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Printed in the usa. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior consent of the publishers. ON THE COVER Miss World BVI 2013, Kirtis Kassandra Malone Photographed by Kevon Richardson on location at Scrub Island Resort, British Virgin Islands Styling by Damion Christopher Grange, Hair & Make Up by Phillip Krane Bernier Dress by VERGARA, shoes and accessories are Kassandra’s own.


Publisher and Founding Editor Janette N. Brin

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n old Latin saying, Carpe Diem that means “seize the day” in English, may just as well be stated, Carpe Annum, or “seize the year!” Let us do that in 2014 and take ownership of a new attitude and a new focus on life.


I wish for you to constantly search for your personal and professional goals in order to make your life meaningful in all aspects. Once, a long time ago, I read an article in an Ohio newspaper written by a woman celebrating old age… yes, celebrating it! If I recall, it was titled something like 40 things to make life good. I memorized three of the most important points from her long list: 1. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind. 2. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back. 3. Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present. The thing that never gets old however, is that in each new year, we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves – not just with the outside like a new hair style, or new clothes, but the inside of ourselves; the real important stuff like our goals, desires, health, or just making ourselves better people.

By the time this issue comes out we will be well into the 1st quarter of the year. I’d like to encourage our readers to write to me about what they are doing, and will be doing, to ensure seizing their new year. I know that we live in tough economic times not just in the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, and the world, but complaining without doing something won’t help. Some things can only change if we make a change. It just might begin with rolling our own sleeves up. Perhaps you’re thinking back with a bit of regret for some of the things that you did in 2013? If so, there is great news for you: the New Year tends to erase the giant screw-ups you made last year. If you can be man or a woman enough to put those things behind you, you can stretch those first of the new year’s 24 hours out to eight thousand seven hundred and sixty hours (yeah, we did the math: 24 hours a day times 365 days in a year makes 8760 hours in a year). Just because all those petty things or failures “were so last year,” does not mean that they have to be like that this year. That is up to you! So go ahead, go for the gusto and seize 2014 - and do let me know how you are doing!

Photographed by Kevon Richardson Location: Tortola, BVI


Janette N. Brin Publisher and Founding Editor





From top: Brandy GomezDuplessis, Carlie Ester, R. Anthony Morrison (pictured with legendary model Pat Cleveland), Zahra Spencer, Shakirah Bourne

 Highlights from the 2013 Style BVI Hair And Beauty Expo From ready to wear hair to the un-beweave-able hair; leading hairstylist in the British Virgin Islands got a chance to flex their skills. The featured celebrity hairstylist of the occasion Phillip Krane Bernier stole the show with his live demonstrations. See more pics at

 Corey Graham 2.0: Marketing Guru, Social Media Hero It is a time when people manage banking transactions online, friends meet each other on Twitter, and companies manage promotions and customer service on Facebook. Entrepreneur, Marketing Guru and Social Media Hero, Corey Graham, has capitalized on these modern advancements through his company, Drenalin Productions. Read

more at


 Artist Profile: Queenie Catora Passionate, sultry, and soulful, are a few words to describe the beautiful songstress Queenie Catora. Born Samantha Grant in Staten Island, New York, to Cuban BritishJamaican parents, this multifaceted new artist Queenie Catora is inspired and influenced by her diverse ethnic background fusing R&B, Jazz, Alternative and Reggae, to create a unique style and genre fans and supporters have come love and appreciate. Queenie is a well-respected young writer and artist in the music industry, and has recently collaborated with and built a great working relationship with the likes of International Grammy winning entertainer “Shaggy”, reggae super star Gyptian and industry icons such as the late Chris Lighty. Read more at



ccccc POSHSTYLE c BAR By Damion Christopher Grange

Welcome to the POSH Style Bar!


girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” This quote, by style icon Coco Chanel caught my attention years ago, but seems more relevant to today’s fashion enthusiasts, especially as I observe the ever-changing fashion landscape - particularly in black communities around the world. What do I mean? Glad you asked: There seems to be a NEW rule that says the skimpier, more raunchy, more exposed skin, in other words, the more vulgar one is attired, then, the more fabulous you are! Well, I beg to differ! There is no doubt that the woman’s body is indeed a work of art, no matter what shape or form it displays. Therefore ladies, you must be cognizant of how you choose to decorate your masterpiece, as this will categorize you: Classy & Fabulous or Classless & Flopped. Now, please don’t be overwhelmed by the pressure of balancing fa-bu-lo-si-ty and class - the category I believe all women should be in or aspire to be – POSH is here to the rescue!

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Coco Chanel

The POSH family has decided to introduce our Style Bar; particularly as a reasonable guide for Caribbean women to always look their best, and remain trendy and classy even with a flash of sex appeal. In this Issue, as we close the winter season and look forward to Spring 2014, our Bar will Display the up-and-coming brand VERGARA! Who is VERGARA? They are only the next hip, trendy and classy brand to come on the market in recent years. Based in Pompano, Florida with a showroom in Miami, VERGARA is four years plus on the scene and has been building its name and brand at various fashion events throughout the region. In three years Brand VERGARA has taken off in Latin America and has recently introduced stores in Panama and Venezuela. The next step is to launch out in the Caribbean, a market that is showing great excitement towards the high quality, fresh, fashion forward, yet affordable VERGARA brand of clothing and accessories. According to CEO, Daniel Vergara, “we are here to give every woman access to luxury, style and comfort at an affordable price point.”

Visit - BVI Trendsetters can check with their UMI Fashion Consultants for a VERGARA look that will match personality and style. While in Jamaica, the Liguanea Post Mall will house the first VERGARA outlet on that island.


After personally vetting the quality of the VERGARA line of clothing and accessories, I decided that this was worthy of our seal of approval and a spot on the POSH Style Bar. The attraction for me is that they do stand by their word of, in summary, ‘affordable luxury’. Also as a strong supporter of human rights, I was very much intrigued to find out that most of VERGARA’s products are made in the US and the ones that are outsourced, were done with personal sight and operational ethics surveillance by Mr. Daniel Vergara himself. Needless to say, this significantly reduces any risks or human rights violation especially as it relates to child labor and the sweatshop phenomenon. VERGARA Approved! Stamped POSH!



