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O fficial bulle t in of t he 1 5t h Car i b b e an Jam b ore e, Curaçao BULLETIN 4 - MARCH 2014


DUSHI TALK Learn how to speak PAPIAMENTU. Our native language.





THE JAMBOREE PROGRAM You’ve been waiting for a while and you’ve already started your countdown. You’re excited, impatient and so ready for the Caribbean Jamboree 2014. The program has been put together in a way that will let you experience the most out of the elements of water, air, fire and earth. Splash is the module that will give you and your leaders the opportunity to enjoy while practicing different water activities. Curaçao and History, which has air as its element, will offer you the chance to spread your wings and fly through time getting to know more of Curaçao’s past and present. Fire represents your burning desire and this burning desire will be used during the Arts & Performance where you’ll be able to let your inner fire burn and express yourself in all kinds of arts. Our body and souls are connected to the earth and the Nature module will let you get in touch with that connection through hiking, biking and mountain climbing.


But the Caribbean Jamboree 2014 won’t be complete without a Global Development Village, the GDV. The GDV will focus on different aspects such as Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Human Rights and much more. The day is certainly not over when the sun sets. You’ll be able to take part in arena events and enjoy pleasant night activities. The program may seem packed but you’ll definitely have time to mingle, have fun, share experiences and laughter. Caribbean Jamboree 2014 is all about Tracking Treasures together! If you haven’t signed up yet stop procrastinating and do so through your national contingent. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!




The Jamboree Dear Scout friends, With great enthusiasm we inform you that between 21 and 28 July 2014, more than 800 Scouts, Scout leaders and Volunteers from the Caribbean will be joining each other in Willemstad, Curacao for the 15th Caribbean Jamboree. Planning is now well afoot. It will be a gathering of Scouts and Guides from the Caribbean, who for one week will live together, experience each other’s cultures, take part in exciting activities and have amazing adventures. This CaribJam will be with no doubts the experience of your Scout time. Scouting Antiano’s main goal with the CaribJam is to host 1,000 youngsters between the age of twelve and eighteen and make an unforgettable “voyage” filled with activities that will meet their expectations and leave them inspired and motivated to bring meaningful change in their

communities. The theme of this Jamboree is “Life: Tracking Treasure”. Life itself is a treasure. The path of life is a discovery of treasures. With the activities throughout the Jamboree we focus on creating a unique experience that fosters positive energy and generates commitment from the participants to become a Messenger of Peace in their community (country). This will be accomplished through the program in which the activities/themes will be built around our treasures in life such as: Our Body and Mind Our Intelligence Our Family and Friends Our Wishes and Dreams Our Nature

In this issue


Checklist,.. Following the 3rd bulletin, it is essential to elaborate on a few elements of the checklist in order to guarantee your participation in this year’s Jamboree. Please consider this a reminder to submit your registration as soon as possible ......, provide the necessary data thoroughly and complete the acquired payments accordingly.


“LIFE ITSELF IS TREASURE WORTH TRACKING” The program of the 15th Caribbean Jamboree will consist of a variety of activities which include sports activities, campfire, cultural exchange, and other activities in the scouting area. Participants will live together in a camping center, taking responsibility for themselves and others. The camping center is located at Ronde Klip. It will be a small town with a joyful sphere of youngsters accompanied by their young hearted leaders celebrating life being part of the scout brotherhood. This is your chance to take part of a big and unique Caribbean Scout brotherhood camping experience in the beautiful nature of Curacao.


Expected behavior All participants of the 15th Caribbean Jamboree 2014 are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles set forth in the Scout Oath and Scout Law. By working to live up to them, you will bring a great credit to yourselves and to the Caribjam. Physical violence, hazing, bullying, theft, verbal insults, and drugs and alcohol have no place in our program. Participants, adult leaders, staff members or volunteers who fail to comply with rules in any situation will be subjected to disciplinary measures.



Sign up Once the Contingents have signed up, it will be processed by the Contingent Support prior to their arrival in Curacao. The process involves first filling in the form specifying who the leader of each Contingent is, then sending this information to the Contingent Support. Thus enabling further services from the Financial Department.

Registration Hereafter the Contingent Support will send the official registration form as an Excel file. This form must be completed by a Contingent Leader.

Medical information Mind the fact that this form also contains a column requesting information on possible medical conditions, IST and/or possible special needs. Please refer to the third bulletin for the terms an conditions about medical insurance.


