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Feira de Santana, BA – BRAZIL


We are glad to present the fifth edition of our Helyos Sun Times & Science Journal, a semestrial publication that compiles our latest projects, events and writing pieces. In addition, our school has welcomed three incredible students from The University of Minnesota, Amy, Milka and Shaunie, who are co-teaching in various classes and projects. We have asked them to write about their experience at Helyos and in our country. We hope you enjoy reading! Wendell S. Rios

Photo: Frances (program director), Milka, Amy and Shaunie.

“Since I’ve made my decision to come to Brazil and participate in this English Language Acquisition program 2 years ago, I can only say that it was one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my life. The cultural exchange of language, knowledge, and wisdom within the school is fresh, and is a cherished ingredient that makes the school so fruitful and lively. The classroom environment reveals the children’s knowledge and creativity, which is driven by the passion that the teachers have for their students. The faculty and the student body has welcomed us with open arms and it is an honor to have this valuable experience of being a teacher here at Helyos. I look forward to embracing this experience and continue learning from this community”. - Amy Mckee. “My time here in Brazil has been nothing short of amazing, with every experience comes a new lesson and a new perspective. Thus far in Brazil I have had the privilege to travel to various places, such as Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Cachoeira, and of course Feira de Santana. I have also had the pleasure of engaging in cultural activities, such as capoeira and trying the infamous dishes of Brazil, “acaraje” and “moqueca”. And I must say, shrimp moqueca is by far my favorite. Currently I am working with 7th, 8th, and 9th year students, as well as facilitating a creative writing workshop and I thoroughly enjoy the time that we spend together. Working with Helyos staff and students has been the highlight of my time here in Brazil. Mostly because of the love, care, and concern that I experience and witness daily in Colegio Helyos. Thank you all for welcoming me with such warm hearts, it is something that I will surely never forget”. - Shaunie Grigsby. “As I walk into the classroom full of fifth year students, who quickly organize their materials for English class, I am greeted with the happy and cheerful sight of laughing voices and eager students. This same scenario repeats each time we, a lead teacher and I, walk into an English classroom for the fifty minutes of class. Each time I am greeted with a warm “hello” or a tight hug, I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to work within a great community. This community, known as Colégio Helyos, embraces many values and provides students many opportunities to grow and develop through different activities and projects. I have enjoyed working with all the students in the fifth year, through regular lessons and science projects, as well as with the Scratch workshops in the evenings”. - Milka Gamiño-D.

THE CREATIVE EXPRESSION WORKSHOP – By Pedro Aníbal, 8th Year A This year, a student from Minnesota, La’Shante Grisby, is spending some time with us learning more about our country and our school. As part of her academic plans, she began a workshop named Creative

Expression, proving students with lessons on group interaction and creative writing. It has been such a great experience for us, and we have the chance to practice our language skills.

During the workshop, we have a lot of fun writing poetry and playing relaxation games. By the end of the term, we are expected to build a portfolio, so we can gather everything we have produced in the workshop.

PURPOSE OF LIFE – By Nuna Beatriz Avelar, 7th Year C. We need to live Day by day, Another day Another blessing And another chance in life. People say that

We need to live in the present, Not in the past. But it’s true ‘cause we are alive, So let’s cherish the time we have.

Could it be just a dream, our lives? I am not sure, but I will live mine with purpose. Everyone wants happiness without any pain.

But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. So I say: Live day by day As if the world would end tomorrow.

SCHOOL OLYMPICS – By Camilla Rolim and Gabrielle Macêdo, 8th Year B. Every year, our school holds the Olympic Games for all students. There are three days of games and lots of fun. This year, three

different teams: yellow, orange and purple, disputed the gold medal in several modalities, such as soccer, handball, volleyball, pool, and for

the first time, logical and board games. The winner was the orange team, but the Olympic Games were a great success for all of us.