2014 Spring Fashion Tips & Trends

My 2014 Fashion Tip Make a resolution to become a B.E.A.S.T this year: Beautiful, Elegant, Attractive, Stylish & Trendy. However, please remember that dressing-up starts on the inside…the cliché is still relevant “True beauty starts from the inside out” - and frankly, it’s the only way to be completely POSH. After all, there’s “Beauty in the B.E.A.S.T.”

Spring Statement Color:

Radiant Orchid Radiant Orchid is that burst of freshness and pleasant surprise once incorporated tastefully in a statement garment or acting on its own for that wow effect. For sure this color has to be styled and accessorized with complementing or selective contrasting colors - which tells me then, that ‘Color Blocking’ will still be alive in 2014.

Alexis Wyatt Soiree BVI 2013 STOMP Model Winner Photographed by Kevon Richardson


g n i k Mait No help from Katy Perry in getting rid of the Animal Print. This print has proven its staying power and in my estimate, has been one of the most transcending prints of all time, proving that we all “Got the Eye of The Tiger”! If this print is still in your closet, keep it. However, feel free to update it with the trending Crop-Top (abs in check) and as shown here, paired with a more conservative Maxi bottom – for balance, with an anchoring color such as Mocha, grey or dark brown. The Jeans Messenger Bag is stylish yet casual…I am in LOVE!!

Bag: $67.50p To p: $20.00 Leo pard C r o : $35.00 Maxi Skirt

Bag: $77.50 Tunic: $25.00

Green remains on the scene…yaah!! I am intrigued by the mystical powers of earth tones – especially green – representing Mother Nature. So calming. In this off-theshoulder (90% cotton, 5% spandex) Tunic number, model Alexis looks absolutely POSH! Bringing sexy back? This is how you do it! A case sized, Polyurethane, polished gold VERGARA bag adds that touch of sophistication. Simply sporting your favorite skinny jeans and flats with it can also tone down this look.


Pink Poncho Bella Vera Boutique in Yacht Haven Grande Model: Vi Ho Hair/Makeup: Jet'aime CergeGrant of Sugar and Spice Salon Nails: Shary Cruz









Mini Dress Bella Vera Boutique in Yacht Haven Grande Model: Margaret Johnson Hair/Makeup: Jet'aime Cerge-Grant of Sugar and Spice Salon




Beaded Wrap Dress Bella Vera Boutique in Yacht Haven Grande, Model:' Allayna Marie Hair/Makeup- Phillip Bernier of Sugar and Spice Salon Nails: Shary Cruz



Nude Swimsuit Glam Gyal Swimwear Model: Ziray David Hair/Makeup: Jet'aime Cerge-Grant of Sugar and Spice Salon Nails: Shary Cruz

Yellow Dress Bella Vera Boutique in Yacht Haven Grande Dress by SKY Model: Ziray David Hair/Makeup: Jet'aime Cerge-Grant of Sugar and Spice Salon Nails: Shary Cruz









Designer: Kristen Fraser Photographer: Norman Allen Model: Toia Sylvester Makeup Artist: Akeema Crabbe Location: Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands



















Get Organized in 2014


From Home to Office By Michelle Rostamian

Looking to up your organizational skills this year? You don’t have to turn into a complete neat freak to get the job done. Make 2014 your best year yet with the following products that’ll keep your home, office, and your mind clear.

Mirrored Makeup Storage Keep all of your precious makeup products stored in this beautifully designed Mirrored Makeup Storage. Your room will look bigger, your makeup will be tidy, and best of all, your eyes will have a feast to look at!, from $99

Magazine File

Cutlery Caddy

Those papers, post-its, pens, and supplies you keep scattered all over your desk? It’s time to put them in their place with this magazine file set. The perfect way to store your everyday essentials, this ultra-bright organizer will keep you in check the next time you feel the urge to throw your supplies on your desk., $6.99

When it comes to keeping your kitchen organized, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. This Cutlery Caddy helps organize your cooking utensils all while keeping it close enough for everyday use. $9.99,

iPad mini The ever-popular Apple has done it again with their life-organizing iPad mini. Perfect for keeping everything from your calendar to your notes in tip-top shape, this nifty little must-have is great for those who are always on the go, as it’s small enough to fit into your briefcase or handbag. And when it comes to finding the perfect iPad app to keep you in check (ones that help you set up appointments, reminders, and everything in between), the options are endless!, from $399

Drawer Organizers


Whether you’re looking for something to store your jewelry, accessories, or any other small items, these fun, bright drawer organizers will add a burst of color to an otherwise boring room., $44.99


Noor c c c POSHSTYLE

By Nadia Ali

the Fresh and Fearless Designer


old colors, luxurious natural fibers created in fresh and fearless designs” These are the words from Noorulain Agha an upcoming designer who originally hails from Karachi, Pakistan but now lives in Trinidad. At the recent launch of her studio called ‘Noor’ invited guests got to see her unique line of clothing and accessories. While she has chosen to use her maiden name to launch her career as a designer, her husband is none other than Daren Ganga the former West Indian cricketer. Noorulain and Daren met in Pakistan when he was there for a cricket match and later married in 2007 when she began a new life in Trinidad.


A long way from home, Noorulain has been looking forward to the opening of her exclusive boutique in the fashionable neighborhood of Woodbrook where world renowned designers Claudia Pegus and Meiling also have their studios. Noorulain plans to offer an exclusive tailor-made range of clothing following her mantra “be exclusive, be fearless and absolutely no compromise on quality.” She describes herself as being an eclectic designer with a flair for colors and patterns, blending different cultures together. Just looking at her designs you can see this interpretation through fabric. Her collection presents a world of cultures from the vitality, style and creativity of Karachi across Europe to the tropical linens of the Caribbean shores. Her Moroccan designs, for example are traditionally rich using varied fabrics, shapes and colors expressing a certain art of draping. Noorulain is quite versed in the technique of draping which basically means structuring a garment by positioning and pinning to give it form.

