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Vol: 5 #88, 18 May, 2018

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RAVIKANT PREMCHARAN, the 23-year-old Surinamese policeman who was discovered dead in a vehicle in Paramaribo on Sunday, is suspected to have been killed in an act of revenge after the recent fatal attack on almost two dozen fishers off the coast of Suriname. Premcharan was shot and stabbed about his body, confirming that his death was not a suicide, as initially suspected by authorities in Suriname. Surinamese media had reported that Premcharan was found dead in a vehicle on Passiebloemstraat in Paramaribo, Suriname on Sunday. A report from the Dagblad Suriname newspaper stated that when Premcharan’s body was removed...







18 May, 2018

18 May, 2018


Canada-based Guyanese woman remanded on forgery charges A 31-year-old mother of five was remanded to prison after being charged with two counts of forgery. It is alleged that Amrita Dyal, between March 12th and March 13th, 2018, with intent to defraud, forged a promissory note purporting to be the payment of $547,000 from Kelwattie Shahabudeen to Bibi Shadick. It was also alleged that on March 13th, 2018, with intent to defraud, she procured her father, Bhagwandeen Dyal, to utter a certain promissory note purporting to be the payment of $547,000 from Kelwattie Shahabudeen to Bibi Shadick. Dyal was not required to plead to the

Ex-BHS teacher to face trial on sexual activity with child charge

charges. Dyal’s attorney stated that her client, who is a Guyanese who resides in Canada, came home to take care of her sick mother. He then stated that the document at the centre of the charge does not have his client’s name, signature or handwriting, as it is typewritten, and it was in no way linked to his client. Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore objected to bail being granted, while contending that the accused is a flight risk as she does not have a permanent residence in Guyana. Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman subsequently refused bail and remanded the woman to prison until May 22nd, when her next hearing is slated.

Amrita Dyal Caribbean Star Weekly Newspaper

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Oct.12 - 19, 2012

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Coen Jackson

Former Bishops’ High School teacher Coen Jackson, who is charged with engaging in sexual activity with a child, was committed to stand trial. Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman committed Jackson after finding that there was sufficient evidence from paper committal proceedings to have him stand trial at the next practicable sitting of the Demerara Assizes. The proceedings were held in camera. The charge against Jackson states that between December, 2010 and May, 2011, he engaged in sexual activity with a child under the age of 16. Jackson, who was granted his release on $300,000 bail, will remain out on bail until the matter is called before the High Court. Jackson has been accused of preying on his students and grooming them in preparation for sexual relationships. Last November, an official complaint was made to the Chief Education Officer Marcel Hutson by ministerial advisor Ruel Johnson against the teacher. On November 24th, 2017, the matter was handed over to the police after the Ministry of Education concluded its investigation.

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18 May, 2018


Suriname cop’s murder suspected to be reprisal for fatal attack on fishers Ravikant Premcharan, the 23-year-old Surinamese policeman who was discovered dead in a vehicle in Paramaribo on Sunday, is suspected to have been killed in an act of revenge after the recent fatal attack on almost two dozen fishers off the coast of Suriname. Premcharan was shot and stabbed about his body, confirming that his death was not a suicide, as initially suspected by authorities in Suriname. Surinamese media had reported that Premcharan was found dead in a vehicle on Passiebloemstraat in Paramaribo, Suriname on Sunday. A report from the Dagblad Suriname newspaper stated that when Premcharan’s body was removed from the vehicle, it was discovered that the perpetrators had cut his neck. It also said the perpetrators escaped with Premcharan’s service weapon and a weapon that he was suspected to be supplying to pirates. Premcharan’s death occurred amidst the ongoing probe of the recent attack on fishers off the coast of Suriname. On April 27th, four boats carrying a total of 20 persons just off the Suriname Coast were attacked. It was reported that each boat

2015 and 2016. He was remanded to prison. A close associate of Manohar was also arrested at his home on Friday by ranks of the Criminal Investigation Department’s Major Crimes Unit after the description of the boat which was used to carry out the attacks on the fishers matched his. However, a police source informed this newspaper that the man was released on $1 million station bail as there is no concrete evidence linking him to the attacks.

Ravikant Premcharan

was occupied by five persons, comprising the captain and four fishermen. The perpetrators, reportedly armed with cutlasses and guns, chopped and beat the fishermen before robbing them. Some of the men were ordered to jump overboard with their injuries, while others were thrown overboard with batteries strapped to their legs. Four men who survived the attack swam until they were rescued by passing vessels. Last week, another survivor was found. Four bodies have also since been recovered. Authorities suspect that the April 27th attacks were a reprisal for the murder of Somnath Manohar, a boat owner who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Suriname on March 30th of this year. A de Ware Tijd report seen by Stabroek News stated US$50,000 was reportedly offered after Manohar’s murder for “retaliatory action.” Manohar’s brother, Nakool Manohar, 39, also known as “Fyah,” was recently charged here with committing pirate attacks in

Supplier Meanwhile, Dagblad Suriname reported that Premcharan’s relatives suspect that his killers believed that he was a supplier of weapons to pirates. “The family concludes in this that the perpetrators have seen the victim as the supplier of weapons… whereas this is not the case,” the report said, before adding that Premcharan had started trading a weapon on behalf of man who was held by police there on Sunday. The 30-year-old is suspected to have provided a Glock weapon to Premcharan, the report said. Dagblad Suriname related that the family of Premcharan indicated that he had received a weapon from the suspect to continue trading it. According to Suriname’s Star Nieuws, Premcharan had left home around 1 pm on Saturday. It had reported that the officer’s father supposedly received an SMS, where a “declaration was made” that he was allegedly kidnapped by Guyanese persons. Acting on the information, his family members on Saturday evening reported that he was missing to the Surinamese authorities, who alerted the police in the district to be on the lookout for their colleague. The family, according to Dagblad Suriname, also reported their belief that they were being watched. “They suspected that the suspects are trying to deter the family from having the case investigated”, the report said. On Sunday evening, Dagblad Suriname said, a dark coloured vehicle passed the home of Premcharan’s family. “The vehicle drove up and down and it is noticeable that when the car approached the entrance to the victim’s home, the speed was reduced and the vehicle was running at a walking pace,” the report said.

18 May, 2018


18 May, 2018


Attorney General announces review of Cyber Crime Bill in wake of concerns

Persons are resisting Section 18 (1) (a) of the Bill, which indicates that a person commits the offense of sedition if he brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards the Government established by law in Guyana. Attorney General, Senior Counsel Basil William said he intends to return the contentious Cyber Crime Bill to Cabinet for it to be reviewed and for possible changes to be made before it is sent back to the National Assembly for debate and passage. The Bill has attracted widespread criticism for a sedition clause. In its current form, the Bill makes it an offense for persons to use a computer to excite disaffection to the government. But the administration in the face of criticism has argued that it does not affect freedom of expression. The Attorney General said he alone cannot address the concerns raised and therefore he will be engaging Cabinet to make possible changes. “This is transparency and good governance at work,” he declared. The Bill was first tabled int he National Assembly in 2016 by Williams but was sent to a Special Select Committee for review and

changes. The Attorney General had chaired the Special Select Committee where the Bill was being addressed for the last two years. He is baffled as to why the same PPP Opposition members who supported the Bill in the Committee would now raise objections to it. But the PPP itself had admitted that its members “dropped the ball” in finalizing the Bill for presentation to the House. Local transparency watchdog,

Transparency Institute Guyana Inc., and several other activists have called for the scrapping of the sedition clause in the Cybercrime Bill. Persons are resisting Section 18 (1) (a) of the Bill, which indicates that a person commits the offense of sedition if he brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards the Government established by law in Guyana.

According to Section 18 (1), a person can commit the offence whether in or out of Guyana by intentionally publishing, transmitting or circulating by use of a computer system or any other means, a statement or words, either spoken or written, a text, video, image, sign, visible representation, or other thing. The penalty ranges from four months in prison to a life sentence where death occurs.

18 May, 2018

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Importance of Vat Savitri Puja This year, women in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Haryana will observe Vat Savitri Vrata on May 15. Vat Savitri is a significant date in the Hindu calendar for married women. On this day, married women observe fast and pray for the well-being of their husband. Vat Savitri is celebrated on Amavasya (New Moon night) in the Jyeshtha according to the Purnimanta calendar followed in Northern India while the same vrat will be observed on Purnima (Full Moon Day) in the same month according to the Amanta calendar in the southern states of the country. This year, women in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Haryana will observe Vat Savitri Vrata on May 15. The legend associated with Vat Savitri Vrata: A childless Royal couple Asvapati and Malavi worshipped Lord Savitra to seek his blessings. They were blessed with a daughter and she was named Savitri. She grew up to be a very beautiful woman and was given the liberty to marry a man of her choice. She chose Satyavan. Sage Narada informs her father that she has chosen the best man but he is not suitable for her because he is short-lived. Even

after learning about Satyavan’s short life-span, Savitri decides to marry him. Three days before his predicted end, Savitri decides to do penance by fasting. Three days later, as predicted, Satyavan breathes his last. He falls on Savitri’s lap while cutting wood in the forest where they had been living for long. Savitri places his lifeless body under a banyan tree and starts worshipping to get her husband’s life back. Lord Yama emerges to take his soul but Savitri stops him. On seeing him, she heaps praise on him and appreciates him for upholding Dharma. Impressed by her words, Yama decides to grant her a boon stating that

she ask for anything but the life of Satyavan. She asks for three boons -1) eye-sight of her fatherin-law 2) many more children for her father 3) and a hundred children for her and Satyavan. Lord Yama lands in a dilemma and gets confused by her wish. He grants another boon but fails to specify that she can’t ask for Satyavan’s life. Savitri quickly asks for Satyavan’s life and Lord Yama restores it. She is hailed for winning her husband’s life back from the hands of Lord Yama. Hence married women observe fast to recall Savitri’s determination and thereby pray for their husband’s well-being. Ingredients needs for the Puja: The Puja items are very

important for the puja to be considered complete. For the puja, 5 fruits, yellow and red thread, a Kalash with water, incense stick, sindoor (vermilion), a piece of red cloth and last but not the least, idols of Savitri, Satyavan and Lord Yama made of clay. Vat Savitri Puja Vidhi (The Puja vidhi may vary from region to region) Wake up early in the morning and take a bath Wear fresh clothes and get ready by doing solah sringar. Collect all the Puja ingredients and place them on a tray or a basket made of cane. Visit a place that has a banyan tree (vat vriksh). Then place the idol Satyavan and Savitri to the left at the bottom of the tree’s truck. Leave some space and play the idol of Lord Yama to Satyavan’s right.Offer water, five fruits, incense stick, red cloth and vermilion to the idols.Then start circumambulating the tree and do as many parikramas as possible - 11, 21, 51 or 108 times while winding the yellow and red thread around the tree’s trunk.Then listen to the legend of Savitri and Satyavan.After going home, the fruits offered as prasad can be consumed. Later in the evening, one can consume sweets.

18 May, 2018


More than 350 house lots in Providence and Peter’s Hall to be allocated The government has invested $545.8Million into the project. Agreements were signed by several local contractors, who will carry out the preparatory works, and the Central Planning and Housing Authority (CH&PA), at the agency’s Brickdam office. Three hundred and sixty-eight

families will benefit from new house lots in November, following the completion of infrastructural developments in the Providence and Peter’s Hall communities on the East Bank of Demerara. The government has invested $545.8Million into the project. Agreements were signed by several local contractors, who will carry out the preparatory works, and the Central Planning and Housing Authority (CH&PA), at the agency’s Brickdam office. According to the Chief Executive Officer of the CH&PA, Lelon Saul the contractors were selected through a fair and open tender process. He said, “Those who would have satisfied the requirements were evaluated and were deemed suitable to execute the work. The process was overseen by the National Procurement and Tender Board.” Reminding that there are families anxiously awaiting to begin construction of their homes, Saul urged the contractors to ensure the works are completed in a timely manner. “I trust that you will adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract which you signed. If you fail to do so, as an agency, we will be forced to take appropriate actions”, Saul warned. Director of Projects, Omar Narine said work will begin in June and is expected to be completed within next five months. He explained the project scope entails the construction of 5.4km of crusher-run roads, construction of 10.4 earthen drains, construction of 47 concrete culverts, and insulation of 5.4km pure water distribution network. The contractors for the project are Chung’s Global Enterprise, Guy-America Construction, Eron Lall Civil Engineering Works, Colin Talbot Contracting Services, H. Nauth & Sons, KB & B Contractors and Romell Jagroop General Construction Service.

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18 May, 2018


Over a dozen marked for death after Sheron Sukhdeo murder – reports (Trinidad Guardian) Over a dozen people are believed to be marked for death following the murder of millionaire car dealer Sheron Sukhdeo. His associates and residents from his community say they are now living under a self-imposed curfew as they brace for the expected casualties between warring family members. Among those marked are Sukhdeo’s wife Rachael, several members of her family and people employed by her. So far, four have already been killed. These include Rachael’s brother Phillip Bassant, close friend Joshua Plaza and her driver and confidante Kerwin Beckles, who was shot dead around 10 pm on Sunday. The feud has left residents of Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas and close environs so terrified that many are closing their businesses early. “Normally we close about 5 pm but these days because of the crime we closing at 3 pm,” a business owner told the T&T Guardian when a news team visited the area where Sukhdeo had most of his businesses and his relatives’ home. A source said a close male relative was almost killed on Friday night while attending a wake for a person associated with Rachael Sukhdeo. “They started to shoot up the wake and he had to run for his life. He hide in the drain and that was how he escaped,” the source said. The source said they were now fearful their entire family could be marked for death by the person/s who killed Plaza and Bassant. “I told him not to go to that wake. Doing so will be dangerous.


Right now our whole family is scared,” the source said. Since her husband’s murder, Rachel has turned her home at Xavier Extension Road into a fortress. Three rolls of barbed wire have been erected on the periphery of the house and surveillance cameras have been placed to cover every angle. Any vehicle that stops in front of the house is usually redflagged and traced, a source added. Nobody knows the whereabouts of Sukhdeo’s children. Since Sheron’s death, Rachael has also rarely been seen in the village. “She used to come and buy in the parlour you know, but not anymore. Not since Sheron died,” a businesswoman said. When the T&T Guardian visited Caroni Savannah Road, Sukhdeo’s parents’ home and business-place remained shut tight. One of their neighbours said he was sorry for Rachael’s parents, noting they came from humble

beginnings and never benefited from Sheron’s wealth. Police say his criminal empire was financed by money launderers and the drug cartel spanned 15 years and was well protected by the Muslim Gang. Sheldon’s Auto, owned by Sheron’s brother Sheldon Sukhdeo, also remained closed, but business continued at a brisk pace from his mother’s home. Several lots along the stretch housing used vehicles owned by Sheron were barricaded. A resident said the lots had been illegally occupied by Sheron as he expanded his empire. “He used to rent there and then he stopped paying the rent and occupied the land as if it was his own. Nobody told him anything because he owned all the officers from the Chaguanas Police Station. People covered for him, including (name called),” she said. Now that Sheron is dead, anyone who is seen associating with his

March 26: Sheron Sukhdeo, 33, aka World Boss, was shot dead outside the home of his inlaws at Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville, Chaguanas. April 22: Sukhdeo’s neighbour Joshua Plaza, 21, of Savannah Heights, Charlieville, was shot dead. Like Sheron, he received a phone call and when he walked outside he was killed in cold blood. May 4: Phillip Bassant, Rachael’s younger brother, received a call of death and when he walked outside was gunned down almost in almost the same spot where Sheron was killed. It is believed both Bassant and Plaza were directly involved in Sheron’s murder May 13: Kerwin Beckles was shot dead near the New Settlement Savannah in Chaguanas. He had just left the Madhoo Crystal Place Recreation Bar and was crossing the road. He was shot several times and died on the way to the hospital. family could be placed on the hit list, she noted. Another source said a man threatened to burn down her home if she gave any information to the police. She called on the police to boost patrols in the community saying law-abiding residents were afraid for their lives. Police said they had also been hearing talk about a “hit list” going but have been unable to verify if this is accurate or not.

Jagdeo calls for swift naming of new GuySuCo board Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has called for the swift naming of a Board for the Guyana Sugar Corporation even as he questioned how the $30B sourced for the corporation’s revitalization is being spent. “Appoint the board, that is my advice,” Jagdeo urged the government. He also bemoaned government’s recent $50B loan hike ceiling saying that not only was it now tied to GuySuCo’s $30B but that it signals future increased borrowings and those plans are troubling. Signaling intense scrutiny of the $30B bond taken for GuySuCo, Jagdeo said that the corporation needs an accountability body

more so now given the significant revenues borrowed. “We heard they collected an advance, we don’t know how it is being spent, we don’t know what assets are being used to collateralize it, we don’t know what the backroom negotiations were so we have huge problems with this one,” he said. “They have not defined even for the future how they intend to spend it, in fact there is no board at GuySuCo up to now. I don’t know who is borrowing all that money for Guysuco who is on what decision and there is no board,” he added. But Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder said that the selection of

a board cannot be rushed and its formulation was being worked on. “It is a work in progress…the Board should be in place by the end of May. Now get me correctly because I didn’t say would I am saying should,” he told Stabroek News when contacted. While noting that the government has the authority to intervene in the appointment of the board of GuySuCo, Minister of State Joseph Harmon, late last month said that the matter was engaging the attention of Cabinet, while informing that government was seeking to select persons who have knowledge about the industry. “The matter is before Cabinet.

