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QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER september-october 2011

pinfeathers quilt tutorial

HALLOWEEN HYBRIDS the inside scoop on Spraguefest

september - october 2011

letter from carina This is our fifth issue of the newsletter, and it seems pretty amazing that a year has come and gone! I love looking back at past issues to see what we had a-hummin’ in the studio. It’s still a-hummin’, and I’m happy that we are able to show you the results in this newsletter every quarter. If you love it too, please join our newsletter mailing list so you are one of the first to know about exciting events as they come out. Like many of you, we’ve been rearing up for the holidays. I seem completely unable to slow down the wonderfulexciting-craziness that seems to occur during October,

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November, and December. I kicked off the month by heading to Spraguefest in Las Vegas to eat, teach, and laugh (oh and there was some fun!). My good friend, the fabulous Jessica Sprague (photographed with me above) and the amazing Heidi Swapp taught too. It’s all I could do to remain calm in such company! We have photographed, documented, and laughed our way through the Spraguefest trip and are here to report it! Check it out our new feature Susan’s Inside Scoop on page 5. I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

October also means Halloween crafting, and I’ve got a dose of it for you with my new digital line, The Raven. The creative team has really outdone themselves with Halloween magic! You can see on their Halloween goodies (complete in tutorial format) in the last half of this newsletter. It’s not to be missed! If you are more of a fabricminded individual (aka fabric hoarder), check out my new quilt pattern—The Pinfeathers Quilt . Full instructions are included in this issue. I made this quilt specifically for my daughter Siri. It’s the perfect quilt for fabric scraps or fast quilting. Make one for the holidays for someone you love so you can get it to your machine quilter in time for Christmas gifting. Finally, you’ll be introduced to Susan in this issue! She’s my trusty assistant and takes care of all things digital! You’ll love her (as I do) as she makes things pretty fun around here! Enjoy!

Carina Gardner, Desginer

table of contents table of contents page 3 Meet Susan page 4 Fresh from the Studio: Paper and Digital Designer Workshop page 5 Susan’s Inside Scoop Spraguefest page 17 Pinfeathers Quilt page 21 Pinfeathers Rosetta Wreath Tutorial page 23 The Raven Box and Card Set Tutorial page 25 The Raven Autumn Album Tutorial page 27 Spooky Raven Card Tutorial page 29 Such a Treat Card Tutorial page 31 Raven Tray Tutorial page 33 Poison Card Tutorial page 35 Happy Halloween Card Tutorial page 37 CG Studio Calendar page 38 Wholesale Information

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Some fun facts about Susan: + Susan has three kids ages 10, 7 and 3.

+ She adores Seattle and would move her family there if her mother wouldn’t disown her for leaving the state.

+ Rainy days make her happy + Shoe shopping makes her heart skip a beat + Steve McQueen is her favorite actor. + Susan love kitschy things like garden gnomes. She trolls ebay to find old toys and books from her childhood. + Retro and Vintage make her smile

meet susan Susan joined Carina Gardner, Inc. in January 2011 as Carina’s personal assistant. Already, Susan has become a huge part of the company. Her focus is on digital scrapbooking and cg classes. Susan also manages the Creative Team—a fitting job since Susan was on the team long before she was hired for her current position. Susan has been a photographer for six years. She uses her talents to contribute to some of the photoshoots for the newsletter. Her photography company, Dandelions and Daisies, was a popular photography site in Utah. After the birth of her third child, Susan decided to scale back and put photography on the back burner to focus on family. She loves that she is still able to take on a limited amount of photo shoots every year (including Carina’s). She looks forward to her sweet regulars and their amazing kids that let her capture their family memories!

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+ She has been a Carina Gardner fan forever and was lucky enough to work with her on her creative team for a few years before joining her as her assistant. She loves the creative process of design and and being surrounded with and working with someone who is as driven and talented as Carina. + Carina and Susan laugh as much as they work and sometimes they laugh while they work which is why they make such a great team!

