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Enroll through the True Health Assessment

As you know, the True Health Assessment walks your prospects through a series of interactive questions and then uses that information to create three personalized reports—top risk areas, a one-of-a-kind lifestyle plan, and customized product recommendations. For many people, that’s where the Assessment ends. But it does so much more. The True Health Assessment can also help your prospects order product through the shopping cart, set up an Autoship, and enroll through Online Enrollment.   This tutorial will take you through each step of the True Health Assessment, beginning AFTER the three personalized reports are generated. Whether you use the iPad or web versions, this is what turns the Assessment into a truly revolutionary prospecting tool. 

Three Important Steps After the Product Recommendations page, you’ll see a screen titled “3 Important Steps.” This page invites your prospects to take action with the information they have just received from their personalized reports. This page also helps you transition the conversation to USANA’s products and the business opportunity.

Choose Your Way The next screen gives prospects three options: start a large business (3 Business Centers), start a small business (1 Business Center), or become a Preferred Customer. Each option has a brief description on this page, but by selecting an option and clicking “next,” they will see a more detailed description of that option. Prospects can also choose to click the “back” button and select a different option.  

Initial Order Once prospects select an option, they will be prompted to create an initial order and set up an Autoship. First, they will be taken to the “Initial Order” screen. The Assessment will automatically create an order for them using the recommendations from their personalized Product Recommendations report. It’s like an enrollment pack built specifically for them. The initial order will automatically contain the number of Sales Volume Points (SVP) required to activate your prospect’s business, whether they choose to enroll with 1 or 3 Business Centers. The total number of points will be listed in the bottom-right corner of this page, along with approximate savings over purchasing these same products at the retail price. While products not in the original Product Recommendation report cannot be added on this page (this opportunity will be available later), prospects can change the quantities of each recommended product. The Assessment will warn you if changing quantities causes the SVP total to drop below the required minimum to activate their 1 or 3 Business Centers. 

Ongoing Order (Autoship) Now that the initial order is set, the next step is to create an Autoship, which is called “Ongoing Order” in the True Health Assessment. As with the initial order, the ongoing order will automatically be filled with products from your prospect’s Product Recommendations report. This order will contain enough products to help your prospect generate the monthly SVP required to keep their business active.    

Online Enrollment Next, your prospect will be taken through USANA’s secure Online Enrollment. You are probably already familiar with it. The first section of Online Enrollment is one long page, which contains your sponsor information and fields where your prospect enters personal details such as contact information and their new account password. In addition, your prospect must select one of three Business Development Systems (BDS) and can alter their initial and Autoship orders. The next page of Online Enrollment is where your prospect will enter shipping and payment information.  Finally, your prospect will be allowed to review and confirm their information before completing their order. After clicking on “Continue—Finish First Order” your prospect will be taken to a final printable screen, where they will receive order confirmation and their Associate ID number.

Tutorial SlideShow: Enroll through the USANA True Health Assessment  

Tutorial SlideShow: Enroll through the USANA True Health Assessment

Tutorial SlideShow: Enroll through the USANA True Health Assessment  

Tutorial SlideShow: Enroll through the USANA True Health Assessment