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Evan Beck Peer-to-Peer Online Mentoring This is my takeaway and first impressions of what I am about to share with you in regard to having the great fortune to be mentored by a true online marketing genius, Alex Jeffreys. Hello. my name is Evan Beck. Now, I must tell you that I have finally decided that the only way to do things right from here on out is to get the correct training. There is no since running, if you’re on the wrong track‌and that is exactly what I have been doing online too long for years. So let me tell you a little about myself and my journey so far. Perhaps my story is not all that unique, and in many ways it may even sound a little familiar. First off, I have not had what most folks would call a real job for some 25+ years. The reason for this is I have worked for myself in one way or another most of my adult life. I have tried to get so-called real jobs from time to time, but now most prospective employers today would consider me to be unemployable. You see, once you have been an entrepreneur for any length of time, most people in the corporate world consider that you are either looking for a port in the storm while you create your next new business venture, or worse, that somehow you will pose some sort of unknown threat to their business culture. This does not mean I have not had a career. I have owned dynamic small businesses and partnerships, I have been a teacher, an artist, a writer, and I have even managed my own investment portfolio and also have been a real estate investor. But these were the days before the Internet and the current economic climate. Now I have a plan to work online, and that brings us to how I plan to document my new endeavors with I have done all the mindless prerequisite purchasing of eBooks, video courses, guides, and handbooks. I can honestly admit that I fully realize and understand that there is no magic bullet, or magic button when it comes to being successful on the web. Along the way I have learned how to build static web sites, I have learned how to create blogs, and I have also learned about SEO, driving traffic, and getting rank in the search engines. But you guessed it, I never have been able to put it all together to develop what can be considered a meaningful online income‌yet I still have a burning desire to make this happen. Most recently I have become convinced that the road to success online has little to do with particular technical skill sets, but more with building opt in lists and developing a relationship with people of similar interests, and then sharing ideas and helping others. Some social media experts have described this as creating your own tribe. Other well known terms are magnetic marketing and relationship marketing. I always have had my greatest success with modeling successful people and business systems. So the search was on to find a mentor in the field of building responsive email lists. After all, everyone and their uncle tells you that you need to have your own list.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Here is the deal folks. I know I have found the right mentor, and further down I will get around to how you can benefit from this as well. I searched online for days and weeks and finally found this guy named Alex Jeffreys. This fellas marketing skills have been well honed by some of the best known online marketers. When I read some of his strategic blog posts, I actually left a comment practically begging to give him some of my money. Alex has his own band of mentors that he has paid handsomely to get personal training at great expense. His list of mentors include, Jason M. Jones, Tim Knox, Michael Cheney, Mike Filsaime, Andrew Fox, and Rich Scehfren. In a very short period, Alex Jeffreys has also written some very compelling eBooks to explain his concepts, and he gives these away at no cost. Get your hands on these and read them as fast as you can.They are in order: How To Milk The Ebay Cash Cow, Post Launch Profits, Post Launch Profits Secrets, Guru’s Dream, and Newbies Nightmare. In these books, Alex describes how he is a peer to those he mentors, and how you can in turn mentor your own peer groups. This is more or less the same thing as giving something back to the community, or paying it forward. So here is the deal and my idea for what I am calling “Peer-to-Peer Mentoring”. Alex is going to teach me a thing or two, and some of that knowledge from Rich Schefren, Mike Filsaime, and others is sure to rub off in what Alex passes on to me as my mentor. You in turn can gain some of the same insight from me as I learn and gain working knowledge from Alex. All you have to do is follow me and then take action. This main purpose of this website is to report and record how to do this in a step-by-step approach and create community. So I ask you to look honestly at what I am doing, and come back often to visit my website again and again. I have so many ideas and am truly excited about the possibilities to help others out. Probably more than you can ever know. So please leave your comments and tell me what you are doing online, what you are having problems with, how I can help you, and how we can work together. I want to hear from people that have gone before me, and those that are just beginning. Are you ready to start a real online business? We can do it together.

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Concept of paying it forward with online peer-to-peer marketing.

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