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The story begins 2009 on a summer day in a neighborhood in southern USA. Main character Demont is a capable black male who just graduated High School. His family was always on an “able to make it” basis in terms of income. Demont has a small circle of friends that he has known a majority of his life. They name themselves: the syndicate as a form of loyalty for each other. With High School out of the way he struggles with the responsibility of being an adult and how to make it in a cold world. It’s a stifling summer day. With school being out everybody meets at the Paddington basketball courts. Demont and his group of friends (introduced in depth later) are at the local court playing 4 on 4 with other kids from the High School. They rule the court, as usual, since they have been playing basketball with each other since childhood. They talk a lot of trash while playing but all ends in good fun. After a long day at the courts the syndicate lets the other teams play and decide to head to Randle’s house.

Once everyone gets home they talk about each other performance on the court and mainly talk trash about Adubb because he is the least talented athletically. The whole crew just clowns on each other for a while until Pookie mentions a girl who Demont has been talking to on Facebook. They then talk about a bunch of random topics for a while until Adubb realizes that they all haven’t gotten outfits for the party tonight. The crew sets to pack up and head to the local shopping center to get laced for the night.

Adubb picks up his keys and the crew proceeds to the shopping center. They blare they’re music loud and clown on the way to the shopping center. At the stoplight they pull up to a group of girls and try to show out in their presence but fail….miserably. During the ride Delmont seems to have a lot on his mind but doesn’t let it keep him from clowning

with the crew. When they get to the mall they walk past the same group of females that they saw at the stoplight. Demont manages to pull one aside and get their number to hang out later that night. Afterward they continue to shop and end up meeting with a big group of friends and chat about plans for pre-party and after party. They then leave.

Pookies drops each member off at home and tells them to be ready when he calls. Demont goes home and greets his mom. He and Pookie go to their own rooms and chill for a bit before they get ready to go party. Pookies plays Xbox and catches up with other friends via twitter and Facebook. Demont on the other hand goes into his closet to count the drug money he’s collected over the past few days. He knows he has to meet up with Lefty tonight to make a swap and pick up more product. Demont sells weed and a new pill called Remox. When used with weed the effect is similar to being drunk but a lot more functional. He counts the money and recounts it before heading the dealer’s location.

He gets to the spot and sees that lefty is obviously disgruntled and worried. Demont asks why but he won’t tell. He asks Demont for a favor. He wants him to make a trade with some dealers from a northern district. Demont obliges. Lefty then gives him a bag and tells him not to open because it could taint the product. Demont nods and heads home and crafts a plan to get the deal done and still make it to the party. He decides to go solo so that his friends won’t know he sells drugs. Demont meets the dealer at a neutral location in the central district. During the trade he finds out the lefty did not supply everything he needed. The other dealer finds this out and pulls out guns on Demont. Demont vows to offer anything to keep them from killing him. The dealers want to

know where lefty gets his bulk product from and also demand the rest of lefty’s supply. Demont agrees and hurries home and works on a plan to get it done.

He meets with the crew and explains what just went down. They all are shocked and somehow figure to call the girls they met because they heard one of them is linked to Lefty. Demont calls her and they come over. They all discuss the situation to the girls. Ashanta reluctantly tells everyone she is Lefty's ex gf and he has been stalking in all realms of life. He read through her Facebook and found a message from Demont. This is why lefty shorted Demont for the trade. Luckily Ashanta knows all of lefty’s secrets but notes that it will be very dangerous to attempt to get the rest of the supply and Lefty's pusher’s information.

They break into his home, get the product and meet with the other dealers safely. Lefty soon notices his product is gone and after a few days realizes Ashanta knew his hiding place. He sets out to find Demont and his friends at the party that they were at. They have a big fight and leave the party hurt from battle. A few quiet weeks roll by. The crew has made up an internet business recording their basketball games and putting them on Youtube. They’re videos get a a lot of views and bring them early success.

In the midst of editing a video and chilling, lefty's friends go up to Randle's house and shoot it up, killing Demont. Demont’s 12 y/o brother has secretly learned the ropes of Demont’s and the crew’s vision and sets to continue the business in his brothers honor. The site grows and becomes a place where neighborhood ballers can upload their own court dominance and challenge others around the world.

The story begins 2009 on a summer day in a neighborhood in southern USA  

The story begins 2009 on a summer day in a neighborhood in southern USA. Main Once everyone gets home they talk about each other performance...

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