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Online SEO and Internal Linking for A New Blog or Website This is a first step to doing some important online SEO that will help to get (or your new site) indexed in the search engines rather quickly. The first thing I did was to change the “privacy” setting to prevent the site from being crawled by the search bots until I have added some content in the form of original posts. We will turn this back on after we have some content in place. Here is how to get there: Dashboard > Settings > Privacy Your first 3-4 posts are related to information about your new site and are known to be viewed by Google to be important pieces of information. Plus, you need these in order to be an Adsense publsiher. At a minimum, you have to have a Contact Page, an About Page, a Privacy Policy Page, and a Site Map Page. The site map page is created with a free plugin, Google XML Sitepmaps. I tie these all together for easy navigation in a “catergory” that I title “Website Information”. Although these are titled as “pages”, I publish these as “posts” for a very specific reason. I want to use my “pages” for promotional information in the future, and the “posts” will always be used for publishing content and articles (the journal function and aspect of a blog). You will note that the free theme I am using (Flexibity2) also creates a tab for each page at the top of the header for easy reference. To see a video about Flexibility2 click on the frame below.

Unless you are doing something unethical or spammy, then there is no reason for not including these pages and this information. For More Information Vist:

Onsite SEO Objectives  
Onsite SEO Objectives  

How to start right with onsite SEO.