Cabinet is deliberating on it and at the appropriate time a cabinet decision will be made,” Harmon said. Last month, confusion erupted after it was advertised that Colvin Heath-London, who heads the Special Purpose Unit (SPU) overseeing the divestment of some of GuySuCo’s assets, was the new Chairman of the GuySuCo Board. The impression was created that Professor Clive Thomas was no longer performing that function. However, Minister of Finance Winston Jordan later clarified that Thomas remained Chairman as Cabinet had deferred a decision on a replacement. Continued on Page 30

18 May, 2018


Man gets seven years for fondling girl, 9 Maurice Fernandes, 55, who was found guilty of fondling a nine-year-old girl, was sentenced to seven years in jail for the crime. Justice Jo-Ann Barlow, who presided over the in-camera trial at the Sexual Offences Court, handed down the sentence and noted that Fernandes had not only stolen the child’s innocence but that he also destroyed the trust she reposed in him.Commenting on what she said was the obvious trust and love the child had for the convict, who assisted her with her academic studies even when her own parents did not, the judge referenced the victim impact statement which mentioned that the girl even recanted the assault allegation to protect Fernandes from being imprisoned. This, the court noted, is a tormenting thought with which the child now has to live, and for which she must continue to be given the necessary professional guidance and counselling to help her cope. By a proportion of 10 to 2, a jury late last month convicted Fernandes of rubbing the girl’s genitals sometime between October 1st and October 31st of 2016. His sentencing, however, had been deferred to facilitate the presentation of a probation report. According to the report presented by Probation and Social Services Officer Sheneila Wilson, residents of the community in which Fernandes lived were shocked at the allegations levelled against him. According to the report, the father of four was described as a wellrespected, responsible and helpful member of his community and a person who particularly cared about the development of youths. Wilson said that an interview with the head teacher of the school the child attends revealed that the

Maurice Fernandes girl was withdrawn, but there was also optimism that she was coping much better. As for the convict, however, the probation officer said the devout Catholic maintained his innocence, declaring that he has always sought to be of good character. Meanwhile, the child’s counsellor, Raynasha Callender, who presented the victim impact report of what she said were the thoughts expressed by the now 11-year-old, related the untruths the girl had told in a bid to protect Fernandes. The statement began by detailing what the young girl is reported to have described as both her satisfaction in knowing that she had finally spoken the truth about the assault. According to the statement, the child had kept from telling her mother about the assault for quite some time because of threats her abuser made coupled with his insistence that the woman would become angry and not believe her. In spite of this, however, the court

heard that the child nevertheless made efforts to complain about what had happened to her, but she never got the chance. “I did not know what to do,” the statement quoted the child as saying. The child, according to the statement, said that it was during her school’s observance of child abuse week that she used the opportunity to talk to her teacher about what had transpired. After learning that the man could be imprisoned for what he had done to her, the statement detailed the young girl’s recanting of her story on several subsequent occasions, particularly since her mother had become upset with her. “I wanted him to go home and for my mother to be happy,” the statement quoted the girl as saying. The court then heard that as a result, the child changed her story and thereafter visited the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, where she related that she had not been assaulted. The child, according to statement, said that she knew that she should speak the truth even if it made her mother angry, and so she eventually told the police and prosecutors what had happened to her. Meanwhile, in her brief address to the court, defence attorney Tiffany Jeffrey asked the court to be merciful towards her client, while noting that he was quite contrite. Begging for mercy on the man’s behalf, Jeffrey sought to argue that the charge for which her client was convicted fell on the lower end of the sexual offences scale. Justice Barlow, however, was quick to point out that the offence can be so viewed only against the backdrop of the relatively low maximum sentence of 10 years which it attracts,

when compared to other sexual offences categories which carry life sentences. The judge noted, however, that even though the child had not been penetrated, the assault committed on her was no less severe and amounted to a violation of the child’s body. Noting that he had used his position of trust to silence the child from reporting the assault, Justice Barlow in a stern reprimand told the convict that a strong message needed to be sent to potential offenders that such vile acts would not be condoned in any form or fashion. Referencing evidence presented at trial, the judge told Fernandes it was unfortunate that given the position of trust he held he violated her in the end. Citing the probation report which suggested that Fernandes was seen to be of an upstanding character, Justice Barlow impressed upon him that having known better, he should have so done. The judge commenced his sentence at eight years, from which she deducted one year for the positive academic influence she said Fernandes had on the child’s life. This, the judge said, was the only existing mitigating factor. In addition to being sentenced, the court ordered that the convict participate in whatever rehabilitative programmes the prison has for such offenders. She also ordered that the child continues receiving counselling and guidance from all her support persons. Prior to the new sentence, Fernandes has been serving an 18-month sentence for sexually assaulting the same child. Prosecutor Abigail Gibbs led the state’s case in association with state counsel Narissa Leander.

Another Guyanese on vacation in Grenada busted with cocaine 47-year-old Guyanese National, Derrick Patterson has been remanded to prison in Grenada after his appearance in Court on Monday to face a charge of possession of Cocaine. Just one week after an elderly Guyanese man was busted in Grenada with cocaine, another Guyanese national has been held with the illegal substance in the same island. 47-year-old Guyanese National, Derrick Patterson, who is the brother of Guyana’s Minister of Public Infrastructure, has been remanded to prison in Grenada after being charged with possession of Cocaine. According to the Grenadian media, Derrick Patterson was nabbed by the Drug Squad and was charged with Trafficking of a Controlled

Drug. A total of 2.325 kg of Cocaine with a street value of EC$232,500 was found in his

possession last week. The accused who is an Evaluation Supervisor by profession, appeared before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court and was represented by Guyanese Attorney-at-Law, Darshan Ramdhanny. According to reports, was on a visit to the island at the time of his arrest. He was staying at Captain Harris Apartments in Grand Anse, St. George. According to Grenada’s THE NEW newspapers, officers attached to the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) intercepted a vehicle traveling in the vicinity of Springs on May 2 in which Patterson was the driver. The vehicle was searched and the drugs were found inside of a plastic bag. Patterson is due to reappear in court later.

18 May, 2018


Businessman’s daughter remanded to jail on attempted murder and gun possession charges

According to the Prosecutor, when the Police officer approached the young woman, she placed the gun to his head and squeezed the trigger, but the gun was empty. She was later arrested at her D’Aguiar’s Park home after speeding away from the scene. Twenty-five year old, Maryann Daby, was remanded to jail this morning after being charged for attempted murder, possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition without being the holder of a license for the weapon

and ammunition. The daughter of businessman Paul Daby, appeared before the Principal Magistrate, Judy Latchman and broke down in tears after she was remanded to prison. The Court was told that early on the morning of Sunday 13th May at GMRSC, Thomas Lands, the young woman had in her possession a .32 pistol along with six live matching rounds and with the intent to commit murder, she attempted to discharge the firearm at Policeman Christopher

Kissoon. The woman’s Attorney Mark Waldron, told the Court that there is no evidence that the woman ever unloaded the firearm since, according to him, no spent shells were discovered at the scene. He also said that there appears to be no other witness to the incident other than the Police rank who filed the complaint and made allegation. The Attorney also told the Court that the young woman was never placed on any identification parade. He said it is his view that the charges are based on malice. Waldron made a passionate application for bail, telling the

Court that the young woman is a Director and Finance Officer of her family’s company. The Police Prosecutor, however, objected to bail on all of the charges based on the seriousness of the offenses. He told the Court that the Police Officer responded to the area after he heard gunshots and saw the woman discharging shots into the air. According to the Prosecutor, when the Police officer approached the young woman, she placed the gun to his head and squeezed the trigger, but the gun was empty. She was later arrested at her D’Aguiar’s Park home after speeding away from the scene. Bail was refused on the fact that a firearm was used and the offenses were very serious. The young Daby has been remanded to jail until May 23. Her parents and other relatives packed the Courtroom and appeared in disbelief when bail was denied. The charges were filed against the woman following advice from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

18 May, 2018


Part of World Bank loan to study bringing gas onshore Guyana has asked the World Bank for US$1.7M of a US$20M loan it has accessed to set the foundation for its petroleum industry framework and to also study bringing natural gas onshore when oil production begins in 2020. Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman told reporters following a meeting with World Bank representatives at his Duke Street office morning that his ministry would be “the receiving ministry” until such time as the proposed Department of Energy (DOE) is up and running. He explained that the World Bank has put strict criteria for accessing the funding and it is for this reason that a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) has been established within the Ministry of Finance. “To be able to get the advance financing that the minister of finance has asked for, the World Bank has said that there must be this unit up. So the sooner we get this unit it is the sooner we can get an advance…We must have procurement capacities, we must have a coordinator and a financial director. Once those are in place we can receive the advance and the larger tranche

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman (centre) presents Word Bank Director for the Caribbean Tahseen Khan with a token of appreciation as Minister within his ministry, Simona Broomes looks on.

will be forthcoming towards the end of the year,” he added. The Natural Resources Minister could not readily say what the terms of the loan were as he explained he did not have the actual loan document with him morning “but suffice to say it is very favourable terms”. He pointed out that the loan caters for three components. “It has three components, enhancement of the strategic legal and regulatory frameworks, institutional set up and capacity building, programme management and coordination and to a larger extent that would be the gas,”

he said. Minister of Finance Winston Jordan has said that government will be channeling the bulk of the loan towards capacity building and hiring of skilled personnel and training to maximize oversight of the sector. He had pointed out that part of the loan would go towards looking at legislation “that we would be required to put in place to improve the architecture for the oil and gas sector.” Trotman said that part of the US$1.7M will be used for a study on bringing natural gas onshore for local energy needs. “I know that Minister (of Public Infrastructure David) Patterson and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure are well engaged with Exxon in bringing the gas to shore so it is very important that we get technical support and advice that is needed from the World Bank and outside of the World Bank,” he said. “We have had desktop studies, but we now have to go further and actually work out the actual generation aspects onshore, what equipment for GPL for example…there is a lot of work to get done. We have done an identification of the location, which is at Woodlands on the East Coast of Demerara but the work now in terms of for example, the pipeline, the width of the pipeline, say if 12 inches as opposed to 14 inches, where will it land, which company is going to take it there, is it General Electric, is it Wartsila, is it GPL by itself? These are decisions that have to be made and they can’t be made in a vacuum, so we need an in-depth study,” he added. Some of the US$1.7m will go towards strengthening Guyana’s regulatory and legislative framework for the oil and gas sector. Pointing to the lack of

legislative and other frameworks geared for a petroleum sector, Jordan had said that the government would move swiftly to ensure that mechanisms are in place to cater for first oil in 2020 and production beyond. “We have none like local content, SWF [Sovereign Wealth Fund], Petroleum Commission Bill, Petroleum Fiscal Regime legislation and plus we don’t have people to draft them. So, under this loan, we have to bring people to help us draft these pieces of legislation,” he added. Trotman informed that it was only on Monday that himself and the other members of President David Granger’s ‘Quintet’ of ministers held a workshop to discuss the funds and the Petroleum Commission Bill formed a major part of that forum. “It [the US$20M] is really for oil and gas capacity building , strengthening the regulatory framework and working with the government… bringing the gas to shore and the other one is just capacity building . That is why we held a workshop with the ministers to brainstorm the whole idea of the department of energy and how it can be framed and of course as a companion to that the petroleum commission bill. “I should add that since we put (the petroleum commission bill) in parliament last year, the World Bank had asked that we stall, not necessarily stall but if we could wait their inputs. Those inputs came at the end of February so we discussed with them the way forward. They have committed to providing an expert to do the redraft. They had provided comments but the actual redraft is what is needed now and the intention is to have the bill back before the house, either a complete redraft or a new bill by June of this year. With an expert already identified by the World Bank to help in this regard, Trotman said that government has offered to pay the person to quicken the process so that the June deadline could be reached. The Natural Resources Minister said that government plans to, with all recommendations it has received on the current Petroleum Commission Bill, incorporate the World Bank’s expert assistance and have all synthesized into one workable draft to share it with the stakeholders. Following that process, government will meet with the various stakeholders, have the draft published on its website for feedback and then hold national consultations again before it is taken back to the National Assembly.

18 May, 2018


Lindo Creek COI completes public hearings without main witness being called to the stand It is alleged that Williams had given statements to the Police back in June 2008, indicating that the then notorious Fineman gang was responsible for the murder of the eight miners. He reportedly claimed that he was a member of the gang at the time. He was 15-years-old at the time. Public Hearings at the Lindo Creek Commission of Inquiry wrapped up on Tuesday afternoon with the Commission refusing to place the only possible surviving witness, Dwayne Williams on the stand. Commission Chairman, Justice Donald Trotman in handing down his ruling, said he considered it unnecessary and inadvisable to place Williams on the stand. It is alleged that Williams had given statements to the Police back in June 2008, indicating that the then notorious Fineman gang was responsible for the murder of the eight miners. He reportedly claimed that he was a member of the gang at the time. He was 15-years-old at the time. But his story has reportedly changed over the years, and there have always been questions about what he really told investigators. Attorneys representing the interest of the Guyana Defense Force at the hearing wanted to see the now 25-year-old man on the stand, but Justice Trotman ruled against such a move and said Williams is currently in protective custody pending indictable proceedings. He also informed the Attorneys that Williams was interviewed by the Commission and he pleaded not to be exposed to a public hearing, which could endanger his personal security and personal life. “Taking these matters into consideration and Williams’ own concern for personal safety and security the Commission must have respect for his entitlement to security and witness protection,� the Chairman said. The GDF Attorneys said they respected the ruling and in turn asked for Williams to give evidence and make himself available for questioning by skype but that request was also denied. Williams statement has however been handed over tot he Attorneys with the Chairman indicating that it was more in favor of the GDF rather than incriminating. Although public hearings have come to an end, the Commission will continue until the end of

June before compiling its report with findings and recommendations. The Commission Counsel, Patrice Henry, said the Commission intends to interview former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Former Chief of Staff Mark Phillips before wrapping up its work.

18 May, 2018 the islamic faith Peace / submission to the will of our creator


Does the use of an injection break the fast? The fast is not nullified. (Fatawa Raheemiya vol. 2) However, injecting directly into the stomach will nullify the fast. If I have a wet dream at night or whilst fasting is my fast still valid? Yes, the fast is still valid. (Shaami) Is it permissible for a husband and wife to kiss whilst fasting? It is permissible, provided that: 1. One does not swallow the saliva of his/her partner; 2. One has control over his/ her desire and is not driven by desire to sexual intercourse or ejaculation. (Fataawa Hindiya) Is a fasting woman allowed to breastfeed her baby? Yes, this is permissible. Can I have a blood test done whilst fasting? Yes, you could do so provided that you do not become so weak that fasting becomes difficult. Can I visit my gynecologist or have a pap-smear during Ramadhan? The fast would be nullified if medication is inserted into the private part. It would therefore be advisable to delay the appointment until after Ramadhan. (Fataawa Hindiya - vol. 1, pg 204) If rain water enters my mouth and swallowed, is my fast broken? Yes. (Fatawa Hindiya - vol. 1, pg 203; Fatawa Shaamiya vol. 2, pg. 403) Does a woman have to keep qadha (make up) of fasts missed due to menstruation? Yes, Aisha (Radiallaahu Anha) reports from Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) that a menstruating woman will keep the qadha of missed fasts but there is no qadha for salaah missed during menses. ( I‘laaus Sunan vol.1 pg. 372) I am a diabetic and not in a position to keep fast. How do I compensate for the missed fasts? Allah Ta‘ala has granted permission to people like yourself to compensate the fast with contributions for poor Muslims for each day that you cannot Fast. The Jurists have equated this amount to that of Sadaqatul Fitr (money given on Eid day to the poor) approximately (US $7) it could be paid at the beginning of Ramadhan or at the end. (Shaami). This money may not be discharged before Ramadaan. Is it permissible to apply oil to the head whilst fasting? Yes it is permissible to do so.