visit to register

fresh from the studio: paper and digital designer workshop We are excited to host our first Digital & Paper Designer Workshop! We are staying at the elegant, four diamond Little America Hotel in Downtown Salt Lake City (think girl getaway meets creative design marathon!). On Friday, breakfast and lunch will be catered by this beautiful venue. On Saturday, lunch and a closing dinner will be served by the Little America as well. (Breakfast also served on Saturday morning). Your hotel stay and all classes/ materials are included in the registration fee. This workshop is built around skill-building techniques for creating beautiful papers and accessories for both novice and advanced digital and paper designers. It’s packed full of FUN creative ways to build papers and accessories! Get your creativity and mojo going along

with practical one-on-one design advice! There is a cap of 20 people for this event so that you receive one-on-one guidance with Carina to really help you develop beautiful papers and accessories. Classes include hands-on fun with brushes, design theory, working with color, working a paper over correctly, and developing collections. You’ll have so much fun with the process and receiving feedback as you work. This girls-trip-meets-design-learning experience promises to be an amazing adventure! Registration includes a 3-night hotel stay at the Little America, all meals during the event (Friday and Saturday) with the exception of Friday night and all workshop classes and materials.

Shared Room Registration is $850. Single Room Registration is $1050. Utah Residents Registration (in no need of hotel room) is $600. The workshop is currently half full. Be sure and register soon as this workshop has filled quicker than expected. UTAH RESIDENTS: We currently have a special for participants who are not in need of the hotel stay (Utah residents only). Through November 5, 2011 only, you can register for this workshop for $475. Simply register and write in the comments the code: NOVSPECIAL. This offer is firstcome, first serve and if the class fills, the offer/participation will not be valid. For more info or to register, visit

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there was a soft pink flamingo glow. It was a happy place to lay our heads, especially considering we didn’t lay our heads that often! Our first night we were able to navigate the crowded streets over to Caesar’s Palace where we popped in to Bobby Flay’s restaurant The Mesa Grill. The place was awesome, dark woods and lights shaped like balls of fire. And the flavors were to die for! Carina likes to sample a lot of different things off of the menu which makes her a blast to go out and eat with.

susan’s inside scoop on spraguefest photographs by Carina Gardner & Susan Haglund I have one word for you....are you it comes.... SPRAGUEFEST! I had heard the stories and I had seen the pictures but nothing can compare to being an attendee at the actual Spraguefest!

After dinner we settled in and the next morning after accomplishing some work and getting ready (in the bathroom that boasted a television in the mirror), we made our way to The Paris hotel and discovered that there was a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower! Okay, now I know at this point you are wondering when the Spraguefest report is coming.... it’s coming. But you can’t go to Las Vegas and not talk about the food!

Thinking back I believe the Eiffel Tower restaurant was my favorite. There were this amazing popover style onion rolls that they just kept putting on our plates. I could have had a whole meal of those treats and been perfectly fine! And there was a palate cleanser of amazing mushroom soup. We agreed that any meal that begins with a palate cleanser is going to be great! When our food arrived we both seemed to be coveting each others so we gleefully agreed to split and I have to say both meals were equally excellent. Another awesome thing was that you can watch the Bellagio water show from your perch in the Eiffel Tower. The Bellagio was right across the street, and when those fountains began to dance it just added something even more wonderful to the meal! We shopped for a bit to buy the funniest book ever at Urban Outfitters (“All My Friends Are Dead”) and walked around The Sugar Factory (it was the perfect place to buy our kids some gifts!).

This year’s festivities took place in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel right on the strip, a funky retro hotel with a hipster vibe reminding you of the golden age of Las Vegas when Sinatra ruled the strip. Our room was like a wonderful sugary confection, a bright yummy scoop of Neapolitan Ice Cream. There were shiny white vinyl headboards and a frosted glass doors enclosing the bathroom and when you turned off the main light in the bathroom I admire the amazing view at the Eiffel Tower restaurant.

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Carina chit chats at the opening reception of Spraguefest.

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Las Vegas on our crazy Saturday night out!

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The next morning we got up early to prepare for Carina’s class. For some reason it seemed like everywhere we went in Vegas we were running. And unfortunately I always seemed to have to run in high heel boots. Stylish yes! Comfortable to run in everywhere....NO.

Carina picking up some sweet treats for her daughters. (Spraguefest continued...) And then ran back to the hotel to get ourselves looking pretty.

The mixing and mingling at the dinner was a fun way to kick everything off.

This night was the kickoff dinner for Spraguefest and you could feel the excitement in the air as we approached the conference room where the dinner was being held. Everybody was so sweet and enthusiastic to be there. It is so wonderful to meet in person these amazing people who have taken Carina’s classes at or created digital scrapbooking projects with her papers.

It was such a treat to feel this instant bond with people over creativity and learning. People from all over the country that were all in different stages of life were all sharing their love of digital scrapbooking. That night Carina and I had our monthly meeting. I have to say meetings are way more fun in big fluffy hotel bed with room service.

