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OSCAR! With a Caribbean touch

Lupita Nyong’o accepts the award for best actress in a supporting role for "12 Years a Slave" during the Oscars at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday, March 2, 2014, in Los Angeles. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP) Director Steve McQueen (l) and actor/producer Brad Pitt embrace after '12 Years a Slave' wins Best Picture.

Director Steve McQueen

“Everyone deserves not just to survive but to live. This is the most important legacy of Solomon Northup. I dedicate this award to all the people who have endured slavery and 21 By Gerald V. Paul million people who still suffer slavery today,” Steve McQueen, director of 12 Years a Slave, winner of the best picture at the Oscars 2014- an addition to the Academy Award, Golden Globe and the BAFTA (British Academy Film and Television Arts). McQueen, who was born in London, England of Trinidad and Tobago/Grenada parentage, established himself as a director of the highest order, and a filmmaker in keen pursuit of truth. Drawing on a shocking real-life story, 12 Years a Slave. The cast and crew of 12 Years a Slave celebrates their best picture win. And producer Brad Pitt, served in a small but powerful role on the film, as a Canadian abolitionist. “This film should be screened at school and some education places, because it shows a continued on pg 14 face of the human race…racism …is a plague!” posited Jean-

Canadians WIN BIG in T&T Carnival 2014 A big shout out to the Toronto posse for reppin’ in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival: Kerwin Du Bois, Groovy Soca Monarch with “Too Real” and KI, Chutney Crown, with “Runaway.” KI - Chutney Crown

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Kerwin DuBois



Mar 06, 2014

The Caribbean Camera - Many People, One Paper

The Caribbean Camera - Many People, One Paper

of women and children by addressing the social inequities and health disparities they face, and by advocating for public policy that impacts equity and women’s rights, especially for those of the Black and Caribbean heritage. “My work is focused on advocating for and developing policy aimed at improving access and expanding Health Services for the most vulnerable, underserved, and marginalized in our society. Working in the Central East Local Health Integration Network – the region which is the home to the largest AfroCanadian population in the GTA, I have found opportunities to pursue this focus in my role as the Medical Director of the Regional Maternal Child Programme at the Rouge Valley Health System, as the Maternal, Child, Youth, and Gynaecology Lead for the Central East LHIN, while working with the child Health Network and Provincial Council of Children’s Health developing policy,” Dr. Moodie told The Camera. Dr. Moodie, who sits on the advisory board of Food for the Poor, Canada, has spent much of her career as a senior Neonatologist and Assistant Professor of



Dr. Rosemary Moodie to get Harry Jerome Award It is from Jamaica to Canada with a One Love story “inna yard” for the brilliant and charming Dr. Rosemary Moodie. And thanks to Dr. Anthony Sterling of Sterling Dental, Dr. Moodie will receive the 32nd Annual Black Business and Professional Association, BBPA/ Harry Jerome Health Science Award, come May 12, at the elegant Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building. Dr. Moodie has devoted her career and volunteerism on improving the lives

Mar 06, 2014 -

Dr. Rosemary Moodie (left) is appreciative of the BBPA's Harry Jerome Award in Health Sciences, thanks to sponsor Dr. Anthony Sterling at Sterling Dental, with President of the BBPA, Pauline Christian last Thursday, at RBC during the media launch. (Photo by Gerald V. Paul)

Paediatrics at Sick Kids in the Faculty of Medicine. In 2012, the Hospital of Sick Children recognized her for her 25 years of outstanding service. Presented by RBC Royal Bank, the BBPA Harry Jerome Awards is recognized as one of the most prestigious national awards gala in the AfricanCanadian community and a coveted symbol of achievement. The winners receive awards in sixteen categories: Academics, Athletics, Arts, Media, Entertainment, Community Service, Health Sciences,

Leadership, Lifetime Achievement, Youth Entrepreneurs, Business, Professional Excellence, Technology and Innovation, Public Advocacy, Diversity, and the President’s Award.



Mar 06, 2014

The Caribbean Camera - Many People, One Paper

So you’re thinking of buying a franchise? You’ve decided to buy a franchise. You’ve found a franchisor you’re eager to work with. What comes next? It’s now time to negotiate a franchise agreement which will govern your relationship going forward. This is a critically imporNEGOTIATING THE tant step which will take FRANCHISE AGREEMENT time and effort to do properly. Remember, as a franchisee, you should not feel that you are obligated to accept the franchisor’s terms. Just as you will benefit from using the brand established by the franchisor, so too will the franchisor benefit from the expansion of its business through your efforts. You have the power to negotiate changes in the franchise agreement; don’t be afraid to stand your ground on the key issues. By law, the franchisor is required to provide disclosure to the franchisee at least 14 days before the earliest of either the signing of the franchise agreement, or the payment of any funds to the franchisor. This disclosure must include: a) all material facts, including all costs that the franchisee will be required to pay in association with the establishment of the franchise; b) financial statements; and c) copies of the proposed franchise agreement and any other agreements to be signed by the franchisee. Reviewing and analyzing the disclosure provided is a critical step to ensure that you know what you’re getting into. You should obtain independent legal advice to assist you in this process. However, it is prudent to ensure that the lawyer with whom you consult has an established background in franchise law. It will take time for your lawyer to properly review the disclosure documents provided by the franchisor and you should expect to pay legal fees in accordance with the time it will take for this critical service. This is money well spent as it can help you avoid surprises later on in your relationship with the franchisor which can

have very expensive consequences. So you’ve reviewed the disclosure documents and determine that you still want to move forward with purchasing a franchise. You may then want to negotiate the franchise agreement. Key issues will include: a) What are the terms for renewal of the agreement? Having invested the time and effort to establish a franchise at a particular location, you want to ensure that you have the option to extend the agreement and continue to profit from your efforts. b) Where will any lawsuit that arises between you and franchisor be litigated? For your convenience you should ensure that this will be here in Ontario. c) How much will you have to pay for merchandize? Often franchisors will insert terms in the franchise agreement requiring the franchisee to purchase merchandize and supplies from a designated supplier. This supplier may be affiliated with the franchisor. If you are required to purchase from a particular supplier, you need to ensure that the prices will be reasonable. d) How will disputes that may arise between you and the franchisor be resolved? Many agreements state that any disputes are subject to arbitration. This means that disputes will be settled by an independent third party arbitrator, rather than the courts. Although this saves time, it is expensive because, while a judge’s salary is paid by the taxpayers, an arbitrator must be paid by you and the franchisor. You may want to negotiate to remove an arbitration clause from the agreement or request that the franchisor pay the arbitrators fee. e) How will the advertising fund be administered? You should negotiate for some assurance that advertising dollars will be spent in your area. continued on pg 5 Tanya Walker is a lawyer and owner of Walker Law PC, which specializes in property and franchise disputes. She is the recipient of many awards, including the 2013 Harry Jerome Young Entrepreneur Award. Web site:

Live more independently at home. The Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit can help. Seniors 65 years and older and their live-in family members are eligible for a tax credit of up to $1,500 on home modifications that improve safety and accessibility – regardless of income. Eligible improvements include things like support bars, ramps or walk-in bathtubs. To claim your credit, keep your receipts for when you file your taxes. • 1-866-668-8297 • TTY 1-800-263-7776

