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February 2011 Volume 31, Issue 1

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The Best Conditions in 10 Years!

ACSA Trustees Senior Trustee Gordon Fowler Junior Trustee Kathy Younker Freshman Trustee John Mason

ACSA Executive Committee Commodore Jim Klein 740-815-5196 Vice Commodore Brent O’Keefe 419-253-5119 Rear Commodore Mike Gray 614-989-4286 Secretary Allison Foreman 614-785-0771

Commodore’s Corner Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone’s year is off to a good start. By the time you read this, we will be about two months from launch day. I can’t believe how fast the time goes by. As usual, your leadership team is hitting the ground running with the new year. January is always a very busy month behind the scenes. There is so much to do to prepare for the season, which will be here before we know it! I am honored to be serving a second term as your Commodore. Once again we have a strong and experienced leadership team in place to serve the club, with many Officers and Committee Chairs re-upping for another term. I thank all of them for their continued dedication and loyalty in serving the club. This year, we welcome 2 new Officers to the team: John Mason as Freshman Trustee, and Joe McHenry as Multi-hull Fleet Captain. On the Committee side, I welcome Carin Martin as Newsletter Editor, Sharla O’Keeffe as Arbitration Chair, Shannon Fisher as Social Chair, and Bernie Marshall as Volunteer Coordinator. One of the goals for this year is to expand the volunteer base, for a couple of reasons: 1.) Get more people involved in the club and spread the workload 2.) Groom future club leaders In that light, a new position has been created on the Executive Committee, which is Volunteer Coordinator. Bernie Marshall approached me with the idea

Treasurer Vickie Fantozzi 440-554-8480

of having someone whose main focus is to help line up volunteers for all of our events throughout the year, from work parties to social events. Part of the thought process is that most people respond better when they are approached directly and asked to help out. On the Membership Form there is a place to designate the areas where you would be interested in helping the club. In the past we have not done a good job of using that information to solicit volunteers, but this year will be different. Please put some careful thought into filling out the Membership form this year, as you very likely will be contacted to help out in the areas you specify. Bernie will be handling these duties this year, and I thank her for serving the club in that manner. As to the rest of my goals and objectives, you can read more detail about those on the Commodore page on the ACSA website ( Our next General Meeting is Monday Feb 7th, at 7PM at Gordy’s. For our program, Chris Varvarosky will be presenting a slide show with aerial pictures taken at low water. That will give us all a chance to see some of what’s lurking underneath our keels in the sailing season. Fair Winds to all!

Monohull Fleet Captain Neal Heiser 614-793-1458 Multihull Fleet Captain Joe McHenry

ACSA Committee Chairpersons Program Chair OPEN Social Chair Shannon Fisher XXX-XXXX Membership Eileen Kolman 614-895-2445 Marketing Chair OPEN PHRF Chair John Beck 440-554-8480 ILYA Representative Bob Sheppard 740-852-2802 Historian Debbie Dean Newsletter Editor Carin Martin Arbitration Sharla O’Keefe XXX-XXX-XXXX Risk Management Rose-Marie McCormick 740-657-3115 Adult Learn-to-Sail Program Chair Tom Wehrung 614-844-6638 Facilities Manager Mike Gray 614-989-4286

Jim Klein Commodore Making Waves 

Past Commodore Bob Sheppard 740-852-2802

All Executive Committee Members


February 2011

Commander’s Award for Public Service Paul Cunningham is Presented the Commander’s Award for Public Service

Save the Day - May 14, 2011 Sponsored by Mulwaukee Bay Women’s Sailing Organization and hosted at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center. Featured Speaker - Dawn Riley Dawn Riley, currently leading the Oakcliff Sailing Center is one of the best-known sailors in the world. As CEO and captain of America True, Riley was the first woman to manage and America’s Cup Sailing Team. She raced on four American’s Cup and two Whitbread (now Volvo Ocean Race) teams. The former president of the Woman’s Sports Foundation, she also serves on the board of US Sailing. Exciting classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced sailors.* - Introduction to Sailing - Suddenly Singlehanded - Advanced Racing Tactics - Use of Boat Electronics - First Aid Afloat - Weather Wisdom - Basic Rules of the Road - Basic Engine Maintenance (Diesel/Gas) - Boat Maintenance - Docking Techniques/Spring Lines - Advanced Sail Trim - Learning to Cruise - Dockside Rope Handling - Spinnaker Handling Man Overboard and On-the-Water Safety - From the Dock to the Starting Live Classes, continental breakfast and lunch included in registration fee, and a reception will follow the conference. For registration form and additional information, Email: or Call: (414) 530-6528.