(Fataawa Raheemiya) I need to insert medication into my eye on a daily basis. What is the status of my fast? The fast is not affected by inserting medication into one‘s eye, whether the medicine is liquid or non-liquid. (Fataawa Hindiya, vol. 1, pg. 203) I am writing exams during Ramadhan and find it difficult to concentrate whilst hungry. Can I delay my fast until after Ramadhan? It is not permissible to do so. Keep your fast and pray to Allah Ta‘ala to make it easy for you. (Fataawa Raheemiya Vol. 2. pg 34) I am an asthmatic. Does the usage of the pump break my fast? It is advisable that you use your pump at Sehri Time and Iftaar time. However, if you do have an attack then you could use your pump. This will break your fast and a qadha will have to be kept. Is it permissible to swim whilst fasting? It is not advisable to swim whilst fasting. If water is swallowed by mistake or enters through the nose and reaches the brain then the fast will break and a qadha will have to be kept. (Tahtaawi Alaa Maraaqil Falaah, pg. 672) Does masturbating break the fast? One is not allowed to masturbate, whether fasting or not. However if one does this act whilst fasting then the fast will break and a qadha will have to be kept. (Shaami vol. 2, pg 399) What is the status of sehri in Ramadaan? Sehri is a sunnah practice. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) is reported to have said, ‘‘Partake of sehri, for verily there is barakah (blessings) in Sehri.’’ (Bukhari and Muslim) However the fast is valid without sehri. How one breaks his daily fast It is important to hasten breaking the fast as soon as the sun sets because this was the practice of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and his companions..... When a person lawfully breaks his fast

‘‘Then complete the fasting until the night ‘‘[Qur‘an Baqarah 2:187] The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) explained this to mean the coming of the night and the going away of the day and when the disk of the sun disappears. Hastening the breaking of the fast. It is important to hasten breaking the fast as soon as the sun sets because this was the practice of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and his companions. ‘Amrun Ibn Maimoon Al-Awdee said: ‘‘The companions of the Messenger were the fastest people to break the fast (at Maghrib) and the last to eat the Sahoor (i.e. they used to try to take it at the last possible moment).’’ [Abdur Razaak in the Mussanaf] Hastening to break the fast also has other benefits that can be included under this heading. • Hastening to break the fast earns good Sahl Ibn Sa‘d (may Allah be pleased with him) said that the Messenger (peace be upon him) of Allah the all-Mighty said: ‘‘The people will continue to be in good condition as long as they hasten to break the fast.’’ [Bukhari and Muslim] • To hasten the breaking of the fast is the Sunnah of the Messenger (S.A.W). If the Muslims hasten the breaking of the fast this would help them to keep on the Sunnah. Sahl Ibn Sa‘ad said that the Messenger (peace be upon him) of Allah the all-Mighty said: ‘‘My nation would continue to be on my Sunnah as long as they do not wait for the stars to come out before breaking the fast.’’ [Ibn Hibbaan] • Hastening the breaking of the fast is a way to differentiate the Muslims from the Christians and the Jews. Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) said that the Messenger of Allah the all-Mighty said: ‘‘The Deen will be uppermost/manifest as long as the people hasten to break their fast because the Jews and the Christians delay (it).’’ [Abu Dawood and Ibn Hibbaan] From the above Hadeeth we must not think that

our practicing this hadeeth alone would be responsible for the Deen to be manifest. This hadeeth must be understood along with all those verses from the Quraan and the Hadeeth of the Messenger (Sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) that deal with the issue of being different from the disbelieving people and making the Deen uppermost. Breaking the fast before the Maghrib Salaah It is reported that ‘‘The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) used to break his fast before the Maghrib Salaat.’’ [Ahmad and Abu Dawood] What is recommended to eat, to break the fast? Anas Ibn Maalik said: ‘‘The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to break his fast with fresh dates before he prayed. If he did not find fresh dates then he would use dried dates. If he did not find that also he drank a few sips of water. [Ahmad and Abu Dawood] bWhat should be said at the time of breaking the fast? The fasting person should know that Allah the all-Mighty listens to his supplication and answers it. Abu Huraira said the Messenger (peace be upon him) said: ‘‘The supplications of three groups of people‘s are not rejected; the du‘aa (Supplication) of the fasting person when he is breaking his fast, the du‘aa of the just Imam and the du‘aa of the oppressed.’’ [Tirmzi, Ibn Majah and Ibn Hibbaan] So the fasting person should make use of the time when he is breaking his fast to ask Allah Taala for all those things that would make his life easy in this world and the next. However, although any Du‘aa can be made at that time the Messenger (peace be upon him) also used to make a specific one which we should make sure we supplicate with, along with whatever other supplication we desire. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) when he broke his fast used to say: ‘‘The thirst has gone and the veins have recovered and the blessing is established if Allah wills’’ [Ahmad, Al-Baihqee] Can we brush our teeth while fasting? Cleaning one‘s teeth with a Miswak or with a dry brush (i.e. not containing tooth paste) is allowed during a fast. However, one should not use paste during the fast because it is makruh. Nevertheless, if nothing is ingested past the throat the fast is not broken. Compiled by: Shayk Abdullah Khan Abdullah.Khan@

18 May, 2018


Three-year-old child found dead in Sophia house A relative of the child explained to News Source that late last night, the child was unwell and complained about not being able to breathe properly. It’s unclear why he was not taken to a hospital. Police investigators and Child Care Services are probing the death of a three-year-old child in a Sophia shack. The toddler’s lifeless body was discovered around 9 o’ clock this morning by relatives in C Field Sophia. A relative of the child explained to News Source that late

West Ruimveldt contractor refused bail on gun, ammo charges A West Ruimveldt contractor was remanded to prison for allegedly having a firearm and ammunition without a licence. Christopher Rogers is accused of having a .38 revolver in his possession on May 13th at Smyth and Sussex Streets, without being the holder of a firearm licence. It was also alleged that Christopher Rogers on the same date Rogers had five .38 rounds of ammunition in his possession, without being the holder of a firearm licence at the time. Rogers denied the charges after they were read to him in a city court. His attorney, Dexter Todd, stated that his client was taken into custody after a car he was in with four other occupants was searched. Todd said Rogers was searched and nothing was found on him but the weapon was found after the men were taken to the police station. He contended that somehow the officers changed the location of where the weapon was found from the car to his client’s person. Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore stated that on the day in question police ranks were on patrol and stopped a car, HC 4861, of which Rogers was passenger. He stated that Rogers was searched and the weapon was found in the crotch of his pants. Moore objected to bail being granted and Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman remanded the man to prison and adjourned the matter until May 22nd.


last night, the child was unwell and complained about not being able to breathe properly. It’s unclear why he was not taken to a hospital. Persons in the area said the toddler lived with his grandmother and her husband and two siblings. They said the family lives under insanitary conditions and the grandparents are usually drunk. The investigation continues.

18 May, 2018


President says to meet Jagdeo ‘soon’ over service commissions, judicial nominees President David Granger announced that he plans to meet “very soon” with Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on the appointment of several service commissions and the latter’s rejection of the nominees to the top two judicial posts. “I expect that we’ll be meeting the Leader of the Opposition very soon to deal with a range of appointments. That [the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) Chairman] is one of them”, he told reporters at State House shortly after accepting the credentials of Guatemala’s non-resident ambassador to Guyana, Mario Estuardo Torres. Granger was questioned on the absence of a PCA Chairman for more than a year following the removal of Justice (rtd) Cecil Kennard owing to his advanced age. Asked if he has a nomination for PCA Chairman he responded in the positive. This newspaper was previously told that retired Justices BS Roy, William Ramlal and Claudette La Bennett were recommended for the post. A source knowledgeable of the process to fill the vacancy had said that Granger had asked several persons, including two of his ministers, to submit names to him. Though the president said he will meet with Jagdeo on the issue, the law does not mandate him to do so. As such it is unclear why this appointment is being delayed. Under the Police Complaints Authority Act, he is solely responsible for this appointment from a list of persons who are qualified to be a puisne judge of the High Court. Granger informed that during the upcoming meeting with Jagdeo the reconstitution of the Public Service Commission and the Police Service Commission will also be on the agenda for discussion. The life of these two commissions came to an end since last year and have raised concerns as to why government is allowing so much time to elapse without them being reconstituted. The reconstitution of the Police Service Commission is of particular importance as its constitution is required for the promotion of senior ranks in the police force. Later, Jagdeo said that he has received no formal correspondence, even as he expressed his willingness to

attend a meeting with the president. “It is part of my constitutional duty. I have to do that and I have been calling for the service commissions to be in place. Our policemen depend on it, the judiciary depends on it, teachers, public servants. Those commissions are vital …they have to be in place (and) I am part of the process”, he said during a press conference at his Church Street office. When asked how soon he plans to have this meeting, the President responded “I cannot (say) I have to wait on Parliament for the nominations”. While noting that nominations for the Police Service Commission are already with Parliament, he said none has been made for the Public Service Commission. “As soon as the parliament completes its work I will ask the Leader of the Opposition to meet”, he said. Impasse Meanwhile with regards to the judicial nominees impasse, Granger said that he has laid all his cards on the table based on the advice given to him but will discuss the matter when he meets with Jagdeo. Granger was asked what the next step is given that Jagdeo has publicly said that he will offer no counterproposals. “You know where we stood. I went through every possible legitimate means of getting the best advice. I have offered him my advice and he has rejected it and he has not come up with an alternate name and when we meet I will raise the matter with him again”, he said. Asked to clarify if he was

advised to ask Jagdeo for counterproposals, he responded “I did not so advise him but he knows who my nominees are. The public knows who my nominees are and I would like ensure that the…top judicial appointments, the Chancellor and Chief Justice are confirmed in the position”. He made it clear that not having substantive appointments is a very unhealthy. “I would like to have them confirmed and the public knows my nominees and these are persons who have gone through a process of interviews. The advice I received is that they are fit and proper to be appointed”, he stressed. Granger earlier this month had said that that it is up to Jagdeo to move the process forward while pointing out that discussions cannot take place if there is no counterproposal. “The ball is in the court of the Leader of the Opposition. I have made my proposals to him, he simply rejected them. He has not made any counterproposals so there is nothing to discuss”, the President told reporters during a brief interview last Thursday following the conclusion of the opening ceremony of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force workshop for judges and prosecutors. Granger in January informed Jagdeo that his choice for Chancellor of the Judiciary was Belizean Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, while acting Chancellor Yonette Cummings-Edwards was his nominee for Chief Justice. The two met on the issue and Jagdeo at that forum asked for some time to deliberate on the

matter. On February 7th, 2018, by way of letter, Jagdeo informed Granger of his disagreement with the nominees. Article 127 (1) of the Constitution states that both sides must agree on the nominees before the substantive appointments can be made. “The Chancellor and the Chief Justice shall each be appointed by the President, acting after obtaining the agreement of the Leader of the Opposition,” it states. Jagdeo subsequently made it clear that he will not be making any counter proposals. “He is the president of Guyana he has to initiate…I have already given my position. I said I am prepared to engage further…He needs to get back to me about the mode of that engagement that is my position”, he had said. Asked if he plans to take up the president’s offer, Jagdeo said “No…I don’t understand. I made it clear…He should be saying ‘I read your letter let’s find a way to move forward’”. Justice Cummings-Edwards and acting Chief Justice Roxane George were appointed last year, weeks after the retirement of then acting Chancellor Carl Singh. Chancellor Singh was the acting head of the Judiciary for about 12 years. Granger, the then Opposition Leader had refused to agree to Chancellor Singh’s substantive appointment saying that that position as well as the Chief Justice’s post must first be advertised in the interest of transparency before there is any confirmation. The then PPP/C government had argued that such a process was not catered for.

18 May, 2018


10 killers lose appeal in Thackoor Boodram’s murder

The Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal of 10 men convicted of the murder of the brother of drug kingpin Dole Chadee, who were seeking to quash their convictions on the basis of fresh claims that the State’s main witness admitted to fabricating the case against them. Delivering a written decision at the Hall of Justice in Port-ofSpain, on Wednesday, Appellate Judges Alice Yorke-Soo Hon, Rajendra Narine and Prakash Moosai refused to admit the fresh evidence provided by witness Junior Grandison, almost a decade after the group of men were convicted for murdering Thackoor Boodram in 1997. As part of their decision, the judges upheld their convictions and the life sentences, which they have been serving. Boodram, a pig farmer, was kidnapped from his home at Spring Village, Valsayn on December 20, 1997. A ransom was demanded by his abductors, but 10 days later his decapitated head was found in a whiskey box at the Caroni Cremation Site. Michael “Rat” Maharaj, Samuel Maharaj, Damian ‘‘Tommy’’

Ramiah, Bobby Ramiah, Seenath ‘‘Farmer’’ Ramiah, Daniel ‘‘Fella’’ Gopaul, Richard Huggins, Leslie Huggins, Mark Jaikaran and Junior ‘‘Heads’’ Phillip were convicted in August 2001. Their earlier appeals against their murder conviction to the

Court of Appeal and Privy Council were rejected, but the latter commuted their death sentences to life imprisonment as there had been delays in hearing their cases. In June 2011, Grandison, the State’s main witness, gave the sworn statement in which he

claimed to have been coerced by Boodram’s brother Panalal ‘‘Don’’ Boodram into implicating the men, whom he knew. The two allegedly met in prison, while Grandison was awaiting trial for the murders of Ian George and Walter Regis and the attempted murder of Courtney Reid. Those charges were dropped in exchange for his testimony against the group. Two of the men petitioned former president Anthony Carmona to review their case in light of the new evidence. In January 2015, Carmona exercised his power to refer the case to the Court of Appeal. During hearings of the appeal, last year, Grandison repeatedly refused to attend court to testify before the appeal panel and could not be compelled to do so. In addition to the statement, the men were relying on recorded telephone conversations between Grandison and two of the accused men, in which he admitted to fabricating the case. ​​​​​​​ S tate prosecutors relied on another signed statement from Grandison, which said that he was coerced by the men into recanting his evidence.

Sir Coen committed to stand High Court trial in sexual activity Jackson was charged back in March under the Sexual Offenses Act. A preliminary inquiry into the matter was completed before Magistrate Judy Latchman. He will remain free as the matter is moved to the High Court for a jury trial. When he made his first Court appearance, bail was refused but was later granted. Former Bishops’ High School economics teacher, Coen Jackson was committed to stand a High Court trial for engaging in sexual activity with a child below the age of 16 by abusing the position of trust. Jackson was charged back in March under the Sexual Offenses Act. A preliminary inquiry into the matter was completed before Magistrate Judy Latchman. He will remain free as the matter is moved to the High Court for a jury trial. When he made his first Court appearance, bail was refused but was later granted. When Jackson was initially charged, the Court

heard that between December 2010 and May 2011, he engaged in sexual activity with a child under the age of 16.

The charge came five months after the allegations against him first surfaced on social media. The accusations were first made by the

Government’s Cultural Advisor, Ruel Johnson, who is currently married to Jackson’s ex-girlfriend. The same young woman is also one of the teacher’s former students. During a press conference last year, Jackson claimed that the accusations against him had been concocted by Johnson over disagreements that the two shared on social media, and Johnson being romantically involved now with his ex-girlfriend. Johnson has consistently denied the claim by Jackson and maintains that he brought the issue to the public’s attention after receiving several reports of the teacher allegedly grooming his students for eventual sexual encounters. The Ministry of Education had conducted its own probe into the allegations and had forwarded its findings to the Police. Those findings made up the file that was dispatched to the Director of Public Prosecutions, who offered the advice to charge him.

18 May, 2018


Four held over Mahaica fruit vendor’s murder Four men have been arrested as police continue to probe the murder of fruit vendor Fareez Yassem, who was fatally stabbed during an apparent robbery at his Mahaica home on Monday. Commander of ‘C’ Division Edmond Cooper told Stabroek News that one of the men was arrested shortly after the discovery of Yassem’s body, while the other three were arrested between late Monday afternoon and Monday evening. He said the men were being questioned up to afternoon. Yassem, 36, a father of three of Lot 25 Belmont, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, died early Monday morning after he was stabbed over a dozen times about his body during what appears to have been a robbery at his home. The police had said that the attack occurred around 1.45am

Fareez Yassem and Yassem body was found in a northern drain in his yard. A police source had related to this newspaper that Yassem’s death is being investigated as a robberymurder. A pair of slippers and a bicycle were recovered at the crime scene. The first suspect was reportedly taken into custody since he is the

owner of the bicycle. Farah Yassem, the eldest sister of the dead man, had related to Stabroek News that based on what she was told, Fareez’s wife, Davie, and the couple’s children were asleep when the attack occurred. She said from all indications, her brother knew his attacker/s. According to Farah, money from Sunday’s sales was missing. She, however, also said although her brother was wearing several pieces of jewellery at the time of his death, they were all found intact. Farah said while details surrounding her brother’s death remain unclear, it is suspected that he ventured to the lower flat of his house to use the washroom. While there, she believes he must have heard a strange noise and investigated and was then stabbed. “All she (Davie) hear him saying

was ‘Ow bai! Ow bai!’” Farah said. Davie had subsequently called her neighbour, Onika Wilson, for assistance to find her husband. Wilson explained to Stabroek News that she received a call from Davie, who told her that she was calling out for Yassem but was not getting any answer. She said as a result, she woke her husband and they both went into their yard and watched over Davie, who she told to check for Fareez in the yard. “We stand up right hay suh (in their yard) so she wouldn’t be so frighten. So I call for her and I tell she come by the door and call for he (Fareez) and when she call fuh he, she seh she aint getting no responses”, she explained. She said it was then that Davie made the discovery. Fareez was already dead. An autopsy is scheduled to be conducted on Yassem’s remains.