Carina was teaching a class about the practical uses for color in design. Carina has such a way with teaching, her enthusiasm for design just shines through and therefore makes everybody around her enthusiastic as well! The class began with everybody getting their paint on, with a blank color wheel some red, blue and yellow paint and a paintbrush. As Carina went over the color wheel and how colors related to each other she then dove into the color picker in Photoshop. If you took Art of Digital Design II at you will remember the amazing lesson on color. Carina was able to take it all to another level with everybody right there in person!

Jessica and her staff (Laurie and Kristen pictured left) were also amazing. The amount of work that was put into this event was mind blowing. We received fantastic swag bags and handmade felt flower pins and even Spraguefest t-shirts. Carina and the other designers on Jessica’s site gave out coupons and Carina’s coupons came tied with some fat quarters from her fabric lines (they were amazing!).

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Laurie, Kristen, and me during Heidi’s class.

Carina teaching her color class

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creative. Jessica is so personable and kind and truly loves what she does and like Carina, it shows through in her teachings and her classes.

Carina and I exchange photos in the elevator in the Vegas Eiffel Tower. (Spraguefest continued...) Once Carina wrapped up, Heidi Swapp was up next with an awesome hybrid class. We created a lovely scrap journal that would make you drool! Well, mine didn’t really make anybody drool because it was sort of sad but that is because I was rushing and something this amazing must not be rushed! Once we wrapped up the classes for the day we zipped back to our scoop of Neapolitan goodness to change and head out to the famous Neon Boneyard (An amazing assortment of salvaged neon signs from old historical hotels and businesses in Las Vegas).

a big Top Chef fan and have had quite the crush on the wonderful Hubert after seeing him on Top Chef Masters. The food was delicious and despite my high hopes Hubert was not in the house. After our dinner we joined our Spraguefesters Meg and Joan for The Lion King. WOW, what a show. The voices were amazing and the production was fantastic. Carina and I both kept wishing our daughters were there to enjoy it with us.

I have ALWAYS wanted to see the Boneyard so it seemed the perfect time to do with all of our Spraguefest friends. The place was amazing, I really could have stayed there all day shooting pics of the signs. The colors and textures were gorgeous and everywhere you looked was another piece of history.

Our journey back to The Flamingo included cradling 5 lb gummy bears, a ride on the New York New York Roller Coaster (Joan and I opted out. I did it once years ago and that was enough for me!), some pretzels and cheese in the arcade, and lots of dancing before we hit the monorail back to our hotel.

After the Boneyard we changed yet AGAIN and took a cab to Mandalay Bay where we indulged in the yummy goodness of Fleur, a Hubert Keller restaurant. I am

Jessica Sprague taught the Sunday morning class. I loved seeing the tables lined with laptops and everybody being so

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And then suddenly it ended as it began with us running, running, running (yes, I was wearing another pair of high heeled boots). We had to get back to the hotel, gather up our things and hop into the car of an attendee (Thanks LuAnn!!) who was kind enough to give us a ride to the airport. Sadly, we missed Candace Stringham’s class on night photography and I didn’t even get to say goodbye to everybody because we had to catch a plane. The whole way home Carina and I went over the entire trip and how amazing it was. The people, the classes, the food, the shopping the creativity and journey that makes Spraguefest what it is!

It was all business during the color class.

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Opening reception with Carina, Jessica Sprague, and Heidi Swapp

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Carina and Meg on the New York New York roller coaster You can find all of Carina’s digital scrapbooking products and online classes at The Spraguefest event occurs annually. To find out more about future Spraguefests, please visit

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Carina and Susan at the Boneyard

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pinfeathers™ quilt instructions Fabric designed by Carina Gardner Quilt designed by Carina Gardner Quilt skill level: Beginner Finished Size: 76" x 106" NOTE: Please read through all instructions before starting this quilt. All seams are 1/4" inless otherwise noted. Yardage white fabric (tone on tone designs work well. We use Love Nest™ white flower) 1/2 yard each of 8 coordinating fabrics for the blocks (We use 8 of the fabrics from Pinfeathers™ in our example.) 1 yard for binding Tools Needed Ruler/rotary ruler and/or yardstick Scissors and/or rotary cutter and mat Hand-sewing needle Iron Blocks Each final block is 15.5" x 15.5". A block is made up of five 3.5" x 15.5" strips. Two of these strips are white and 3 are colored fabrics of your choice. Once sewn together the middle strips will be 3" each (because of the 1/4" seam allowance). Once the entire quilt is sewn together the final block size will be reduced to 15" x 15". key all strips are 3.5" x 15.5"

colors fabrics white fabric

3" 3" 3" 3.25"