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Tanya Walker

The Caribbean Camera - Many People, One Paper

PM Harper participates at PDAC Convention Prime Minister Stephen Harper projects, By Gerald V. Paul participated in the Prospectors and lowering Developers Association of Canada taxes and keeping them low, opening International Convention, Trade Show international market access like never and Investors Exchange, delivering the before, and working to match skills opening remarks and engaging in a training with employer needs. During the speech and Q&A session, moderated question and answer session, the Prime Minister focused on the last Monday. And The Camera was on hand strength of the economy and on measures covering the event with representation from Guyana, among the 20,000 attendees. “Canada is one of the world’s leading mining nations. The sector employs tens of thousands of Canadians both in communities across this country and around the world. Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, joined by Rodney Thomas, government recognizes the incoming President of the Prospectors and Developers Asof Canada (PDAC), participates in a question and importance of the industry and has sociation answer session at the PDAC Convention. been taking important steps to help (photo: make it more competitive and productive,” Harper said. that the Government is taking to help According to Harper these measures Canadian businesses that are engaged in include supporting junior mineral the mining/extractive industries flourish exploration in the Economic Action Plan both at home and abroad. The Prime Minister also discussed 2014, streamlining the review process for continued on pg 10 major economic natural resource

Experienced in all areas of Criminal Law including impaired driving, driving ‘over 80’, assault and all drug offences 2 Country Court Boulevard Fourth Floor Brampton, Ontario L6W 3W8 Mobile: 416-417-4174 Office: 905-459-0004 E-mail:

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LOCAL from pg 4 : Buying a franchise

f) What obligations will the franchisor have to assist and support you? By law the franchisor is required to act in good faith and to deal fairly with the franchisee. However, it is a good idea to negotiate the specific support the franchisor will provide, particularly if you are especially reliant on the franchisor because your own business experience or financial resources are limited. g) What territorial protection will you have? You want to ensure that an identical franchise will not open across the street – unless you operate in a population with a high concentration. These are only a few of the key issues that must be negotiated in the franchise agreement. It’s well worth the time and money to properly review the franchisor’s disclosure and to negotiate a fair and equitable agreement with a lawyer. By doing so, you can avoid much hassle, aggravation and expense in the future.



Mar 06, 2014

The Caribbean Camera - Many People, One Paper

Editorial: Sleeping with one eye open Thomas Carlyle, 19th century Scottish historian, gives this neat description of the importance of the press in a democracy: “The nation is governed by all that has tongue in the nation: Democracy is virtually there.” Associate Editor

Gerald V. Paul

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The task of expressing views often ignored by the mainstream media falls to the men and women who produce the alternative papers like this one. And it helps on occasion to remind us of how vital they are in airing minority and nonconformist views, defending and affirming those positions vis-à-vis the majority culture. This year we celebrate the importance of getting a more varied perspective of our world with the 65th birthday of Pacifica Radio, the first listener-supported radio in the US, which went on the air in San Francisco. In Toronto the Caribbean Camera just celebrated its 25th year of publishing. The publishers of these alternative media had to “sleep with one eye open” because to keep this media afloat requires constant vigilance. It gets worse when the capitalist system experiences its periodic recessionary cycle, like the one we’re in at the moment. Nevertheless they readily admit that they get

a kick out of showing the big media houses that there is more news in “dem thar hills” than they want to tell us about, or provide an interpretation of issues that the big houses find inconvenient. Lest we think that only places like Iran or Afghanistan, where we fancy they need our democratic tutelage, and where publishing an alternative point of view would almost certainly get you killed, there was a time when doing so in many self-declared democracies like the USA was hazardous to your health. Now you simply get buried under a deluge of “official news” from corporate news rooms. While the alternative media are not innocent of bias and therefore must be read with care, it is certain that the truth lies somewhere between the alternative and corporate views. More often than not, it lies closer to that of the alternative media; and, arguably, they serve democracy as well or even better than the big media houses. For that we should toast the efforts of outfits like Pacifica Radio and the Caribbean Camera for surviving in a rough business, for continuing to punch above their weight and for reminding us of Carlyle’s dictum. We aim to follow Mr.Carlyle’s dictum and sleep with one eye open.

Madness Season (Still) … madness near-total: There is a pleasure sure, in being mad, which none but madmen know! - John Dryden T&T ... where are this week’s headlines from histoy — [fail acquitted by Senate [1920] Nazi Party is formed [1942] subdued, beaten to death transmission] Jean H [feb.23] [1455] Traditional date for publication of the An order-in-council passes under War Measures Act, by survivors odgkin son giving Canadian government power to intern all [feb.26] [1233] Gutenberg Bible, first Western book printed with movable type [1820] Cato Street Conspiracy: plot to “persons of Japanese racial origin” [1989] Ayatollah Mongol-Jin War: after besieging it for murder all of Britain’s cabinet ministers is exposed Ruhollah Khomeini offers $3 million bounty for death months Mongols capture Jin Dynasty capital, Kaifeng [1836] Battle of the Alamo begins in San Antonio, Texas of Salman Rushdie, British author of The Satanic Verses [1815] Napoleon Bonaparte escapes his incarceration on [1861] President-elect Abraham Lincoln arrives secretly [2008] Fidel Castro retires as president of Cuba after the island of Elba [1909] Kinemacolor, first successful in Washington, D.C., after an alleged assassination plot nearly 50 years … Births: [1664] Thomas Newcomen, colour motion picture process, first shown to public at is thwarted in Baltimore [1896] Tootsie Roll is invented inventor of English steam engine Deaths: [1986] Tommy Palace Theatre, London [1935] Adolf Hitler orders Luftwaffe to be re-formed, violating Treaty of Versailles [1903] Cuba leases Guantánamo Bay to U.S. “in Douglas, inventor of Canadian health care (signed at end of World War One) [1993] In NYC, a [feb.25] [1570] Pope Pius V excommunicates perpetuity” [1917] In St Petersburg, Russia, demonstrations begin the February Revolution [1941] Queen Elizabeth I [1836] Samuel Colt granted U.S. bomb explodes beneath North Tower of World Trade Plutonium first produced and isolated … Births: [1868] patent for his revolver [1848] Provisional government Center, killing six and injuring more than 1,000 … W.E.B. Du Bois, American historian and civil rights in revolutionary France guarantees workers’ rights Births: [1802] Victor Hugo, French author [1928] Fats [1870] Mississippi Republican Hiram Rhodes Revels Domino, American musician [1932] Johnny Cash, activist [feb.24] [1303] Battle of Roslin, First War of sworn into U.S. Senate, first African American to sit in American musician Deaths: [1994] Bill Hicks, American Scottish Independence [1582] Pope Gregory XIII U.S. Congress [1919] Oregon begins taxing a penny per comedian [2012] Trayvon Martin, American teenager [feb.27] [425] University of Constantinople announces Gregorian calendar, still in use [1831] Treaty gallon, becoming first U.S. state to levy a gasoline tax of Dancing Rabbit Creek, first removal treaty in [1954] Gamal Abdul Nasser becomes premier of Egypt founded by Emperor Theodosius II, at urging of his wife accordance with the Indian Removal Act, is proclaimed, [1971] Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, first Aelia Eudocia [1782] American Revolutionary War: with Choctaws in Mississippi ceding land east of the commercial nuclear power station in Canada, goes Britain’s House of Commons votes against further war river in exchange for payment and land in the west online [1994] Mosque of Abraham Massacre: Baruch in America [1812] In first address as member of British [1868] Andrew Johnson becomes first U.S. president to Goldstein opens fire with an automatic rifle, killing 29 House of Lords, poet Lord Byron defends Luddite county continued on pgof 7 be impeached by House of Representatives, is later Palestinian worshippers and injuring 125 before being violence against Industrialism in his home