Once through the gate of ‘Noor’ the clothing takes you on a journey around the world, from the city career line for the office to the Caribbean shores with sleeveless tops and white cottons to the classic kaftans from the Moroccan culture. Noorulain describes the kaftans as being “elegant and perfectly constructed pieces in silk crepe and fine cottons along with structured looks to have a range from morning to evening.” Designing clothing is not her only talent as she also designs her own unique jewelry. There are a selection of bracelets and bangles made from silver and brass, but look for the impressive, handcrafted crochet jewelry. “I learned crochet outside of my designer degree” she relates, “oone of my most favorite pieces is a bracelet where I crochet the wire and incorporate fresh water pearls, crystals and other stones into it. It has multiple strings and are all intertwined.“ She says turning my attention to bold, colourful bags of aqua green and purple with a border reminiscent of Indian art. At a relatively young age she recalls her love for fashion. She got her start in design with a diploma gained at the highly recognised Asian Institute of Fashion Design (AIFD) in Karachi. The institute excels in training and teaching about the challenges of international fashion, creative skills, technical expertise and professionalism. She completed a B.A. (Hons) Fashion Degree with the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design (CAFD) at the University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT) and is already thinking ahead to study for a Masters in Fashion Design. The entrepreneur in Noorulain recognises that not only is the fashion industry booming but that Trinidad &

Fashion Designer Noorulain Agha



Tobago has a lot to offer. She is hopeful that the twin island creates its own textile industry just as Pakistan has made its mark as being the home to the largest textile manufacturing industry in the world. Noorulain will be selling her exclusive fashion wear at her first ever studio/boutique called ‘Noor’ which incidentally means ‘light’ in Arabic. Clients are guaranteed to find that one-of-a-kind look and be able to accessorize it right there. The designs are impressive and looking at them one can get the international feel of tradition and culture. Her goal is to take the Noor brand to Europe where she can spotlight her designs for the world to see.



All leather goods available at the Louis Vuitton store in Limgrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James, Barbados.Â

POSH.indb 18

10/8/13 11:04 AM

POSHbeauty Nail it!

0.4oz $12.50 Love Chemistry - champagne and pink 3D glitter

Nail art has been a growing trend and it looks like momentum is on its side. So what innovation is next? Mirroring everything else, nails have gone 3-D. Formula X, a nail line from Sephora has created a revolutionary fusion of macro and micro glitter lacquer polish that creates a 3-D effect. The innovative lacquer combined with a micro metallic base coat that is highly reflective, has prismatic macro glitter, which creates an ultimate sparkle like a DIAMOND. This special formula delivers three dimensional reflections with a high shine that builds with each coat like a lip gloss. 3-D nails that are so easy and simple to do right in your own home.

Light My Fire - champagne and rainbow 3D glitter Made For You - champagne and silver 3D glitter Law Of Attraction champagne and blue 3D glitter Drawn To You - champagne and green 3D glitter

Radiant Orchid This spring we will flirt with a captivating, magical, and enigmatic purple called Radiant Orchid, the color that Pantone confirmed to be the color of the year for 2014. The beauty and fashion world has embraced this delicious color of purple and blue. The Radiant Orchid’s rosy undertones radiate on the skin, producing a healthy glow when worn by women. When wearing the makeup shade of Radiant Orchid, it’s going to enliven the skin, making all who wear it feel more healthy and energetic. Blending both cool and warm undertones, purple is an appealing hue for distinctive combinations and flattering to many hair, eye and skin tones. Sephora and Pantone Universe will release their lipstick in March but until then I selected some of my favorite shades of Radiant Orchid from different brands that everyone can enjoy on a budget.

OCC Lip Tar In Hoochie $18.00 MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Heroine $15.00

Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Gemma $22.00


Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Fierce $22.00

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Lilac Rose $30.00


YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Violine Out Of Control $34.00




ct u d o Pr view Re

So with the long list of hair products available to naturals, soon to be naturals and wanna be naturals I thought I would narrow your exploration into the world of natural hair productions that are accessible to us naturalistas in the Caribbean. Below are some of my top picks! Alikay Naturals


A fairly new product line, founded in 2009, by Jamaican b r e d Ro c h e l l e Gr a h a m Campbell. You really cannot go wrong with this line, all the products are 100% organic. Great to use on all ages, children to the elderly. My f a vo r i t e d u o i s t h e “Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo and Conditioner. Like the entire line, these products have No petroleum, No mineral oil, No alcohol, No paraben, No Sulfate and No Silicones, which has been proven to be harmful to your hair and scalp.

All Products were made available to me by The Miss Naturalist Natural Hair Product Corner, nested in the Eccentric Shoe Store, on Main Street St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. If you would like more information on these other products feel free to give them call at 340-774-7800 don’t forget to like them on Facebook @ MissNaturalista.

I recommend this product for courser hair textures. You will have a thorough cleanse and find that your hair is more pliable, becoming easier to manage. Other great products in the line are the Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner, Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil, and the Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner. For more information about this brand visit:

Darcy Botanicals I find that this line is great for Transitioning Naturals. I especially enjoy the Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Cream. The consistency of this product is very light, great for people with more than one hair texture that you will find with person who are transitioning. This item is a bargain buster as well because the Coconut Lemongrass Transitional cream


What is great about this brand is that the company tells you which product is best for your hair texture.

is also awesome on the skin and doubles as a body lotion. Who would complain about that? Other great finds in this product line are Curl Detangling Milk and the Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream. These product are about 90 % Natural. For more information on this brand visit

Curls Just as the name suggests this brand is made for the person who wants to emphasis their natural curls and is looking for that extra boost. My favorite is the “Whipped Cream”. This vanilla scented delight helps you define your curls as well as locks in moisture. Ideal for the person who loves to use the styling technique of a wash and go.

The Curls brand has products for all hair types but I recommend this brand for the more silky hair textures. Curls was founded in 2002, in California by Mahisha Delinger. Curls products are used by celebrities like Chili from the Performing Trio TLC and Singer Alicia Keys. For more information about this Brand visit:

Jane Cater Solutions The Moisture Mist is a must have in your every hair care regiment especially for the person who is on the go and needs that jolt of moisture throughout the day. This mist is water based and is infused with Shea butter and Amino acids. If you plan to invest in this product, I say stock up! This product is a daily to go product. Great for all hair types. This Brand found its roots in Cranford, NJ. by its name sake Jane Carter, and has been existed for over two decades. For more information about this Brand visit: www.

THE lADY iNFLUENCE: Find me all the time for more great tips! Facebook: @LadyInfluence

Instagram @LadyInfluence

Twitter: @LadyInfluence1




et me introduce to you an amazing young woman. The beautiful, Empress Winnielle Tamika Pereira. From the age of nine she began a very illustrious career as a pageant girl; turn model, event judge, organizer, trainer, role model, writer, mother, savvy business woman and so much more. Her career spans more than twenty years and has taken her through some of her dreams.