THE OPEN SCHOOL FOR SCIENCE AND ARTS/THE EXPOHAIKAI - By Victor Venas and Wendell S. Rios During a week, students, teachers and parents had the chance to appreciate some of our scientific and artistic productions. Programming, robotics, electricity and arts have provided students with practical experiments and meaningful observations along the year. Technological Education teachers Nazareno and Omar built a rattlesnake that would

bite anyone walking by, and a traffic light activated via Scratch. Teacher Reinildo presented some of the games and animations from his Programming classes, John John exhibited some of his students’ experiments on electricity, and the Haikai exhibit, which was a result of the 8th Year students’ poetry creation. The synthetic poems written by the students and inspired in Haikais –

a millenary Japanese poetry style characterized by short verses – were transformed into sounds and colors in the exhibit. For the exhibition, the physical investigation of the phenomenon was constantly linked to poetry, that is, art and science were connected as an instrument for the purpose of their final work.

THE TRICKS AND ILLUSION PROJECT – 8th Year. By Wendell Silva Rios Look at the two lines on the right. Which line seems longer? How about the gray boxes? Do they have different shades of gray?

In this project, students explored a variety of illusions that can fool our senses. They examined their own responses to these illusions,

as well as the responses of an audience, students from the 7th year groups. Their main goal was to learn about our senses, our

multisensory perception and the way illusion can trick our brain.

TERROR IN THE US – 15 YEARS AFTER ATTACK – By Lucas Alvim, 8th Year B September 11th, 2016. The unforgettable attacks to the "twin towers" of the World Trade Center 15 years later. On that day in 2001, the world stopped and watched an event that would change the U.S. and the world forever. It was an ordinary day in New York City, when two planes crashed

into the two towers of the World Trade Center. Some minutes later, both towers came down. In the same attack, another plane crashed into the Pentagon, the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense. The attacks led to great consequences. Islamic extremist groups have threatened the world

since then. After the attack, many people also suffered psychological damage. It was shocking for everyone, and it will linger in everybody´s minds forever.

ELECTIONS IN THE UNITED STATES – By Fernanda Leite and Maria Fernanda Ribeiro, 8th Year A When choosing a president, Americans decide not only the head of state, but also the leader of the government with great influences on other countries. This is one of the fiercest campaigns of all time. Among the several candidates, two stood out: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Former first lady Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for presidency. As a more liberal candidate, some of her goals are to strengthen alliances and to defeat the Islamic State, in addition to granting citizenship to millions of immigrants.

During the election campaign, Hillary was involved in some controversies, such as the scandal of deleted emails, and supposed rumors that she had supplied weapons to terrorists. On the other side, Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, plans to modernize the nuclear arsenal and to expand US military power. More radical than his opponent, he said he would build a wall on the border with Mexico to prevent illegal immigrants and ban the entry of any Muslims in the country until they "understand what is happening". Besides that, he plans to cancel

some measures adopted during Obama's administration. Trump is criticized for the aggressive way he refers to Mexicans, Muslims and women and the way he treats his opponents. Trump has also caused some controversy by declaring that global warming is "a lie invented by the Chinese" and suggesting that vaccines can cause autism. Surveys indicate Hillary Clinton is more likely to win and become the first woman to rule the White House!

THE PARALYMPIC GAMES – By Guilherme Caselli, 8th Year B The Olympic and Paralympic Games held here in Brazil were a huge success. The Paralympics, however, showed the world that impaired people find their hope in sports to keep on living and overcome physical and psychological problems.

Many of the athletes either were in the army or had suffered accidents. Brazil finished the games as the eighth best nation with 72 medals, including 14 gold medals. China, which ranked as the first, got 239 medals. The opening and closing ceremonies brought

amazing performances and real examples of people who see no obstacles.

THE BIRTH OF THE MOON - By Clara Batista Cerqueira – 8th Year A A long ago, in the beginning of everything, the Heavenly Lord was still busy building the universe, fabricating the stars and hanging them up in the sky, to shine at night. The task of weaving the clouds was the Lord's beautiful daughter’s job. She knew how to weave like no one else and she could make the most delicate clothes. Because of that, she was known as the Weaven Princess. Day after day, the Princess worked nonstop on her loom. She made the most graceful, soft clothes, which were hung onto the sky by her heavenly father, among the stars but stretching to the Earth. She would always wear stunning, gorgeous dresses, made with her own hands. With her long dark brown curly hair, she decorated all the types of flowers matching the color of her outfit. But beauty did not matter for her, as she lived a busy sad life, without time to fall in love.