-If you are interested in going, please contact Debbie Dean who is planning on participating.

Mr. Paul Cunningham of Worthington, Ohio is commended for his courageous act and rapid response in the rescue of a potential drowning victim in Alum Creek Lake near the Hollenback Boat Ramp. On January 13, 2010, Mr. John Wargo was ice sailing when the wind stopped and his boat broke through the ice, plummeting him into frigid water. Mr. Cunningham, another sailor, was on the shoreline, approximately 600 feet away from the ice breakthrough. He carefully walked across safe ice twice to verbally encourage Mr. Wargo, and throw a rescue rope to assist him in escaping the cold water to the ice surface. Mr. Cunningham accompanied Mr. Wargo towards the shore until emergency services arrived and provided necessary medical treatment. The United States Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District, is proud of Mr. Cunningham’s initiative, unselfish devotion towards others and his act of humanity. September 30, 2010 Robert D. Peterson Colonel, Corps of Engineers Commanding

Pirate Latitudes by: Micheal Crichton From one of the best-loved authors of all time comes an irresistible adventure of swashbuckling pirates in the New World, a classic story of treasure and betrayal. Book Review by Eileen Kolman Unable to get to the Caribbean this winter? Try a sailing adventure in seventeenth century Jamaica with Captain Charles Hunter on his ship Cassandra. I am not a great fan of Crichton and some scenes are a bit gory, but the history is well researched and the sailing descriptions are magnificent. Setting and trimming sails, plotting courses, navigating reefs, predicting weather, and racing against faster ships are all described in great detail. This manuscript was discovered on Crichton’s computer and published posthumously. Steven Spielberg is adapting the novel to film. This will be his third Crichton novel following the two Jurassic Park films. There are even some plans to make it into a computer game! Making Waves 


February 2011

Excited about Racing! By: Brent O’Keefe, Vice Commodore Good day from photo courtesey of Jeffrey Benedict the frozen tundra of Central Ohio! Here we are at the beginning of a new year and a new sailing season. From my calendar I count 71 days until launch. That also means 84 days until the first Red Cup Race!!! We have a great season of racing planned for the ACSA sailors. To start off the season, we will be holding another two-part Racing Rules Workshop. In this workshop we will review the US Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012 and application of the rules through different scenarios. The workshop will be broken into two parts – • February 23 (Part 1) The Basic Right-of-Way Rules • March (Part 2) Rules at Marks & Obstructions Both parts will be held at Gordy’s Bar and Grill, starting at 6:30 PM. Each is on a Wednesday night to get us prepared. This will be a no-cost event. Signups are encouraged in order for me to accurate count of materials. This workshop is open to all ACSA members, as well as members from other local clubs, so please spread the word. Online registration will be available shortly though the ACSA website. Watch the Two-List for a link to the registration page. The second pre-racing event will be a Race Committee training on April 6 at the docks. This will begin at 6:30 PM at the Pavilion.

Remember, all boats participating in the racing program will be subject assignment of race committee slots. This training will help prepare folks for the responsibilities of being race committee when it is their turn. We will be reviewing the race committee procedures, as well as committee boat operation. We have just purchased a new automatic horn system for the pontoon boat to help ease the burden on the race committee, so we will also go over its operation. Here is a quick overview of the racing schedule for the 2011 season: Feb 23 – Racing Rules Workshop Part 1 – Gordy’s – 6:30 PM Mar 2 – Racing Rules Workshop Part 2 – Gordy’s – 6:30 PM April 6 – Race Committee Training – ACSA Marina- 6:30 PM April 13 – First Spring Red Cup Series Race April 16 – Icebreaker Regatta May 14-15 – May Cup Regatta / Catalina 22 Region 4 Championships June 15 – First Summer Red Cup Series Race June 18 – Women’s Regatta – Part 1 June 19 – XX/XY Regatta – Part 1 July 18 – Singlehanded Regatta August 17 – First Fall Red Cup Series Race September 17 – Women’s Regatta – Part 2 September 18 – XX/XY Regatta – Part 2 October 8-9 – Old Fox Regatta I can’t wait to see everyone on the water! This is shaping up to be a great year. Making Waves 


TIred of missing the latest and greatest updates about whats going on in the club? Wish you could hear the sailor banter even during the “dark season” we call winter? Need to be in the know of next great party? Join the Two-List! It’s rather simple and takes only a few minutes. Once you’ve joined you will receive all updates and communication, along with being able to send your own emails to the entire group. If you’re ready to join here is what you need to do: •

Go to

Under the Links section on the left side of the webpage, click the “TwoList Message board link.

