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Who is Carina Cariñosa

Carina is an enlightened telepathic empath, star seed, indigo child, metaphysical physician, paranormal psychologist, author, singer, and shaman. As an Ordained Minister, Doctor of Metaphysics and Doctor of Divination, she combines the healing arts with spirit science, reiki, chakra balancing, surrender ceremonies, body work, lectures, guided surrender meditations, prayer, exercise & nutrition, music, singing, dance, crystal therapy, and plant medicines. Most of her work can be conducted from a distance. Physical clients have been healed of cancer, fibromyalgia, PTSD, Gout, sexual traumas, menstrual issues, chronic fatigue, dislocated shoulders and chronic spinal misalignment, radiation exposure, possessions, curses and more. Carina will help you connect to your highest ascended self and receive DNA activations as facilitated by any number of benevolent beings serving the greatest and highest good of all. You’ll see that her work dissolves ego’s strong-hold and raises your vibrations allowing you to be happier, healthier, and make better decisions in alignment with your soul´s true purpose. The experience manifests usually as a distance reiki, chakra balancing, and massage, working with Source and a team of volunteer angels to produce bio-energetic reprogramming, forgiveness and erase karma throughout the timeline, downloading programs for abundance and other blessings. Any number of healing modalities may be intuited as each person is very unique. Carina, and most of the powerful healers she refers, can provide psychic healing and counseling services remotely. Attend our powerful webinar for a detailed introduction. Our Foundation works diligently to offer the future’s most advanced integrative holistic therapies rooted in traditions and science from around the world.

Services Overview • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Telepathic Healing From Any Distance Certified Deep Tissue Massage Nutritional Healing Easy Ionic Detox Foot Bath Guided ‘Surrender’ Meditations Acceptance, Forgiveness, Trust Counseling & Prayer Connecting with Your Highest Ascended Self Enlightenment Integrations Psycho-Cybernetic Self-Mastery Visualizations and Meditations Business & Spiritual Life Coaching Profound Addiction & Inner Child Support Profound Reiki & Shamanic Chakra Balancing Regressions & Releasing Traumatic Bonds+ Crystal Heart Healings Bio-Energetic Reprogramming DNA Activations & Angelic Recoding Introduction & Communication with Spirit Guides Crystal Energy Healing Public Speaking for Festivals, Lectures & Workshops Weddings and Funeral Support (Wedding Singer & Officiant) Surrender Ceremonies Healing Sexual Trauma Releasing Bonds, Vows, Attachments, Contracts, Curses Forgiveness & Ascension Healings for the recently deceased, Ghosts, Discarnates & Possessions • Property Cleansings & Blessings

Self-Mastery Lectures • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Manifest Abundance Clear Emotional Blockages Become Your Higher Power The Science of Spirit & The Etheric Develop Your Inuitive Powers Map of Human Consciousness Your Inheritance of Well-Being Effective Cancer Treatment & Prevention Your Emotional Guidance System Re-Minding Yourself Heals Others Develop your Mind, Body & Heart Group Meditations Introduction to Famous Healers & Thinkers The Secret Laws of Attraction & Other Universal Principals


“Carina’s multi-faceted training allows her to approach her work from many angles simultaneously. Her own commitment to healing and growing on a personal level translates to creating dynamic and effective changes for her clients. Even when presented with a new situation, she rises to the challenge in a creative and professional manner.” Read more at:

Services Descriptions Receive 60 minutes of FREE Counseling by preordering 2 services. *Digital media not included. Fine print 512-538-4990 CarinaCarinosa

Spiritual, Health, Life Coaching, & Follow Up In a world full of risks in which fundamental truths are hidden behind veils of ignorance, hypocrisy and judgement, you will find that Carina is an oasis of compassionate wisdom and discernment. Carina’s gigs before enlightenment included work in foreign finance, offshore legal liason, business logistics, and still serves as a privacy trustee. Though seemingly young, she has probably heard or experienced it all. Good luck trying to surprise her. Much like you would confess to a priest or best friend, Carina’s knowledge base and magical ability to guide you toward your highest purpose can be absolutely transformational if you allow. $ 44.00

Enlightenment Integration Sessions The Buddhists say that if you desire to achieve enlightenment you are destined for it. This service focuses on helping you personally achieve and maintain enlightenment bypassing much of the energetic or emotional rollercoaster often associated with major energetic shifts. This will be a combination of psychic healing, counseling, and meditation. Eight in ten participants can integrate within 90 minutes. $78.00

Shamanic Chakra Balance Carina will empathically and telepathically connect with your residual emotions, discordant frequencies, subconscious blocks, and traumas from this or past lives, and return them back to the galactic core for reintegration along with many other cool techniques that you don’t need to understand in order to get the healing. Just trust and you will access Source wisdom allowing it to run through your body as Carina assists to flush your energy bodies of painful resistant suffering vibrations. $111.00