Born in Antigua but raised in St Kitts Winnielle first attended the St. Theresa’s convent school and then moved on to the Basseterre Senior High School where she graduated. Her first victory in pageantry was being crowned the first ever Carnival Princess in 1989 at the tender age of 9 and continued thereafter capturing titles both locally and regionally. At age 18 having captured such titles as the coveted Miss St Kitts in 1997 which followed a string of other local and regional pageants and modeling competitions including Mrs. World in Las Vegas as her 21st and final competition. She decided to take her career another step further. Winnielle considers the twin island Federation home. Therefore when she decided it was her time to give back what she’s learnt and help pave the way for others who aspired to elevate through their passions in the arts, home, St Kitts and Nevis is where she returned. Upon her return to the Federation Winnielle, not liking what fashion had become began working feverishly to elevate the industry to a height which before her, it had not known. Thus in 2003 was born her movement Winnielle Model Management, as she set out to develop youth through the art of fashion and modeling. Her movement not only produces professional models however, but its core is to empower, inspire and elevate through its empowerment courses and the production of quality, upscale fashion events that has gained the attention of not only the youth aspiring in the field of fashion, modeling and designing but also the country’s leaders, magazine editors, fashion designers, experienced models and other officionados regionally and internationally. She has taken the fashion industry upon St Kitts and Nevis by storm. It is not solely her fashion shows that are highly anticipated locally, regionally and internationally but also her training skills. She has conducted training in Anguilla, St Maarten, Ghana and Nigeria

Winnielle Tamika Pereira

This Rastafarian woman has launched her company since 2011 once again embarking on an even more powerful and humble journey as she continues to remain determined to stay on the same path of empowering youth through the arts of fashion and modeling. Winnielle describes herself is a spiritual daughter, she said in every step she takes, she prays to the father. Guidance, protection and strength is vital and she knows that with prayer and works what seems impossible can be possible. Positive energy feeds her and so she is very serious about those around her as energy is very powerful and the negative energy is something she does not welcome. Her expertise, spirituality and guidance helps others excel on the world stage. She motivates to exude elegance, poise and confidence, and works on bringing the best those she trains. She never tries to change an individual, but works to bring out the ‘queen’ in them. Ms. Winnielle works on people from the inside out, she tries to give an inspiring outlook on life and encourages the beautiful spirit out of those she works with.




Her mission is to one day be able to take her empowerment course into the schools in the federation and provide this positive avenue to the youth. With outside funding this indeed can be possible. Winnielle is a Positive Influencer.



Petuanna “Petra” Matthew

etuanna “Petra” Matthew is the owner of Nat’ral Xpression Hair Health & Beauty Palace, and Nat’ral Xpression Braids and Locs Academy the home of exotic hair styles, natural hair care, dreadlocks and braid classes, and manufacturer of hair and body products, on the islands of St. Croix. The doors to her styling arena opened December of 2008. She has over 17 years of hair styling experience. Petra’s pursuit to fulfill her dream and passion in hair care went into high gear after she graduated as a business student from University of the Virgin Islands Petra has gained national and international recognition in competitions such as St. Thomas’ Beauty Expo Hair War Competition 2009 and Taliah Waajid’s Loc Mania Competition at the World Natural Hair Show 2010 and 2011. Recently added to her list of accomplishments, her salon was recently voted best beauty salon in St. Croix for 2013 by USVI Daily News readers.

In her current home town St. Croix USVI, as well as St. Kitts her place of birth, she has held shows, and styling competitions to give other stylist a chance to expose their skills and keep the art alive. Additionally, she recently launched LTB-12 campaign (Learn to Braid by 12) with the aim of teaching girls to braid by age twelve. Her clients affectionately call her the “Loc Doctor” because her expertise and love for the natural is unparalleled. She often encourages others to embrace their identity to show strength and real beauty. Petra shares her knowledge through her specialized seminars. She travels throughout the Caribbean and mainland to service clients with group appointments. For registration and further information please call 340-772-4247, 340-332-7555 or email Petra “Petra” Mathew is a Positive Influencer.

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Cast Away Troubles KEEP THINGS CLEAR

Jump in and Get Wet Make a Ripple Wherever you Go CARIBBEAN POSH SPRING 2014





by Michelle Rostamian

So Fresh So Clean When it comes to smelling fresh and clean, there are a ton of body washes that get the job done. Having trouble finding one you can confidently call your Holy Grail? Check out the following list of body washes that’ll make you feel so fresh and so clean!

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash Skin’s feeling a little dry? You’re in luck! Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Body Wash is formulated with everything you need to hydrate and replenish your skin’s moisture, including Colloidal Oatmeal, a skincare savior that transforms dry skin into a velvety smooth surface. $6.99,

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash If mustering up the energy to get out of bed in the morning is a daunting task, then the Morning Burst Body Wash by Clean & Clear will work wonders. With its sensestimulating aromas of mango and papaya along with its ultra-nourishing, skin-loving ingredients, you can rest assure this bubbly formula will have you at hello (or good morning!) $4.99,

Murad Acne Body Wash “Bacne” got you feeling down? Murad’s Acne Body Wash will help gently exfoliate acne-causing, pore-clogging bacteria and debris to help you reveal your freshest skin yet. This Holy Grail-worthy body wash is formulated with skinloving green tea, licorice root extract, and date seed powder. $39.50,

b-leve b-tranquil Body Wash Transform your bathroom into an at-home spa with the b-tranquil Body Wash by b-leve. Packed with safflower oil extract, Vitamin E, and glycerin, this ultra-nourishing wash gives your skin the luxurious treatment it deserves. $7.99,

LATHER Coconut Crème Body Wash Let the skin-moisturizing effects of coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter give your dry skin the TLC it needs. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, this paraben-free, sulfatefree body wash contains everything you need to pamper your body’s largest organ. $18,

Essence of Beauty Forever Paris Bath & Shower Gel Add a romantic twist to your daily shower and bath routine with the Forever Paris Bath & Shower Gel from Essence of Beauty. You’ll instantly fall in love with its fruity floral scent along with its paraben-free, moisturerich formula. $5.99,

