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8 :00 0 PM – 3 :00 00 AM Tickets: $85.00 85.00 Tickets The Eastwood Manor 3371 Eastchester Road  Bronx, New York For Tickets, call - 718.365.9711  718.515.9163 718.328.7672 or any VIFA Member This is an Adult Event – No children  No jeans  No sneakers  No caps VIFA reserve the right to be selective in its admission policy

January 24, 2011 Dear Friends: th

The year 2011 is very special for Virgin Islands Freshwater Association as we celebrate our 20 Year Anniversary. Our Annual Transfer Day Benefit Dinner Dance will take place at the Eastwood Manor in the Bronx, New York, on Saturday, March 26, 2011 from 8:00 PM – 3:00 AM. We will “celebrate the past while looking forward to a brighter and greater future.” BOARD OF DIRECTORS Helen George-Newton President Asta D. Moorhead 1 st Vice President Eldra Malone-Drew 2 nd Vice President Eleanor Chesterfield Treasurer Gladys Jurgen Financial Secretary Ava E. Stagger Recording Secretary Cynthia V. Frett Fund Raiser Chairperson Dennis N. Cills Sergeant-of-Arms

Our journal will look back on the many people we have honored for their inspiring and educational accomplishments benefitting the people of the Virgin Islands. A congratulatory message from you will serve to create a memorable journal that will become a most valuable keepsake. The preferred file formats are PDF, tiff, jpg, MSWord or PowerPoint and should be sent to on or before March 15, 2011. Almost two decades ago, Virgin Islands Freshwater Association (VIFA), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Association was founded to raise funds to assist those in need. We were first established in 1989 to foster and maintain linkages between those of us in New York with our communities back home. The impetus for the creation of this Association was the disaster in the Virgin Islands caused by Hurricane Hugo in September of that same year. Since then, our Association has provided scholarship assistance, hospital donations, services for senior citizens and needy children, as well as much needed relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Marilyn in 1995. VIFA was formed by a dedicated group of concerned Virgin Islanders who recognized the need for the preservation of our culture. The Association was created to cultivate cultural connections, interactions, and assistance to fellow Virgin Islanders; not only in times of crises, but whenever a need arises. Throughout the existence of the Virgin Islands Freshwater Association, our devoted members have worked diligently to ensure the ongoing success of our organization. Since our inception twenty years ago, some of our accomplishments have included the adoption of Nana Baby-Children’s Home in St. Thomas and we have continued to support them in their efforts to tend to our children first and foremost. Other significant contributions of this th remarkable organization include donations to the St. Croix United Fund; the September 11 Fund, Oprah’s Angel Network and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Through our ongoing VIFA Annual Scholarship Program, selected graduating students have been recognized for their academic achievements and rewarded appropriately. Accordingly, we were especially pleased to have donated to the thirteen students that traveled from St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands – Charlotte Amalie High School (CAHS) and Ivanna Eudora Kean High School – to New York City to attend the United Nations Scholar Program from January 31 – February 14, 2010. We pride ourselves on always being prepared to improve the conditions of those in need, and those who may require a helping hand along life’s journey. We hope that you will contribute to Virgin Islands Freshwater Association to assist us in sustaining the level of timely responses that we have become accustomed to when it involves our people … Virgin Islanders. Sincerely, Helen George-Newton President HGN:llah Enclosures

P.O. Box #202  Bronx, NY 10451  Telephone: 718.365.9711  xkhc42lqwtpcn4233Biockn0eqo

20th Annual Transfer Day Benefit Commemorative Program Journal Form r Yes, I/We would like to place a message(s) of greeting in the 20th Annual Transfer Day Benefit Dinner Dance Commemorative Program Journal. Journal Size: “8 ½ x 11” (Please check your selection below) Back Cover Inside Back Cover Half Page Honoring…..…*