On the top right side of the group page click “Join this Group.”

For more information, contact Brian Ross.

photo courtesey of Jack Kamer

February 2011

Every year there is chatter about when the lake will freeze over enough to enjoy a ride. For avid thrill seeking sailors in Ohio, there aren’t many ways to satisfy the need to sail in the dead of winter without flying to a southern state or even out of the country. Although flying south can be acheived by some, it’s still not as conveniently close as Alum Creek. When it comes down to technicalities, the ice is always a tricky subject. Some ask “Is it thick enough to hold you?” or “How do you know when it is safe?” To answer these questions in short, the ice is always dangerous, but so is rush hour traffic in Columbus. If you were to stop by the lake for a ride, you would find that everyone is adorned with the proper saftey gear - helmets, ice picks and a throw line in the cockpit. Many of our fellow sailors on Alum Creek own a sailboat; others show up

photo courtesy of

The Best Ice in 10 Years... ... And the season isn’t over yet!

to join in the comaraderie. Whether you are zooming around on the lake at top speeds of 50 mph or hovering in a group to stay warm around a barrel fire, there is plenty of fun to be had. Typically, the ice has been shoveled off for ice skating, playing hockey or other crazy games. If we are lucky enough, the ice might even be visted by the North American Detroit News (DN) Nationals, which is the only class represented in the

Jeffrey Benedict

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

In addition to the hard core racers, ice boating on Alum Creek has caught the eye of the “Adventure Girl” from 614 Magazine. Kate Liebers joined many sailors on the ice January 8th, 2011. She and a photograher from the magazine enjoyed multiple sails on the lake. Look for the article in February’s edition of 614 Magazine which is free and can be found at many locations around town. Mellow Mushroom and BW3’s on Polaris are two places where the magazine is available. Between the hot chocolate, ice games, or adrenaline-filled sailing, there is no doubt that a day on the ice is mighty enjoyable! photos courtesy of Jeffrey Benedict

photo cou



A few years ago, we hosted the North American Ice Boating Regatta that attracted individuals from all over the country who used our lake to compete in preparation for the Winter Olympics.

Jeffrey Benedict

Loren Varvorosk

Making Waves 

Winter Olympic games.

rtesy of L

February 2011

oren Varv orosky

Rear Commodore’s Report Hope all of you land locked Sailors have had happy holidays and all is well with your families. Some of us have refused to give up sailing on Alum Creek, so we have been out on the ice with our Ice Boats. There is one or two groups going to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) this year and I am jealous. Your new Executive Committee members have been hard at work planning some great events and parties for the 2011 sailing season. Special thanks for Joe Burns, Jim Fenzel, John Wargo, and especially my young grandson Simon for their help winterizing the Bath House. Winter is a busy time for me as there are many projects to prepare for as we approach Splash Day and the opening of our Marina. I will briefly outline some of the undertakings and dates that you should be looking forward to and preparing to attend. January: By the time you read this newsletter you should have received you ACSA Dock invoice packet by mail. If you have not received it by now, e-mail or call me immediately!!!!! February: Hopefully you have mailed your payment for your Dock; it must be received by March 1st. March 19th: Dock Swap / Pick Day. This is an exciting day for me and all of the Sailors on the Wait List that are looking forward to getting a Dock for the 2011 sailing season; A few things to remember. You must be present to swap to an open dock or make prior arrangements with the RC. You must be present if you are on the wait list to pick an open dock or make prior arrangements with the RC. Please attend even if you are at