18 May, 2018 The Christian community celebrates Pentecost this weekend. This is an important landmark on the Christian calendar. This commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Church. If we can go beyond the rituals surrounding this celebration, we can seek a better understanding of what Pentecost is, and what this means for us. This out-pouring of the Holy Spirit was recorded in the Book of Acts 2:1-4 “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” THE HOLY SPIRIT MAKES US WITNESSES FOR CHRIST Jesus promised in Acts 1:8, “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” The early disciples received the Holy Spirit as promised by the Lord. This experience completely changed them. Prior to that, they were scattered following the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, His trials and crucifixion. They were afraid to be seen or be associated with the crucified One. Peter denied he knew Christ three times on the night of His trials. After the Resurrection, they were happy to see the Lord. It meant His promises are really true. His sacrifice was accepted for man’s forgiveness and redemption. This is Good News for the world. Jesus admonished them to not rush to tell the world but wait for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. After the coming of the Holy Spirit as recorded in Acts 2, these disciples were bold to declare that Christ was risen from the dead and is able to save all who call upon Him. Peter preached boldly that day, presenting God’s love and forgiveness through the Risen Christ. The Bible says about three thousand souls confessed Christ as Savior that day. People need to know there is an answer to the sin problem and separation from God. The answer is in Jesus. We are incomplete without Him. He makes us acceptable to the Heavenly Father. PEOPLE SEE JESUS THROUGH OUR LIVES Although most people have a Bible,

the christian word



they hardly read it, if they read at all. They read our lives. Will they see faith in us? Will they see godly love, care and compassion? Will they see a life of holiness in us? The Holy Spirit gives us the inner power to live in holiness and be witnesses that Jesus is alive. He lives in us and touches the world through us. He wants to be exposed to all men through our lives. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. Since the Day of Pentecost recorded in Acts chapter two, believers in Christ everywhere have received this Spirit baptism with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. , there are an estimated seven million believers in Christ around the world who are baptized in the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the Holy Spirit is to make us witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We need to be persistent in doing His will. Let us live a life surrendered to Him so that He is reflected to the world. It’s so important to know that we are re-presenting Jesus to the world. So many are watching, and we are the example of Jesus for their lives. We walk in His standards not out of fear and condemnation but out of love and a desire to please Him. When we are a people of His love, we are free and don’t have to worry if we are

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being obedient to His standards. Love for Him puts a desire in us to please Him. THE WORLD NEEDS ANSWERS Jesus came to redeem us from sin and its consequences. People have issues that need solutions. From drug addiction, divorce, wayward teenagers, crime, sickness, habits, and so on, the answer is still Jesus. He forgives our sins and changes our lives to live beyond the cities. He comforts the distressed and heals our brokenness. Jesus said in John 14:16-17, “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.” We receive this great comfort and spiritual strength when we allow the Holy Spirit to in-dwell our lives. As we receive these blessings, we want to share them with others who need them. There is a spiritual energy that motivates born-again, Spiritfilled Christians to reach out to lost people and share the love of Jesus. They dare to believe God can heal the sick and deliver people who are in bondage. Churches are energized

in worship and fellowship. We need to see more people genuinely delivered from sin, filled with the Holy Spirit, and vibrant Churches in our community. THE HOLY SPIRIT EMPOWERS LABORERS TO REAP THE HARVEST We are in the last days and the time is upon us as Jesus said, “Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38. He sent His Holy Spirit to energize the Church in a vision to reach the world with the gospel. Believers who are saved and Spirit-filled are to testify about the Resurrected Christ. Let us reach out with the love of Jesus to hurting, suffering and confused people so we can bring them to the Savior. We want to fulfill the mandate of the Lord before time runs out. Take your family to church this weekend.

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Thirty-six bids received for construction of La Parfaite Harmonie Police Station Thirty-six companies tendered for the construction of La Parfaite Harmonie Police Station. The bids for the project, which carries an estimated cost of $62M, were opened at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Boardroom at the Ministry of Finance on Main and Urquhart streets. The bids ranged from $50.2m to $107.1m. The companies and their bids are as follows:

18 May, 2018



Desperate cop throws daughters out window but… IN AN act of desperation, policeman Shane Ramdath threw his two daughters out a window to save them as their home was burning, during the early morning hours. Standard Five student Shania Ramdath, 11, and sister Shanice, four, survived but the officer could not save his wife and the girls’ mother Anita, who perished in the flames. Firemen later found the woman’s burnt remains after they doused the flames which destroyed the top floor of the family’s house in Glenroy Settlement, Princes Town. On Saturday, Anita who worked as a clerk in the Princes Town Magistrates’ Court celebrated her 31st birthday. A day later, she was honoured by her family on the occasion of Mother’s Day. A little over 24 hours later, she was dead. Ramdath who works in the Fraud Squad was hailed a hero for saving the lives of his daughters. The fire occurred on the top floor of the family’s three-bedroom house at Immortelle Lane at 12.10 am. The four occupants were asleep at the time and it was the smell of smoke and the crackling sound of the flames which awoke them.

DEATH BY FIRE: Anita Ramdath, a mother of two, who perished in a fire morning at her home in Glenroy Settlement, Princes Town. Her husband and their two daughters managed to escape the blaze. Ramdath immediately went to a nearby bedroom and picked up

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his two daughters. He threw them out a window and they landed on a concrete platform which leads to a staircase. Police said Ramdath attempted to reach his wife who was still in the master bedroom, but the fire spread rapidly. Facing a fiery death himself, Ramdath jumped through the same window on realising Anita was beyond all help. By this time, residents were alerted and contacted the fire station. Fire Station Officer Jaglal together with other firemen responded and extinguished the flames. “Shania just wrote the SEA (Secondary Entrance Assessment) exam a couple weeks ago. This is really sad. We came out and were trying to out the fire. “When he threw the girls out the window, neighbours were already there to take them to safety. While the house was burning, people were calling out to Anita but never got a response,” said a neighbour. Another said that PC Ramdath was distraught after he jumped out of the window. “The man was in a state. He was shaking as the realisation set in that he had just lost his wife,” a neighbour said. Efforts to reach PC Ramdath

and members of his family for an interview were in vain. At Anita’s family’s home in Woodland, relatives and friends were gathered to offer support to her mother Anna Ramjitsingh who said she got the tragic news via a phone call at 6 am. Hours earlier, Ramjitsingh said, she kept getting “a bad feeling,” and had problems falling asleep. “I knew something was going to happen, but I had no idea what it was. I was not thinking it was about Anita or her family. She always had a smile on her face. Anita was a loving child, she was a daughter any mother would be proud to have. We last spoke on Mother’s Day,” Ramjitsingh said. Shania is a pupil of ASJA Primary School in Princes Town while her younger sister is in kindergarten. They were staying with Ramdath’s relatives in Tableland. Fire personnel are yet to determine the cause of the fire, but preliminary reports are that it could be electrical in nature. An autopsy was expected to be done at the Forensic Science Centre in St James as investigations were continuing.

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Kellogg pulls out of crisis-hit Venezuela CA R ACA S / VALENCIA , (Reuters) – U.S.-based food company Kellogg said it had pulled out of Venezuela due to its brutal economic crisis, the latest business to end operations in the oilrich nation heaving under hyperinflation and strict price controls. “In December of 2016, Kellogg deconsolidated its Venezuela business from the company’s results. The current economic and social deterioration in the country has now prompted the company to discontinue operations,” Kellogg said in a statement. Kellogg did not specify what difficulties it was facing in Venezuela, but companies typically struggle to find raw materials due to product shortages and currency controls that crimp imports. Socialist President Nicolas Maduro’s government also stops companies from raising prices to keep up with hyperinflation, denting profits and sometimes rendering operations

unsustainable. Venezuela’s Information Ministry did not respond to a request for comment. The closure is not expected to significantly worsen food shortages in Venezuela, but it was a further blow to morale for many Venezuelans as Kellogg’s is the most popular and available cereal in the country. Stunned workers were barred from entering Kellogg’s plant

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in the central city of Maracay and massed outside, seeking information, local business sources said. The move by the multinational was a typical one in Venezuela after years of economic crisis. Others, including Clorox (CLX.N), Kimberly-Clark (KMB.N), General Mills (GIS.N), General Motors (GM.N) and Harvest Natural Resources HNR.N, have given

up on the OPEC country, abandoning assets or selling them cheap. Venezuela is undergoing quintuple-digit annual inflation and millions suffer food and medicine shortages. Despite the problems, Maduro is expected to win reelection on Sunday in a vote the main opposition coalition says is a sham. Maduro blames Venezuela’s crisis on an “economic war” he says is waged by Washington, greedy businessmen and coup-mongers. In the past, his government has taken over the factories of some companies that have left the country. In 2014, authorities took over two plants belonging to U.S. cleaning products maker Clorox Co after its departure. “No Kellogg products or brands should be commercialized in the country without the expressed authorization of the Kellogg Company,” Kellogg said in its statement, adding it would like to return to Venezuela in the future.

18 May, 2018


Trini cop held with pure cocaine at UK airport A SPECIAL Reserve Constable assigned to the foot patrol unit at the Chaguanas police station was detained at Gatwick airport in London on Monday after he was found with a kilogram of pure cocaine. The officer who has about ten years’ service, did not apply for leave to travel out of the country, and London investigators are now working with local Interpol officers to find out whether he was involved in trafficking cocaine into the United Kingdom. The officer, who lives in the Central area, reportedly left for London last Sunday night. On his arrival at Gatwick his luggage was searched and the cocaine found. He taken into custody and up until was being questioned by London police officers. Sources said he refused to co-operate with

police. He asked police to make contact with his relatives so that arrangements could be made for


him to get legal representation. Newsday understands that acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams was told of the arrest at Tuesday’s Comstat meeting at the Police Administration building. A senior officer said he was awaiting an official report from London which would be made available to the CoP. The source said the arrested officer faces immediate suspension and the Special Reserve Police Adjutant, who is responsible for all SRPs, had also been told of the arrest. Sources said London police had been monitoring the officer’s travel and on the basis of their suspicions decided to search his luggage on Monday. ACP in charge of crime Irwin Hackshaw said he was told of the arrest on Tuesday but was

awaiting official correspondence from London. ORIGINAL STORY: A Special Reserve Constable assigned to the foot patrol unit at the Chaguanas Police Station was detained at Gatwick Airport on Monday after he was found to be in possession of one kilogram of raw cocaine. The officer, who has about 10 years service, did not apply for official leave to travel out of the country and investigators in London are now working closely with local Interpol officers to probe his involvement in the trafficking of cocaine into the United Kingdom. The officer reportedly left for London last Sunday night and when he arrived at the Gatwick Airport his luggage was searched and the cocaine found.

in the caribbean star

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18 May, 2018


18 May, 2018


T&T, China in talks to build dry docking facility in La Brea T&T and China have held discussions on a possible partnership in the construction of a dry docking facility in La Brea and possibilities for foreign direct investment. The discussions took place when Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and the T&T delegation visited the China Communications Construction Company Ltd in Beijing. Chinese involvement in the construction of the dry docking facility in La Brea was first announced by the Government in August last year, following a visit to China by Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Stuart Young, who is also part of the T&T delegation meeting with Chinese officials. In a previous speech at the Port-of-Spain Rotary Club, Young assured that the Government was not “asking the Chinese to just come here and build and give us financing,” but he said the conditions include the use of local content and local labour. Young said then that the project could have tremendous benefits to this country “imagine all of the ships from China and all of the trading from China coming to the Western Hemisphere and coming through the Panama Canal for bunkering for oil et cetera, for ship repair we asked the Chinese government to participate with us for a dry docking

China’s President Xi Jinping, right, greets Prime Minister Keith Rowley at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. PICTURE AP facility in La Brea and then we hope all of that shipping will come here.” At talks with President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping, Rowley invited the Chinese leader to take advantage of T&T’s strategic geographical location in terms of expanding trade and other services. The Prime Minister also reiterated his call for foreign direct investment from China. The Chinese leader expressed his willingness to encourage Chinese companies to invest in T&T and also to deepen long-standing ties. Chinese media reported that the Chinese President urged that the two countries enhance the synergy

of their development strategies and plans. Xi was reported as saying that China stands ready to strengthen cooperation with T&T under the Belt and Road Initiative and help promote its socio-economic development. Rowley and Xi also agreed to collaborate for next year’s celebration of the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries and the Chinese leader extended an invitation for T&T to take part in an international expo on importation to be held in China in November. T&T became the first country from the Caribbean to sign a Memorandum of Understanding

with China for the Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to eradicate poverty, create jobs, address the consequences of international financial crises, promote sustainable development, and advance market-based industrial transformation and economic diversification. The Belt and Road Initiative now encompasses nearly 70 countries with a population of over 4.8 billion people and covers economies worth a total of some US$21 trillion. The Fitch rating agency reported in 2017 that US$900 billion in projects were already planned or underway. On the first day of the T&T delegation’s visit to China on Monday Premier Li Keqiang announced that China was willing to align the Belt and Road Initiative with T&T’s development strategy. Li said China is willing to align the Belt and Road Initiative with T&T’s domestic development strategy and push forward bilateral cooperation in building infrastructure, energy, finance and agriculture. Li also said China was encouraging its own businesses to invest in Trinidad and Tobago on the basis of respecting market rules and that China was willing to help T&T to “develop its economy and improve people’s livelihood.” , Wednesday, the delegation travels from Beijing to Shanghai.

Jagdeo calls for swift naming of new GuySuCo board ...Continued From Page 9 Cabinet documents appointing Heath-London and a new board had been sent out without approval of the full Cabinet and these appointments were to be recalled. Harmon had pointed out that Cabinet was having “healthy discussion and debate on the matter.” He said that Chief Executive Officer of GuySuCo Paul Bhim and Heath-London had subsequently been before Cabinet. He said that it was then that Cabinet was “given a full brief as to the state of the company … and so we believe that based on that information, which was provided to us, that cabinet could cogitate on the matter very seriously and we will get an announcement of a board for GuySuCo in a very short space of time.” And using the $30B bond taken

by GuySuCo and the Marriott Hotel financing as examples, Jagdeo blasted government’s recent decision to raise the current loan guarantee ceiling to $50B saying that the move has increased government’s liability risks. “After the speaker said the business was done for the day I packed up and I left. They reopened the whole issue. They passed this amendment to be applicable to any loans that they take. I suspect this is to facilitate the $30M bond and maybe the bridge across the Demerara River [The New Demerara River Crossing],” he said. “Then Jordan…gave an extraneous explanation on how they are doing better on this bond, and we are not sure this is a bond as yet because they use the words bond and loan interchangeably and they’re very, very different things. But he said we had a lower interest rate than

they had at the Marriott. In case of the Marriott’s failure to service the loan then the government will have to step in and service the loan. The intention was to sell that project in the first place. So once you sold that property it was the private developer’s responsibility to service the loan not the government. The hotel’s assets would be used to collateralize the loan. In case that person, who owns … they fail to service the loan, the bank can levy on the property. But he has now brought that into the treasury. The loan was collateralized using the assets of the Marriott not the consolidated fund. This is like a simple explanation. He has just exposed us to a huge liability again on the Marriott by taking the loan and bringing it to the treasury. I suspect he is going to do the same thing for this $30B facility they

are negotiating now,” he added. In presenting the motion last Thursday, the Minister of Finance had noted that in light of government’s impending guarantee of a $30 billion syndicated bond for GuySuCo “it has become urgent” that government is able to stand guarantor. He cited the Guarantee of Loans (Public Corporations and Companies) Act Sections 3 (1), 2(2) and 4 (1) which before Friday specified that the aggregate amount of liabilities of government as guarantor shall not exceed $1 billion. However Jordan told the House that “It has become necessary to specify a greater sum for the purpose of enabling aggregate amount of the liability of the government in respect of the guarantees to be increased in respect of those incorporated bodies to which the act applies in accordance with developmental policy”.

18 May, 2018


Wo rld News Highlights Police searches at places linked to former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak are related to an investigation into state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), a senior police official told Reuters.

exchange for access or insight into the Trump administration, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday. QUETTA, Pakistan Pakistan’s military has killed a senior member of Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi(LeJ) along two suicide bombers in a raid in the southwestern province of Baluchistan, the army’s media wing said on Thursday.

European Union leaders gather in the Bulgarian capital Sofia to discuss their strained ties with U.S. President Donald Trump, including on trade, saving the Iran nuclear deal and bringing Western Balkans closer to the bloc.

DUBAI Tens of thousands of Yemenis have been fleeing Hodeidah as fighting intensifies on frontlines near the Houthi-held western province, Amnesty International said on Thursday, warning that “the worst is yet to come” if the war reaches urban areas.