Bath & Body Works Beautiful Day Shower Gel Wash away impurities with the shea-enriched Beautiful Day Body Wash from Bath & Body Works. Its rich, luxurious-feeling formula works into a great lather and instantly douses your skin with everything it needs to look (and feel!) beautiful. $12.50, www.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Madagascar Orchid Moisturizing Body Cleanse Let the lush, creamy formula of the Madagascar Orchid Moisturizing Body Cleanse by Lisa Hoffman Beauty whisk you away to a tropical island. You’ll feel revived long after cleansing, as the floral scent lingers to give you that fresh and clean feeling all day long. $30,




t’s been 8 years as of Sept. 2013 that I have been qualified as a Dermatologist. Within this time period the 2 most common untreatable conditions that patients have presented to me are ‘Stretch Marks’ and ‘Dark Circles Under the Eyes’. Patients would always come to me with various creams and home-made remedies that they have tried. None to any avail. And to be honest with you, I would always tell them the truth. I would say, “if I had a cure for these conditions…I would be a rich man”. Little did I know that there was a treatment for these conditions that had been practiced for years. A technique called Carboxytherapy, pioneered by a French physican, Dr. Lian, in 1932. As I did further research I realized that Carboxytherapy is an amazing treatment procedure which uses carbon dioxide gas (CO2), an odorless gas that is part of the air we breathe, by injecting it just under the cutaneous and subcutaneous layers surfaces of the skin for therapeutic purposes. The carbon dioxide injected into the skin diffuses into the surrounding tissues, causing blood vessels to dilate. This causes a stronger blood supply, which brings a rush of oxygen and nutrients to the treated area, and improving its circulation. Carbon dioxide also kills fat cells, and the extra oxygen eliminates the fluid build-up between cells, stimulating the skin to produce more collagen (the structural tissue of your skin), resulting in fewer fat cells and firmer, younger-looking skin. Indications for treatment with Carboxytherapy? 1. Stretch marks 2. Fat Deposits 3. Dark Circles Under the Eyes 4. Acne Scars/Hypertrophic Scars 5. Cellulite Removal The number of treatment varies, depending on the indication for Carboxytherapy, as well as how long the patient has had the indication. For example, a person with new stretch marks can be treated in as little as 6 weekly treatments. As opposed to a person that has had stretch marks for a while may take up to 16 weekly treatments. There are no known risks associated with carboxytherapy. There may only be potential and temporary bruising on the treated area, which will heal by itself after a few days.


Dr. Geronimo Jones is a General/Cosmetic Dermatologist at Eureka Medical Clinic in the British Virgin Islands. To receive any additional information regarding Carboxytherapy, please send an email to:



Spring Scents

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The Berklee College of Music Graduate Kmisha Victoria Counts St.Thomas

What makes me a Posh Girl? hen I look up the definition “Posh” it mentions words like fancy, classy, light-hearted, and well off. I think that these qualities are all based on feeling good about yourself and what makes me feel great is my willingness to persevere through struggles, keep God first, and remain original. Despite challenges I


face, I never deter from my dreams, or “goals” I should say because there are planned out processes that are achieved to reach that goal. For me, God is the love, joy, and peace in my life so that always has to connect. I truly embrace individuality, in my fashion, music, and generally most areas of my life. I think it is every woman’s golden key to having confidence in who you truly are. It inspires my standards in every relationship and life decision that I face and it is always a work in progress. Individuality is what makes me special, and knowing that there is one person on earth that is like me, and recognizing/embracing all of those things that make me specifically unique. That makes me POSH! What inspires me? am inspired by unique art forms and styles. Things that personify people daring to be different and fitting outside the mold of “predictable”. Positive energy is always inspiring, although I like to watch a good drama or reality show from time to time! It interests me to see how people maneuver through situations, what choices they make, how they manage to stay afloat, and all sorts things like that because I am always learning. I am always paying attention. There is so much to learn in the world around us. People, natural beauty like the horizons, and creative art forms with unorthodox, or eclectic meanings inspire me.




My deepest beauty secret? y deepest beauty secret is loving yourself. The very core of who you are. And trying your best to eradicate things like worry, negative energy, and most importantly negative talking. Gossiping too often can really take the edge off your own beauty. I’ve seen it. I’ve noticed over the years that the more in tune I can be with who I am, then the more beautiful I am.



d d POSHfeatures

d d POSHfeatures



A Woman in Charge By Shakirah Bourne


isa Cummins is not a person who can sit in a ship as it sails and watch the waves go by steadily without a challenge. “I need to be part of a transformation process. I need to have something that my hands can touch and feel; something that is a living thing.” Being the Executive Director of the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries (BCSI) certainly has given her the opportunity to captain the ship through the challenge of developing, diversifying and fostering the international competitiveness of Barbados’ service sector during a global economic recession.



When Lisa resumed leadership in 2011, the organization was going through a significant period of transition due to the change in political administration, and an assessment of efficiency and organizational performance. In order to combat the challenges identified by stakeholders, Lisa led the restructuring of the organization based on the crafting of a new strategic vision and placed the organization firmly on the national stage where they better influenced the development and growth of the services economy as a whole. According to Lisa, “We have turned the organization around, together with my exceptional team, to the point where we now enjoy the confidence of many of those who once were critics. That lays the foundation for us to do everything else and has given us the operating space to deliver on our mandate.” Despite drastic budget cuts, BSCI still were able to able to implement most of their planned programs and activities through raising resources and balancing

financial capabilities and strategic objectives. “It forced us to be innovative, to build new mutually beneficial relationships and fundraise through partnerships with development agencies.” Lisa believes that innovation and regional integration is key to surviving the current recession and attracting foreign investment. “It is out of times of difficulty that we find latent creativity, innovation and find new ways of doing things. This region has tremendous potential, particularly if we fully utilize the provisions of the Single Market. The challenges of emerging from a global recession and domestic contraction are to be found through the deepening and strengthening of our integration process. Our economies are simply too small and too open to attempt global integration individually. But over the past few years, we have not made the kind of strong determined strides I would like to see. Had we done so, I think we would have been better positioned today.” “Domestic policy measures combined with a deepening of regional integration form an essential platform for this region’s development ambitions now in this recession. The sooner we get there and overcome our inhibitions, the better off future generations of Caribbean people will be. I’d like us to reform our education system so that it is less academic, and more practical and entrepreneurial. We don’t need more repetitive thinkers. We need people who can innovate and create because they have been socialized into being that way by our education system and societies. That

will have an impact on our economic outputs.”


This advice is based off of years of experience working in international relations and diplomacy. Lisa is a specialized at Masters level in International Trade Policy and has practiced primarily in International Trade in Services. However, she still strives to increase her qualifications and all-round business knowledge by aiming to complete an MBA.