Universal Body Work Carina’s body work is out of this world. She will intuit energetic short circuits in your body through a 2 minute body diagnostic scan. Styles mix from Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Reflexology with some Thai, yoga stretching and spinal adjustment as needed. A healthy dose of loving techniques are engaged to ignite your chi. She works rhythmically using cosmic music, breathing and visualization techniques and may include aromatherapy and crystals. For those familiar with shamanic work, Carina is very pleased to conduct spiritual-physical-mental healing massages. Carina’s work always incorporates reiki and energy balancing inherent in her touch as long as the client is open to receiving. For highly sensitives, she is a healer’s healer. For injured patients referred by physical therapists or chiropractic doctors Carina’s reiki skills are ideal for gently releasing dislocated shoulders, herniated disks, knee injuries, or other tears. It is typical for clients to fall asleep on her table. Plan to sit a while before operating a motor vehicle. For the CEOs and MOMs on a hectic schedule discuss, in advance, if you need a short energizing massage, or to be energized in the final 5 minutes of your session. Fibromyalgia patients might consider purchasing a package to include detox and counseling so you can save on these already incredible rates. Carina believes body work is a stress management necessity, not a luxury. For those weening off of medications, please have your doctor’s contact details available. $120.00

Psychic Healing Session This session can work multiple ways depending on your geographic location and access to technology. Simply book the session and provide the best contact details, including full name(s) and date of birth. Then, simply give full permission for Carina to see into you. There will be preliminary discussion and follow-up meetings to understand more of what changes have occurred or what visions were seen during your Akashic Record reading. $107.00

Breaking Bonds, Chords, Hooks, & Attachments

Thoughts, whether you are conscious of them or not, hold the world together. Resistant thoughts bind. Forceful thoughts vibrating from the levels of depression, shame, blame, guilt, desire, anger, fear, apathy, and pride are like big etheric knots. Generally in any interpersonal relationship the first and most powerful source of relief is by shining light onto the highest ascended versions of the persons involved. Group counseling and prayer sessions are always recommended. Separate donation fees may be requested. $48.00

Black Magic, Curse, and Demonic Removal When life gets out of control, malevolent entities or simply strong discordant energies (known as “Pain Bodies”) can be found. Carina will evaluate your case first with a 1 or 2 hour counseling session, sold separately. You’ll receive a powerful preliminary healing and prayer session. Then we’ll proceed accordingly based on the findings. You may be referred to one of the specialist healers in our network. $155.00

Healing Sexual Traumas Please send a detailed email describing what you’d like help resolving. Carina will then call you for a 20 minute private discussion, screening and consultation. Many issues can be resolved through a combination of therapies which may or may not be listed in this catalog. Bespoke physical healing sessions are valued at $ 260.00/PH

Secure Your Copy of Carina’s New Book #Enlighten The F^ck Up! An Empath’s Journey Carina’s new book is a unique combination of autobiography meets audio-visual self-mastery E-course. Carina speaks to her generation in parables related to the journey of being a telepathic empath developing intuition into psychic gifts as she traverses through the spiritual supermarket to heal her wounded self and others. Carina shares intimate, vulnerable, candid and raw experiences as she and others have discovered how to effectively utilize combinations of scientifically and clinically proven techniques that pivot your mind-body-soul into the heights of peace and beyond. When practiced, we guarantee you’ll feel empowered and able to manage any major life obstacles. Journey into the quantifiable realms of enlightenment and full Tao consciousness. “Crazy and weird stranger-than-fiction” discussions and ideas are presented from the realms of metaphysics, quantum physics, UFOlogy, our human origins, the Truth of God’s love, transcending duality, forgiveness, working with Ascended Masters, To Be or Not To Be a Light Worker, shamanism and working with the dangers, tools for connecting to your Higher Self, prayers, homework, and plenty of hyperlinks to phenomenal teachers on YouTube. This book attempts to be a definitive compilation of the resources, links, teachers, and concepts that have enabled Carina to rise from codependent homeless 315 pound drug addicted empathic Goddess-in-disguise into a renowned psychic healer, lecturer, motivational spiritualist, entrepreneur, and oft channel for the beloved Celtic Goddess Bridgette. Her purpose is to assist anyone willing to help themselves to eliminate the root causes of suffering from their being in miraculously accelerated ways. She hopes that you’ll learn from her mistakes and solutions with graceful speed so that you can leap beyond the hurdles and permanently sustain the highest enlightened vibrations available to mankind. $36.00

Free Gifts Manifest Your Ideal Relationship Workbook This simple 5 step workbook will change your life by changing the way you actively attract your ideal relationships. Practice the simple formula as you fill in the blanks and watch the magic unfold. Fill in your workbook and send it to Carina for a counseling session as well as to boost the power of accurate manifestations. Carina will then guide you step by step on the path of offering less resistance so that you can visualize your desired future. FREE

4-Hour Lecture & Workshops Get 4 hours of free lectures and workshops by downloading the Carina Carinosa App on iTunes and the Google Play Store

Receive 60 minutes of FREE Counseling by preordering 2 services*. *Digital media not included.