15.5" x 15.5" final block size Final strips cut: 70 white strips (3.5” x 15.5”) 75 colored strips (3.5” x 15.5”) all fabrics Final number of blocks: 35

page 17

Instructions 1. Cut out 3.5" x 44" strips (length of the fabric) of all fabrics so that you have a 35 strips of white and 38 strips of different colored fabrics (these will all be cut in half eventually).

key right-side of color fabrics right-side of white fabric wrong-side of fabrics

2. Place together 5 strips of fabric in the following order: colored fabric strip white fabric strip colored fabric strip white fabric strip colored fabric strip Place right-sides together of one strip of color fabric and one strip of white fabric. Sew along the long edge 1/4" from the seam. Then on the raw edge of the white fabric (now connected to a color fabric), place right-sides together of a different color fabric. Sew along the long edge 1/4” from the seam. Repeat with one more white fabric and then another color fabric until you have a total of five 3.5” x 44” strips sewn together. Press all the seams one way. Repeat step 2 to create a total of 18 long blocks like this.

15.5” x 44”

3. Next, cut the 15.5” x 44” fabric into the cut to make a straight edge 15.5" x 15.5" blocks. Cut a straight edge on one side of the block to even up the edge. Toss this fabric. Then measure 15.5" in and cut to create a 15" x 15" block. Measure from that cut another 15.5" in and cut again for a second 15” x 15” block. You will have left over fabric (There is enough left over for a baby blanket or doll blanket if you choose). Repeat with all sewn strips until you have a total of 35 block (you will have an extra block).

15.5" x 15.5"

excess fabric

15.5" x 15.5"

page 18

Instructions (continued) 4. Lay out the blocks so that every other black is either horizontal or vertical. To keep the blocks random, try not to place same fabrics right next to each other.

5. Sew together each length of blocks matching right-sides together. Press.

6. Sew together the lengths of blocks with right-sides together and wrong-sides out. Press.

7. Prepare the back the quilt by measuring the final size of your quilt and preparing the fabric (usually by sewing together 3-4 yards with another 3-4 yards of fabric). 8. Have the quilt machine quilted or use a walking foot to sew together the front, batting, and back. 9. Cut the bias for your quilt by opening your fabric. Lay it RIGHT side up. Fold one corner RIGHT sides together matching one selvage edge to make a triangle and press the edge. Open the fabric and cut along the creased edge. Measure and mark 2 1/2� from each end of the cut edge. Continue to cut strips by measuring out 2 1/2� evenly along the original cut.

page 19

10. Join the bias strips into one continuous piece by placing the end of the strips perpendicular to each other with the RIGHT sides together. Stitch across the diagonal edges. Trim the edges. Continue to sew together strips until you have a long enough piece to cover the edge of the quilt.

11. Fold the bias strips in half. Match the raw edge of the bias strip with the raw edge of the quilt. Sew together the bias strip to the front of the quilt. Close with a perfect bind. Hand-sew the binding to the back of the quilt.

Hints about this quilt: We love this quilt because it is so flexiable. You can change the block size, number of blocks or add a border very easily to this pattern!

page 20

pinfeathers™ rosetta wreath A free download of the instructions is also available for this wreath at

* Hot Glue Gun & Sticks * 18 inch styrofoam wreath * 36 to 40 strips of 3” x 42” fabric OR scraps of fabric -*Fabric matte, ruler and rotary tool Instructions 1. Cut out strips of fabric that are 3” x 42” in size. Just leave fabric folded over once from where it was folded over on the bolt and cut 3” from the edge. You will need between 36 to 40 strips for an 18” styrofoam wreath. (If you are using fabric scraps, you need about 3” x 8” pieces.You will need 4 to 5 times as many of these strips). 2. Fold a strip in half and sew and gather the raw edge. Using a ruffler foot helps this process. (PS You can skip this step and just go to this third step but you will need a lot more hot glue and a steady hand). 3. Cut the ruffled strips into 4” to 5” pieces. Then twist the 4” ruffled strips into rosettes. 4. Hot glue each rosette to the styrofoam wreath. Make sure to alternate colors if using several different scrap of fabric. Place close together. 5. Fully fill in the entire wreath! Hang and enjoy!