Turkish authorities on Thursday detained 33 members of the air force over alleged links to the U.S.-based cleric Ankara blames for a July 2016 failed military coup, the Hurriyet daily said. Masked protesters cheer and wave cars through open toll road barriers in a small town south of Barcelona, flying a banner that reads “Welcome to the Catalan Republic”. Taliban fighters battled police and troops in the western city of Farah overnight, officials said on Thursday, as security forces struggled to regain control of a city that has been under growing pressure from the militants for months. When Thailand’s army took power in a bloodless coup four years ago, it promised to bring happiness back to the “Land of Smiles” and return the country to democratic rule within two years. U.S. President Donald Trump’s former aide Steve Bannon sought to use personal information collected online to promote “a culture war,” a whistleblower on nowdefunct political data firm Cambridge Analytica told U.S. senators on Wednesday. Congo’s Ebola outbreak has entered “a new phase” after a case of the deadly virus was detected for the first time in the northwest city of Mbandaka, with a population of about 1 million people, the health minister said late on Wednesday. French police on Thursday started another operation to evacuate eco-activists and anarchists squatting on a site in western France that had been planned as a new airport, and which had sparked previous clashes. With two brothers in jail, the family house gone and her papers lost in the battle for Benghazi, Fatma is finding it hard to restart her life at the other end of Libya but impossible to imagine going back. Kenya on Wednesday buried 41 people who were killed last week when a dam at a commercial farm broke its walls and unleashed water that swept away everything in its path. When EU leaders pose for a “family picture” with counterparts from six western Balkan

Land acquisition woes thwart India’s mega refinery plan with Saudi Aramco nations hoping to join the bloc, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will stay away in protest - highlighting how long and hard their road to membership is likely to be. A senior Palestinian official on Wednesday criticized U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and her pledge to “take names” of countries that do not back Washington, saying she had not been appointed “the schoolmarm of the world.” A group of lizards inhabiting the island of New Guinea boasts one of the most exotic traits of any animal: green blood. And scientists have been trying hard to figure out what benefit this characteristic -- caused by high levels of an ordinarily toxic green bile pigment -- may give them. Pakistan’s military has killed a senior member of Islamist militant group Lashkare-Jhangvi(LeJ) along two suicide bombers in a raid in the southwestern province of Baluchistan, the army’s media wing said on Thursday. The United Stated has demanded North Korea ship some nuclear warheads, an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and other nuclear material overseas within six months, the Asahi newspaper said on Thursday, citing several sources familiar with North Korean issues. President Donald Trump acknowledged for the first time in an ethics disclosure released on Wednesday that he repaid more than $100,000 to former personal attorney Michael Cohen, renewing questions about Trump’s ties to porn star Stormy Daniels. Testing advanced lung cancer patients for all of the possible genetic mutations that could be driving their cancer at once is more cost effective than testing for one or a limited number of genes at a time, U.S. researchers reported on Wednesday.

KARACHI As they were about to enter the office of the Commissioner of Karachi for a meeting to discuss a rally planned in Pakistan’s largest city, leaders of a Pashtunled rights movement were intercepted by armed men accompanied by paramilitary Rangers. KABUL Afghan forces on Wednesday reasserted control over the western city of Farah after a Taliban assault a day earlier but there was heavy fighting elsewhere, including Ghazni, south of the capital, Kabul, officials said. HERAT, Afghanistan Taliban fighters with heavy weapons and night-vision equipment fought their way close to the centre of the western city of Farah on Tuesday, as Afghan forces with U.S. air support battled to force them back, officials and residents said. SOFIA European Union leaders gather in the Bulgarian capital Sofia to discuss their strained ties with U.S. President Donald Trump, including on trade, saving the Iran nuclear deal and bringing Western Balkans closer to the bloc. NEW DELHI India’s oil imports from Iran surged to 640,000 barrels per day (bpd) in April, its highest level since October 2016, according to data from shipping and industry sources, as refiners raised purchases ahead of looming U.S. sanctions against Tehran. TRIPOLI With two brothers in jail, the family house gone and her papers lost in the battle for Benghazi, Fatma is finding it hard to restart her life at the other end of Libya but impossible to imagine going back. WASHINGTON U.S. President Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen asked the Qatari government for at least $1 million in December 2016 in

GAZA/JERUSALEM Palestinian protests on the Gaza-Israel border have dropped off over the past two days, amid reports that Egyptian officials intervened to restore calm after dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire. TRIPOLI With two brothers in jail, the family house gone and her papers lost in the battle for Benghazi, Fatma is finding it hard to restart her life at the other end of Libya but impossible to imagine going back. CARACAS Months before Venezuela’s opposition coalition called for abstention in Sunday’s presidential election, college student Ana Romano had already decided not to vote. LONDON/PARIS/WASHINGTON They were supposed to be the toughest sanctions the United States had ever imposed on a Russian oligarch. Seventeen days later, Washington watered them down. LONDON The shipping industry has long been criticised by campaigners for allowing vessels to be broken up on beaches, endangering workers and polluting the sea and sand. KUALA LUMPUR As results poured in from polling stations around Malaysia on the night of May 9, with one parliamentary seat after another falling to the opposition, a stunned Prime Minister Najib Razak stared defeat in the face. BEIJING As 9 pm approaches every weekday night in China, a small army of individual investors from around the country log onto trading apps on their mobile phones and laptops. LONDON The shipping industry has long been criticised by campaigners for allowing vessels to be broken up on beaches, endangering workers and polluting the sea and sand. YAJI MOUNTAIN, China On Yaji Mountain in southern China, they are checking in the sows a thousand head per floor in high-rise “hog hotels”.


32 ARIES (March 21-April 19) This might be one of those weeks where you have so much obligation and responsibility to handle in your career life that you have to ignore whatever gives you pleasure -- including your sweetheart. Another scenario is that you’ll be so focused on achieving one of your goals this week that you have blinders on and take your partner for granted. He or she might be quietly taking care of everything on the home front while you’re out there blazing new trails.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) If you’re in a relationship, this might be one of those weeks when a dream literally comes true for the two of you. If your dream has been to deepen the connection you share with your love, making it more stable and enduring, that is a very real possibility now. On Friday Jupiter, now in your partnership sector, will be at a perfect angle to inspirational Neptune, placed in the area of your chart ruling your greatest hopes and wishes. You might be ready to become exclusive with your love, move in together.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) If you’re in a relationship, your partner is supporting you this week in the most beautiful way as you try to reach a career goal. He or she will not only be your greatest cheerleader, but will remind you to have faith in yourself and your abilities when you forget. If you are single and out there in the dating world, you might feel a bit of frustration. It seems like no one is seeing your worth and value, or you might feel like you’re just not meeting anyone who meets your standards.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) This might be a do or die kind of week when it comes to your love life. You’ve been living with Saturn moving through your partnership sector since mid-December 2017. As a result, if you’re in a committed relationship, you’ve likely started to notice tension. At worst, it’s possible that you have started to feel as though your relationship is more of a burden than a source of joy. If any of this rings true, this week you and your love will have a defining moment as Venus in your sign opposes Saturn on Saturday.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) This might be a do or die kind of week when it comes to your love life. You’ve been living with Saturn moving through your partnership sector since mid-December 2017. As a result, if you’re in a committed relationship, you’ve likely started to notice tension. At worst, it’s possible that you have started to feel as though your relationship is more of a burden than a source of joy. If any of this rings true, this week you and your love will have a defining moment as Venus in your sign opposes Saturn on Saturday.

VIRGO (Aug 23- Sept 22) No matter how hard you try, it seems as if your sweetheart has nothing nice to say about one or more of your friends. It’s possible that there is some type of bad blood between your lover and a pal of yours -- something that actually occurred before the two of you even met. For whatever reason, this week the tension will mount and as a result, you might feel like you’re in an impossible situation. Do your best to remain neutral -- even though it’s going to be tough.

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22) No matter how hard you try, it seems as if your sweetheart has nothing nice to say about one or more of your friends. It’s possible that there is some type of bad blood between your lover and a pal of yours -- something that actually occurred before the two of you even met. For whatever reason, this week the tension will mount and as a result, you might feel like you’re in an impossible situation. Do your best to remain neutral -- even though it’s going to be tough.

18 May, 2018 CAPRICORN (Dec 22 Jan 19) You might be feeling quite down on yourself, Capricorn. Sometimes life can seem unfair -- as if it’s too much of a burden to bear. You are the type of person who will take on any responsibility because everyone sees you as the ultimate rock in their environment. This week, however, you might realize that your plate is way too full and it’s impossible for you to meet your obligations. The good news is that your partner is ready, willing, and able to help lift up your weary soul and remind you that you never had to do it all alone.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18)

You might have quite a difficult time this week communicating with your partner. It seems as if you can’t say anything that’s right. In fact, you might even feel as if your partner is criticizing your ideas to the point where your feelings are truly hurt. As a result, you might go into hermit mode and literally refuse to talk to your partner at some point this week -- especially near Saturday. If you decide to resort to giving your partner the silent treatment.

If you feel as if you’re putting all the work into your relationship and not getting any reciprocity in return, this won’t be a pretty week. Your resentment and sadness about the situation is unbearable at this point, and you know you can’t continue to ignore the situation. Perhaps your love just isn’t as into you as you once thought. In fact, it’s possible that your partner is only keeping you in the picture because he or she depends on you so much.

SAGGUTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21) You might feel frustrated about having to rely more on your partner’s financial support this week. There could be a major expense that the two of you are faced with, and when it comes along, your paycheck won’t be enough to cover it. In fact, it seems like your partner is the one footing most -- if not all -- of this bill. As a result of the situation, you might feel as if the balance of power in your relationship has been thrown off. Ironically, this is only your own insecurity.

PISCES (Feb 19 - March 20) You and your sweetheart might need to cut back on the social activities this week. Money might be tighter than usual and you’ll need to address your bills instead of spending money on dinner, drinks, or other entertainment. If you’re single, it’s possible that a friend of yours will try to set you up on a date with someone and you agree. Unfortunately, it’s possible that this date will feel like an epic fail. Do yourself a favor and give this person another shot. You might be glad you did.

The weekly horoscopes are updated on every week to gives you an in-depth insight into your family, your love life, any career opportunities, friends and money issues.

18 May, 2018

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Lily Allen Slammed For ‘Glamourising’ Drug Use Actress Lily Allen has been slammed for ‘‘glamourising drug use’’ after the singer shared photographs of herself being carried out of an awards ceremony. Allen, 33, told her social media followers that she had accidentally taken the drug ketamine at the Glamour Awards in 2008 after someone asked Twitter users for the ‘‘best reason you’ve been kicked out of an event, building or group’’, reports The singer wrote: ‘‘Someone gave me a line of what I assumed to be cocaine at the Glamour Awards once, but it turned out to be ketamine. I was thrown out (passed over some railings) of the Glamour Awards for being in a k hole.’’ Ketamine is a powerful anaesthetic which can cause a loss of feeling in the body, paralysis of the muscles and it can distort reality for users. She added: ‘‘Obviously I couldn’t talk or direct the driver. So my assistant instructed the occupant of the car behind to ‘follow that cab’. I believe the occupant was chattyman, I have no idea what happened next.’’ Comedian Alan Carr then wrote back: ‘‘I followed in the car behind with her brother

Alfie - but we somehow got there before her but then she was put straight to bed and I remember helping myself to a vodka and chatting with Alfie and Sam Sparro most of the night.’’ She also retweeted images of herself slumped over as she was carried out by two security guards and put into the back of a car. But some of her shocked followers criticised her for ‘‘glamourising’’ drug use by sharing the story. One follower responded: ‘‘Is this really something to glamourise/ be proud of?’’ Allen fired back: ‘‘Probably not, did you have a point?’’ ‘‘There are people responding to this with phrases like ‘goals’ and ‘hilarious’... My point is that could have a damaging affect and glamorising drug taking (and misuse) could be dangerous. Something for you to maybe consider.’’ Another social media user wrote: ‘‘What a brilliant role model you are! I certainly wouldn’t want any child of mine to look up to you or be inspired by you. Is there a new book to promote.’’ Another user responded: ‘‘And you’re glamourising and normalising drug use. Your children must be so proud.’’

Cheryl Got Beauty Secrets From Spice Girls Singer Cheryl and her Girls Aloud band members turned to the Spice Girls for beauty advice when they were starting out in their music careers. ‘‘(Geri Horner and the Spice Girls used to teach us) loads of stuff in the early days,’’ Cheryl told She has her own collection with the beauty brand L’oreal for fans to recreate her signature red lip and bronzed skin. But Cheryl’s top make-up trick is to match her blush colour to her eyeshadow, reports She said: ‘‘Whatever colour blush I use on my cheeks, I will also use on my eyelids.’’ The singer likes to pamper herself with luxury skincare and

believes it’s worth investing in more expensive products for better results. After giving birth to son Bear with boyfriend Liam Payne, 24, last year, and refusing the help of a nanny so that she could be a hands-on mother to their son, Cheryl says it was important for Payne to cook meals for their family so she could have time to rest with the baby. ‘‘Sleep when the baby sleeps! I used to do that for the first couple of months - just nap with him. I also used to try and keep on top of the sterlizer.

18 May, 2018


Emilia Clarke Says Game Of Thrones Will Have An Unexpected Ending

Colton Haynes’ Estranged Husband Responds To Divorce Filing

Actor Emilia Clarke teased the fans of Game of Thrones, saying the finale of the fantasy series’ last season will be different from what’s being anticipated. Clarke flew to Cannes in the midst of shooting the final season of Game of Thrones — the fantasy series that sees her playing Daenerys Targaryen. The actor attended the Cannes Film Festival with the cast of her upcoming project, Solo: A Star Wars Story. She said she was not certain how all the clashes for the Iron Throne will end. ‘‘It will be what none of us think it will be,’’ Clarke said. Game of Thrones started with the first season back in 2011 and the final season is set to open in 2019. Based on George RR Martin’s novels, the show is about the thrilling quest to claim the Iron Throne. Clarke got emotional with the thought of the series coming to an end. ‘‘It feels like preparing to leave home... That’s exciting, but it’s sad and scary all at the same time,’’ she said.

Will Megan Markle’s Father Attend The Royal Wedding?

Confusion continues to prevail over whether or not Meghan Markle’s father will walk his daughter down the aisle to marry Prince Harry at Windsor Castle. Recent reports suggested that he would not attend the royal wedding. Thomas Markle, 73, was quoted by US media saying that he would not attend the royal wedding to avoid embarrassing his daughter and the royal family after paparazzi shots of him seemed to indicate he had been paid to pose for photographers. ‘This is a deeply personal moment for Ms Markle in the days before her wedding. She and Prince Harry ask again for understanding and respect to be extended to Mr Markle in this difficult situation,’ a

Kensington Palace statement read. It had been announced earlier this month that Thomas, a retired Hollywood lighting engineer who lives in Mexico, would walk his daughter to the altar at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, where the former Suits actor, 36, is set to wed Prince Harry, 33, in front of 600 guests and an international television audience of millions on May 19. Before the ceremony, Thomas was expected to perform the duty of meeting the in-laws. It was speculated that he would join exwife and the bride-to-be’s mother, Doria Ragland, at tea with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Camilla, some time this week. Ragland, a social worker and yoga teacher who lives in Los Angeles, is to accompany her daughter in the bridal car. The 61-year-old is now expected to step into her former husband’s shoes and walk her daughter down the aisle if he is missing from the ceremony. According to a US celebrity website, Thomas has given his ex-wife his blessing to perform the duty. He claimed to have suffered a heart attack due to stress six days ago and plans to check himself back into hospital over chest pains. Meghan has previously heaped her father with compliments for investing in her future.

‘‘Arrow’’ star Colton Haynes’s estranged husband Jeff Leatham has responded to the actors divorce filing. The Four Seasons’ artistic director, 46, filed a response to the actor’s petition to dissolve their marriage in court documents filed on May 10 and obtained by He requested that the court should not be involved in awarding spousal support to either himself or his estranged husband. Like Haynes, Leatham cited irreconcilable difference as the reason for their separation and listed their official date of separation as May 1, 2018. The ‘‘Arrow’’ actor, 29, filed for divorce last week, just two days before Leatham’s response and six months after the pair tied the knot in front of 120 guests at a nighttime ceremony at a Palm Springs hotel and officiated by their longtime friend Kris Jenner. Their relationship came under scrutiny after Haynes deleted several recent photos of him and Leatham from his Instagram account. Haynes also dropped ‘‘Leatham’’ from his name in his Instagram bio as well as the word ‘‘husband.’’ Leatham followed suit and dropped his hyphenated name. While rumours suggested Leatham had been unfaithful in their marriage after the actor released an acoustic song called ‘‘Man It Suck’’, Haynes set the record straight in a tweet earlier this month. ‘‘Jeff (Leatham) would never cheat. He’s an amazing man. Please stop being mean to him. The song I wrote was about a past relationship,’’ Haynes tweeted.

