fashion and here we show some items that make up this collection. In most collections have included skin and hair, with a colorful palette that will give light to the dark days of winter. We style dresses forties, who bet on the long midi, for believing that shorten the figure, but not what they do is extend the trunk and is necessary to combine them with high heels. It has also seen many styles of dresses with long sleeves.

It was created on February 25, 1983. He has made several national tours visiting many of the Mexican Republic. He has also visited Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and 29 of the most important cities in the United States. It currently has in its repertoire eight different programs; Aires Province, Mexico of my memories, Weddings and Celebrations of Mexico, Yucatan and its Roots, zoolatry, Son of the Caribbean, mestizos and Old Mexico. Make permanent presentations every Friday, for 26 years in the Central Courtyard Serenade University and made presentations on Wednesdays for 11 years in the theater "Jose Peon Contreras," in coordination with the Cultural Institute of Yucatán. Its main objective is the investigation, rescue, preservation, and dissemination ethnographic reconstruction of our roots and cultural expressions, both regional, national and international, through dance, In 2000 he was awarded the Medal of artistic merit, its director and founder of Master Carlos Acereto Canto. In 2002 he traveled to the City of Omaha, Nebraska in the United States at the invitation of the University



In February 2008, celebrating its twenty-sixth anniversary rerun a show in Mexico.

Amestoy laments  that theater  just  to please the  consumer  search    


The playwright and journalist Ignacio Amestoy (Bilbao, 1947) regretted that the Spanishtheater scene works will premiere "safe" seeking to please the consumer and the public just wants "art that entertains to pass the time." Speaking to Efe in Ceuta, where he participated in a conference on journalism and education, Ignacio Amestoy said that the theater in Spain live "a good time and bad because there are more spectators than ever but theater works that are placed in private production and are public works without risk. "


The concert   of the   Portug uese     pianist Ma ria   Joao Pires, sch   eduled   for   this   Tuesd ay,   November 8 at the Audito

This change is that the soloist had to postpone the tour that was scheduled for Spain and,within it, to


postpone the scheduled concert in Zar agoza, as reported by the auditorium in a statement.



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30 de octubre de 2011



  • the   London c lub   America f utbol   club receives   thisSaturday October   29th, 2011 at   Estadio Aztecacontin   uing with   the Calendar   Round 16Tourname   nt opening 2 011   (Mexico)              




HOUSTON, TEXAS (30/OCT/201 1) .Arian Fost er ran for touchdown 112 yards pass and and sion ran for a touchdown title and a another tou , andthe position chdown Houston in the for Houston Texans rook playoffs to (5-3), who ie quarterb get a 3-0 has the ack nullifi startagains best start ed Blaine G t Division to the abbert and rivals in season in the worst the their offense in AFC South. history aft the er eight league to S A N L U I S W I N Srounds. OVER NEW ORLEANS The win 24Texans also 14 at Jacks With touchdow OCT/2011) in three advanced .to onville Jag ns from Steven Jacks seasons to the team's uars . Jackson get f on guide first divi irst win scored two to the first Matt Schaub of season uchdowns Sund victory for ay and won theRams in th threw a St. Louis, Missouri (30/

his first game of 100 yards

e season by winning 31 21 to New

SCORPIO (From  October  24  until  November  22)    Major   sense   will   make   of   the   one   who   is   you   itself   and   of   his   personal  capacity.  Good  news  of  an  agent  or  adviser.  Possibility   of  prompt  trip.       ARIES  (From  March  21  until  April  20)    Favorable   day   to   change   residence   or   to   take   decisions   on   homeloving   improvements.   Financial   support   for   a   task.   Familiar  interests  prosper.      TAURUS  (From  April  21  until  May  21)    It   will   achieve   an   important   agreement   or   will   give   conclusion  for  a  contract.  Good  teamwork  with  his  pair.  This   night  it  will  be  able  to  receive  a  slightly  reliable  news.      GEMINI  (From  May  22  until  June  21)    Possibility   of   increase   of   salary   or   the   offer   of   a   new   employment.   A   difficult   situation   will   be   solved   by   facility.   Take  care  his      

CANCER (From  June  22  until  July  23)    He  will  feel  taken  pleasure  with  the  advances  in  the  life  of  a   child   today.   Possibility   of   a   new   love   or   of   a   formal   commitment.  Take  care  of  his  money  this  night.         LION(From  July  24  until  August  23)     on  a  property  or  residence.  The  tranquility  will  give  peace  to   his  mind.         VIRGINITY  (From  August  24  up  to  23  of  September)    He  will  find  a  conference  or  seminar  of  his  interest  today.  A   friend  will  help  him  in  more  than  one  form.  It  will  be  able  to   give  the  final  touches  to  a  creative  task.      IT  FREES  (From  24  of  September  until  October  23)    Good   day   to   negotiate   a  treatment   or  to   achieve   an   increase   of  salary.  Possibility  of  receiving  good  news.  His  decision  will   be  able     SAGITTARIUS   (From   November   23   until   December   21)It   will   have   a   new   and   beneficial   perception   on   a   matter   of   his   past.  

A left  project  will  receive  new  life.  Control  his  expenses  this  night.       CAPRICORN  (From  December  22  until  January  20)    It   will   happen   slightly   lucky   in   relation   to   an   activity   of   group.   The   agreements  will  be  achieved  easily.  This  night  it  will  want  to  have  time   for  if  same.      AQUARIUM  (From  January  21  until  February  19)    In  labor  the  circumstances  will  give  a  change  to  his  favor.  It  will  be  able   turn   catapulted   in   a   position   of   authority.   Be   alert   opposite   to   the   opportunities.           PISCES  (From  February  20  until  March  20)   of  the  life.  Possible  decision  with  regard  to  education.              

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