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Present simple (presente simple) Exercises: Choose the correct Word (seleccionar la palabra correcta).

1. He ------ to school. a. Walks b. Walk.

2. We ------Sunday. a. Works b. Work

3. you -------- rice every day. a. Eats b. Eat.

4. I ------ my pet. a. Love b. Loves.

5. She----- home after work. a. Goes b. Go.

6. The student ------- his name. a. Write b. Writes.

7. You------ football well. a. Play b. Plays.

8. I ------ English every day. a. Speak b. Speaks.

9. They ----- to the shop. a. Runs b. Run.

10. She ------ the sun. a. See b. Sees.

2. complete the sentences. Use the present simple. “auxiliar do, does� (complete las oraciones. Use el presente simple. 1. ------- He --------- in Greece?

( live)

2. you-------

------ in a bank.

(not work)

3. I ---------- tv in the evening.

( watch)

4. Martha --------- a new boyfriend.


5. I ------- --------- Spanish.

(not speak)

6. ----------- Carlo --------- English?


7. -------- she --------- in the gym?


8. -------- Harry ------- German at school?

( study)

9. What ------- she -------- sport?


10. --------- you -------- at weekends?


3‌ What's the best word to complete the sentence? (cual es la mejor palabra para completar la oración) 1. John ________ very hard in class, but I don't think he'll pass the course.

a. Try b. Trys c. Tries

2. My mother ________ eggs for breakfast every morning. a. fry b.




3. She ________ in Florida. a. live b. lives c.


4. a.

Jo is so smart that she ________ every exam without even trying. Pass





5. It ________ almost every day in Manchester. a. rain b. rains c.


6. T he bank ________ at four o'clock. a close. b.closies. c. closes.

7. I ________ in a bank.

a. work. b. Works c. workes.

8. My best friend ________ to me every week. a. write b. writies c. writes

9. We ________ to Spain every summer. a. fly b. flys c. flies

10. My life is so boring -- I just ________ TV every night. a. watch b. watchies c. watches

4‌ complete the sentences. Use the present continuous. (Complete las oraciones. Use el presente continuo).

a. I am -------- -- a letter.


b. he is ------------ in the sea.

( swim)

c. the boys are ---------- the Windows.


d. she is ------------- in the kitchen.


e. I am not --------- a book.


f. helen is not------ ----- a friend.


g. they are not---------- soccer.


h. she is----------- in the concert.


i. he is ----------- in the marathon.

( run)

j. she is not --------- the party.

( enjoy)

5…..Complete the questions and answers, adding am, is, are to the questions. And am, is, are; or ‘m not, isn’t, aren’t to the short answers. (Complete las preguntas y respuestas, adicionando am, is, are a las preguntas. Y am, is, are o ‘m not, isn`t, aren`t para las respuestas cortas. Example: 1. is

it rainning outside?

No, it isn’t.

2. ----- the children playing outside? Yes, they ---3. ---- you doing your homework now? Yes, I-----4. ----- I hurting you? No,you ------5. ---- she waving to us? Yes, she ----6. ---- we stopping here? Yes, we ------

7 ----- your neighbours moving out? No, they --------8. ---- he helping you with your homework? Yes, he ----9. ----- you looking at that boat? Yes, I-----10. ----- they planning a party? No, they --------

present simple exercises  

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