18 May, 2018


Disha Patani Bags Salman Khan And Priyanka Currently riding high on the success of her recent outing Baaghi 2, Disha Patani is all set to join Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat starring Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra. Disha Patani will be seen portraying the role of a trapeze artist in Circus set in the 1960s. The actress will be playing a pivotal part in the film and has a strong character. With the circus segment, director Ali Abbas Zafar is paying

Luv Ranjan: Ajay Devgn, Ranbir Kapoor Not Bothered About One Hero, Two Hero

Director Luv Ranjan and producer Ankur Garg are excited to have Ranbir Kapoor and Ajay Devgn on board for their next project, and say the actors loved the script. The film is all set to go on the floors next year and is being produced by Luv Ranjan and Ankur Garg of Luv Films. ‘‘Luv Films is looking forward to this project. We do a lot of work with T-Series and will continue to do so. However, as far as Luv’s next with Ajay and Ranbir is concerned, it’s too early to talk about it. Discussions are on but nothing has been finalised yet,’’ Garg said in a statement to IANS. Garg says they are elated to have Ranbir and Ajay on board. Ranjan said: ‘‘When an actor is excited about their role and their character in the film - things like whether it’s one hero or two hero film is immaterial. The fact is that both the actors found the script amazing.’’ The film will bring back Ajay and Ranbir together on-screen after Raajneeti. The film will be an urban romantic comedy and will be shot extensively in Himachal Pradesh and London.

an ode to Raj Kapoor. The veteran actor had presented the cult film ‘Mera Naam Joker’ focusing on the life of circus artists. Ali Abbas Zafar wishes to pay his respect to the actor via his film. Revealing details a source close to the film said, ‘‘Raj Kapoor is a legend and ‘Mera Naam Joker’ is one of his most memorable films. Since his younger days, Ali has been a huge fan of him and with Bharat, he wishes to pay an ode to the

veteran actor and his fondest memory of Raj Kapoor’’. After making an impact with the blockbusters M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story and Baaghi 2, Disha Patani will be playing an important part in the period drama. Welcoming Disha Patani to the cast, director Ali Abbas Zafar said, ‘‘The pairing of Salman and Disha in a circus set-up in the ‘60s is unusual and exciting.

18 May, 2018


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Lesser known facts Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and daughter Aaradhya are back from the Cannes Film Festival after wooing France with their angelic looks. While the two were killing it in France, Abhishek Bachchan had shared their first Cannes memory on Instagram where the couple had walked the red carpet together in white. Ash and Abhishek have been married for a decade now and have starred in several films together like ‘Guru’, ‘Umrao Jaan’, ‘Raavan’ and ‘Kuch Na Kaho’. In an interaction, Aishwarya said that she would love for her daughter to style her, and when the former Miss World was asked about her favourite actor, the diva reportedly named her hubby Abhishek. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan undoubtedly stole the show as she recently made her 17th appearance at the Cannes Film Festival 2018. Her daughter Aaradhya Bachchan too accompanied her beautiful mommy at the much-awaited film event. Earlier in a conversation with a daily, the ‘Fanne Khan’ actress

spoke about how people’s opinions on her fashion sense don’t affect her. She professed that according to her, “shringaar” (dressing up) has been a part of every women’s being. She said that dressing up is, therefore, an individual choice and that people should cease to judge each other on the basis of that. She further added that being a celebrity, she’s aware that both, praise as well as criticism, will come her way and that’s exactly why she doesn’t disrespect it. However, she did mention that such comments don’t spear through her heart. On the work front, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has some interesting projects lined up. The ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ actor will be next seen alongside Anil Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao in ‘Fanne Khan’. Moreover, on being approached for a movie titled ‘Jasmine’, Aish reportedly averred that post the narration of ‘Jasmine’, she requested the team to make some amendments. She plans to make a decision once that process is completed. She also added that

‘Woh Kaun Thi’ and ‘Raat Aur Din’ remakes are fabulous ideas. And once she is back to the grind, post her Cannes appearance, she is likely to sit down with the makers and understand the making of the remakes, and only then she can officially agree to anything. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan isn’t that active on social media considering that she didn’t have an Instagram account until now. Just prior to heading to the Cannes Film Festival 2018, where Aishwarya is to mark her 17th appearance, she joined the Instagram world. Her PR team confirmed her debut on the social media platform. As per reports, her representatives even posted a screenshot of the actress’ official account on their Instagram page with the caption “Official Instagram handle of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan announced – aishwaryaraibachchan_arb/’’ While this did sound delightful news across fans, it didn’t quite turn up well for her team. And it was mainly because;

the response of an actor of her stature has been comparatively subtle. And if the reports are to be believed, Aishwarya seems to be disappointed too. A daily quoted a source saying that the ‘Fanne Khan’ actor is upset with the way her social media debut happened. This is not what she expected. In 6 hours her profile has not even crossed 20,000 followers, which is very unlikely, given her popularity. Moreover, she is even astounded by the fact that her account hasn’t got the Instagram verified blue tick yet. And that has also got the fans questioning the authenticity of the profile. Moreover, reports also suggest that it took a lot of convincing for the actor to come on Instagram and that’s why Aish has rational reasons to blast on her team. It’ s apparent that her account couldn’t even cross 18 K followers even after six hours of going live on May 11. It currently stands at 52.3K, however, it can’t be considered a great number considering her fan following. Let’s wait and watch how the events turn out to be!

18 May, 2018




Families of missing fishermen want updated info - survivor to return to Guyana after wife’s burial The families of the men who remain missing from the horrific April 27 attack in Surinamese waters remain in a state of grief and they want updated information from the authorities. In the April 27 attack during which fishermen were beaten, chopped and thrown overboard with batteries strapped to their legs, only five men, Daramdrew Persaud, Sherwin Lovell, 42, Anil Lall, 18 of Marienburg, Suriname, Deonarine Goberdan and Marvin (only name given) from Meerzorg, Suriname survived. So far, the authorities in Suriname have found three bodies, while a fourth body washed up on the Number 63, Corentyne Beach last week. The body found on the Number 63 Beach is suspected to be that of Gavin Outar, 33, due to a distinctive tattoo on the left side of his chest. Samples have been taken from relatives for DNA testing so a formal identification of the four bodies could be done. The missing fishermen identified so far are: Tilaknauth Mohabir, 50, also known as ‘Kai’; Danesh Persaud; Ralph Anthony Couchman, 19, also known as ‘Burnham’; Ramesh Sancharra, 48; Glenroy Jones, 21; Ramnarine Singh; Bharat Heeralall also known as “Record”, 49; Lalta Persaud known as “Poddock”, 42, Mahesh Sarjoo, 35, Rajkumar Bissessar, Looknarine Persaud and Lookesh Decouite, 50. According to some of the men’s relatives, they are unaware as to what exactly is going on with the matter. Mohabir’s relatives relayed that they are not in contact with the authorities. One of the

anything, no-one is assisting with anything”, the young woman relayed. Meanwhile, Heeralall’s daughter, Lisa Heeralall also said they would be grateful to be kept informed by the authorities in Suriname and Guyana of the latest developments. Heeralall noted, that her aunt is presently in Suriname, however, she will soon have to return as no-one at that end is telling her much. According to the woman, the aunt’s trip to Suriname for the DNA testing was financed by the relatives themselves.

One the bodies being taken to a mortuary after being retrieved earlier this month from the Wai Wai Bank in Suriname by marine guards.

man’s nieces said, “The (Guyana) embassy called us but they ask us to contact them when we know anything”. The woman noted that they have been told that the authorities are continuing to search for the missing men, however, they said no-one has met with them to confirm this. “We don’t know what’s happening, no-one telling us anything”, she said. According to the relative, two weeks ago they received some food items from the authorities. Other relatives in Guyana of the other men are at a loss also as to what exactly is transpiring in Suriname in relation to the supposed search. Couchman’s cousin, Malinda Bowery noted, that she and other relatives travelled to Suriname a week ago

on their own finances and returned without any new information as to what is happening. “Nobody ain’t telling we anything, the embassy visited my aunt who lives in Nickerie (Suriname) and said they were sorry for our loss”. She added, “Honestly I don’t think we need that right now, because that is all we have been hearing since this thing happen, we want information as to what is going on, we want them to keep us abreast with everything, we want them to keep in contact and tell us exactly what they are doing”, the woman declared. Additionally Bowery noted, that it is quite expensive for her aunt to travel to the police station to seek information. “My aunt traveling on her own expense, no-one is telling us

Returning home Meanwhile, one of the survivors, Sherwin Lovell, 42, noted that he plans to return to Guyana sometime after his wife’s funeral on Wednesday. “No, no, no, I’m coming back to Guyana”, the man told this newspaper when asked about where he plans to stay. Lovell further explained, that he is “broke” and does not know where or who to turn to, as such he plans to return to Guyana to nurse his injuries. “People help me with money to bury me wife, all the money a had, a pay the money to look after me girl (funeral)”, “Right now i’m broken, right now I ain’t get a cent…When I come Guyana I can’t do anything, can’t do no work, a still get my injuries”, he relayed. Additionally Lovell stressed, “Guyana government ain’t give me nothing, I go to the embassy and the ambassador say he gone help me with the transportation to go back to Guyana”. The survivor is pleading for some sort of assistance from the authorities.

‘Person of interest’ in bank teller’s shooting

SAN Fernando police have identified a person of interest who might be able to assist them in the shooting of bank teller Roston Mahabir on Monday morning. Police said the man they are looking for is slim, dark-skinned, of African descent, about five foot seven inches tall and wears his hair combed back. The shooter was wearing a white jersey, black pants, slippers and a grey cap with white writing, but the

latter fell off and was picked up by a homeless man. CCTV cameras near the bank were able to pick up clear pictures of the assailant. Insp Don Gajadhar is leading a team of six officers which includes Sgt Ramroop, Cpls Bacchus, Mohammed, Pulchan and PCs Moses and Clarence. He said they have made a lot of progress and expect to make an arrest before the end of the week. The inspector said the police

believe the motive for shooting Mahabir was robbery and not an attempt to get hold of the laptop, which belongs to the bank and may contain sensitive information. He said the bank’s IT department was able to shut down the computer to prevent access to the information stored in it. Gajadhar said the reason would become clearer when the police interview Mahabir, who is warded in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the San Fernando

General Hospital (SFGH). Both police and hospital sources say he awoke after six hours of surgery on Monday to stop bleeding and remove the bullet in his abdomen. Reports are that Mahabir, 28, of Orange Valley, Carapichaima is stable but his condition is still serious. It is believed the bullet, which entered his abdomen on the lower left side, may have damaged his intestines, pancreas and kidneys.

18 May, 2018


Partying prisoners at NA jail spark concerns -flaunted expensive liquor, ministry sees collusion The Guyana Prison Authority has launched a probe of pictures of inmates at the New Amsterdam Prison having a grand party with bottles of expensive liquor, juice and energy drinks. The photos surfaced on social media on Sunday afternoon. Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels confirmed the investigation to Stabroek News. This newspaper was told that investigators were speaking with the inmates and the prison officers at the prison as they continue to probe. According to a source, it is being alleged by an inmate that the items were smuggled into the compound on the tractor that is used to pick up garbage. However, the source noted, that the driver of the tractor has since denied having any knowledge of the items. The pictures showing the party were posted on Facebook on Sunday by Abdul Andre Azimullah, 34, a cattle farmer of Lot 183 Hampshire Village, who is on remand for the murder of Danian Jagdeo, a phone card distributor, who was shot and killed during a robbery on February 8, 2017 at Adventure Village, Corentyne. The photographs show the inmates posing with bottles of Hennessy, Ciroc, canned juices and energy drinks. Additionally, it was noticed in the pictures that the men were smoking. Also in the pictures are inmates who were charged with Azimullah

The prisoners with the liquor at the New Amsterdam jail as seen on the Facebook post.

in the Jagdeo murder. Two other inmates seen in the pictures are close friends of Azimullah who are on remand for kidnapping, assault and other charges. Azimullah has since deactivated his Facebook account. He has always been active on social media while being in prison. The prison authority has promised to disclose the findings of the investigation to the media once the probe is completed. In a statement, the Ministry of Public Security said that the mobile device which was used by the inmate has since been seized by the authorities and investigations into the matter are

currently ongoing. “The Ministry is extremely disappointed that alien objects and other material, inclusive of drugs and liquor, find their way into the various prisons as obviously happened here. There is no doubt collusion with prison wardens and prisoners which is causing this. “This kind of misbehaviour by the culpable prison wardens will be dealt with very seriously after the ongoing investigations reveal who they are. The Public will be further advised on this matter after investigations concludes”, the statement said. This embarrassing episode will

raise further questions about the security of the prisons system in the aftermath of major upheavals last year which saw the Camp Street prison being burnt to the ground and several prison escapes thereafter. In 2016, 17 prisoners died in a fire at the Camp Street jail. These events put both the government and the Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan under severe pressure. Major construction work is earmarked for the Mazaruni prison to ease overcrowding in the system and to improve security.

Judge halts deportation of Nigerian

A HIGH Court judge has halted the deportation of a Nigerian who has been detained at the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in Aripo for almost two years, although there was an order that he be sent back to his homeland in 2016. Justice Joan Charles made the order in a judicial review application filed by attorneys representing Emmanuel Jahbuike Onyeukwu. The injunction is until June 21, when the case comes back for hearing. She granted him permission to seek declarations for breaches to his rights, damages for his illegal detention and several orders, including one compelling the Chief Immigration Officer to

not deport him until his case is determined. Onyeukwu says he has been in custody at the IDC for one year, 11 months and 15 days. He arrived in Trinidad on December 31, 2015, and was granted a two-week stay. He tried unsuccessfully to get an extension and had been working at Regal Factory in St Augustine while living at Old Tim Street. Onyeukwu was arrested on May 27, 2016, and a special inquiry was held on June 22, at which he received an order of deportation. “To date I have not been deported.” In his lawsuit, Onyeukwu is seeking several declarations and compensation for his continued detention.

“I am a human being, and I have rights.” In addition to seeking the local court’s assistance, Onyeukwu’s lawyers also intend to petition the Inter-American Court on Human Rights for several breaches of his rights, although this country, in 1998, withdrew from the American Convention on Human Rights. Onyeukwu’s lawsuit contends that despite TT’s withdrawal from the convention, it still has obligations to provide due process and the IACHR court entertains claims of violations of the declaration. He said he is forced to endure horrible and squalid conditions at the IDC and is being denied his medication for high blood

pressure. Onyeukwu also said he was stabbed by a Jamaican in Octoberr. “I am depressed,” he said, asking the court to visit the IDC to get a first-hand look at the conditions which he and other detainees are forced to endure. He also fears he will be deported, despite there being a deportation order against him, as he has lost contact with most of his family and friends in Africa. “It shall be hard, unjust and oppressive to have me deported.” He is represented by a team of attorneys, including Jagdeo Singh, Shirvani Ramkissoon, Criston J Williams, Ricky Pandohee, Kiel Tacklalsingh, and Elizabeth Darwish.

18 May, 2018


PPP/C, TIGI lodge complaints with SARA over Exxon signing bonus

PPP/C Chief Whip Gail Teixeira and anti-corruption watchdog Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc. (TIGI) have lodged separate complaints with the State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA) over government’s handling of the controversial US$18 million signing bonus it received from ExxonMobil and its partners, according to SARA Director Professor Clive Thomas, who said they were among several reports made against the current administration. However, Thomas said no investigation has started into either complaint as SARA has a long list of cases that will have to be prioritised and dealt with as time permits. Thomas made these disclosures following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to legalise the agency’s cooperation efforts with the Financial Intelligence Unit and he informed that the gist of the complaints made by Teixeira and TIGI was that the money was not deposited into the Consolidated Fund. It is not clear when the complaints were made. US oil company ExxonMobil paid the signing bonus to government in June of 2016 but there was no official acknowledgement of this by the current administration until the information was leaked to the media last December. Government’s decision to deposit

the US$18 million signing bonus received from ExxonMobil subsidiary Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited, CNOOC Nexen Petroleum Guyana Limited and Hess Guyana Exploration Limited into an account at the Bank of Guyana has been criticised as unlawful, with critics saying that the funds should have been placed into the Consolidated Fund as it is public money. Following criticism, government has since said that the money, which would in part be used to pay Guyana’s legal fees for its border controversy case with Venezuela, would be deposited into the Consolidated Fund before being released. The administration’s handling of the signing bonus is currently the subject of a legal challenge.