$250.00 $175.00 $100.00 $ 25.00

Inside Front Cover Full Page Quarter Page Business Card

$200.00 $150.00 $ 75.00 $ 35.00

*List the name(s) of the person you would like to honor, past or present. Acceptable and preferred formats for ads are Power Point, .tiff, .jpg, Microsoft Word .PDF or any PC compatible files on CD/disk or via e-mail – Please type/print the text of your message of greeting exactly as you want it to appear on a separate sheet of paper. Camera-ready submission on disk is encouraged and accepted at the discretion of the VIFA. For messages of greeting with photographs, please add an additional $20.00. Messages of greeting not deemed camera ready will be set in type to the best of our ability. Payment must accompany your message of greeting in order to assure its placement in the Commemorative Program Journal. r Please accept this contribution of $___________ to support the VIFA. I/We do not have a message of greeting to place at this time. r Please typeset my message of greeting as indicated on the attached sheet. r Also enclosed is an additional $50.00 for the “Drag & Drop” banner placement.

DEADLINE for Journal ad submission is March 15, 2011 ""XKHC."Kpe0" PO Box 202  Bronx, NY 10451  Telephone: 718.365.9711  xkhc42lqwtpcn4233Biockn0eqo"

Payment Methods: Bank Checks, Cash or US Postal Money Orders made payable and submitted to:

VIFA, Inc. PO Box 202  Bronx, NY 10451 718.365.9711

Please Print Name: Organization: Address: City:


Telephone(s): Home:

Zip: Office:


E-mail: Website: Solicited by: Size of Greeting: Cost of Greeting: Cost for Photograph:


Amount Enclosed: Your greeting is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. VIFA, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

DEADLINE for Journal ad submission is March 15, 2011

""XKHC."Kpe0" PO Box 202  Bronx, NY 10451  Telephone: 718.365.9711  xkhc42lqwtpcn4233Biockn0eqo"

20th Annual Transfer Day Benefit Saturday, March 26, 2011 The Eastwood Manor  3371 Eastchester Road  Bronx, NY

BOOSTERS - $5.00 - PLEASE PRINT 1. __________________________________

17. ________________________________

2. __________________________________

18. ________________________________

3. __________________________________

19. ________________________________

4. __________________________________

20. ________________________________

5. __________________________________

21. ________________________________

6. __________________________________

22. ________________________________

7. __________________________________

23. ________________________________

8. __________________________________

24. ________________________________

9. __________________________________

25. ________________________________

10. __________________________________

26. ________________________________

11. __________________________________

27. ________________________________

12. __________________________________

28. ________________________________

13. __________________________________

29. ________________________________

14. __________________________________

30. ________________________________

15. __________________________________

31. ________________________________

1. 16. _____________________________ __________________________________

32. ________________________________

""XKHC."Kpe0" PO Box 202  Bronx, NY 10451 Telephone: 718.365.9711  xkhc42lqwtpcn4233Biockn0eqo"

Show your Support for Virgin Islands Freshwater Association with our New “Drag & Drop Banner” while Promoting Your Business Here’s how “Drag & Drop” works … with an additional $50.00 to the cost of your ad/message, send us your logo using any one of our preferred formats. Your logo will be placed in various positions on Virgin Islands Freshwater Association’s banner and will be displayed for one full year at all of our events. The size of the banner will depend upon the number of logos submitted … we are looking forward to having a “huge” banner. This banner display, among other things, will advertise your business, identify you as a VIFA supporter, and serve to enhance your commitment to an ongoing connection with our local and Mainland Virgin Islanders.

""XKHC."Kpe0" PO Box 202  Bronx, NY 10451  Telephone: 718.365.9711  xkhc42lqwtpcn4233Biockn0eqo"

Virgin Islands Freshwater Assn. Dinner Dance 2011  

Virgin Islands Freshwater Association is celebrating their 20th Anniversary at the Eastwood Manor in the Bronx, NY. Come and join us and hav...

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