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Cover Letter



To whom it may concern,

Skills: Virtual

Education: Further

I am proficient in the use of computer software programmes such as:

2005 - 2007: Samson Humanitarian & Economics School, Moscow 20 EGA Qualifications A-B (4-5)

- Autodesk AutoCAD - Graphicsoft ArchiCAD - ArchiCAD BIM - Adobe Photoshop & InDesign - 3DS Max - Google SketchUp Pro - Vray Render Engines - Microsoft Office

English (Literature and Language) : A Maths (Geometry and Algebra) : A Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) : A

I am technologically literate and have worked with the programmes above on both Mac and Windows systems.

2015-16: MA Architecture, Planning & Landscape INTO Newcastle University (Graduated with Second Class Upper Degree)

I am Carina Baranova - Taylor, a Part I Architectural Assistant. I am a graduate of the Moscow Architectural Institute, and more recently Newcastle University where I became accredited as a Part I. I have accumulated professional experience working in practice, the process has been hugely rewarding and I wish to continue my learning experience towards the Part II course here in the UK and beyond that, to develop as a career here as an architect. I am a creative, talented and hard working individual who is excited about contributing to a team and pushing my abilities with a leading practice which operates in a variety of sectors, which is why I am writing to apply for the position of Part I Architectural Assistant within your office. I am eligible to work full time in UK without sponsorship.

Skills: Artistic These are accompanied by an accomplished use of:

You will see examples of my recent undergraduate work and personal information on the enclosed CV, however is you require any additional information on my experience please do not hesitate to contact me via any of the contact details listed.

- Physical Modelling - Collage - Painting - Sculpture - Charcoal Graphite, Mixed Media etc. - Hand-Drawing

Thank you for taking the time to read this CV and hopefully, your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about any employment opportunities that exist with you.

2016: Part I Architectural Assistant ARB Prescribed qualification

2014-15: Graduate Diploma in Architecture INTO Newcastle University (Graduated with Second Class Upper Degree) 2008-14: Specialist programme in Architecture (BA Hons & MArch) Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy) (Graduated with Second Class Upper Degree) 2013: Short-term course: Architecture 2012: Short-term course: Portfolio Preparation 2011: Short-term course: Interior Design University of Arts, London

“I have been learning English since I was 8 years old, Skills: Languages IELTS English Language Exam

Yours sincerely,

Carina Baranova-Taylor (BA) Hons, Dip Arch, MA

Education: Higher

Hand drawn sketch - London Church

CEFR Level: C1 Listening: 9.0 Reading 8.5 Writing 6.5 Speaking 6.5 Overall: 7.5

through both a private tutor and schooling. This has allowed me to be comfortable communicating my work to others through writing or verbally. I enjoy speaking about architecture passionately and in a way which is easy to understand.


Short Section First Floor Plan

Long Section

School For All Years

Classroom daylight calculations (Above)

This school building is orientated around an inner courtyard, which forms an indoor pupil recreation area. The building is designed to fully utilises the site in the most effective way through simple stacked block forms to allow for the maximum amount of green space for students. The project was designed to combine children of all years and consider the special requirements of each group. The steel frame construction is easy to erect within short time limits and allows for the easy integration of the panelled façade. The design provides communal relaxation space, has flexible study rooms and top floor halls for school events, and has been designed to comply with British Standards and Building Regulations

Main Elevation

The colour and order of the façade was influenced by an abstract Mondrian painting. The design also caters to the local communities needs and the children’s by ensuring maximum daylight into the teaching spaces.

Technical drawings exercises were carried out to demonstrate a consideration of daylight, ventilation, and choice of materiality to create a comfortable environment. The thermal modelling and sustainability features are based on the Green Building Index.