Registration In bulletin nr 3 information about the registration process has been given already. Nevertheless it is necessary to refresh your minds on this most important part of your journey, because without registry there will be no journey! Well let’s start by reminding you that before you arrive on Curacao you should fill out the registration form and hand it in to your leader. Your leader on her/his turn will send it to Contingent Support since they are in charge with the registration process before your arrival on Curacao. Make sure to complete

the form with all your details including medical conditions (if any) and your special skills for example. After the aforementioned the payment follows. Your payment should be deposited by your leader on the local bank account; Maduro

& Curiel’s bank NV Curacao, swift code MCBKCWCU, bank account number 26110105.

Contingent support should receive the payment confirmation stating all details, this is necessary for the Finance department to process the data properly and to create a registration code which will be send to you through your leader. Make sure to keep the registration code with you when traveling because upon arrival this code is required to register on location.

Registration is possible before April 1, to enjoy the discounted fees.

Renting equipment As a Scout Contingent you have camping experience and know what equipment you will need for your set-up. You are free to bring your own equipment but please bear in mind the existing limitations of traveling with luggage and costs involved in transporting equipment as cargo. Renting equipment facilitates you and saves you cost and headache. May you have

interest in renting equipment you can send your inquiry to specifying the equipment type and quantity that is needed for your contingent. Your contingent’s inquiry will be analyzed and a quotation will be send as soon as possible. Stoves will be provided for all troops thus no need to worry about that. Make sure to confirm on the equipment needed

early, this for it to be arranged that your ordered equipment is on campsite upon your arrival. Also for questions about material and facility you can contact



Transportation We will meet and pick up all participants for the Contingent Leaders’ Meeting at Curacao International Airport. Participants should aim to be in Curacao by noon on Friday, April 25. The program will end on Sunday, April 27 at 14:00.


CONTINGENT LEADERS MEETING There is still time to register for the Contingent Leaders’ Meeting which will take place from Friday, April 25 to Sunday, April 27. The registration deadline has been extended to March 15. The meeting is a great opportunity for Heads of Contingents and members of National Contingent Management to obtain more information on Jamboree participation. We highly recommend that you register as soon as possible as the weekend will be packed with all the necessary information, including the Jamboree program, IST Experience and a planned visit to the Jamboree site at Ronde Klip. The logistics department will also present the operational plans for the site. The formal program for the weekend will run from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

Location The Contingent Leaders’ Meeting will be held at the Scouting Antiano headquarters in Groot Kwartier. The planned site visit will be at Ronde Klip, which is located 15 minutes from Willemstad.

Accommodation for the weekend will be Home Hospitality. Members of the Organizing Committee and Scouting Antiano Scout Leaders are happy to welcome you into their homes. If you have different accommodation requirements, there are a variety of hotels on the island. The bookings must be paid directly by participants. Don’t hesitate to contact the Jamboree Office for assistance in booking your stay.

Food The Meeting will be catered in full. Please indicate any special dietary requirements you may have on the registration form.

Cost The cost for attending the Contingent Leaders’ Meeting is USD 125 per person. This fee includes: - Accommodation for the weekend (Home Hospitality) - Transportation - Dinner on Friday night. Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday. Breakfast and lunch on Sunday. - All materials and program for the weekend *Alternative accommodation and/or transportation arrangements are not included in this fee and must be covered by the participant. Please find attached the registration form which you can fax or send to the Jamboree office by March 15, 2014. We look forward to seeing you in Curacao!




cultural festival is a great way to expose your culture “Awhile you get to know others and their culture. ”

Cultural Festival Day Are you ready for Caribbean Jamboree 2014? Meeting other scouts is always a great experience, but what about meeting them and learning about their culture all in one trip? Well get ready to help others understand your culture by making a lasting impression at the Jamboree Cultural Festival Day on the 25th of July 2014. It will be a great cultural experience! Together with scouts from all over the Caribbean we will enjoy dances, food, drinks and other creative cultural expressions. In between all this eating and drinking, all countries will have the opportunity to share a traditional show or dance with us in combination with their traditional clothing and music. That is

why we are asking you as a Scout, a leader, a contingent and/or other participants of Jamboree, to prepare a great show from about 5 minutes, with a dance and/ or acts, so all the others can understand your culture better. A cultural festival is a great way to expose your culture while you get to know others and their culture. Not to mention taste delicious food!

You can expect a festival full of color; creativity and Caribbean flavor, so prepare a great show so all participants can enjoy the beauty and creativity of your Country. Remember to keep reading the bulletins because more information about the cultural festival will be coming up.

15t h

Before you know it you and your scouting group will be on the plane Caribbean Jamboree 2014, Therefore, take the time now to think about what you will be presenting on the 25th of July. How will you make your stand standout, so that others will instantly know more about your culture?

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