the bottom of the Wait List as we usually make it through the list with open docks and subleasing. Dock Swap / Pick Day will start a 11am at Gordy’s (see ACSA web site for directions) This year I am going to add a few things for this day. I plan to have another ACSA New Sailor Orientation Seminar. This is an informational class to help welcome new Sailors to our family, information about our Sailing Club, history of our club and information about the written and unwritten rules that govern our Marina. • 11:00am Dock Swap • 11:15am Dock Pick from Wait List • 12:15pm Lunch (please plan to eat lunch at Gordy’s, they give us the mtg. room free) • 12:20pm Brief slide show during lunch of past events, trips, and parties. • 1:00pm New Sailor Orientation seminar (This will be of interest to all Sailors) • Introduction of ACSA Officers and attendees • News Letter / E-Mail / Two List Message Board / Information Board at Dock entrance • Relationship - ACSA / Alum Creek State Park / Army Corps of Engineers • ACSA Marina / Shelter House / Mast R-L System • Rules – Documented / Undocumented • History of ACSA Marina conception and construction • ACSA membership • Regattas / Wednesday night racing program • ACSA Parties / Activities • History of ACSA • Open discussion period Making Waves 


February 2011

March 26th: ACSA Annual Spring Marina Work Party – This year we will be doing a series of team/work parties in-conjunction with our annual spring work party. Bernie Marshall is our Volunteer Coordinator and will be helping me with organizing a series of work party projects. These projects and signup sheets will be posted and announced in next month’s newsletter and membership meeting. Work parties are always a lot of fun; this is a great time to get to meet your fellow Sailors. Please do your part and try to help out in some way this year, even if you can make a covered dish to drop off for the workers or donate a bag of grass seed, every little bit helps. Remember, if not for the ACSA volunteers, your dock fees would be $250.00 to $300.00 more every year. If you cannot volunteer at least thank your volunteers for their time and effort. As always there will be some kind of party after the work party. April 2nd: Official Splash Day – This is our official splash / launch day but it is usually not a big event as most of us wait till the warmer weather comes. I will make sure a volunteer is available at the Mast R-L system to help any sailor who wishes to launch this day. I will also make available the instruction manual and hardware for operation of the Mast R-L system. If you have any questions about using or the operation of the Mast R-L system, feel free to call me. The water to the bath house will be on after the March work party if you want to wash your boat before you launch. One of my main goals for this year is to improve our image to all of our ACSA members, Dock Holders, other Boaters, and the general public. Yes that means power boaters too. Our Club was afflicted in the past with internal hostilities and for the most part most these hostilities were caused by well intending individuals who were misinformed by the rumor mill. It still amazes me how the rumor mill can take a very simple topic that was discussed at a meeting and by the next day have it totality distorted, confused, and twisted. Think I am embellishing, ask around. Our club fortunately has grown back together and has developed a lot of camaraderie as Sailors and members of a great sailing club. Please help keep our club a great club by showing respect to others in the same manner as you would wish others to respect you. Have Fun, Play Nice, Sail Fast, Party, Party, Party Semper Fi Rear Commodore, L. Michael Gray

Christmas Party ... In Review The Christmas party this year was a big hit, in more than one way. We record breaking attendance (115 people), the party was full of laughter and cheer. Rosie McCormick and Marcia Trout took the party and amplified it from years past. As always Worthington Country Club provided a wonderful menu and even added to the menu from years past. The menu included a buffet of Prime Rib and Scallop

Fettucini. In addition to the enhanced menu, the party included a DJ and a multitude of raffle/door prizes. The program lead by Commodore Jim Klein and Vice Commodore Brent O’Keefe included many awards that recognized members for all sorts of things from Yachts Men of the Year to Most Improved to an assortment of superlative awards. After the awards, the Change of Watch ceremony by Jim Foreman was short and sweet to allow for more dancing.

positive response. Kudos go out to the two ladies that worked hard to put together a stress-free evening for our club. Next year’s Christmas Party will be held again at the Worthington Country Club on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011. Let’s keep the party going!

Unlike years past, the dance floor stayed full until Worthington Country Club practically kicked us out! Overall, the additions to the Christmas Party received an overwhelmingly

Making Waves 


February 2011

All photos courtesy of Jeffrey Benedict

Membership Meeting [2] General 7pm @ Gordy’s Rules Workshop (Part 1) [23] Racing 6:30pm @ Gordy’s

[28] Dues & Dock Fees Due far.