First Cluster Perspective (Above)

First Cluster Outdoor Public Space (Above)

Long Section through the second and third clusters Site plan

‘Urban Clusters’ Multimedia Arts Centre “Contemporary art does not have to be shiny and great, is it an act of acknowledged desire for self-exploration and will to reflect on a particular emotion provoking environment.”   The design is the production of a flexible performance space and represents the essence of the brave new world of technology.  The choice of tectonic structure was inspired by Lynch, as a city structure which consists of nodes and corners yet I brought it to a micro scale so the design works as alleyways to create open exhibition spaces and public squares.   It was important to preserve and enhance the links to the city as the site should be observed from the perspective of a pedestrian, so it is not just a graphic representation of a footpath on a map but a creation of journey and experience with a various volumes and passages for the public. The theory for this was based on Certeau, who posited that this is the best way to experience the city.  

Ground Floor Plan

‘Avantgarde’ Museum For Contemporary Art

Museum building perspective

Ground Floor Plan of the 3rd Cluster

Museum building perspective

Media Arts Centre Model

Long Section of the Museum

This project is located on an empty site near Moscow River. To do so the forms are stepped to follow the landscape, which gradually rises from embankment pedestrian walkway up to 3 metres to the closest street. The museum is accessible from a number of points on the sloped site, to varying floor levels throughout the building, areas which are not accessible from the ground employ stair -platform lift for disabled access. The building consists of three volumes, an entrance area with museum and office, a social hub with cafe and exhibition hall and museum storage, which due to differing floor levels is connected by a second floor bridge. The main area, which contains the social area, has an opening with a staircase to the rooftop and summer garden space.

Professional Experience Architectural Assistant

Personal Experience 1991-2016

I am originally from Moscow, where I started my architectural education, completing the 6 year architecture course at the prestigious Moscow School of Architecture. During which I attended a number of architectural summer courses at British universities which bolstered my education and inspired me to study full-time in England. While Russian education has reinforced my technical and theoretical sides, my english degree developed my creativity and research abilities. I have successfully completed my one year MA in Architecture, Planning & Landscape with a view to comple the Part II & III courses in the UK and qulify as an architect.

As a Part I Architectural Assistant I was employed by PORTAL Architecture in Moscow. They specialised in small to medium scale high-end residential developments as well as public and government projects. The small size of the practice gave me the opportunity to work in a ‘hands on’ nature with architects and various other roles within the design team. I fulfilled a number of roles including CAD drafting as well as interior design work involving hand sketched 3D visuals and internal layouts. This gave me experience working with demanding clients producing detailed drawings for the highest quality private housing.

October 2016 to May 2017 BA in Architecture Stage I student tutorials, Newcastle University.

February 2016 Postgraduate Open Day Fair Newcastle University. October 2015

Februaryto July 2017 MA in Architecture, Planning and Landscape student interim reviews, Newcastle University.

Introduction event for Graduate Diploma students for INTO Newcastle University. February 2008 to August 2008 Designers and Secretary Assistant, KRASNOV Design January 2013 - October 2013 Architectural Assistant, PORTAL Architecture

Hand-drawn sketches ‘Overcoming Obstacles’

March to April 2016 Call Centre assistant introduction and support for offer holding students, Newcastle University. February 2016 Webinar for INTO Architecture Programmes students, Newcastle University.

Professional Accreditation Part I Architectural Assistant

• Course Representative for 4 years in previous study and now.

During my study I have also been undegoing the Part I ARB Prescription of Qualification examination. During which I have submitted work carried out throughout my architectural education to achive Part I RIBA accreditation status.

• Led a number of social and architectural projects during the study period.

Amongst my educational experience I enjoy traveling as seeing cities and producing hand drawn artwork of cities I have seen. I also enjoy horse riding and play polo for the Newcastle and Leeds University polo club.

Acheivements Student & Professional

• Signed up for students volunteering. • Has participated an architectural competition as a part of a team in Latvia, Kuldiga 2013. • Have employment experience in architectural firm as architectural assistant. • Have employment experience in public performance firm as secretary assistant.

This demonstrates that my work and ability is equal to that of a Part I architectural assistant here in the UK. However I believe my additional architectural study and in-work placement have put me in a stronger position. Have been working for School of Architecture Newcasle University as invited reviewer for MA in Architecture programme and part-time tutor for Stage I BA programme students.