Procedure Moments after stating that “people are thieving [state money] every day,” Thomas was asked if any official in the current administration is under investigation. In response, he said that one individual and one organisation had referred cases. Additionally, he said that Teixeira has also referred matters that go back a number of years but he was unable to recall them. Thomas stated that the investigation of these matters had not yet started and added

that SARA is hoping that by the end of the month it can make public the guidelines it will use to investigate such cases. “We have a procedure of handing those matters and we will make that procedure known to you in a short while because the… criteria that we are establishing to become the standard operational guidelines …that…is still being drafted and is still being vetted by our international advisors to ensure it meets best practice,” he said. Asked whether the current procedure being used can’t be applied to investigating the signing bonus complaint, he responded in the affirmative, while reiterating that the desire is to make it public. Asked what is stalling the commencement of these investigations, he said that there is a long list of matters and there is also the question of time and priority. “We would have to establish that a crime was involved. We just can’t take every reference off the street and assume that there is some guilt involved there,” he said before adding that in doing so the agency could open up itself to the accusation of “pursuing vendettas.” Thomas assured that the agency does not and will not utilise a separate system to

deal with complaints made against the government. “No, no, it is established, a uniform mechanism to apply to every case that is before us. We have to establish standards by which we approach them in terms of the investigation,” he said. Meanwhile, Thomas noted that as SARA seeks to recover stolen state assets, the law gives him the authority to seek settlement if the “conditions are appropriate.” Although pressed, he declined to say whether he is currently pursuing this sort of arrangement in any of the cases currently being investigated. He also could not state definitively how much money SARA was seeking to recover. “It’s not a finite amount of money… We don’t know what the end is going to be but we are pursuing the misappropriation of assets,” he said. Thomas later explained that the law makes provision for SARA to attempt to recover a minimum of $10 million or US$50,000 per investigation. He said that this figure was set in order to comply with the US requirements for reporting persons who are US citizens or residents and who have bank accounts here in excess of that stated amount. Once that is found, he said, a report has to be made to the US Treasury.

Parfaite Harmonie family brutalised in bandit attack

Three armed bandits early morning broke into a La Parfaite Harmonie home, where they brutalized a businessman, before making off with a quantity of cash and other items. Owner of the N&S General Store Naresh Persaud, 43, of lot 546 La Parfaite Harmonie, was beaten in the presence of his wife and children, including his four-yearold daughter. Persaud received stitches for three lacerations to the head. The robbers, who had their faces concealed and were armed with two guns and a knife, reportedly accessed the flat by cutting into the zinc of the shop adjoining the building and then prying open the grill bars. The incident, which reportedly began at around, was said to have lasted for more than an hour. Naresh’s son Sachin Persaud, age

19, who is a final year Economics major at the University of Guyana, while recounting events to this newspaper, called the encounter “a nightmare”. He related that around 2 am, he was awoken from sleep by a loud sound, which turned out to be the door to his bedroom being kicked open. Two of the perpetrators entered his room, a gun was pointed in his face and he was ordered to keep quiet. “They pointed the gun to my head and then they walked…they ushered me to the room that they (his parents) were in and when I reached there, they pushed me down on the ground. They were like, “lie down, lie down next to he”—that’s my father right— he was in blood. My mom was sitting, her face was swollen. My sister was on the bed looking over everything,” Sachin related. Sachin said that from the

information he received about what occurred prior to him being taken into the room, the bandits had first entered his parent’s room, where they pounced on his father and began gun butting him in the head and choking him while

the man was asleep. His mother, Samantha Thakurdeen, reportedly screamed and was hit in the face. They later scotch taped her mouth shut to keep her quiet. Sachin’s sister was not harmed in the ordeal, or tied up with the rest of her family. “Apparently two of them were so aggressive and the other one was a bit lenient and that’s what we’re thankful for because before they didn’t collect me yet, they were hitting him, trying to shoot him…” Sachin related. “It was life and death, I was like, this is it…I can’t do anything about it,” he said, while recalling the graphic event. “…they started hitting him and asking him, “this is all the money you have? This is all the money you have? And he’s crying and telling them, yeah uncle, yeah.”

18 May, 2018


Burger vendor slain in front customers The murder of Navindra “Nari” Chatoor, owner of South’s popular burger joint Chatoor’s Burgers, has been described as a “hit” by police. Chatoor was killed on Monday night while at his burger cart at Cross Crossing, San Fernando, shortly after 10 pm. A man dressed in black and wearing a hat partially covering the face walked up to him and shot Chatoor twice in the head at point blank rage in front of other customers. Chatoor is now the fifth member of his family to be killed and his murder came nine days before the three-year anniversary of the death of his brother, Rishi. Chatoor leaves to mourn three brothers, who were said to be very distraught over his killing. Chatoor was also said to be expecting his first child with his common-lawwife in July. A relative, who did not want to speak to the media, only described the incident as “very sad and shocking”. On May 22, 2015, Rishi, 32, was killed during a shooting incident at a bar not too far from where he lived at St. John’s Village. Another

man, Ishmael Mohammed, 60, was also killed in the incident and five others wounded. That same year, Rishi was charged with possession of an illegal firearm. Rishi’s murder was also a “hit”, police said. On May 4, 2008, Kimraj Chatoor, 41, of Pancham Street, Borde Narve Village, was asleep at his home when men entered and brutally chopped him to death. His wife and three children jumped through a window to escape the attack.

Kimraj’s brutal murder was also believed to be a hit. Another brother, Balchan, was murdered by poisoning. But according to police sources, the murders of the Chatoor brothers stemmed from the 2006 murder of their father, Harry. Harry was killed during a robbery at their home at St John’s Village. His death was also classified by then Homicide investigators as a murder, as it is believed robbery was not the real motive. On July 27, 2006, Marlon Hope appeared before a Princes Town magistrate charged jointly with another man for Harry’s murder. It is believed that possible motives for the killing of the relatives over the years may have been from revenge to reprisals. Up to press time, Chatoor’s mother, Shirley, who was vacationing abroad, was due to return to T&T on the next available flight. A close friend of the Chatoor family, who spoke to the T&T Guardian under strict anonymity, said Shirley has been inconsolable since she heard the news. “This is such a tragedy for her, especially

having to lose her husband to gunmen who robbed them, then seeing her sons being killed one after the next. It is too much for she and the family to bear. The three brothers are now left are very broken and not talking much,” the friend said. Asked if all the murders seemed to have a connection, the friend said: “Shirley doesn’t believe so. People in the village saying otherwise though. People have terrible things to say for whatever reason.” Chatoor was described as a “cool guy” by one of his close friends, who also wished not to be identified. “He was a kind person, always jolly and was very giving. He was always helping someone out and if you don’t have money and went to him he would have given a free meal with a smile. But when he was angry about something or someone he was a different person…I guess like most of us are.” Head of the Southern Division, Snr Supt Zamsheed Mohammed, said investigating officers were yet to determine a motive for the killing up to last evening. Investigations are continuing.

18 May, 2018

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Yankees recall Clint Frazier, say Brandon Drury part of long-term plans WASHINGTON -- The Yankees recalled outfielder Clint Frazier from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to give them an extra bat during a two-game series at the Washington Nationals and said Brandon Drury is not out of their long-term plans. New York opted to keep rookie Miguel Andujar at third, and Drury was optioned to the RailRiders on Monday after finishing an injury rehabilitation assignment. The 25-year-old started seven of New York’s first eight games, then went on the disabled list due to severe migraines that caused blurry vision. ‘‘He’s a major leaguer currently having to be assigned to Triple-A just given the fact that we have a pretty strong roster right now,’’ general manager Brian Cashman said Tuesday. ‘‘I guess stay tuned. I know he’s hungry. He feels the best he’s felt in a long time.’’ Drury hit .315 with two home runs and seven RBIs in 11 games with Scranton and six with Double-A Trenton as part of the rehab assignment. ‘‘He’s absolutely an option for us right now,’’ manager Aaron Boone said. ‘‘We would have no hesitation bringing him up.

Couple the fact with how we’ve been playing and Andujar’s role in all that, we just felt like this is what we needed to do right now.’’ Andujar is batting .282 with three homers and 14 RBIs in 33 games entering Tuesday, and leads major league rookies in multihit games (13) and extrabase hits (16). The Yankees are 23-7 in his starts since he took over as the team’s primary third baseman. Drury hit .217 with a home run and four RBIs in eight games with the Yankees. He was acquired

from Arizona in February after serving as the Diamondbacks’ primary second baseman last year. ‘‘Now that he’s feeling that he’s crossed this threshold, maybe we acquired a player that’s even better than the player we thought we were acquiring,’’ Cashman said. Right-hander David Hale was designated for assignment to clear a roster spot for Frazier, who sustained a concussion in a Feb. 26 spring training game. Frazier hit .323 with four

homers and five RBIs in 16 games at Class A Tampa. Frazier made his big league debut last July and hit .231 with four homers and 17 RBIs in 39 games. ‘‘I think I’m more excited to play my first game back than I was to debut last year,’’ Frazier said. ‘‘It was a lot harder to come back from that than it was to make it to the big leagues last year. ... It was just a life-changing moment that I went through. It altered every part of my day. Not just baseball, but my outside living situation. It was tough to battle back because I didn’t know where the finish line was going to be. There were days I woke up and was like ‘Is it going to end or is it not?’’’ Frazier’s stay could be brief. After Wednesday, the Yankees don’t play at an NL ballpark until June 8-10 at the New York Mets. ‘‘We’ve gone all year so far with the extra pitching to try to protect our starters,’’ Cashman said. ‘‘I think that’s probably in our best interest, so it could be a shortterm situation.’’ Hale was claimed off waivers April 26 from Minnesota and was 0-0 with a 3.60 ERA in two games with the Yankees. (AP)

West Indies to host Bangladesh for T20s in Florida

West Indies are set to host Bangladesh for three T20 internationals in August, with the second and third games to be held at the Central Broward Regional Park Stadium in Lauderhill, Florida. St Kitts is likely to be the venue for the first game. A Florida stadium official confirmed to ESPNcricinfo earlier this year that Cricket West Indies (CWI) had reserved the dates to hold a set of matches, initially believed to be against Pakistan as a reciprocal arrangement following West Indies’ agreement to play three T20Is in Karachi in April. But Bangladesh are already due to tour the West Indies in July - a tour pushed back from March due to it clashing with the World Cup Qualifier that West Indies took part in - for two Tests and three ODIs. According to the stadium official in Lauderhill, August 4 and 5 were reserved by CWI to stage the T20Is, prior to the start of the 2018 CPL, which will run from August 8 to September 16. It makes for a busy month of cricket in Lauderhill, with three Jamaica Tallawahs matches also anticipated to be held at the venue during the CPL. This will be the third time West Indies will host a team in Florida. After the maiden T20I series on USA soil, between Sri Lanka and New Zealand in May 2010, West Indies played New Zealand in 2012, just a few months before winning the World T20 title in Sri Lanka. West Indies then returned in August 2016 to play a pair of T20Is against India, with the first match drawing a sellout crowd of 15,000 people. Though it is the only ODI-certified stadium

in the USA that can host T20Is between two Test nations, the venue’s drainage facilities have been a source of concern in the past. That was exposed during the India matches, with no supersoppers available, and the second match producing no result despite a thunderstorm that lasted only 20 minutes. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from July to November, with thunderstorms almost a daily threat.

The PCB’s desire to be a third team in a possible tri-series in Florida is not financially viable for Lauderhill as matches would need to be played not just on weekdays but in the day time. The floodlights at the ground in Lauderhill are inadequate for international cricket, and it would require temporary supplemental floodlights - something the CPL did in 2016. (Cricinfo)

18 May, 2018


Ireland’s maiden Test: An occasion that even made the trains stop at Malahide Ed Joyce walks like a man trying to get somewhere; there’s no strut, not an extravagant stride, he’s on his way to a clear destination, a hurried pragmatic gait. This time it is off the ground, having just tried to steal a run after hitting the ball towards the right hand of midwicket. In the first innings, after a lifetime of cricket, he got to the middle and received a questionable lbw. That’s cricket, that’s Test cricket when you don’t have DRS. Now he’s walking while the decision is still being made, because he is a realist, and he thinks he’s out, so he doesn’t want to waste his time. It is only within the last few steps of the rope that he stops, wondering why he’s not yet been given. He asks the fourth umpire and Andrew Balbirnie, both on the other wide of the rope, what is going on. The delay keeps going. Mostly he just stands there, waiting. If any man knows how to wait, it’s an Irish cricketer. Outside the ground there are flashing traffic signs that say, ‘‘IRL V PAK TEST MATCH, 11-15 MAY, EXPECT DELAYS’’. Joyce receives the bad news; he leaves the ground. For most of his life Joyce has been waiting, Irish cricket has been waiting even longer. Joyce himself may be out, but the wait is over. A scoreline of 159 for 6. It’s not definitive, but it’s something. And it’s led by Stuart Thompson. There were raised eyebrows when Thompson was picked - even he was surprised at his selection. He hasn’t played for Ireland for a long time. And had there not been grey skies forecast, Andy McBrine - the offspinner - might have played instead. Recently Thompson made a big hundred in the inter-provincial championship, and he made another for his club side Eglinton last week. But he’s been picked in this side to bat at No.8 so his main job is bowling. There’s no speedo at this ground, but he’s solidly medium-pace, often coming on second change for his team North West Warriors. In his first game for Ireland, he didn’t bowl in the first innings, and came on fifth change in the second. In 12 firstclass games he had taken 19 wickets at 39. Thompson runs in like a club bowler, the player you see play

and think, ‘maybe I could face that’. The wicketkeeper is not that far back; he wobbles the ball around in the way you can when you don’t have a lot of pace. One of his balls nipped, and Babar Azam played a weak shot, and he was out. And a little while later there was another similar edge from another ball with sideways movement, and captain Sarfraz Ahmed was out. 159 for 6. In a nation’s first Test, there is a time when you believe in miracles. That somehow this sport will allow the plucky upstart a special day, despite knowing full well that countries such as South Africa and New Zealand took decades to master the game. The nonbelievers will always claim you should only play Tests once you have mastered them. And that’s before you factor in the economy, kids’ attention spans, the ever-increasing demands of modern life, plus - in Ireland’s case - the fact that large parts of the country (or countries) just don’t care about cricket at all. As an Irish government official once told Cricket Ireland: ‘‘Why would we help you when the governing body of your sport doesn’t even seem to want you?’’ This was Ireland’s chance to prove that they belonged, that

the ICC’s pathetic ten-team World Cup was a joke, that they deserved everything that was due to them. But after getting on top, Ireland lost their edge. What had worked for them early in the match let them down when Pakistan played more sensibly. The Pakistan lower-order took away Ireland’s opportunity, and by the time Ireland batted, all hope had gone. Their only chance at some redemption was to avoid losing by an innings. From 159 to 6 to nothing. ‘‘Are you going to the cricket tomorrow. No. I’m going Friday because it starts that day.’’ ‘‘What time. 11am.’’ ‘‘7am?’’ ‘‘You, you deaf idiot, 11.’’ ‘‘Have you been to the dentist?’’ ‘‘No, that’s next week.’’ Two patrons of Gibney’s Pub. ‘‘They’ve got that quick fella no, the one that got in trouble, he’s back, no, he’ll give our boys some trouble, no?’’ Malahide is not a hotbed of cricket fans, most know little to nothing of the Pakistan players. The only player they mentioned at all was Mohammad Amir, if not always by name, then by reputation. Within Irish cricket, people knew Amir’s name, they knew his

reputation, and it was him that they feared. Not that they thought the other bowlers were mediocre, it’s just that Amir was the one who featured in their nightmares, running through their team. Amir never quite did that, mostly because he’s been too good for the Irish team. According to CricViz, 14% of his first spell beat the bat. He went for less than a run an over in the first innings, and his spell on the morning of day four was breath-taking, and all done with a limp. It was his spell against Porterfield that revealed the main difference between the teams. Porterfield is a decent white-ball player, but he has a first-class average of 30, and he was trying to dig in for a big knock. Other than Joyce, no player was more likely to stay around for as long. But not against Amir. In the first innings, Porterfield was just trying to hang on to lunch. Amir went wide of the crease, straightened the ball, uprooted his stump. In the second innings, Amir started by moving the ball away, and Porterfield struggled to lay bat on it. Amir then moved the ball in, which resulted in a few lbw shouts. And then - after a brief delay when Niall O’Brien lost two of his stumps - Amir nipped

18 May, 2018 the ball away from Porterfield and found his edge. It was never a case of if, just when, and how. And perhaps the most significant difference between the two teams wasn’t even Amir, nor even Mohammad Abbas who took nine wickets, or the constant threat of Shadab Khan. It was that Hasan Ali wasn’t even playing, and had he been allowed to play as a ringer for the opposition, he would have been Ireland’s best bowler by a distance. This Pakistan team might not be the No.1 side of a few years ago, but they have real quality. And Ireland are still relying on their ageing skipper and his average of 30. Two men, foreigners, stood on the outfield watching Ireland train on the Tuesday before the match. Trent Johnston, the former captain of Ireland, and Warren Deutrom, the current CEO. An Australian and an Englishman had been so crucial in delivering the country to their first Test. In the innings break of their seminal World Cup win over Pakistan in 2007, Johnston had screamed at the Irish players about how they could play out of their skins in pursuit of 133, or just go back to their day jobs. He himself then hit the winning six to cap one of cricket’s greatest displays of captaincy. This grumpy - his words - Aussie simply dragged Ireland through thick and thin, until there was almost nothing left in his legs. When Deutrom took over the job as CEO of Cricket Ireland, there were only two other employees: coach Adrian Birrell (a South African whose role was transformative) and Marie, a parttime office administrator. That was eleven years ago, and look at what he created. He took the passion of the Irish for cricket, and he made an amateur team into a Test team in the space of 11 years. Mick Jagger enjoys the Test at Malahide Sportsfile/Getty Images But if you give these imports credit, what of Irish cricket itself? What an incredible thing it is - a family, literally. When past players look out on the current teams, they see their sons and daughters, or those of their team-mates. It is that family, from the weatherbeaten villages of the North West, to the posh hearts of Dublin and Belfast, who have kept this game going. And that wasn’t easy. Nationalism, the lack of any real administration, and the GAA have all done their best to end cricket in Ireland. But those who loved it kept it going. Even in the lean years between 1969 and 2007, cricket never tired. Last week there was a story in

43 “I used to play cricket, you know, when I was a boy, we’d go out, and we’d put the pegs down, then lay on the whatsitcalled on top, we’d get a tennis ball, or some kinda rubber one, and we’d go whack, ball’d go for miles, you know. I never understood cricket, I have tried, it’s very complicated, you know.” Joe, Malahide resident. “This is big for us, you think you know, but you can’t know, you can only know if you are one of us, because this for us, we did this on our own, we never thought this would happen, and now, you know, those are my friends out there, right, I never thought you know, how could you.”  