She advises other aspiring female leaders to choose a team that is a blend of competent and enthusiastic. “You’re only as good as the people surrounding you and they have to be ‘can do’ people. Everything else falls into place when you have the vision and right team to implement it. As my Jamaican neighbors would say, “go hard and dun!” Be 100% confident in who you are and your abilities. You do not need to compete with other females. You do not need to behave the way you perceive a man would conduct himself. Don’t ever make excuses.”


Lisa is the mother of a witty, fourteen year old girl, and stresses the importance of family time in a world where technology such as smart phones blurs the line between work and personal space. She believes that it is imperative to establish clear boundaries and have that personal time with family. With the help of God, her family and loved ones, and the team at BCSI, she believes that she can create an organization that stands as a National Champion and Center of Excellence for the Services Sector.


Born Wit It


Curtsies are in order! Caribbean Posh greets soca monarch Alison Hinds to hear about her big break with Square One, the story behind her most iconic song and family life in Barbados.


e’ve crossed paths before, and though I’ve been a loyal subject my whole life I’ve never quite had an intimate moment to sit and chat with the Queen of Soca. I was raised on mix tapes with the Proclaimers proximate to Red Plastic Bag, “Volcano” consecutive to “Hooked On A Feeling” and “Faluma” toasting the grand finale before the tape clicked and rolled to side B. With such a genre rich diet of music, today I find myself sitting on a wooden bench beneath a canopy of palm trees in metropolitan Barbados, eager for an audience with one of the region’s most prolific entertainers. There’s anticipation – will she be dressed sharply to a T, with full makeup and stomping heels? Will she have an entourage?

In this split second the castle walls come crashing down, and I am face to face

She’s won all kinds of accolades, some which celebrated this song or that album, others that measured the seismic contribution she has made to music and culture, including a citation of excellence from the city of New York. She’s birthed and raised a beautiful daughter, now 9 years old, and has been married to the love of her life

for almost a decade. She is an industry veteran with over twenty years experience, yet she attacks every carnival season as lustfully as it were her first. After all, music is really all she’s ever known. Soon after leaving secondary school, Andy “Young Blood” Armstrong inspired a sheepish but talented Alison to enter the Richard Stoute Teen Talent contest. It may be hard to envision, but the teenaged version of Alison was so quiet you would


She is nothing of what you expect and all of it at the same time, dressed in a flowing silvery top and jeans, hair carrying subtle highlights of blue, oozing regal confidence. In her first gush of breath she apologizes - “Sorry I am late – I was helping my daughter with her homework.”

with the real Queen: a mother, wife, friend.


d POSHfeatures neither see nor hear her. Like a pearl still clammed up inside her shell, Andy helped to crack her into shape, choosing songs and attending rehearsals. Though she didn’t place first, she was a finalist and as soon as the curtain dropped on that contest Andy invited her to join Square One. Yet to blow the candles on her eighteenth birthday, Alison had already made the finals in a major local competition and joined what would become one of the most memorable soca bands to hit the club scene and the world.

Square One also got major props when they were booked as the backing band during Barbados’ Crop Over season for the Untouchables Tent. As a tent accustomed to hosting mature musicians, there was some cynicism when the youngsters led by Andy and Alison were booked. “We had a point to prove. We stepped on the stage and from night one right away through we made sure we had everything nailed, on point. We won over all of those people who thought that we were too young.” This was just the beginning. Once, a wealthy Swede who decided to host a “Caribbean themed” party for his birthday flew the entire band to perform at a lavish palace for him and his illustrious guests…who included the King and Queen of Sweden. She lists off other European countries they toured like an atlas. But one of her most notable career tokens has to be the song that follows her everywhere she goes. This is the song that was phonetically memorized by every Caribbean person alive in 1998, the track that was replayed on every mix tape in my own home… Faluma ding ding ding... Sung in the language of the Saamaka tribe in Suriname, the song represents the fascinating diversity of the Caribbean. Alison chronicles learning “Faluma” on her first trip to Suriname. Whenever she ventured into a new territory she’d try to learn the most popular local song. In Suriname, it was “Faluma”, and even though she had no idea what the language was she learnt it off of the phonetics. “When we did that performance in Suriname people lost their mind, the show was completely sold out…people to the rafters…They also had it live on TV and they also had it live on radio so it basically went all over Suriname. When we performed that song, they couldn’t believe it. They couldn’t believe that an English speaking, Eastern Caribbean band would be able to perform their music for them.” The cheers in the intro to “Faluma” are a legitimate recording of the real people who were at the concert the night that she first performed the hit.


Performing with Square One coaxed her out of her shell, polished her and presented her to the world as the princess that would one day take the role of Queen. Nowadays of course, she’s known for her indomitable command of a stage, her bumper rolling capability and ability to stir a crowd. It comes as no surprise when she says she prefers the stage to studio any day. “You have the band, the excitement of the audience, the loudness, you step on stage and when everything works on stage it just works so perfectly… When everything comes together it is the best feeling in the world….When you finish it’s like you finish on a high.” When Square One hit the club scene, soca music was on a serious high. In Barbados, Ali and the band were booked at the hottest clubs (such as Pier 29, the original Warehouse, Apple Experience, Reggae Lounge, Coach House and the main staple: Ship Inn.) The After Dark club was like the anchor of St Lawrence Gap for her, but she confesses cheekily: “I wasn’t even old to go in After Dark…I was singing and I was not old enough!”

That was then, and her performances are just as powerful now. Her fans dubbed her Soca Queen for a reason, and she takes that responsibility very seriously. Alison keeps in touch with her fans from all over the world with facebook, twitter (@AlisonHinds) and instagram. Soca may our bread and butter in the Caribbean and Alison our Queen, but it’s still a sub genre globally and a microcosm in the multibillion dollar music industry. Though this is the genre that took her to world, she expresses comfort, even a desire to step outside of that box. Having already done a couple of reggae tracks, namely “King And Queen” with Richie Spice, she knows as an entertainer, she can’t limit herself to just soca. To expand her horizons, Alison is currently promoting her fashionista debut with a hot new “Born Wit It” tee shirt line, as well as her acting debut in the Barbadian produced psychological thriller “Two Smart”. Playing a complex character undergoing emotional ups and downs, this film will showcase Alison Hinds in a whole new spotlight, and it is scheduled for release in Barbados in early 2014. We know that whatever changes come to Alison Hinds throughout her life, from becoming a mother to blossoming into a fearless entertainer and actress, one thing is certain: she was born wit it.

d POSHfeatures

KKM Kirtis Kassandra Malone

The “World” is my stage! POSH GIRL



y proclaiming that the ‘world is my stage’, to some, may appear presumptuous or over confident. But before you jump to that conclusion please allow me to explain:


It is said that nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity and one secret to a man’s success in life is to be ready for his opportunity when it comes; Proving then, that the journey of a thousand miles really begins with that first step. It was my pleasure to step out on faith, on the journey - the journey of becoming Miss World British Virgin Islands! This journey is responsible for boosting my confidence and has given me the assurance that a little girl from a small island also has the ability to make the world her stage. (Hallelujah!)