Dr Nathaniel Coleman - Project Tutor BA(Hons) MArch, RIBA Degree Program Director, Newcastle University Architects. Tel: 0191 208 5686 E-mail: nathaniel.coleman

Hand-drawn sketches ‘Walking Through The Cities’

Dr Ilya Georgievich Lezhava - Project Tutor RAACS Urban Devlopment Department Member, Prof of Architecture, Honoured Architect of Russia. Tel: +7 (985) 762-41-79 E-mail:

Gaek Levonovich Agayan - Professional Architect General Director of Portal Architecture, Honoured Architect of Russia Tel: 8 (495) 2298820 E-mail: agayan@portal-stroy. com

Hotel Site Long Section Hotel Site Long Section (Above)

Ground Floor Site Plan Floor Thermal Upgrade Details Fire Strategy Drawing

Wall Thermal Upgrade Details Hotel site perspective (Above)

‘CYCLOTEL’ Hotel for Cyclist and public areas The task was to design a hotel with a number of functions, attractive to cyclists: to develop a concept how design proposal will support not just touring cyclists but also enhances the local cycling culture and how it contributes to the local culture in general, consider cultural relevance for Gateshead and Newcastle, study the unique context and environmental conditions.

The project provides facilities for cyclists as well as for the public and passing cyclists and walkers. The concept is to use the strongly functional & sustainable structure, which resembles industrial past as well shipping container. The area will be divided into two sections: social, active area where various functions take a place, and residential are for hotel visitors.

Hotel site perspective (Above)

Hotel site perspective (Above)

Main Elevation

Typical Floor Plan

Building perspective

Tower Block Section A-A GA Technical Floor Plans

4th Year Degree Project Tower Block Residential Building

4th Year Project Residential Tower Block This project is a small residential housing project with various flat layouts, which a focus on space quality and comfort. The building is centred on an internal stair core and atrium, which allows for natural light inside the building . The use of columns to raise the living spaces above the ground floor creates Đ° void for parking beneath the building and minimise ground works. Each floor is made up of 5 flat types to accommodate from working professionals to families. This project demonstrates how Đ° simple cuboid volume can be utilised through space planning to form a building, which effectively uses its site area to form spacious, and high quality dwellings.

Building perspective

Internal perspective

Tower Block Perspective

Tower Block Perspective

The Tower Block was designed considering modern building and structure trends for a medium scale housing project with relevant calculations of delivering a project, and a complete set of technical drawings was developed under the guidance of architectural construction engineer and engineering constructions technologist. This building is a multi-storeyFuture tower Plans block project consists of 120 apartment dwellings spread across 14 floors with 4 standard Thank you taking the read this types of for apartment andtime the to top 2 floors cv, I am currently pursuing employment elevated to form mezzanine apartments. as a experienced Part I architectural assistant with a view to developing with S territory: 39 hectares. practice. Population: 14that OOO people Total S housing (housing) fund: 425 192m2 If you have any questions wish The weighted av.further number of floors:or 8floors to arrange an interview, contact Population density: please 359 people \n me via any of the available connections.

Site elevation

Site section

Flat Type Plans

Site Plan

‘‘St. Lawrence Community’’ Social Housing Thesis Project St Lawrence community is a large scale residential housing projects based on experience of brutalist social housing in order to propose new housing solution. The idea was to create a new community with human friendly city environment inspired by modern architectural theories. The site was split into three areas surrounded by public spaces and greenery, with student, social and family type accommodation. Each flat type was designed for a particular social group all in accordance with the national space standards. The project has shared communal spaces within connected buildings, public lounges and rooftops as well as communal balconies to encourage the positive aspects of society.

Masterplan Physical Model Photos

Sectional Perspective

3D Visual Perspective

Sketch Concept Sections

Future Plans Thank you for taking the time to read this cv, I am currently pursuing employment as a experienced Part I architectural assistant with a view to developing with that practice. If you have any further questions or wish to arrange an interview, please contact me via any of the available connections.

C.V.B. CV  

Part I Architectural Assistant CV

C.V.B. CV  

Part I Architectural Assistant CV