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Nutrition Tip of the Week Probiotics, Prebiotics and Synbiotics If you missed the last Nutrition 101 class, you missed the discussion on these live, edible critters!

Probiotics are live organisms that are touted for their benefits on digestive health. Prebiotics are not alive, but help to foster the good environment for growing healthy gut bacteria. Aim for a variety of low fat fermented foods like yogurt and some cheese, as well as your veggies—to get a good mix of both! Sources of probiotics: Yogurt Cottage cheese Some liquid milks Saurkraut

Sources of prebiotics: Whole grains Onion Banana artichokes

Synbiotics are foods that contain both pre and probiotics!

Probiotics Followup  

Did you miss Charlotte's FREE Nutrition 101 on the advantages of Probiotics? Here's a teaser, but your best bet is to schedule a nutrition c...