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Event Organization & PR of the Urban Parties the return of the 'urban parties'

The day of has come. Join us for a night of remembering the good old days of heroes who have been forgotten, heroes like Hulk Hogan, Alf, MC Hammer, milli vanilli, Dolly Parton, Chuck Norris etc. One guy you might know made its way in the list of those heroes too, for some already forgotten for some still a legend. This gracious man we are talking about is the original founder of this very unique party, Gerhard. But we won't put this very special person and his everlasting party spirit out of our minds, we will continue in his will to keep a part of him alive in Shanghai. So get your costumes ready,groove to the sound of forgotten one-hit wonders with DJ Mista Sox back on the decks and lets party until our beloved heroes become faded

Sat. Feb - 15 (starting from 8pm) the 'urban forgotten heroes' party @ CRAFT ! memories again this

Dress up like any hero of your choice and maybe even write a legend of yourself !

Come early and catch us if you can and save yourself some free drinks. For the ones that never made it to any of the urban parties in Shanghai, this is your chance, take it! To see what to expect, check this awesome video --> URBAN Shanghai <-- (made by Lovisa) about the URBAN Shanghai parties.

Event Pavillion Design for Mercedes Benz Winter Driving Experience Event in Inner Mongolia. Giving the Main Tent a new look with this modern crystal-like Design with a metal and glass facade, but keeping the inside very traditional „mongolian yurt style“ with a lot of wood, colorful fabrics and a fireplace and adding round elements to give the feeling of being in a round traditional mongolian yurt.

Compilation of best scenes of series & movies with our forgotten heroes

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