Dates to b

e added

as needed


Payments Due [1] Dock Membership Payments Due

Rules Workshop (Part 2) [2] Racing 6:30pm @ Gordy’s Membership Meeting [7] General 7pm @ Gordy’s Dock Pick /Swap Day

[19] 11am @ Gordy’s [26] Work Party - Restrooms/Grounds [28] Executive Committee Meeting

[1] Launch Day Membership Meeting [4] General 7pm @ Gordy’s [6] [13] [16] [20] [25] [27]

Race Committee Training 6:30pm @ ACSA Marina Spring Red Cup Series Ice Breaker Regatta Spring Red Cup Series Executive Committee Meeting Spring Red Cup Series

[1] Adult Learn To Sail Membership Meeting [2] General 7pm @ Gordy’s [4] Spring Red Cup Series [5] Adult Learn To Sail [11] Spring Red Cup Series [12] Adult Learn To Sail [13-15] May Cup Regatta/C-22 Regionals [15] Adult Learn To Sail [18] Spring Red Cup Series [22] Adult Learn To Sail [25] Spring Red Cup Series [26] Adult Learn To Sail [30] Exceutive Committee Meeting

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February 2011

[1] [2] [5] [6] [8] [9] [12] [15] [16] [18] [19] [22] [23] [26] [27] [29] [30]

Spring Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail Adult Learn To Sail General Membership Meeting 7pm @ the Pavilion Spring Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail Adult Learn To Sail Summer Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail Women’s Regatta (Part 1) XX/XY Regatta (Part 1) Summer Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail Adult Learn To Sail Executive Committee Meeting Summer Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail

[6] [7] [10] [11] [13] [14] [16] [17] [20] [21] [24] [25] [27]

Summer Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail Adult Learn To Sail General Membership Meeting 7pm @ the Pavilion Summer Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail Single-Handed Regatta Adult Learn To Sail Summer Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail Adult Learn To Sail Executive Committee Meeting Summer Red Cup Series

Book your reservations now! I-LYA is gearing up for a repeat performance at Bay Week With the overwhelming response to last years revival of the annual I-LYA Bay Week regatta, this year the committee expects nothing but to top last years attendance. Last year a social package was introduced and received lots of positive feedback. The social package will return this year along with the same fun, food and entertainment. When asked what is the latest updates about this years Bay Week, Bob Sheppard says “Book your reservations now! You don’t want to be left out of the fun!”

[1] [3] [4-7] [10] [17] [24] [25] [28] [29] [31]

[2] Adult Learn To Sail Membership Meeting [3] General 7pm @ Gordy’s [5] Fall Red Cup Series [6] Adult Learn To Sail [8-9] Old Fox Regatta [12] Fall Red Cup Series [13-15] Annapolis Boat Show [29] Haul Out Day [30] Haul Out Day (Rain Date) [31] Executive Committee Meeting

General Membership Meeting 7pm @ the Pavilion Summer Red Cup Series I-LYA Bay Week Summer Red Cup Series Fall Red Cup Series Fall Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail Adult Learn To Sail Executive Committee Meeting Fall Red Cup Series

[7] [12] [31] [1] [7] [8] [11] [12] [14] [15] [17] [18] [18] [21] [22] [25] [26] [28] [29]

Adult Learn To Sail Fall Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail Adult Learn To Sail General Membership Meeting 7pm @ Gordy’s Fall Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail Women’s Regatta (Part 2) XX/XY (Part 2) Adult Learn To Sail Fall Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail Adult Learn To Sail Executive Committee Meeting Fall Red Cup Series Adult Learn To Sail

Making Waves 

General Membership Meeting 7pm @ Gordy’s Work Party Executive Committee Meeting


Christmas Party

Can you guess which member this is?


February 2011

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  

    

   


                                                          

           


Making Waves 


February 2011

X Commodores Corner X Book Review - Eileen X 2011 Midwest Women’s Sailing Conference - Debbie X Vice Commodore’s Rules WorkShop X Paul Cunningham - Award for Public Service X How To Two List X Photo Hunt X Mystery Member X Social Review X Ice Boating Story X Membership Application X Rear Commodore’s Report X Calendar for the Year Advertisements Key West Race Week - local sailors Member Spotlight For Sail Social Committee Report - Meeting? Learn to Sail - Tom Wehrung? Adopt Balanced Sheets? Channel Markers - Constitutional Amendment? Away Sail? Trustee Report?

Can you find the 8 differences between the two photos?

Making Waves 


February 2011

A s s oci





Feb 7 y’s


Alum Creek Sailing Association P.O. Box 76 Lewis Center, Ohio 43035-0076

Nex t




C um reek Al

d at Gor

ACSA February Newsletter 2011  

ACSA February Newsletter 2011 2011 Club calendar Christmas Party in Review Commander's Award for Public Service 2011 Midwest Women's Sa...

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