You may ask who is Kirtis Kassandra Malone? She is a shy and reserved young lady who willingly allows her deep love for singing to push her in the limelight from time-to-time. Having competed in a few pageants during her younger years Ms. Malone was all ‘pageant out’ and until 2013, resisted the urge and recommendation from others to enter any other pageants. However, when the opportunity to represent her home as the first Miss World BVI after a 12 year hiatus knocked, she knew this was a once in a life time break that she was prepared for and would be too costly to have missed. “I knew this was going to be a great challenge, but I trusted the team and I also mustered up the confidence to trust that I had what it takes,” explained Ms. Malone.


She continued: “After the Miss World BVI Committee disseminated the press release to the media, confirming the BVI’s participation at Miss World 2013 and that I was the selected representative, there was a backlash of some sort – simply because most people did not have an idea of who I was and why I was selected. During that period I started to doubt myself and questioned my decision. However, the support of the committee, my family, church family and friends kept me focused. This was also a reminder that I should not allow the unforeseen to succeed as a barrier to my dream.” On July 24th 2013, Kirtis Kassandra Malone was officially crowned, confirming her selection as Miss World British Virgin Islands 20132014. By accepting the crown she was given the privilege to become an ambassador for her country, a champion for Autism Awareness – a cause she is passionate about, and the opportunity to represent the British Virgin Islands at the Miss World Pageant in Indonesia. She agrees that her life has never been the same since. Under the “Beauty with a Purpose” banner, Miss World BVI was eager to begin her philanthropic endeavors, with a special focus on

Autism Awareness. She officially confirmed her partnership with the BVI Autism Centre at her coronation ceremony, where she immediately donated a check for $1,000 to the Centre, in partnership with LIME BVI. As the official spokesperson for the BVI Autism Centre, she continues to raise awareness and garner support from the public and private sector, namely the Ministry of Education, Delta Petroleum, and First Bank Virgin Islands, who have all been supportive of this cause. Kirtis is grateful for the opportunity to serve her community, especially children with special needs, which is why she has chosen to pursue a degree in Special Education. She will tell you that this experience is humbling and is one of the most rewarding of her life so far. Kirtis plans to continue working as a volunteer with the Centre even after her reign.

Dreams do come true: As the BVI’s official ambassador to Miss World, Kirtis had to travel to Bali, Indonesia for the 63rd Miss World Finals. As a requirement, contestants arrived a month prior to the final show in order to participate in various preliminaries. On September 1st Kirtis departed the territory for Indonesia, a journey she recalls as long and frightening, especially considering that was her first time travelling such distance on her own. Upon landing in Bali, it was game on; the world media was present at the Airport ready to put each girl on the spot. There was no time to breathe as events were scheduled for that same evening and followed that pattern throughout the days leading up to the final show. She remembers the preliminary process as grueling. However, she said the fellowship of other contestants and the overwhelming hospitality of the Miss World Organization, along with the Indonesian people made it bearable. “I missed home so badly, and would cry every time I thought about my family. But I knew I was there for a reason and I had a job to do – the job of promoting Nature’s Little Secret to the rest of the world while competing to make my mark on the world stage.” “On September 17, 2013 we gathered in a conference room of the Nusa Dua Convention Centre to hear the announcement of those who had advanced to the Live Talent Finals.” Kirtis smiles as she remembered the moment; “I knew there was stiff competition as all the girls were outstanding in their talent presentations. There was that voice of doubt again… ‘only 12 finalists will be chosen…’ followed by all the negative reasons why I will not be among the twelve.” Convinced by doubt that she would not make the finals, Miss World explained that she became discouraged and was worried

d POSHfeatures





d POSHfeatures sick. She really wanted to make the BVI proud and felt that talent, being one of the highlights of Miss World, would be a unique opportunity to do just that. “I was overcome with joy when the announcer called my name! I made it!” Kirtis also felt validated when she heard the applause from the other contestants, confirming their approval of her being a finalist. She considers this achievement the highlight of her Miss World experience. “My voice was finally going to be heard and my dream of singing on a world stage in front of a huge audience will finally come true.” She paused, took a deep breath and with an expression that beamed confidence she said; “this is why we should always believe that dreams can never be bigger than God’s ability to make them come true.” Kirtis was placed 4th overall at the talent finals but had clearly made an impact far bigger that she could have imagined. Her rendition of Alexandra Burke’s version of the classic Hallelujah had moved the audience, some to tears. With such a powerful performance the crowd started cheering “Hallelujah, Hallelujah”… “After my performance my name had unofficially changed to Hallelujah.,” said Miss Malone. Miss Malone (Hallelujah) was not crowned Miss World 2013, but she had done enough to leave a mark on the Miss World Organization and the millions of people around the world who viewed the coverage of the Miss World Finals. At home she had accomplished her mission of showcasing BVI pride, and supporters and well-wishers showed their appreciation by voting for her as People’s Choice at which she was placed 7th out of 130+ countries. When asked what message she would give to young people especially young girls, Hallelujah had this to say: “I want young girls to know that your present situation is not a reflection of who you are or where you must stay. You can never have too big of a dream - because if you believe enough; God will make a way for you to achieve them.” She continued “In life there will always be distractions, but I challenge you to remain focused on your dreams and goals and I guarantee you that you will meet your destiny.” Miss World British Virgin Islands 2013/2014 Kirtis Kassandra Malone has a bright future to look forward to. She is currently working on completing her studies along with fulfilling her duties as Miss World BVI. In addition, her music career is also getting off the ground; she is expected to release her first single in short order and is also a finalist in the 2014 Top 7@7 Talent Competition.