The father, seeing his daughter’s sadness, introduced her to a handsome young man with sweet hazel eyes, amazing to any girl. From that moment, both of them fell completely in love with each other. They only thought about love and forgot their responsibilities. Disappointed with their irresponsibility, the Heavenly Lord decided to split them up, forcing both to live in opposite sides of the Milky Way River. Now, who would weave the white and clean clouds of the summer, and the foggy curtains for the spring? Despite the distance, they were only allowed to meet each other once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. On that date, every single year, by the shore of the Milky Way River, the sky boatman was in charge of taking the princess to meet her beloved. However, any time she did not do her best to weave the clouds, the Lord would get very furious. She cried, and cried

By Luiz Pedro and Hugo Pires, 8th Year B.

Riddles Two fathers and their two sons go fishing together. They each catch one fish to take home with them. They do not lose any fish, and yet when they arrive at home they only have three fish. How can this be? Mr. Smith has 4 daughters. Each of his daughters has a brother. How many children does Mr. Smith have?

hopelessly, flooding the river and preventing the boatman from coming to get her. Whenever it happened, a flock of star birds would secretly come to help the princess cross the river, making a flying bridge over it. One day, the young man decided to come over by himself, without the Lord’s consent. He came, swimming across the river, empowered by his love. For his surprise, the Heavenly Lord knew everything; he could see all the land through his mystical crystal telescope. To save his life, the young man ran and ran, and swam back, away from the princess. As furious as never seen before, the Heavenly Lord cast a spell on the young man. The Princess would now see him, every night. The young man was turned into the Moon. On the seventh day of the seventh month of every single year in the lunar calendar, a full red Moon would appear in the sky, the brightest Moon everyone could ever see.

What is it like to be a paleontologist? I AM A PALEONTOLOGIST – By Julia Coelho, 6th Year A I am a paleontologist, and I study fossils. Fossils are remains of living things, such as shells and bones. Through fossils, I can discover information about people, plants and animals that lived before us. To find fossils, I use special excavating tools, for

example: shovel, hammer and chisel. It is also my responsibility to take notes and pictures of fossils. Following the excavation process, I go to the laboratory to study the fossil, using CT scans and X-Ray. As a paleontologist, I usually work

in a laboratory, university or in a museum.

I AM A PALEONTOLOGIST – By Ana Beatriz Pinho Andrade Rodrigues, 6th Year B. Now that I am a paleontologist, it is my job to discover fossils. The things I need for work include: pictures of fossils, camera, microscope, shovel, hammer,

chisel, sieve, X-RAY machines, CT scans, etc. We have to dig to find fossils of dinosaurs and other species. Paleontologists can work in a university or in a museum. I

have to analyze the fossils, because we need the information. Paleontologists are very important because they discover things from the past.

Drought MY CITY WITHOUT WATER – By Beatriz Calazans de Andrade Marques, 6th Year C If my city has a severe drought one day, it will be a problem for the population, because it is not good to live in a place without water. Without water, our

personal necessities will be affected, the plants and animals will die, the lakes will dry, the soil will be poor, and we will be dehydrated. We will die because

our body can´t survive without water. With a drought, the population will have to move to another place.

MY CITY WITHOUT WATER – By Kamila Dórea Barreto, 6th Year B In my city, Conceição da Feira, people waste water, dispose chemicals into the rivers and lakes. But we are trying to save

water, because water is essential for our survival. We can save by turning off the faucet when we brush the teeth, using a bucket to

wash the car, and reusing the water for the garden.

Invertebrates EATING BUGS – By Aléxia Coelho, 7th Year A Entomophagy is the practice of eating insects. This is not a disease, but a very healthy practice, more common than you think. If it gained more space, it could significantly reduce the

word's hunger! The problem is that insects are also often associated with poor health care. In a world of "American Consumption", the only existing insects would

probably be butterflies, fireflies, and bees, but we all should know that there are Entomophagy recommendations on how to raise insects and prepare meals.