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page 22

the raven box and card set tutorial tutorial by Smitha Katti Materials

* • • • • • • • • •


Box template Cardstock: Wausau Ribbon: Stamping Up Jewels: Studio G Fonts: American Typewriter Scissors Foam adhesive Precision knife Carina Gardner “The Raven” papers Printer

2. The invite card was simple to make. Simply fold the cardstock and form the card. Add a ribbon and make a bow. Add jewels beneath sentiment. 3. Next the candy box, once I cut out the box form (I made my own template for it here), I scored the foldlines and made the box shape. Added a satin ribbon and bow on top. I then popped up the “creepy candy” using foam adhesive. 4. For the tag, I just inked the image, made a bow and added a line of jewels. 5. For after the party, I made a thank you card along the same lines. This is a single layer card, I used a precision knife to make small slits so that I could weave the ribbon through, and tied it up with a small bow.

page 23



Instructions 1. I first designed these digitally, and printed them onto 8.5 by 11 inch white cardstock sheets. I then trimmed them to size.

page 24

the raven autumn album tutorial tutorial by Susan Haglund Materials

• • • • • • • • •

Carina Gardner “The Raven” digital collection and “Haunted” digital collection Heavy weight white cardstock Ribbon Sticks Black Spray Paint Hole Punch Scissors Printer Glue Stick Glitter


Instructions 1. First decide on the size of your mini album. I chose 6 X 6. Then using Carina Gardner’s “The Raven” Megan Collection along with some elements from Carina’s “Haunted” collection I designed my album pages. Because my album was going to be an “Autumn” album I picked photos that went with the theme including pictures of the fall colors, the family raking leaves and Halloween pictures. 2. Next print your album out and cut out each page. 3. For my front page I chose a quote about autumn which I placed on one of “The Raven”’s labels which I then traced the outline of with a glue stick and added some black glitter. 4. Next I picked a place to add my hole punch (for this album I did a single punch in upper left hand corner. 5. Then using some twigs from outside that I spray painted black and cut down to about 4 inches I gathered them up in a length of ribbon and threaded it through the hole and tied it in the bow!

page 25



* •

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spooky raven card tutorial tutorial by Carey Bridges Materials

* The Raven {Scary} paper * The Raven {Spooky} paper * Black cardstock trimmed to 8.5 x 5.5 and folded to form card base * Glitter glue in black and clear * Black distress ink * Foam adhesive * Buttons


Instructions 1. Crop patterned paper to 4 x 5.25 for background. Crop striped paper to 4 x 3/4. Crop “Spooky” paper to 2.75 x 3.75. Drag all cropped papers to a new 8.5 x 11 blank file for printing.

3. Adhere papers to card base. Add “Spooky” paper to card using foam adhesive. Adhere buttons. 4. Add black glitter glue (stickles) to the raven and branch. Add clear glitter glue to the word “Spooky.” This gives the card a little sparkle and adds some texture. Let dry.

page 27



2. Print sheet with papers. Cut out items and ink edges, if desired.

page 28

such a treat card tutorial tutorial by Jessica Griffin Materials

* * * * * * *


Carina Gardner “The Raven” digital products Heavy card stock in black, white (for printing) & natural for back of card Ribbon Scissors Stamp Ink for Stamp Printer

Instructions 1. Print striped paper and banner paper. 2. Cut black cardstock to 5”X5”.

4. Tie ribbon in a knot around the cardstock. 5. Adhere cardstock to card base. 6. Cut banner from paper and adhere to striped paper, just below the ribbon. Stamp sentiment in white, above ribbon. Repeat several times if necessary. Finished card size is 5.25”X5.25”

page 29



3. Cut striped paper to 4.75”X3” and adhere to the bottom half of the cardstock.

page 30

raven tray tutorial tutorial by Carey Bridges Materials

* The Raven {Scary} paper * The Raven {Spooky} paper; White cardstock * Glitter glue in black and clear; Black distress ink Buttons * White and black trim * Halloween ribbon; String/fiber/yarn * Printer’s tray; * Photos


Instructions 1. Resize and crop 12 different patterned papers to 2.75 x 3.75 for the 12 cards. Drag all cropped papers to a new blank file and print. Cut out cards and ink edges, if desired.

