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-Nancy Sanchez


The eyes My eyes see a lot of things, they capture many wonderful moments that happen to me or even maybe to other people because the eyes see 180 degrees. They eye is very special because without your eyes you wouldn't be able to capture a very special day. My eyes see the sun raise and set. My eyes also see bad things that I wouldn't want to see but my eye does. My eyes also express them selfs by letting tear drops out of my eyes. We would rather see good things than bad things but the eye sees it all and the bad things are the ones that stick, the ones that stick with us the most and won't let us think about anything else until there resolved. My eyes are beautiful but hides a lot of emotions that stay untold. My eyes hide emotions and the emotions in my eyes have stayed untold for a long time and will probably stay untold till them. My eyes have seen many things that it regrets seeing.

Nancy sanchez 2014 04 08 for rent flyer  
Nancy sanchez 2014 04 08 for rent flyer