“Sometimes, when things seem to be falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.” - unknown

The Caribbean Camera - Many People, One Paper

statistics are The compelling! One in three women in Canada are have experienced violence at the hands of a current or past marital partner and 51% of Canadian women reported to have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16. What is even more compelling is that an organization, Interim Place that serves the Peel Region, has assisted well over 38,000 women and children find safety, heal and build new lives free from violence. Interim Place has been providing shelter and support services for women and their children who are fleeing violence in the Peel Region for over 30 years. Last Saturday, the organization hosted its 2nd annual fundraiser Rays of Hope gala – to support its continued work and recognize women advocates that are making a difference around

the world to help End Violence Against Women. It also presented the Woman of Courage award to Peel Police Chief Jennifer Evans for her contributions to society as the first woman Chief of Police in Peel. “Her belief towards social change and the example that she have set for women to aspire to be in leadership roles within a male dominated industry is commendable,” Interim Place states. A highlight of the event was the story shared by Sabrina Wright, who at a young age, along with her mother and sibling, had to sought temporary at Interim Place due to domestic violence. Sharon Floyd, Executive Director of Interim Place says “It is so difficult to comprehend that every six days, a woman in Canada loses her life at the hands of an intimate partner. With these alarming numbers, it is necessary for all of us to think about what it is that we can do as individuals, to make a change in our community on the issue of violence against women. Only 21 days into 2014 and we were forced to face the harsh reality of another mother, someones daughter, Anita Summan who lost her life to violence here in Peel. Her friend, who was also attacked and her children's lives will never be the same. A person's home is where they should feel the safest and most secure not a place

A refuge away from home for women facing violence

Mar 06, 2014 -


By Jasminee Sahoye where they feel the most vulnerable and alone. This is why it is important to have shelters and support services like Interim Place for women and their children who are experiencing violence to go to for safety and support.” According to Canadian Women’s Foundation, on any given day in Canada, more than 3,000 women along with their 2,500 children are living in an emergency shelter to escape domestic violence. Interim Place operates two emergency shelters for women facing violence. Its 24-hour emergency shelters provide up to 54 beds in a safe, secure confidential setting where women, with or without children, can stay up to 4 months. Anyone in crisis can call 905-6768515 or 905-403-0864 Interim Place helps women in the community who are currently experiencing or have experienced violence and abuse. The program is available to all women whether they have previously resided at the shelter or have remained in the community. “We provide follow-up after care support, outreach services and work in partnership with many agencies within the region of Peel,” the organization states.

For more information, please visit

Recognizing the achievements of women The Caribbean Camera celebrates the contributions women here in Canada and around the globe have made in creating and inspiring positive changes as International Women’s Day (IWD) is observed on March 8. It’s a day to reflect on how far women have come in what has been perceived as a male dominated world. But, that is changing, as more women are playing key roles not only in the homes as they are known to do, but in every spheres of life, be in the corporate, social and political landscapes. Our community has produced some dynamic women, who have been trailblazers in several aspects of life, and to all of you; The Caribbean Camera salutes you. In the area of politics, there is Michaelle Jean,

Canada’s former Governor General, Jean Augustine, the first black woman to be appointed in the Parliament of Canada and as Ontario Fairness Commissioner. Others include Zanana Akande, the first black woman to be elected a member of Ontario’s parliament, Mary-Ann Chambers, who has served as an MPP and Cabinet minister in the Ontario legislature, Senator Anne Cools and Dr. Hedy Fry, a MP in Vancouver. There have been significant strives for women in the Caribbean. Two countries, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago have women as their heads of state. There are countless women across the region who hold key leadership positions in different sectors. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, United Nations Under-

By Jasminee Sahoye

Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women says IWD is a day to “recommit ourselves to working harder for gender equality, together as women, men, youth and leaders of nations, communities, religion and commerce. This year’s UN theme is Equality for Women is Progress for All “If we act decisively, with the knowledge that empowering women and girls and supporting their full participation can help

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from pg 6 : Madness Season (Still)

Nottinghamshire [1844] Dominican Republic gains independence from Haiti [1933] The Reichstag, Germany’s parliament building, is set on fire [1939] U.S. Supreme Court rules sit-down strikes violate property owners’ rights, are therefore illegal [1973] American Indian Movement occupies Wounded Knee, South Dakota [feb.28] [202 BC] Coronation of Emperor Gaozu initiates Han Dynasty, four centuries of rule over China [1525] Aztec king Cuauhtémoc executed by troops of Hernán Cortés [1838] Robert Nelson, Patriotes leader, proclaims independence of Lower Canada (now Québec) [1849] SS California arrives in San Francisco Bay, 4 months 22 days after leaving New York, initiating regular steamboat service between the two U.S. coasts [1867] Congress bans federal funding of diplomatic envoys to Vatican, ending 70 years of Holy See-U.S. relations (diplomatic ties restored 1984)

… Births: [1533] Michel de Montaigne, French philosopher [mar.01] [752 BC] Romulus, legendary founder of Rome, celebrates first Roman triumph [1562] 23 Huguenots massacred by Catholics in Wassy, France, starting the French Wars of Religion [1565] City of Rio de Janeiro is founded [1692] Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba brought before local magistrates in Salem, Massachusetts, start of infamous Salem Witch Trials [1790] First U.S. census is authorized [1896] Henri Becquerel discovers radioactivity [2006] English-language Wikipedia reaches one million articles with “Jordanhill railway station” … Births: [1889] Watsuji Tetsuro, Japanese philosopher [1927] Harry Belafonte, American musician [1948] Burning Spear, Jamaican musician.



Mar 06, 2014

The Caribbean Camera - Many People, One Paper

JetBlue enters Trinidad; Caribbean Airlines stands to lose more market share US-based JetBlue Airways has entered the Trinidadian market with once-daily flights from Port of Spain to New York. And even while the new service might hardly dent Caribbean Airlines' (CAL) dominance there -- with three daily flights to New York the Trinidadian airline currently carries 95 per cent of passengers on that route -- the addition of a daily flight to Fort Lauderdale by the low- cost carrier might prove to be more daunting for the regional airline. The Florida destination accounts for just 7.4 per cent of passenger movements between the United States and the twin-island republic, but Caribbean Airlines is the

REG: 04488805 Some restrictions apply.

only airline presently servicing that route. For New York, which is JetBlue's hometown, 38 per cent of travel from Trinidad to the US goes through that route. JetBlue has been making significant headway into the Caribbean, capturing market share that traditionally has been held by domestic airlines or longer-serving entities, such as American Airlines. Jetblue also plans to launch additional daily flights to Montego Bay in Jamaica and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, both from Fort Lauderdale, as well as a flight from Newark to Sanitago, Dominican Republic, on May 1. JetBlue carries 30 million customers a year to 84 cities in the US, Caribbean and Latin America with an average of 800 daily flights.

