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In-store Entertainment: The cornerstone of the fun store environment will be “arcade games”. These will be a signature line of interactive games that can be played on either Samsung Smart TV or an iPad only in the store. Game cards can be purchased and topped up at the sales counter. This will allow the customer to play without worrying about proper change. This will drive store traffic as families and young adult groups come to play. In-store entertainment creates another revenue stream for Rovio and the Franchisee. Snacks and Beverages: In an effort to keep customers in the store and playing games longer, AB Stores will offer a limited line of Snacks and Beverages. The aim of this line is to appeal to both children and parents. Snacks and Beverages will also generate another revenue stream for Rovio and the Franchisee. The Snack and Drink Line will include: - Beverages: Bottled and canned soft drinks (existing flavors) - Snacks: Lollipops, Chewing gum, other candies

II. Timeline: The “Always on your mind” initiative will create a comprehensive line of educational tools over the three-year initial development period. Year 1 begins by bringing Rovio’s current global education offerings to China through a direct translation program. Also during Year 1, the company will begin developing its curriculum to target toddlers, elementary students, and High school students. These will be rolled out in year 2. Also, in year 2, the company will begin developing its brain trainers for seniors. These will be launched in year 3.

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