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Carillon Wellness Center Group Fitness Menu “Our mission is to provide each Carillon Wellness Center member with personalized attention, professional instruction and comprehensive exercise programming options that will significantly contribute to each member’s health, fitness and wellness goals”.

January 2014 Monday

Tuesday 5:50-6:40am SPINNING®

10:00-10:50am Starting Out Strong

Wednesday 5:50-6:40am SPINNING®

6:00-6:55am Total Body Toning 7:00-7:55am Body Blast

10:00-10:50am Starting Out Strong

Thursday 6:00-6:55am Total Body Toning 7:00-7:55am Body Blast 10:00-10:50am Silver Sneakers – CLASSIC

10:00-10:50am Silver Sneakers-CLASSIC 11:00-11:55am Basic Pilates

11:00-11:55am ZUMBA®

11:00-11:55am Total Body Toning

12:00-12:45pm SPINNING®

12:00-12:45pm SPINNING®

12:00-12:50pm SPINNING®

12:00-12:50pm SPINNING®

12:00-12:55pm Interval Training(Indoor/outdoor)

12:00-12:55pm Inter. Mat Pilates

12:00-12:50pm PIYO STRENGTH®

12:00-12:55pm INSANITY®

5:30-6:25pm ZUMBA®

4:30-5:20pm Total Body Toning

4:30-5:25pm Total Body Toning

6:00-6:55pm SPINNING® 5:30-6:25pm Gentle Yoga

5:30-6:30pm SPINNING®

10:00-10:50am Starting Out Strong

5:30-6:25pm PIYO STRENGTH®

Movie Nights!

Fridays at 5, 7, & 9pm ; Sundays at 6pm Jan. 3 &5 Much Ado About Nothing 6:00-6:55pm SPINNING®

6:30-7:45pm Yoga

Jan. 10 & 12 After Earth Jan. 17 &19 Girl Most Likely

NEW!!! 6:30-7:25pm Kickboxing

Saturday 9:00-9:55am Total Body Toning

Sunday 9:00-10:00am SPINNING®

9:00-9:50am SPINNING®

10:00-10:55am ZUMBA™

10:00-10:55am Intermediate Yoga

11:00-12:30pm Yoga

11:00-11:55am Intermediate Mat Pilates

Admission Policy

12:00-1:00pm ZUMBA®

Please do NOT enter a Group Fitness Class more than 10 minutes after scheduled start time.

12:00-12:50pm SPINNING®

12:00-12:55pm ZUMBA®

NEW!!! 5:30-6:25 Pilates

5:30-6:30pm SPINNING®

6:35-7:35pm SPINNING®

5:50-6:40am SPINNING®

11:00-11:55am Total Body Toning

6:30-7:25pm Total Body Toning

7:30-8:30pm Yoga


Jan. 24 &26 Monsters University

Is your RESOLUTION to try something NEW???

Will take you through the basics highlighting bike set up, body positions leaving you ready to ride off into 2014.

Sunday, January 12 11:00am Advanced Sign Up Required at the Front Desk FREE for Members, $10 Guests

Jan. 31 & Feb. 2 World War Z Grey Box = Spinning® Classes. Please pick up Spinning® Pass at the Front Desk! • The Carillon Wellness Center is open from 4am-11pm Monday thru Friday and from 6am-8pm Saturday and Sunday. The front desk phone number is (727) 502-4444. • Childcare is available Monday thru Friday 8am-1:30pm and 4-8pm; Saturday 8am-1pm. Reservations are required. Please call (727) 502-4444. Fee: $3/hour per child or $30/month.

Group Fitness January 2014  

Schedule of regular and specialty classes for January 2014.