Unknown Malahide Cricket Club drinker.

“My heart was beating a little bit faster than what it normally does when I was taking guard.”  Will Porterfield,  Ireland Test captain.

The Sunday Times by former Irish player Peter O’Reilly, recalling the last days of fellow player Robin Waters. At one point Waters turned to O’Reilly and said: ‘‘We’re all Test cricketers now’’. But it’s not just about the players. Every time you talk to a player from Ireland they mention the thousands of scorers, officials, coaches and volunteers who kept Irish cricket going. This is a family - some adopted, most local. From the under-13 scorers to the great Alec O’Riordan, they kept cricket alive against all the odds. It’s because of everyone in Irish cricket that they are now a Test nation. In some ways, all the family are Test cricketers now. There are two grounds at Malahide, the main ground, and an oval out the back with a synthetic pitch for the thirds and fourths to play on. On that ground, on Saturday and Sunday, there were kids playing their own games. And inside the ground, at the back of the Malahide stands, there were just as many kids playing. As Porterfield said, ‘‘there’s going to be hundreds of little kids aspiring to be Kevin O’Brien in backstreet cricket’’. If you lined up the entire Irish team in full kit, and then stood Kevin O’Brien beside them in jeans and a Bob Marley T-shirt,

he’d still look more Irish than the rest of them combined. No one gets more out of himself for Ireland; he’s Captain Ireland, the superhero of all their biggest days. A player of talent, but not immense talents, it’s his performances that are immense. Because of when they come, and how they come. When Ireland needed one player to stand up, they had arguably six better batsmen to do it, but of course it was O’Brien who did so. Some of those kids playing in and around the ground were doing so because of 2007, some because of 2011, and the next crop will be because of this Test. Kevin O’Brien was instrumental to them all. He puts Irish cricket on his back, and because of that, they’re on the map. And what he has done is important, because while cricket in Ireland was always improving, large parts of Ireland don’t care about cricket at all. O’Brien grabs attention with his shot and his shock of hair. By day five, Ireland’s newspapers had him on the back page; on day one, some hadn’t even mentioned the cricket there at all. O’Brien also matters to the small parts of Ireland that care. They know they’ve had talent before, they’ve seen Dekker Curry hit a six off the first ball; they’ve heard the stories about Jimmy Boucher and know Dermott Monteith averaged 25 for Middlesex with the ball. Their passion is incredible. They care like any hardcore fan from anywhere in the world does; they are immersed in it. For them, this isn’t just a game; it’s their family. It’s their everything. Every ICC decision that causes most cricket fans to sigh, or simply ignore, is deeply personal to them; they love cricket, they play it with all their hearts, they are better than their abilities suggest. They want a shot. Irish cricket fights because Irish cricket has to fight. On day four, that is what O’Brien does, because that is what Irish cricket does. From the outside the clubrooms look uninspiring: tacky rendered walls, uninspiring late 20thcentury architecture. But once you’re in there, you realize how strong cricket is in Ireland. This is a cricket club. If you’ve ever walked into one, you’ve walked into this one. It feels like home to a cricketer, and if the surroundings themselves don’t do the trick, then the people certainly do. On day one, in the Malahide Cricket Club, a guy plays a guitar set. A local leans over to me and says: ‘‘That’s Eoin Morgan’s best man, least I think it is, I think, maybe, I don’t know for sure’’, he leaves to go check.

Right now Cricket Ireland is making a new facility, in Abbotstown. On the site of the National Sports Campus which, according to their website, ‘‘is providing state-of-the-art sports facilities to elite athletes in Ireland while offering valuable amenities and sport programs to all of the community’’. This is what Irish cricket needs, a stadium they need not erect each time a big opponent pops over to visit. A professional sports structure and a home. But Abbotstown - which is near to the historic Phoenix Park where cricket has been played since 1731 - is not like Malahide. It’s not a beautiful little village with a cricket club and Gibney’s pub down the road. Abbotstown is a purpose-built sporting complex for Irish sport, paid for by the government. Removed from club cricket, and villages, like a shopping centre erected on an empty lot in the part of town where no one used to go. Ireland cricket desperately needs a proper home, but when they get to Abbotstown, maybe they could put up a club bar, with photos of local legends, with a broken bat that won a third XI game, and on Wednesday and Thursday nights, bring old timers together to complain about the overseas pro. Because that is Irish cricket; they are the club team that takes on the world. It will be Abbotstown that turns Irish cricket from club to pro. The train from Belfast hasn’t stopped at Malahide for years. Twenty years, some locals say, 10 say others. It goes through Malahide station, but there has been no reason for it to stop. This week it did. For Ireland’s maiden Test match. Ireland lost, which is what everyone expected, but they did it in a manner that proved that they belong. When Ireland play, they play for their families, their community, their team, their friends, and for the other associates. They play so the train stops in Malahide. Around him, there are producers, officials, and the various people needed to put on an end-of-play interview. Many lanyards and headsets, cameras of all kinds. But William Porterfield stares blankly, looking at no one, not moving at all. There are probably 50 people around him, not one goes up to him, no one says anything. Then he reaches his hand up to his eye, he rubs at it, he rubs it for a while, and he looks away from all the producers. Maybe something flew into his eye. It’s possible, but it looked like something moved him. This week at Malahide, a lot of people seemed to have something in their eyes. (Cricinfo)



October 7 - 14, 2016

18 May, 2018 Caribbean Star Newspaper

The West Indian . Oct 17, 2015 . Page 61

18 May, 2018


CARICOM doesn’t want ICC to fix West Indies cricket – Gonsalves Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines and Chairman of the CARICOM subcommittee on cricket, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, is clearing the air on some misconceptions surrounding the latter organization’s entreaty for a meeting with the International Cricket Council (ICC). According to Gonsalves, CARICOM had approached the ICC in a bid to ensure there was an understanding about what the heads of government were trying to achieve with its intervention in West Indies cricket. “All that we are doing with the ICC with respect to their position as the international body responsible for the superintendence of world cricket is to indicate to them broadly what our position is,” said Gonsalves in an interview with “We (CARICOM) are moving to set up a legislative framework for the governance of West Indies cricket, this public good which has been run by a private entity, with an insufficient responsiveness and responsibility to the people – that’s what it is in a nutshell.

The 2015 Barriteau report, had as one of its suggestions, the abandonment of the West Indies Cricket Board, now called Cricket West Indies. The willingness of CARICOM to follow through with the report led to the suggestion that the organization wants to take the reins of West Indies cricket. Gonsalves points out that this is also a misconception. “The governments are not interested and won’t be

involved, in ‘running West Indies cricket’- that is for the relevant stakeholders in our region.” While saying the Heads of Government do not intend to take over West Indies cricket, Gonsalves continues to champion the idea that Cricket West Indies, as a private entity, cannot continue to operate in the way it has. “The current (CWI) situation really allows for one man or a small group of people to administer this

game in a manner that has a lot of irrationality about it and the mode of management, the governance, has created a lot of dissonance and distraction,” he said. “When you have that level of dissonance and distraction, they (CWI) can become a limiting force and they can metamorphose quite easily into anti-developmental attitudes; and I think that is what is happening currently,” Gonsalves explained. The prime minister, while pointing to the inadequacies of the CWI, pointed out that he is not pointing fingers at any particular person within the organization. Gonsalves also wants to make it clear that, unlike popularly banded about, CARICOM is not targeting the head of Cricket West Indies, Dave Cameron, but rather the system of governance the organization fosters. “Notice I’m not talking about any individual person. An individual person in such a board structure depending on how they carry themselves will either make worse or ameliorate the governance arrangements which are inadequate,” he said. (SportsMax)

‘I can see Bangladesh cricket actually keep its head high’ - Greenidge Gordon Greenidge, the West Indies great who was one of Bangladesh’s earliest foreign coaches in the late 1990s, always knew Bangladesh cricket would one day overcome their difficult start in the quest for international cricket. Even now, he is proud of what they have achieved, having seen first-hand their more fallow days when he was appointed coach in 1996. Greenidge, who later guided Bangladesh to their first World Cup appearance in 1999, was accorded a reception by the BCB on Tuesday, with many cricketers from his time meeting him after nearly two decades. In a rare reunion, the likes of Akram Khan, Minhajul Abedin, Mohammad Rafique and Khaled Mashud, among others, shared hugs, laughs and stories with Greenidge, whom many considered a father figure during his four-year tenure as head coach. ‘‘I did believe Bangladesh cricket would grow,’’ Greenidge said. ‘‘It always had the potential to grow. It is difficult to measure the quality of Bangladesh cricket.

Gordon Greenidge catches up with former Bangladesh captain Gazi Ashraf at a reception in Dhaka Mohammad Isam/ESPNcricinfo

Before, we were only playing oneday cricket. It was nice to see the players meeting the demands of the highest standards and more extensive games at the international arena. It was always going to be a difficult task to rise

to the international standard. ‘‘I am happy to say that they have done it exceptionally well. It is not always the case that you have continuous success. I can see Bangladesh cricket actually keep its head high and

be able to compete credibly at the international stage.’’ The BCB also presented Greenidge with a Bangladesh jersey, a tie and a watch. It also donated Tk 500,000 for the Gordon Greenidge Primary School and library in Barbados. Greenidge said that while his departure was ‘‘disappointing’’ - he was unceremoniously discharged soon after Bangladesh’s famous win over Pakistan in the 1999 World Cup - he has moved on. ‘‘The parting was disappointing. I would have liked to spend more time with Bangladesh cricket, but it wasn’t to be. I have no ills. These things happen.’’ Greenidge said that he hoped to stay in touch with old friends in Dhaka. ‘‘I cherish all my memories here in Bangladesh. I just met [Gazi Ashraf] Lipu after some time. I believe [Tanjeeb Ahsan] Saad is not well. I had a good communication channel, which was lost. Now that we have met again, I sincerely hope that we can renew that relationship and continue where we left off.’’ (Cricinfo)

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18 May, 2018

Real or not? Why we expect more from Noah Syndergaard In one of the stranger comments of the season, Mets pitching coach Dave Eiland decided it was a good time to publicly criticize Noah Syndergaard. ‘‘I just don’t know where the expectations came from,’’ Eiland told the New York Post. ‘‘He’s spent -- what? -- two-and-a-half years in the big leagues? So I don’t know where all the expectations came from. I wasn’t here for all that, but he has yet to do a whole lot at the major league level.’’ That must have been a fun day on New York sports radio. To be fair, Eiland wasn’t really ripping into Syndergaard, but it came across as ‘‘this guy isn’t all that,’’ which is weird to say about a guy who helped pitch the Mets into the World Series in 2015 and had a 2.60 ERA in 2016 before missing most of 2017 because of an injury. Eiland later backtracked on his comments before Syndergaard’s start Tuesday, saying, ‘‘I don’t say anything publicly before I say it to them first. ... I didn’t say he hasn’t done anything. I said he hasn’t done a whole lot.’’ OK, he’s right about that. And he might be right about something

else: the expectations -- and the hype -- exceeding the actual level of performance. Syndergaard is very good, but he’s not quite at that level of Max Scherzer or Corey Kluber or Chris Sale, and he certainly hasn’t been as good this season as Luis Severino, who is the best pitcher in the Big Apple right now. Syndergaard wasn’t anything special in the Mets’ win over the Blue Jays, giving up only two runs but throwing 103 pitches in five innings. His ERA is a solid 3.14, but he’s averaging less than six

innings per start. He has given up 51 hits in 51⅔ innings for a .254 batting average, which is higher than the overall MLB average. Maybe that’s at what Eiland is hinting: Why is a guy with Syndergaard’s stuff hittable at times? Mets broadcaster Ron Darling addressed this at one point in the game. ‘‘We’re talking about a pitcher with a simple, rhythmic motion that you can see where the ball is coming out from, and he doesn’t walk anybody,’’ Darling said. ‘‘So when you’re at bat, you’re never afraid of that ball

Cricket Canada’s inaugural T20 league begins in June

Global T20 Canada, the new six-team franchise league organized by Cricket Canada and Mercuri Group based out of Chennai, will take place between June 28 and July 15. Each team will play six games in the league phase: an initial round-robin followed by a singlematch second round in which the teams will play one other opponent. The top four teams after the league phase advance to the playoffs beginning on July 12. Similar to the IPL, the top two teams will play in the first playoff, with the winner going into the tournament final while the loser gets a second chance by playing the winner of the first elimination playoff between the third and fourthplaced teams. The final will take place on July 15 at 2pm local time, the same day as the FIFA World Cup Final in Moscow. Though Cricket Canada president Ranjit Saini told ESPNcricinfo in February that the tournament would be spread across three venues in the greater Toronto area, the schedule unveiled this week lists

all games to be held at Maple Leaf Cricket Club, 25 miles north of downtown Toronto in King City. Saini had indicated that there may be difficulty getting permits for access to certain venues such as the centrally-located Toronto Cricket, Skating & Curling Club, which hosted the Sahara Cup ODI series between India and Pakistan in the late 1990s. While no permanent infrastructure exists at Maple Leaf CC beyond a small clubhouse, the venue has installed temporary seating in the past to accommodate fans for a quadrangular series in 2008 between Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. The Global T20 Canada website lists the seating capacity for the tournament matches at Maple Leaf CC as 7,000, meaning temporary bleachers are expected to be brought in once more for the tournament. Though the entire tournament will take place at Maple Leaf CC, Global T20 Canada’s franchise names represent five cities across Canada as well as one team called ‘‘Caribbean All-Stars’’. The other five teams are the Toronto Nationals, Montreal Tigers, Ottawa Royals, Vancouver Knights and Winnipeg Hawks. The tournament is scheduled to have a player draft on May 26 to fill out team rosters. However, no information has been provided by Cricket Canada or tournament organizers regarding any foreign players in the draft pool or regarding fixed salaries tied to a player’s draft slot akin to the Caribbean Premier League. Saini had told ESPNcricinfo in February that only a minimum of four Canada players would be required in each 15-man squad, with no mandate that any Canada players be in a starting XI. (Cricinfo)

being off the plate or a random ball not hitting a spot.’’ Gary Cohen, Darling’s broadcast partner, then pointed out that Syndergaard is at least pitching inside more often this year. Indeed, among qualified starters, Syndergaard ranks fourth in percentage of fastballs on the inside part of the plate, at 44.1 percent, up from 36.8 percent in 2017 and 30.2 in 2016. Syndergaard also ranks just 52nd in percentage of fastballs in the zone. I think the primary issue is what Darling suggested: Even though Syndergaard is throwing in the upper 90s, hitters see his fastball, and it doesn’t move a lot. He ranks 56th in swing-andmiss rate on his fastball, at 17.7 percent -- that’s lower than Bartolo Colon’s 17.9 percent miss rate. Jacob deGrom, by comparison, is sixth among starters, with a 33.5 percent miss rate on his fastball. Syndergaard is still good because he throws hard, and his breaking stuff is lethal, but for him to become a top-five starter, he has to figure out how to get more swingand-misses with the fastball and start pitching deeper into games. (espn)

MRI shows Mets’ Yoenis Cespedes has right hip strain Yoenis Cespedes of the New York Mets underwent an MRI on Tuesday that revealed a mild strain of his right hip, and the team has discussed with the outfielder the possibility he will be placed on the disabled list, general manager Sandy Alderson said Tuesday. Mets manager Mickey Callaway said Cespedes will not start Tuesday night against the Toronto Blue Jays and would only be used as a pinch-hitter if the game were on the line. ‘‘It’s the same lingering injury,’’ Alderson said. Alderson said Cespedes had indicated his injury was improving the past few days but the Mets had him undergo the MRI as a precaution. Alderson said that after the team got the MRI results it decided to take Cespedes out of the lineup and will evaluate his situation in the next few days. Cespedes, 32, leads the Mets with eight home runs and 28 RBIs and has a .255 batting average this season. (ESPN)

18 May, 2018



18 May, 2018

Caribbean star 18 may 2018 epaper  
Caribbean star 18 may 2018 epaper