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MEMBER OF THE MONTH September 2013

Raisa Paredes Q. How long have you been exercising? A. If dance counts as exercising, I could say most of my life: I did ballet , samba, salsa and jazz. Q. How have things worked out? A. So far so good. I cannot complain! Q. How do you feel physically? A. Energetic. I’ve always surrounded myself with positive people, so I could exchange my good energy. Q. Has exercising affected your lifestyle? A. Yes. That's what keeps me going, along with meditation. Q. What do you feel has been the hardest part of maintaining your program? A. Surviving thyroid cancer, which is in the past. I don't talk about it because I don't want that energy around me anymore. Q. Anything else that you would like to add? A. I thank God each and every day that I'm given another day to enjoy healthy life with family and friends. I am very grateful for every minute of life.

Member of the Month September 2013  

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