106-1200 Markham RoadToronto, M1H 3C3 | 1 877 GO TO SKY (1877 468 6759) | (416) 439 4000

SkyR Sky Route R oute TTrav ravel rav el

The Caribbean Camera - Many People, One Paper

with Gerald V. Paul

Integrity : happiness… success… and then some Welcome to holistic journalism: news business built on integrity. Integrity is essential to happiness and it is the key to success. You see Eyesers, a person with integrity has the ability to make it happen no matter how challenging the circumstances. Aristotle’s central ethical concept of an all-embracing “happiness”? It’s about doing what one ought to do, fulfilling one’s responsibilities and obligations is not counter but conducive to the good life, to becoming the sort of person one wants to become- which presumably includes, to a very large extent, what one does “for a living – is what happiness is all about. And according to a classic joke: “Integrity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” The joke is that integrity cannot

be faked- like an organism? Oops!- It is, by its very nature, the real thing –baby! For example, hypocrisy stands at direct odds with integrity. Say what? No, that was not a bribe; that was a token of my appreciation- like Shaggy, you know, it wasn’t him- for services already rendered. Eyesers, being “true to self” is more than buzz words. This is why it is essential that our “public” and our personal sense of integrity fit together as unity, for consistency requires something more than fidelity to a single, selfish goal. But integrity is being “true to oneself”, it does indeed follow (as Polonius preaches) that you will be true to others as well. Eyesers, thanks for huddling with us all these glorious years in this work of faith and labour of love in the new vision, mission and values built on….integrity! Let’s make it happen. Bless.


The Art of Cooking soul of the Caribbean By Gerald V. Paul So, you have “tasted his hand,” time for you to get into the kitchen do it yourself, with the freshly launched The Art of CookingSoul of the Caribbean, via the eyes of the heart: Selwyn Richards, President and Executive Chef of The Art of Catering. Thanks to award- winning Chef and Food Stylist Richards, from the Land We Love, Jamaica, to the St. Lawrence Centre launch last Wednesday. The 2014 Black Business and Professional The Art of Cooking. Book Released: February 12, Association, BBPA, Harry Jerome Business Awardee, told 2014 Selwyn Richards, The Camera, “I have been planning and cooking delicious Executive Chef and Author. food with artistic flare for over 25 years.” Chef Richards is recognized as an expert in his field and has appeared on Food Network’s series I Do, Let’s Eat, Life Network’s Rich Bride, Poor Bride and Soul Food on BET Network/Showtime. And among the kitchens Chef Richards graced? Skydome, Skyline Hotel, The Island Yacht Club and the and the Top of Toronto Restaurant at the CN Tower. Richards’ knowledge and exploration of spices etched with his keen attention to detail is nuanced in his offerings be it nostalgic or experimental. “Along with classic recipes exotic mixes I have shared my thoughts on food rich with our culture,” Richards noted. Ah! An enthused Richards added, “I will take you on a tour of the Caribbean – from spicy jerk chicken, escoveitch red snapper filet, succulent curried conch and braised oxtail to pepperpot soup- unlike the Guyanese pepperpot. Time methinks, to try out me hand in de kitchen!

“think” you can write..? then contact The Caribbean Camera

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Mar 06, 2014

The Caribbean Camera - Many People, One Paper

In unity and dedication for the good of the nation Saint Lucians and friends graced the Brighton Convention Centre last Saturday, in a wonderful 35th anniversary Independence Gala, while assisting their homeland: part proceeds in aid of disaster relief efforts in Saint Lucia. Small wonder Consul General of St. Lucia Michael Willius noted in the Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony speech during the disaster, “Most times a country turns to its leaders for inspiration and direction. It is often said that the mood of the country and the response of its citizens are largely determined by the actions of the government of the day. And so it should be! But sometimes, the inspiration comes from the citizens themselves….I am proud of my country, its strength, courage and resilience, if we can continue to help one another, uplift one another, and protect one another, then we can counter any further misfortune that comes our way.” And so Willius exhorted the diaspora that despite the distance from their Saint Lucia Consul General Michael homeland, if they can Willius with Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations truly embrace and Alvina Reynolds at their 35th Anniversary of commit to the long held Independence Gala at the Brighton Convention Centre last Saturday. Christian belief that, we are truly our brother’s

keeper-our actions henceforth could be “the greatest gift that we can give to our By Gerald V. Paul countrymen on the 25th Independence Anniversary of our beloved Saint Lucia.” Congratulations to community stalwart Mary Alcindor, the recipient of the senior award and Che Emmanuel Recipients of the Saint Lucia the young Toronto Association President's professional Award of Service 2014: Young Professional Award, Che awardee. Emmanuel and Mary Alcindor, “I saw the the Senior Award. need to give back culturally to the community while I was raising three daughters.,” Alcindor told The Camera. She has played a key role in several community organizations, and actively participated in the political process, lobbying for advocacy on a number of fronts. Emmanuel, founded the Saint Lucia Knapsack Project. A community based project to provide knapsacks with school supplies for under-served children in primary school which was modelled after a Toronto-based project in place for Saint Vincent.

OIPRD investigating racial profiling of migrant workers The Office of Independent Police Review whether systemic failings Director (OIPRD) is conducting a systemic review have occurred," says into the DNA sweep of approximately 100 Gerry McNeilly, Caribbean migrant workers near Vienna, Ontario. Independent Police Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW)), an Review Director, who is organization that has been advocating for the of Trinidad origin. rights of migrant workers, which filed the The review will complaint on December 12, 2013 says it’s happy examine public with the decision. complaints filed, and Gerry McNeilly (photo: In October and November 2013, the review and analyze evidence OPP conducted a DNA sweep where collected from OPP samples where taken from Indo-Caribbean and Afro-Caribbean investigations, including audio and video recordings, men who did not conform to the suspect description. The men photographs, documents, interviews and forensic evidence. ranged in ages from 21 to 61, heights ranged from 5’0” to 6’5”, It will examine OPP policies, procedures and practices, and body sizes ranged between 130 lbs to 310lbs. Other training material and instruction, along with relevant case law, identifying features (e.g. hairstyle) were also disregarded. The reports, reviews, articles, documents, research, data and DNA sweep was part of an investigation into assault against a practices from other jurisdictions, a release stated. local woman. It added that the review will also consider submissions from “We welcome the OIPRD's decision to conduct a systemic stakeholders and the public. review into the OPP's racial profiling of migrant farm workers. A final report summarizing the findings of the review and This review has the potential to further expose the egregious outlining recommendations for the overall improvement of police misconduct that was perpetrated during the OPP's DNA police practices will be released to the public. sweep last October,” says Shane Martinez, a lawyer The Police Services Act gives the Independent Police representing J4MW. Review Director the power to examine and review issues of a "Allegations that dozens of migrant workers who were asked systemic nature that are the subject of or give rise to public to submit to DNA tests for a criminal investigation did not complaints. match the description of the suspect except for their dark skin It also allows the Director to make recommendations colour, raises the spectre of racial profiling and Charter rights regarding these issues to Ontario's Solicitor General, Attorney issues. I am undertaking a systemic review that will not only General, the OPP Commissioner, chiefs of police, police investigate the immediate issues raised, but also dig deeper to services boards and other persons or organizations, in order to explore underlying causes and broader practices to determine enhance public confidence and trust in police and policing.