DELICIOUS INVERTEBRATES – By Laura Paixão, 7th Year C In various parts of the world, people eat invertebrates because they are nutritious and contain many proteins. They are cheaper than other meats and very popular in some places. Many people eat scorpions, spiders,

ants, oysters, toasted or fried with sauce. It is part of their culture. In the USA, people even eat lollipops with scorpions; in China people eat fried ants and

scorpions with sauce. They are delicious!

Animal Intelligence SUPER ANIMALS – By Nuna Avelar, 7th Year C Animals are very intelligent. They know how to hunt, communicate, socialize, learn, and know what humans want. Dogs are the man’s best friends. They play, communicate and understand

what humans want them to do. Tigers know how to hunt, they wait and attack the prey at the appropriate time. Dolphins use echolocation to locate their prey and they only swim in groups to

eat, travel and for their own protection. They also communicate with sounds, movements and clicks.

Deadly habits TASTY DANGER – By Fernanda Leite, 8th Year A Why do people keep eating a lot of junk food even though it is harmful? Well, there are many reasons for that, but no one can really explain why people are putting their life at risk even though they know that some kinds of food can bring problems. It is not a surprise that anything that contains high level of fat, sugar or sodium brings us very serious problems. By eating a lot

of hamburgers, French fries and candies we are affecting our body, out health. Today 1,000 people die from obesity-related diseases in the US every year. When we eat more than we burn, this excess will bring unintended consequences. In addition, junk food raises your cholesterol level and leads to cardiovascular diseases. So if we want to live many more years in a healthy

way we need to change our habits, fix our food pyramid and do more exercises. As a reference, we can use the DRI, which combines age, sex and physical activity in the right levels. So take care of your health, before these foods take your life.

JUNK FOOD – By Manuela Rios, 8th Year C Everybody knows that hamburgers, sodas and French fries are very tasty foods, but did you know that they can be a big problem to your health? These types of food have sugar, fat and sodium, nutrients that are important to our basic functions,

but they come in excess. They can cause diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and harm the body systems. It is necessary to control our diet, eating vegetables, fruits and carbs. With fat foods, we should

watch the amount we eat, because they can do serious harm.

DEATH BLOW – By Lucas Alvim, 8th Year B Smoking might look good for some. They say it can relieve stress, or given them a classy look. But the bad side of this terrible habit is worse than you think. It can even cost your life. Smoking is related to several diseases, such as heart disease and lung cancer. People who smoke are also more likely to develop hypertension. Young people are also affected by this terrible habit, which is one of the causes of deadly coronary

artery disease among people at this age. And what is even worse: smoking is very addictive. It means that if you smoke once, it's very hard to stop. Second-hand smokers are also at high risk. They don´t smoke, but they live with smokers and also suffer the consequences from this habit. So, smoking can cause a lot of problems. If you are a smoker, stop! It would not only be good

for your health, but also for the others! Don't spread this evil!

Energy CRUDE OIL - By Roberta Santa Rosa - 9th Year B Crude oil is a non-renewable

of extraction, which may cause

source of energy. It is used to


produce a lot of important things

Although it does bring benefits to

in our day-to-day life: gasoline,

the economy of many countries,

diesel, plastic etc. It is not easy to

it may also bring bad effects,

be extracted or to locate. Besides

which is a serious reason for us to

that, there are severe damages

invest in renewable energy.


that its use can bring to Earth: the

Moreover, it is known that it will

investing in renewable energy,

emission of carbon dioxide in the

run out someday. Due to its

for example Germany, France



impacts, the world needs to

and Brazil. Yet, we still have to

temperatures and may affect the

invest more in renewable energy,

expand and increase the use of

climate all around the world; and

such as biomass, microalgae,

these kinds of source.

pollution of water in the process

solar energy and wind power.








Helyos Sun Times and Science Journal 2016#5  
Helyos Sun Times and Science Journal 2016#5