Relationship Harmony Lecture CD It’s all about building better connections and understanding the hidden vibrational exchanges which play a role in how your connections pan out. This CD includes two candid conversations with Carina and friends discussing paranormal present and past life reasons for various communication and sexual issues we were experiencing. You’ll be introduced to a greater understanding of the Map of Human Consciousness by world renowned clinical psychologist Dr. David Hawkins. $18.00

Relationship Harmony Meditation CD An uplifting meditation with beautifully relaxing music guiding you to open and cleanse the heart, take in positive abundance, reprogram the heart matrix, become whole again, or perhaps for the first time. Most important is help to forgive yourself and others plus establish a new level of profound trust and connection with Source. Rejuvenate your heart and harness the power of healing with positive expectation. Become unstoppable and flowy! $12.00

Looking Inward Lectures & Meditations It’s key to self-reflect if you want to create powerful advancement. Looking Inward helps to develop authenticity by teaching how to observe our flawsomeness with thorough compassion. Nearly 3 hours of lecture and meditations perfect for your morning commute or evening unwind. Are you ready for powerful shifts? Then Look Inward and discover your Guru Within! $21.00

Goddess Guidance Conversation & Meditation CD pt 1 Real talk from real women unafraid to break the mold. Reclaim your Goddess power and make more realistic decisions about how to love without giving away your power. Fill up with the music and meditation while you relax in the Panama Pacific waves. $ 9.00

Pre-Recorded Enlightenment Integration Meditation & Lecture Results guaranteed. Download to your favorite device to get the healing you need when you need it. At home or on the go, your Guru is now always with you in spirit and joy. $33.00

Remember Grounding Meditation A Grounding CD for Gurus and Newbies alike. Remember the truth of your divinity. Reclaim and ground your inheritance of well-being $11.11

App Description Carina Carinosa App Carina Cariñosa is an Enlightened Ordained Minister, Doctor of Metaphysics, Dr. of Divinity, Member of the Oklevueha Native American Church, Psychic Telepathic Empathic Indigo Author Starseed Warrior Medium & Singer. Remember your Guru on the Go with 4 hours of free lectures and guided meditations from 2 workshops, plus free song tracks, our gift to you. Enter the ‘Join Your Tribe’ Tab to get your free weekly enlightenment newsletter e-Course and watch videos on all manner of important life topics designed to stop suffering and encourage the ultimate levels of human mastery from psychology to spiritual, nutritional, mental and metaphysical sciences. Stay Tuned for the Goddess Guidance Podcast Raw jaw-dropping mind-blowing and edutaining revalations launching in 2017! “Perfect Love” is a free 5-page eWorkbook designed to show you how to manifest your ideal relationships. You can fill out this free workbook and submit it for review to speed up your becoming an exact vibrational match to the types of supportive people you desire. For this, you might schedule a 2 hour Spiritual Counseling session and/ or listen to our body of recorded work.

“Integration” is a 1 hour Enlightenment Integration recording. Practice working with this and you WILL become a Zen Master. In the ‘iTunes’ tab, you will find a host of media samples for all of the lecture and meditation CDs Carina’s team are producing. STAY TUNED for the Goddess Guidance podcast launch as we edutaine you with outrageously gritty and raw truth bombs. This app showcases a catalog of psychic healers, much like the Spiritual Supermarket of who can help with all manner of ailments, usually from a distance. We are very honored to refer you to one of these specialists. Call or write us to get personal guidance. Reach out. Tell us your story and what you’re needing help on, and we WILL give you direction. If you’re into ‘Alternative Health’, that tab leads to interesting physical and spiritual articles relating to food and mental alchemy. Pre-order Carina’s new book which is an autobiography describing the science of spirituality, how she overcame obstacles like being a 315 pound bi-polar addict widow in Central America into an enlightened telepathic empath, healer, shaman, and instrument for the Celtic Goddess Bridgette. This book is a resource full of hyperlinked videos, articles, and parables from many of the world’s greatest teachers and gurus. Come learn how to demystify the science of Spirituality, embrace your flawsomeness, accept your angelic divinity, and connect to your Guru Within.

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Carina Cariñosa Services Catalog  

Discover your guru within with your guru on the go! Get the tools you need to make sense of it all. Stop suffering and start shifting like...

Carina Cariñosa Services Catalog  

Discover your guru within with your guru on the go! Get the tools you need to make sense of it all. Stop suffering and start shifting like...