LOCAL from pg 5 : PM Harper participates...

the Government’s unprecedented efforts to increase access to international markets, including the agreement in principle reached with the European Union on a comprehensive trade agreement that will greatly benefit Canadian businesses. Meanwhile, attending the PDAC Convention was Guyana’s Minister of Labour, Human Resources and Social Security Dr. Nanda K. Gopaul, who updated us on the situation in Guyana. Minister Gopaul said he is urging residents and the diaspora not to allow Guyana to move backwards or to a state of underdevelopment or where essential goods and services cannot be provided to the citizens. “Just look at how Canada is progressing,” he noted. Dr. Gopaul told The Camera “As for the slashing of the national budgets over the last two years by the opposition using its one seat majority in the National Assembly, those cuts will have consequences for the country, “as they prevent development from taking place, such as Amaila Falls Hydro project, the specialty hospital, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Expansion project, and even the development of regional airstrips in Guyana. Other capital projects have similarly been affected or delayed.” Dr. Gopaul acknowledged that the issue of unemployment is by no means unique in Guyana, since the international Labour Organization (ILO) is also seeking to manage this issue in even the developed countries “Our programme is geared at assisting every single youth who wants that opportunity, and I think it is because of that we must recognize the role of Central Government in this regard.” To maximize the value that Canada draws from its natural resources, the Government has introduced significant system-wide improvements to achieve the goal of “one project, one review” in a clearly defined time period, streamlined the review process for major economic projects, enhanced consultations with Aboriginal peoples, and strengthened environmental protection and pipeline and marine safety.

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Trini man begs cops: Don’t arrest me it’s Carnival A San Fernando mason who begged police not to arrest him because it was Carnival time was sentenced to two years in prison. Rodney Phillips, 23, of Marabella, was charged with trafficking marijuana and cocaine after being found with both drugs near a Marabella school last week. He was also charged with resisting arrest. San Fernando Magistrate Siumongal Ramsaran heard that constable Miguel Guerra was on patrol when, on reaching in the area of the Marabella Anglican School, he saw a white Nissan B15 car without a registration plate. Police prosecutor Sgt Veano Ragoo said, “While speaking to the defendant (Guerra) observed the defendant fidgeting. He also saw an unusual bulge in his left front pants pocket.” Guerra became suspicious, searched the defendant and found cocaine and marijuana. Phillips told him: “I cyah take dat lock up now, is Carnival.” When the officer held on to Phillips’ right hand, he violently pulled away and there was a struggle between them, with Phillips repeating that he could not be arrested as it was the Carnival season. Last year Phillips was sent to jail for six months on a drugrelated charge. He sent Phillips to jail for two years on each of the drug matters plus three months hard labour for resisting arrest.

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SEES WHAT YOU CAN’T. If you’re 50 or over, talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner to find out when it’s the right time for you to get screened for breast, cervical, or colorectal cancer. Need more information? We speak your language. Call Telehealth 1-866-797-0000 TTY : 1-866-797-0007

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from pg 7 : Recognizing the achievements of women

solve the greatest challenges of the 21st century, we will find lasting solutions to many of the problems we face in our world. Major challenges such as poverty, inequality, violence against women and girls, and insecurity will be addressed substantially,” says Mlambo-Ngcuka. She added, “Women spend the

majority of their income on the wellbeing of their children and family. Raising women's labour force participation increases economic growth. By ending women's poverty, we will sustainably and significantly reduce extreme poverty worldwide.” Each year International Women's Day

is celebrated on March 8. The first International Women's Day was held in 1911. Thousands of events occur to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. Organisations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women's groups, corporations and the media celebrate the day.



Mar 06, 2014

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REGIONAL Jamaica’s Goat Islands Photo: Jeremy Francis

JA Gov't, Chinese close in on Goat Islands deal After months of speculation, the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) confirmed that Goat Islands will be the site of a Chinese seaport. The port, which will form a part of the much-touted logistics hub, will provide 10,000 permanent jobs. The area to be developed will total 600 acres, he said. Goat Islands are cays situated in the Portland Bight Protected Area, an expanse of 1,876 km from Hellshire in St Catherine to Rocky Point in Clarendon. Portland Bight, which is the subject of two international conventions, boasts a largely undisturbed dry limestone forest which scientists say is one of the few remaining in the region. It also features coral reefs, mangroves, and sea grass, and is home to several endemic species, including the Jamaican iguana, which was brought back from the brink of extinction under a programme managed by the University of the West Indies, Hope Zoo in Kingston and a host of

others in the US. The Goat Islands port project is to be developed by China Harbour Engineering Company, and will begin with the development of an industrial park for the storage, assembling and packaging of goods in light industries, heavy industry manufacturing, information technology, and skills training. Work will include the building of bridges, roads, pipelines and water storage facilities, warehouse, and a container terminal. Jamaica’s Governor General has appointed a Commission of Enquiry to examine the events that led to attempts to extradite Tivoli Gardens strongman Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke in May 2010. Governor General Sir Patrick Allen announced the three-member Commission. They are Chairman, Sir David Simmons, retired Chief Justice of Barbados and former attorney general of Barbados; Justice Hazel Harris, a retired judge of the Court of Appeal of Jamaica; and Velma Hylton, former puisne judge of the OECS (St Kitts and Nevis) and former DPP of the Bahamas and Grenada. A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister said Monday, "After Cabinet received the Public Defender’s Interim Report and accepted his recommendation that there be a Commission of Enquiry into the Events in Western Kingston of May 2010, the Government prepared and published a Discussion Draft of the Terms of Reference, and sought comments from the public.” It added that "several substantive responses were received. The Discussion Draft was subsequently amended in light of the comments received from the public."

South American defence ministers against intervention in Venezuela Paramaribo - Defence ministers of South American states have spoken out against intervention in Venezuela. The ministers said at the close of the annual Defence Council meeting of the Union of South American States Unasur in Suriname that the "social and political unrest" in Venezuela should be viewed as an internal matter. "Venezuela is a sovereign country and the country should be given room to solve its internal conflicts with the mechanisms that it has at its disposal. We should respect the country's sovereignty and the foundations of nonintervention," said Ecuador's Defence Minister Carlos Larrea. The violent protests that have split Unasur member Venezuela in two camps were high on the agenda of the conference. The disturbances that erupted between pro- and antigovernment protesters have so far claimed six deaths. Last Monday Suriname issued a statement on behalf of Unasur, appealing for a non-violent resolution and calling on both sides to uphold the principles of democracy. Unasur's sentiments were echoed by the Organisation of American States

(OAS). The US also spoke out against the violence, but its concerns were rebuked by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who charged that the antigovernment protesters were being backed by the US. Maduro succeeded Hugo Chavez as President after Chavez died in 2012 and has tried to maintain the same anti-US hard line the illustrious leader had been notorious for.

