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1st and only portal in Middle East to consolidate entire new car buying process including Aftersales along with being automotive media. Purpose

Purpose is to make New Car buying experience Most Informative and Transparent Passionate new car buyers can make Smart, Empowered and Confident car purchase decision. Benefit New Car buyer  Comprehensive Automobile Shopping Advisor  One stop shop (Start to Finish).  Enhance “Joy of Buying” Experience of NEW car purchase Automobile Manufacturer & New Car Distributor  Enhance Brand Image  Enhance QUALITY Showroom Traffic & Conversion  Achieve Sales Target  Increase Aftersales revenue

New Car Automobile Dealership Aggregator

New Car Buyer Consideration Friends & Referrals

(-) Limited knowledge (-) New technology is not known. (-) Time constraint.

Past Experience

(-) Same Brand : limited knowledge About new models (-) New Brand : May not know at all.

Car Sales Exec.

Automotive Journalist Articles

Existing Automotive websites

(-) Personal benefit

(-) Long writeups

(-) Journalist type of articles

(-) One side of story

(-) Too Technical

(-) Focused on used car.

(-) All round knowledge may be limited.

(-) Limited to specific Model.

(-) Limited spec. comparison. (-) Not customer focused

Non-availability of comprehensive information in region.

Concept Old Sales Model Enquiry Enquiry Cold Cold Call Call

Sales Demo

Qualify lead

New Sales Model Educate Entire Process

Social Network s opinion To share

Engage Intriguing

Create Aspirational Brand + Comprehensive Evaluation Tool Online New Car Buying Tool + Automotive Media

Brand Positioning Customer Advisor / Consultant

(Brand to Aftersales / Start to Finish)

Automotive Websites

Online Magazines

New & Used Car Sales (partial Information)

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Car Insight Is An Online Portal That Simplifies The Tedious And Highly Confusing Car Buying Process.