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MEMBER OF THE MONTH March 2012 Debra Scheble Q. How long have you been exercising? A. After breaking her leg over a year ago and going through extensive physical therapy, Deborah quickly transitioned into an overall fitness program which includes strength training, cardio, flexibility, balance and agility. It is because of her compliance to her personal exercise program and her determination to return to the fitness level she once had, that she has been awarded March Member of the Month. Q. How long have you been exercising? A. Since my early 20’s. Prior to my accident, I enjoyed spinning, the elliptical and long walks (10 miles). And I am proud to have completed the Susan Komen 3 Day Walk. Now I am back to the elliptical, strength training, and I am enjoying the benefits of the Kinesis wall. Q. How have things worked out? A. After my surgery, the doctor told me that I would probably never walk again. Now the doctor tells me that I am doing so well because I have always exercised. Q. How do you feel physically? A. I feel stronger every day. (Deborah is able to complete one leg exercises and continues to increase the weight on the various machines.) Q. What do you feel has been the hardest part in maintaining your exercise program? A. After breaking my leg, I had to become familiar with an entirely new way of exercising. It was difficult to adjust to modified exercises while regaining my strength. Q. Anything else you would like to add? A. I’m thankful to not only be walking, but to be doing many of my regular workouts again. I credit the Carillon therapy team and my trainer, Annie, for their expert skill and dedication, along with so many of the Wellness Center members for their unbelievable support during my recovery. P.S. After being released from physical therapy only 4 months ago, Deborah is excited about continuing her career as a speech therapist--a job she had to put on hold while she was disabled.

CWC Member of the Month  

Congratulations to Debra Scheble, Carillon Wellness Center's Member of the Month for March 2012.

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