An activists faces National Guard troopers during a protest in San Cristobal, capital of the western border state of Tachira, Venezuela, on Feb. 27, 2014. PHOTO BY: ORLANDO PARADA

The statement by the Unasur defence ministers left no room for doubt whether Venezuela had South American support to find its own way out of its internal troubles; the ministers said they were showing solidarity with Venezuela and that it was "inappropriate for others to meddle in the internal affairs of a sovereign country."

Caribbean first region to be measles-free Washington, USA - The PanAmerican Health Organisation (PAHO) says there has been no endemic transmission of measles in the Americas, including the Caribbean, since 2002. PAHO said since Venezuela reported the last case in 2001, measles deaths have “disappeared from the region”. “These successes, achieved by the countries of the Americas with support from the Pan American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation (WHO), make the Americas the first region in the world to eliminate one of the world’s most contagious diseases and a leading cause of death for young children,” said PAHO in a statement here. It said key reasons for the success include high rates of vaccination coverage in regional countries and early detection of cases. However,the region continues to face the threat of imported

cases from countries outside this hemisphere, where the virus still circulates. As of 2012, according to WHO estimates released last week, there were 226,722 measles cases and 122,000 deaths in other regions of the world. These figures represent declines of 77 per cent in cases and 78 per cent in deaths since 2000. However Dr Gina Tambini, director of PAHO’s Family, Gender and Life Course Department cautioned, “But until the rest of the world eliminates the disease, we must be on the alert for any reintroduction of cases that could lead to outbreaks and jeopardize the continuity of this public health milestone.”

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Jamaica credit rating upgraded New York - International credit rating agency Fitch has upgraded Jamaica's credit rating after the country completed its debt exchange last week. The agency lifted Jamaica's long-term foreign currency issuer default ratings to triple-C, seven notches into junk territory, from restricted default. According to the Wall Street Journal, the upgrade concludes Fitch's assessment of the country's domestic debt exchange offer launched on February 12. The ratings were supported by reduced financing risks due to fiscal consolidation and the lengthening of domestic debt repayments; the successful completion of two reviews under the International Monetary Fund (IMF) program and the satisfaction of all the quantitative targets and structural benchmarks for the third review; and the preservation of broad macroeconomic and financial stability. In addition, Fitch said the declining path of Jamaica’s public debt/gross domestic product (GDP) due to the National Debt Exchange executed in February 2013 coupled with an increase in primary surpluses and modest economic recovery contributed to the rating upgrade. “The Government welcomes the positive rating action of Fitch Ratings and is committed to continuous improvement in Jamaica’s fiscal and debt operations, thereby facilitating further economic recovery and positive growth,” said the Jamaica government statement. Moody's Investors Service is also currently reviewing Jamaica's rating for a “possible downgrade after news of the debt exchange broke,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The firm rates the country at B3, one notch above that assigned by Fitch.

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from pg 1 : Canadians win big ...

Du Bois, singer/songwriter/producer mantra? “If I fail to succeed then success is my failure. I was born a winner.” And of course, he has the track record to prove it, including the International Soca Awards in four categories for 2012, and of course, Grove Soca of the Year with his breakout hit ‘Bacchanalist.’ Yes, even in his Toronto based studio KNS, Du Bois said his hard work pays off and he is grateful and humbled. He plans to develop and further his drive in taking Soca Music to places beyond our imagination. So allyuh missed de thing? No problemo. Dr. Jay has it locked at the Return Fete at Koolhaus, come Saturday, March 15. With Kerwin as one of the headliners bringing the Carnival to you fresh form T&T. The other winners included Curtis Eustace placing second at the King & Queen Show.

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Destra for Black Canadian Award Destra has been nominated in the awards shows International category along with South African songstress Lira, Ghana’s Samini, South African rapper Khuli Chana, Nigerian pop star Waje and Barbadian soca queen Alison Hinds. The awards ceremony is part of Canada’s Black History Month and, according to a recent news release Destra will not be able to appear in Toronto until June to receive her award. “Being nominated for an award like this outside of the Caribbean circuit by the black community of Canada is humbling. It came as a surprise and is a step forward for soca music. I feel proud and I hope I win,” Destra said of the nomination. Last year Destra was named monarch of Canada’s Caribana. She was chosen as the face of the festival and was featured prominently across the Canadian media. “I was on mainstream media both visual and audio and made a lot of print newspaper and magazine appearances as well. So while I am surprised (at the nomination) I guess I knew something like this could be possible. “I hope it can give the younger artistes something to aspire to. Hopefully if they see that I can do it they will realise so can they,” she said. The BCA celebrates and showcases the achievements of Black Canadian artists, trail-blazers and leaders within the community. Past notable winners of the award include Canadian pop star Drake, rapper Kardinal Offishal and Olympic 100m gold medal sprint champion Donovan Bailey.

ENTERTAINMENT from pg 1 : Triple Crown for McQueen

Phillipe Polo on Facebook. This must see movie takes the audience from mere acting to authenticity! You, too, will shed a tear or two. McQueen thanked his wife who first showed him a copy of Northup’s original story for “unearthing this treasure for me.” The iconic film is based on the story of a free New Yorker, Solomon Northup, a freeman making a living as a musician in 1841. After accepting a job offer from two men to play for a circus, he soon finds himself kidnapped, transported to the South and sold into slavery. Forced to take a new name, he is thrown together with other enslaved African Americans, each suffering the horrors of gruelling labour, daily humiliations and families torn apart. But for Northup, there is the

added nightmare of remembering the freedom and identity he so recently enjoyed. Working with the enormously talented Chiwetel Ejiofor as Northup, McQueen crafts a portrait of a man who refuses to let slavery extinguished his spirit. Denied the most basic human expression and subjected to brutal punishments whenever he asserts his freedom, he holds onto his dignity, writing down his story in secret. Wow! O, happy night, as the brilliant and beautiful Lupita Nyong’o graced the Dolby Theatre during the Oscars, last Sunday in Los Angeles and held her award for the best actress in a supporting role for her debut film 12 Years a Slave. She brought reality to make belief.”No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid,” Lupita enthused.

A desert scorpion costume, “Quars Al Sahara,” portrayed by Wade Madray took the King of the Bands title.

Peola Marchan’s costume, “Zamara Mirage of the Oasis,” was the winner of the Queen of the Bands on Friday night at the Queen’s Park, Savannah, Port of Spain.

