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Don't let anything define you

Someone should not let a name define who they really are

My name is different, most people don't really have my name, it wasn't very popular when i was little. My name doesn't describe me; I don't feel like it does. It sounds so sweet and innocent but most of the time I don't feel sweet and innocent. I feel like a flame, and I burn and take down everything in my path. I feel like people expect me to be something I'm not or don't want to be. Something good is

always expected put of me, I'm supposed to do everything right the first time. I feel like one day I will let people see the fire in me but it will have been to and time will have just gone by and instead ill be a volcano and explode. Ill be my own person and my name wont define what I'm supposed to be.

Lilyanna valles saenz 2014 04 08 for rent flyer