3. Adhere cards to printer’s tray with strong adhesive. Adhere white trim and buttons to various cards. 4. Mat photos with white cardstock. (Alternatively, print photos with a thin white border.) Adhere photos to various cards in tray. 5. Add black glitter glue (stickles) to all of the ravens, black words and other design elements as desired. Add clear glitter glue to pumpkin, white words and other design elements as desired. Let dry. Adhere banner with raven. Cover ends with buttons. Adhere two spiders as shown. Add string (or twine or thin yarn) for spider silk. Add black glitter glue (stickles) to the raven on the banner and to the spiders. Let dry. Adhere black trim to bottom of tray. Tie Halloween ribbon to handle.

page 31



2. Print paper with banner, raven and spiders. Cut out banner and raven as one piece. Cut out each spider. Ink edges, if desired.

page 32

poison card tutorial tutorial by Carey Bridges Materials

The Raven {Scary} paper; The Raven {Spooky} paper; The Raven {Scary Labels}; Black cardstock trimmed to 8.5 x 5.5 and folded to form card base; Glitter glue in black and clear; Black distress ink; Foam adhesive; White trim


Instructions 1. Crop patterned paper to 4 x 5.25 for background. Crop another sheet of patterned paper to 3.75 x 2.75. Drag both to a new 8.5 x 11 blank file for printing. 2. Open desired label from The Raven {Scary Labels} - I used the “Poison” label. Drag the label to a blank area of the new file. Print sheet with two papers and label. 3. Cut out items and ink edges, if desired. Adhere papers to card base. Add label to card using foam adhesive. Adhere trim. 4. Add black glitter glue (stickles) to the word “Poison.” Add clear glitter glue to the skull and the thin white border on label. This gives the card a little sparkle and adds some texture. Let dry.

page 33



* * * * * * *

page 34

happy halloween card tutorial Materials

* * * * *

The Raven {Scary} paper; Buttons; Glitter glue in black and clear; Black distress ink; Foam adhesive


Instructions 1. Crop Raven paper to 8.5 x 6. You may wish to resize a bit before cropping. This will be your card base. 2. Drag cropped card base onto 8.5 x 11 blank file for printing.

4. Print on white cardstock or matte presentation paper. Cut out card base and word art and ink edges, if desired. Fold card base. Adhere trimmed word art over the same word art on the card base, using foam adhesive to give the card dimension. Adhere buttons. 5. Add black glitter glue (stickles) to decorative elements on paper and to “Happy.” Add clear glitter glue to “Halloween” and the pumpkin. This gives the card a little sparkle and adds some texture. Let dry.

page 35



3. Select the word art, including the pumpkin, and copy and paste onto a blank area of the 8.5 x 11 file. Don’t worry about making a detailed selection or extraction - this will be cut out once printed.

page 36

cg studio calendar page 37

november 2011 fabric dainty blossoms™ on presale at Riley Blake Designs™ digital scrapbooking Italian Soda Shoppe Collection released workshops participants packets get mailed blog reveal the four new sewing patterns (release January)

december 2011 sewing patterns four new sewing patterns go on presale digital scrapbooking Vintage Christmas released

january 2012 fabric dainty blossoms™ shipped to shops fabric paris and co.™ on presale at Riley Blake Designs™ sewing patterns four new sewing patterns ship to shops digital scrapbooking Design 365 and Glitter Love Nest released

february 2012 workshops paper and digital designer workshop digital scrapbooking Well Traveled released

on-going classes Illustrator 101, Illustrator 102, and Illustrator 201 digital scrapbooking Monday new releases 25% off Wednesday $1 select digital goods

wholesale information fabric Carina Gardner’s fabrics are manufactured by Riley Blake Designs. Riley Blake Designs 106 E 13200 S Draper, UT 84020 p | 888.768.8454 f | 801.816.0542

sewing patterns Carina Gardner’s sewing patterns are manufactured by Carina Gardner, Inc. Carina Gardner, Inc. 2025 Stratford Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84109 p | 385.204.4054 f | 888.370.3113 e | Distributors include: Carina Gardner, Inc. Christensen Wholesale Creative Smocking/ CS Distributing Moda/United Notions Notions Marketing The Pattern Peddlers Petersen-Arne

digital products and classes Carina Gardner’s digital products and classes are available at

page 38

love your creativity

Sept-Oct 2011 Issue No. 5 Carina Gardner Newsletter  
Sept-Oct 2011 Issue No. 5 Carina Gardner Newsletter  

This newsletter includes several hybrid tutorials, instructions for our newest quilt, introduction to Carina's assistant, an inside scoop at...