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Mar 06, 2014

The Caribbean Camera - Many People, One Paper

Chinese colonising Jamaica - trade minister worried breathing space to an economically Opposition challenged state. "Certainly, we have Spokesman on come a long way in dealing with Foreign Affairs similar issues of imperialism and and Foreign colonialism, cultural penetration, as Trade Edmund well as political domination." Bartlett is urging With China poised to the Government Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller is greeted play a pivotal role in the to address by President of the People's Republic of China, establishment of the concerns by Xi Jinping, in Beijing. Xi said that trade between and Jamaica tripled in the three years from logistics hub and the some Jamaicans that a China 2009 to 2013. (photo: Caymanas Economic Zone, heavy Chinese economic infusion into Jamaica could negatively affect the after already driving major infrastructural development, concerns have been raised as to country's sovereignty. Bartlett described the prevailing suspicion whether Jamaica stands to lose much of its of the Chinese as an age-old discussion on how sovereignty even if it benefits economically. According to Bartlett, potent political will is international aid and investment influence the sovereignty of a nation, whether it tramples on necessary to resist what is not good for the democratic rights of its citizens or allows country and to embrace what is of benefit to the people. "One of the things that we cannot and must not do is to sacrifice selfdetermination for straight economic good," he asserted. "I believe that with China's position in the global landscape, it is unavoidable for any country that has the peculiar problems that confront Jamaica, which is in dire need of investment flows, to deal with that country," said Bartlett. "Not many countries that can are willing to do that sort of an investment arrangement that China is offering," added Bartlett. "So I believe that Jamaica is going to have to chart its way with China as partner." Bartlett expressed cautious optimism about Jamaica's relationship with China, although he expressed some worry that not everything will work for Jamaica in a way that its Government and people desire.


“Illegal Foreign Intervention in Haiti,” says OAS insider In 2010, a secret “core group” of foreign dignitaries sought to force the president of Haiti out of office in a coup. They also engineered an intervention in Haiti’s presidential elections that year that ensured that the governing party’s candidate would not proceed to a runoff. These are the revelations being made by the Organization of American States’ (OAS) Special Representative to Haiti at the time, Ricardo Seitenfus. Seitenfus, who was present at some of these meetings, these OAS shenanigans in his new book being published in his native Brazil, titled International Crossroads and Failures in Haiti. In a written interview with Dan Beeton of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) and journalist Georgianne Nienaber, Seitenfus provides new details regarding threats against then-president of Haiti René Préval. Seitenfus also corroborates the conclusions of CEPR’s earlier analysis of an OAS “Expert” Mission sent to verify the election: that the OAS overturned the results of the first round in a political intervention. The OAS took this unprecedented step without so much as a recount or calling for a new election, something that had never been done before by an international body. This was a “white coup and a blatant electoral intervention,”

Seitenfus says. The OAS “Expert” Mission, most of its members coming from the U.S., Canada and France, recommended changing the result of the first round of the election after findings that CEPR’s analysis determined to be “methodologically and statistically flawed, and arbitrary.” The international community – especially the U.S. government – then exerted strong pressure for the Haitian government to accept the mission’s recommendations, which would remove governing party candidate Jude Célestin from the runoff, to be replaced by Michel Martelly, who went on to win the second round of an election. In his account, Seitenfus says that then-head of the U.N. Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) Edmond Mulet (supported by the U.S. ambassador ) told Préval he would have to “leave the presidency and abandon Haiti.” He also levels sharp criticism at the U.N., the OAS, the U.S. government and other key actors in Haiti, and praises PetroCaribe and other assistance from Venezuela, which he describes as “a counter model to traditional development aid from the developed countries and international organizations” that has “take[n] away from the Haitian state the little financial autonomy that it possesses.”

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Members of a Canadian controversial Jewish sect detained in T&T Three adults and six children of a controversial ultra-orthodox Jewish sect is reportedly being detained in Trinidad and Tobago after an Ontario court ordered that 13 children from the sect be handed over to child welfare services. An appeal hearing was set for Wednesday at 10 a.m, but it was delayed after a lawyer for the children’s aid society in Chatham, Ont., brought an DAX MELMER/The Windsor StarA senior male with the Jewish fundamenemergency motion in the talist group, Lev Tahor, walks with a small group of children near a motel in Chatham, Ont., on Nov. 23, 2013. case. It resulted in a closed court hearing, so the subject of the motion is not known. No members of the sect attended the hearing. The court delay comes amid a CBC report that members of Lev Tahor refused to leave Piarco

International Airport after they arrived on Tuesday. The nine members apparently fled to the twin island on board a West Jet flight from Toronto on Monday. They told immigration officials that they were on their way to Mexico and were denied entry, Chatham news outlet said. “The official said the group is being detained in a private room at the airport and he expects they’ll be sent back to Canada on Friday.” It’s unclear if the three adults and six children in Trinidad and Tobago are members of the same families involved in the custody case. A judge ruled last month that the children must be turned over to child protection authorities in Quebec, where a court had ordered that they be placed in foster care. Much of the Lev Tahor community of about 200 people left their homes in Ste-Agathe-desMonts, Que., in the middle of the night days after a child welfare agency started a court case against a couple of the families. The community maintains that the move from Quebec had been planned for some time, but the judge concluded that the Lev Tahor members fled the pending court case because of the possibility their children would be removed from their homes. Facebook: TheCaribbeanCamera



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SPOTLIGHT on HEALTH Coconut and its by-products have long been used in the Caribbean for many purposes. The water and flesh of the young coconut have been found to have nutritional value when ingested. The shell, nut and outer shell of the dried coconut are used for other purposes including for cooking. The coconut water has been determined to contain a high concentration of potassium and mineral. It has been marketed as containing more potassium than commercial sports beverage and consequently it is being increasingly used by athletes and now even sold in non-traditional places - the such as hot yoga establishments. Attributes of the coconut have been part of the folklore among Caribbean people as expressed in the song, Cocoanut Woman, popularized by Harry Belafonte, the famous American singer of Caribbean heritage. In his song, coconut water is touted as being “good for your daughter,” and “have a lot of iron that make you strong like a lion.” However, in recent times, medical researchers in North America have discovered that the oil contains significant health benefits. Long demonized as unhealthy for consumption and relegated to the poor cousin status of more refined and popular cooking oils, coconut oil is now emerging as a front runner among oil products in terms of its therapeutic qualities. A physician in Florida, while researching remedies

for her husband who was diagnosed with Alzheimer patients, accept as an alternative to the Alzheimer, a disease that affects the brain, found normal production of glucose that stimulates the brain that after adding pure coconut oil to her cells. husband’s diet, there were According to Dr. Newport, after giving her husband some significant coconut oil in his meals, his brain began to became alert. improvements in He was unable to read for more than a year and soon he his condition. was able to do so. “He wasn’t able to run, he could run Dr. Mary again...,” she said. Newport who So she decided to share her husband’s success in a runs a Neonatology book, Alzheimer’s Disease, What if there was a cure? ward at a Meanwhile, Dr. Beverly Teter, a researcher at the hospital in University of Maryland, who specializes in dietary fats, Tampa said also discovered that coconut oil helps with improving she was cholesterol levels. She adds that while coconut oil helps devastated the brains of some Alzheimer patients, it may also help when she patients with diseases such as Parkinson, Dementia, learnt Epilepsy and Autism. oil could help with Alzhiemers that her The discussion on the benefits of coconut oil has husband even reached to the stage of the popular daytime talk was diagnosed with the disease. show, Dr Oz, which is hosted by American/Turkish “It appears to be a type of diabetes of the brain and cardithoracic surgeon, Dr Mehmet Oz. it’s a process that starts happening at least 10 or 20 years In that show, it was revealed that coconut oil also before you start having symptoms and it’s very similar helps to regulate blood sugar, thus lessening the effects to type one or type two diabetes, in that you develop a of diabetes, a disease that has been affecting many problem with insulin,” Dr people from the Caribbean. Newport told CBT TV. Coconut oil contains HOME REMEDY medium chain triglyceride Eating about 20 almonds can help treat and when it is ingested, it headaches due to the presence of the enzyme metabolizes in the liver to salicin. Eating almonds over a period of time produce keytones, which may even reduce the likelihood of getting the brain cells, that are headaches in the first place. Go, nuts! often times dead in

