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Helyos Science Journal FEIRA DE SANTANA, OCTOBER/2014

Have you ever thought of living in a world without water? Have you ever wondered if there are people feeding on insects? How about considering animals as intelligent beings? These and other questions have been raised during our Science classes. The results are now available in our first journal. The Science Journal brings a series of writings on various issues discussed in class and as part of the assessment system from the 6th Year to the 8th Year. The themes presented here range from the conservation of water to the importance of proper nutrition, topics that are part of our rich curriculum on scientific matters incorporated in a more familiar approach in our English classes. Enjoy reading! Teacher Wendell

IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT WATER “Urgent warning! Urgent warning! Today at 12:38 a.m. the water will be gone forever on the Earth’s surface. What are we gonna do without water? Here in the U.S.A., a cup of water costs $100,000. Very expensive, don’t you think? Every day people wake up and try to find water on the streets. It’s terrible!!! Some factories are trying to take the salt from the oceans, but it is in vain. People can’t take a shower, brush their teeth or just... DRINK WATER! But don’t worry, tomorrow we will come back with more news.” th

Clara Batista Cerqueira – 6 year A

Well, the today’s news is over. Tomorrow we come back live from other cities in “world without water”. Goodbye!’” th

Lucas Rios Alvim – 6 year B

“We are talking here, live from Nagasaki, in Japan, and here we don’t have water anymore! People are fighting for water. The only water that remains is in the ocean! People are drinking salty water. Now, we are going to talk to Rogério Canabrava, who is in Iraq. Rogerio, what are people doing? ‘Hello, world without water! Here in Iraq people are sharing the water. The people who have water are giving a cup of water to everybody, and here the situaton is very pacified. Now we are going to talk to Giulia Santiago, who is in Mexico City, in Mexico. Hello, Giulia!’ ‘Hello, Rogerio! People here are excavating the soil with their hands! They are trying to find groundwater. They are not being successful, but they are still believing!

In the world, there isn’t water. In China, people fight over a cup of water. In Africa people drink a glass of salty water a week. Russia wants to start the World War III over a lake and by 2015 the humans will not exist, the babies will not survive because there won’t be water. In Brazil people pay 10,000 dollars for a glass of water. The level of the oceans is decreasing and the fishes are dying. The Nile river is drying up and the people who live in its shore are dying. Leonardo S. Boaventura – th 6 year C

MY BOBBY: THE ROCK DINOSAUR I have a dinosaur and its name is Bobby. I love it. It drinks water and eats rocks. It is very big, lazy and strange. It loves to run with me. In the morning, we run a lot. After that, we have lunch. I eat beans and rice and it eats igneous rock. This is Bobby´s favorite food. Then we go outside and play hide-and-seek. At night, it eats

sedimentary rocks and heated fossils. Then it sleeps on its metamorphic rock bed. It studies at the Intelligent Dinosaur school. It is very smart. I love my Bobby! th

Lucas Rios Alvim – 6 year B


My dinosaurs' name is Marley. He is a good and beautiful dinosaur. He flies. Every day he eats cake and drinks chocolate. My dinosaur lives in the Earth's forest. He is very big and his color is blue and pink. He loves playing video games with me. I love my dinosaur, because he is good, and he loves me. He likes swimming underneath the sunlight. He is seven years old. He loves playing hide-and-seek. He loves my mom. His favorite color is blue.

My dinosaur is red, pink, and green, it is short, it has big blue eyes and it is beautiful. Its name is Shoe, because it likes the dog on TV. These dinosaurs are cute. They eat fruit, but not oranges and bananas, they eat fish, vegetables, they like potatoes. They are fast like cheetahs, they swim like fishes, and they are happy as we are. They can live a lot, they are calm, and they dream about flowers. Shoe is cute and beautiful, but when it grows it will get furious.


Rebeca Bastos – 6 year A


Manuela Carvalho – 6 year C

ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE Animals are beautiful, big, small, domestic, docile, angry... But did you know that animals are intelligent? Recent researches prove that animals such as dogs, apes, dolphins and others are very intelligent. Dolphins, for example, use echolocation to avoid and locate preys and detect obstacles, they live in groups called schools and they use their brain capacity more than humans! Dogs are, for me, the best examples. They perceive emotions, are good friends and obey the owner. Humans are very intelligent, but they destroy the environment and the animals. In my opinion, dolphins and dogs are more intelligent than us, because they think about what they do and love the environment, and love their home: the Earth. th

Geser Mascarenhas de Barros – 7 year C

The term “animal intelligence” refers to the cognitive abilities of nonhuman animals, such as the ability to create tools, mind maps, talk or understand when the human’s eyes are closed. Dolphins, dogs, apes, elephants, pigs, horses, squirrels and octopi are very intelligent animals and have the ability to do many things that humans

do. Dolphins for example, have an extraordinary sense of hearing, they are oriented by echoes of sounds that they themselves make. Dogs are also very intelligent animals with good learning ability. They can perform various activities like being a guard dog or a hunting dog. th

