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MY FUTURE Natalie Martinez

Hi my name is Natalie

bright child and grow

that point I realized

doesn't matter to me.

Martinez. I was born

up to be a doctor or

that the people who

What matters is that

in a normal, but crime

someone very

cared so much about

I'm happy doing what


important. I went

me, actually didn't

I want to do, and it's

community of

along with what

care about what I

not up to the people

Escondido. As I grew

everybody said about

wanted to do with my

who care about me to

up I realized that

me, thinking that it

future. They only

run my life, it's up to

people already had

was a blessing

cared about careers

me. The people who

my life planned out

having people that

that would be

care about me are

for me. That made

cared so much

fantastic to tell

there to protect me

me feel like a little fish

around me. When I


and prevent me from

in between a bunch of

arrived to 8th grade, a

about.Although being

making mistake that

eye opening turning

a doctor or a lawyer

will affect you in the

point in my life. At

would be great, that

future, there not there

huge fish. Everybody said that I would be a

Natalie martinez 2014 04 08 photo poster small  
Natalie martinez 2014 04 08 photo poster small