Coconut and its’ benefits


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Camera Sports

Young Chanderpaul In Guyana Senior Squad Guyana and West Indies middle order batsmen Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Ramnaresh Sarwan who were the in-form batsmen in the recently concluded WICB Nagico Super50 tournament will not be available for Guyana"s second game against Barbados, in the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Regional Four-day tournament which starts this Friday, at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence. Chanderpaul and Sarwan who were both injured did not participate in the first round match against Jamaica which Guyana lost by seven wickets last Monday, at Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Sabina Park. Tagenarine Chanderpaul, the 17-year-old son of Shivnarine Chanderpaul and 20-year-old Chanderpaul Hemraj have been drafted into the squad as a replacement. Tagenarine a left-handed opener made his first-class debut for Guyana at the tender age of 16 against the Leeward Islands last year and has played in four games so far. He was was part of the West Indies Under-19 team that participated recently in the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup in the United Arab Emirates and ended the tournament, scoring 293 runs at an average of 58.60 with two half-centuries and one century. Hemraj made his debut against Trinidad &Tobago in 2012 and has played in three first-class matches. He recently completed the first phase at the Sagicor High Performance Centre (HPC) at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus in Barbados last year. Meanwhile, the appointed captain of the Guyana team Leon Johnson, suffered an injury prior to the team"s departure for Jamaica and allrounder Christopher Barnwell led the team in the absence of Shivnarine Chanderpaul who was appointed captain. Barnwell will once again lead the team this Friday. The Guyana squad- Christopher Barnwell (Captain) Veerasammy Permaul (Vice-Captain) Sewnarine Chattergoon, Assad Fudadin, Chanderpaul Hemraj, Narsingh Deonarine, Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Anthony Bramble, Amir Khan, Devendra Bishoo , Ronsford Beaton, Keon Joseph and Vishal Singh. Cricket with Dalchand

Windward Islands Beat Barbados In Regional Tournament The Windward Islands defeated defending champions Barbados by nine wickets in the opening round of the Regional Four-Day Cricket Tournament which ended last Sunday, at the Beausejour Cricket Ground in St Lucia. Final scores- Barbados: 213 all out. Windward Islands in reply scored 252 for 9 wickets declared. Barbados in their second inning were skilled out for only 90 runs. Windward Islands 52 for 1 wicket. In another match, Jamaica defeated Guyana by 7 wickets last Sunday, at Sabina Park in Jamaica. Scores in the match- Guyana all out for 117. Jamaica in reply scored 294. Guyana in their second innings made

264. Jamaica closed at 89 for 3 wickets. In the third match of round one, Leeward Islands defeated the Combined Campuses & Colleges by 72 runs last Tuesday, at Warner Park in St Kitts. Leeward Islands 164 all out. Combined Campuses & Colleges in reply scored 202. Leeward Islands in their second innings made 299. Combined Colleges in their second innings were all out for 189. The second round starts this Friday, March 07-10th. Guyana vs Barbados in Guyana. Leeward Islands vs Jamaica in St Kitts and Trinidad & Tobago vs the Windward Islands in Trinidad.

ONGOING : Fridays from 10PM-5am Prayer and Worship Service. Are you depressed and burdened over Life problems? “Do not hug your pillow and cry, come, let us Pray, and give God a try”. Visit us at Restored Christian Fellowship, 100, Hanlan Road, Closest intersection Steeles Avenue West and Pinevalley Drive. You will be Blessed. FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS: Silhouettes Steel Orchestra. Steel pan classes for youths and adults, Fridays and Saturdays at Markham Road and Mc Nicoll Avenue, Scarborough. Call Danny for details - 416 897 8203 Celebrate Recovery, Rosewood Church of the Nazarene, 657 Milner Ave, Scarborough. Every Thursday night from 6:30-9:30. Light dinner served at 6:30. All are welcome. 416-459-1462 EVERY MONDAY (except holidays): T&T 50 Plus Association Drop-in Centre. Come enjoy an afternoon of fun with us, 12:30 - 3:30 p.m., Ellesmere Community & Recreation Centre, 20 Canadian Road, Scarborough. Free. 647-343-8869, 416-5435661. ONGOING: International Reformed Church Of God Sabbath Day. Worship every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to days end. 1110 Finch Ave. W., Unit 13. 647-347-2517 Ongoing: Church of Scientology Mission of Malvern offers Life Improvement Courses Every Tuesday 7-9pm 416-724-4152 ONGOING: International Reformed Church Of God Sabbath Day invites you to worship with us every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to close of the day. Service held at: Restoration Christian Ministry 1110 Frinch Ave. W., Unit 13 (between Dufferin and Cheswood) Toronto Christian Book and Social Club is taking new members. Do you enjoy insightful discussions, with God at the centre? Are you inspired by authors such as Joyce Meyers and Rick Warren and Creflo Dollar? Do you like to fellowship with likeminded people? Then email for more information. MAR 3: Ryerson to Honour Strong Black Women at the Sixth Annual Desmond

Awards ceremony.The ceremony has been organized by Ryerson University’s Black History Awareness Committee.The event will take place at the Podium (area connecting Jorgenson Hall to the Library Building. MAR 6: The Black Action Defense Committee’s (BADC) Board of Directors and community supporters have organized two sessions to share information about the racial profiling class action lawsuits and human rights complain. call 416-656-2232 POD 250, 2nd floor, 380 Victoria St. MAR 29: 18th Annual Celebrity ChefMen Who Cook special fund-raising event hosted by the United Achievers Club of Brampton, takes place in the auditoriumCentury Gardens Recreation Centre, 340 Vodden Street, East Brampton. Proceeds from this year’s event are geared towards funding scholarships and other youth and community initiatives. Pl. call: 905-454- 4956 The Black Business and Professional Association DISTINGUISHED MEN OF HONOUR Pre Harry Jerome Award Event Thursday march 13, 2014 Toronto Region Board Of Trade 77 Adelaide St. west Toronto The Keep Toronto Reading festival Presented by Toronto Public Library Month long event fromApril 1 - 30 2014 Featuredbook The Cellist of Sarajevo plus a chance to win dinner with the author info 416-393-7131 Jimmy Reid Cd launch Saturday march 22 2014 At the JCA 995 arrow rd Info +905-460-4145 York fete Thursday march 6th 2014 At York University Info 416-7365145 FREE ALPHA PARENTING CHILDREN COURSE Ages: 0-12 IT IS TIME TO INVEST IN YOUR FAMILY FREE DINNER and INFORMATION SESSION March 26 - 6:30 p.m. Bendale Bible Chapel, 330 Bellamy Rd. N, Scarborough, On. Contact: 416-431-1220

For a FREE listing in the Nutrament Calender, email text only files to by Mondays at 5pm



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