Bruna Valverde Susigam – 7 year A

DOGS ARE INTELLIGENT Some people think that dogs are not intelligent, maybe because they don’t talk or don’t express their emotions just like us. But, is this real? Aren’t they intelligent? First, what is the meaning of intelligence? It is the capacity of learning. Well, dogs can be trained... they are intelligent. Did

you know that dogs know the right answers of easy math operations like “ 1+2=3” and they know if we are happy or sad just looking at our eyes? That’s true. This is amazing! Maybe, your puppy could be the next canine Einstein. th

Luiza de Oliveira Batista Novais – 7 year B


TASTY INVERTEBRATES When you think about places where people eat invertebrates, everybody thinks about Japan, China and Thailand, where people normally eat ants, scorpions, spiders, and others. But what they do not know is that in coastal areas of Brazil, it is common to eat crabs, shrimps and lobsters. What is incredible is how invertebrates have essential nutrients and how they can be tasty, but what I think is more incredible is how their predators have a good taste to choose them to eat. th

João Lucas de Sousa Coutinho Araujo – 7 year B

You may think that eating insects is disgusting (like almost everybody does!) but in some places it is part of their culture, and natives insist that they are very delicious! What you may not know is that insects are, in fact, very healthy and I think if people were not so picky about eating them, fewer people would starve.

In some countries in Asia, people line up to taste these tiny animals! Cockroaches, ants and centipedes are on the top of the list, mostly in Taiwan, because they are healthier than many diets! These things happen in many countries. But you cannot judge if you do not accept it. It is their culture! th

Luiza Varjão – 7 year A

People say that spiders are

China, people eat scorpions, ants,

opinion invertebrates are not tasty.

delicious and that they taste like

cockroaches and spiders. It may


seem disgusting, but they say

invertebrate. I can`t imagine that,

they’re delicious. In Guatemala,

I’d rather not try them, but they are

they eat invertebrates too. In my


crab. In Bangkok, Thailand there are street markets where people buy insects.




important for some cultures. In







Maria Clara Rocha Tavares – 7 year C

THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPER NUTRITION Having a healthy diet and proper nutrition will only bring good things to you, like the prevention of diseases such as obesity and diabetes type 2, which are diseases that you can easily get without proper nutrition and diet. Doing exercises and eating good food can be boring, taste bad and also more expensive than the food that you eat, but when you eat unhealthy food, you are killing yourself and your body. Big companies do not care about you or your health, they only care about your money. So they load the food with sugar and sodium to make it taste better. Healthy food saves your life. You do not need to avoid fast-food and unhealthy food, you just need to believe that healthy food must be your preference, because it is the best for you and for your body. With a healthy life, your body will thank you. th

Maria Isabel Dórea – 8 year C


In many countries people are getting obese, especially in the USA. Big junk food companies are in the whole world, stimulating people to eat their food, including babies. Junk food is not healthy and if you eat too much of it, it will lead to diseases, such as hypertension, diarrhea and cardiovascular problems. Fast food has a lot of sodium and sugar. Those ingredients are

not good for our health, but people are still eating them. You should choose not to eat junk food, but if you wish, twice a month is enough. People should choose healthy food, the ones which have fibers, vitamins and minerals, lowering the risk of having diseases. This does not mean that you can’t eat other food, but eat in moderate quantities. In the USA, 7% of the children that are in the school, are severely obese. Those children will probably live less than their friends and suffer bullying.

Even if healthy food is more expensive, people should eat it, because they will have a higher life expectancy with fewer diseases. th

Mariana Marques – 8 year B

ALCOHOL AND HEALTH The excessive consumption of alcohol causes a lot of problems to our health. Drinking too much, or exaggerating sometimes can affect the brain`s connection pathway, your coordination, and the way that the brain looks and works on your reasoning. Research shows that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can protect adults that are healthy from coronary heart disease. However, heavy drinking can cause serious inflammations in the liver and pancreas, and increase the risks of developing some types of cancer, for example in the liver and mouth. It is not a problem to drink moderate amounts of alcohol, but we should be careful to avoid future problems. th

Maria Neves – 8 year B

Drinking alcohol can bring us many problems that are difficult to cure. In general, alcoholic people have problems in the liver. But alcohol can also affect the heart and the kidneys. Hypertension, kidney failure and cirrhosis are some related diseases which can lead to death.

Most deaths in the world are caused by alcohol and liver problems, caused by this substance. If you don't want these problems, don't drink too many alcoholic drinks. th

Laio Barbosa – 8 Year A

Have fun

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Science Journal #1  
Science Journal #1