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MY Blog: CTRX - Capture The Rare Excitements About me: I’m a 23-year old German girl from Bavaria, the beautiful part of Germany where the best beer, Lederhosn and the famous Oktoberfest comes from. Yes, as you can see already, I am very proud of my culture and the beautiful landscape we have. That’s maybe one of the reasons I like to explore different cultures so much and see how they live, what they love and what they do. From an early age on, I had a passion for traveling, since I was

very lucky that my parents took me on a lot of holidays. But this passion even increased when I was living abroad in the UK and especially in China. There are so many beautiful and interesting places to see, which I can just not hold back from you. This blog is aimed to share my passion for traveling, art and design through photography and other medias. With the vision to inspire and take you on a virtual trip to different parts of the world with me.

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