Kirtis summed up her Miss World Experience as “the opportunity of a lifetime”. She jokingly explained, “although the journey to Indonesia was more than a thousand miles, because I stepped out on faith, I had a life changing experience, was able to promote my precious BVI and forged lasting friendships.” Miss World BVI also believes that pageants, especially Miss World, provides young women with limitless opportunities to career paths, and impacts the lives of the less fortunate around the world through the acclaimed Beauty with a Purpose Foundation while boosting self-esteem and confidence. Even with her powerful presence her humility still shines through as she remembered that her Miss World journey would not have been possible without the dedication and support of the Miss World BVI committee and her sponsors.


d POSHfeatures

Alexis Lettsome A

t the tender age of 9, Alexis competed in the Miss Junior World pageant and found her niche in the fashion world. It was the thrill of getting dressed-up, the lights and the attention, she fondly remembered, along with the glitz and glam that came along with it. In that moment, she felt more than comfortable facing an audience. It was a glimpse of something that she could easily and effortlessly do; modeling. Standing 5'9” and 28 years of age, Alexis is a contracted model of the Soirée BVI Modelling Agency. Far from being a stranger to the spotlight, she has been exposed to the industry for the past 6 years, not only as a runway model but also being privileged to have worked with some of the BVI’s local photographers. In this manner, Alexis was able to gain further confidence in herself, by embracing her individuality, as well as her height. She has become well-known for easily fashioning extraordinarily high-heeled shoes. "They add an extra boost of confidence in my strut. They are and should be a ‘must-have’ on every woman’s shopping list!" She boasts.

Styling: Damion Christopher Grange Hair and Make-up: Phillip Krane Bernier


Alexis is the recent winner and face of the 2013 Stomp 2 Competition (produced by Soireé BVI), which was held in November 2013, at the luxurious Scrub Island Resort. For her, it was not just about winning, but experiencing the beauty of each contender and forming a memorable bond with them. Believing that all females are beautiful in their own right and that fact should be embraced, as there is no ‘one’ type of beauty. She feels that women could all co-exist happily in that fact. As the proud winner of the competition, Alexis is enthusiastic about the future of modelling in the BVI. The opportunities that were once limited or non-existent back when she first indulged in the fashion world are no more and now envisions a bright future ahead for herself and inspiring models in the BVI.


d POSHfeatures Caribbean Film Maker



orn in Jamaica and raised in Canada, Jennifer Holness easily feels comfortable in the islands as well as in Toronto, in spite of the cold weather there during winter. This one very busy lady directed the exciting and touted new film Home Again that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013. At the time of this interview she and the cast had just returned from their UK premiere. The movie, that has a Caribbean influence, not just a Jamaican feel, talks about the tragic story of the diaspora of Jamaican deportees who are sent “home” to the island from Canada, England, and the U.S. Diaspora, according to the New World Encyclopedia, refers to “any people or ethnic population forced or induced to leave its traditional homeland, as well as the dispersal of such people and the ensuing developments in their culture.”

Her own break came in Toronto, where many U.S. films are shot, and where American film companies spend millions of dollars annually. Having met the director of Home Again, Sudz Sutherland, at the University where she was studying Political Science, and watching his film career progress, they decided to join forces to tell film stories. At that time, black director and producer, Spike Lee also became a huge influence to Holness. He showed her that it was possible to tell the stories she and Sutherland were interested in telling. Not only Lee, but also Oprah Winfrey whom she admires greatly and would like to work with someday, encourage her to continue her path to produce and write black film genre. “I was at the right place and the right time,” she says. That sense of great pride in herself and her work can be heard in her voice.

Holness witnessed first hand the plight of young Jamaicans who are often convicted of petty crimes in their adopted homeland, only to be deported without the benefit of any support system. Working with some great agents, the actors selected to play the lead roles - Tatyana Ali, Lyriq Bent, and Stephan James - represent the Caribbean influence since their own roots go back to the islands. Holness first approached the National Film Board in Canada to make a documentary about the diaspora problem, but was turned down. Not willing to give up, she joined the Caribbean Film Industry. Asked what advise she could offer to those wishing to break into the film industry, she suggests that the challenge is always dollars, and secondly being on set and learning everything one can to break into success. Further advice is taking film studies courses and perhaps starting with documentaries, would be the key.

Asked about her next project, she enthusiastically explains about Operation Red Dog, a film that also has roots in the Caribbean. It is s story about a young journalist who wants to win the Pulitzer Prize for journalism. It involves gun running, bad politicians, a coup, and Neo-Nazis; drama, action, and excitement that should not to be missed to see how far one goes to get that big scoop. Holness insists that tapping into new genres is a necessity in the film industry. She would love to do an ultimate action adventure as well, or a great Science Fiction film with a fantastic crew of actors. One action adventure theme she vehemently says she would, “Love, love, love to produce” would revolve around the famous historical figure, Harriet Tubman, the African American abolitionist and humanitarian.



There are always obstacles to producing great films and of course, the budget thing always becomes the first huge

hurdle. Finding Caribbean countries that have an understanding of the value that filming brings in, and who will work with film companies to give them tax incentives - and will actually follow up and invest in them - is also a huge issue she claims. For example, Jamaica would have been the natural place to film Home Again but Jamaica was the least responsive. In fact she says, “Not one soul spoke to our company. Even after the film was done, there was still no assistance to show the film in Jamaica. It was a shocking experience for me, to say the least.” Interestingly enough, 1.7 million dollars was spent in Trinidad instead! Trinidad funded $300,000 for aiding with production of the film, but received a windfall return on their investment. She compares the influence Hollywood has globally and says that Hollywood tells the quintessential American story. The islands need to learn from them and reinvest into the local talent – be it actors, tax incentives, or other services used by film companies. Asked which actors she would like to see in her future films, she says that the British actor James MacAvoy, Matt Damon, Sam Jackson, and Viola Davis would be terrific. She is also very fond of the talented Emma Thompson. It goes without saying that for Holness, the entire cast of Scandal wouldn’t be too shabby either! Because she is such a fan of Scandal, she was asked if she would ever get into reality television. Her responses to this query were interesting: “It is a lucrative genre, but I am committed to telling dramatic and powerful stories. As much as the ‘scandalicious’ themes excite the viewers, and juicy stories make juicy movies, they aren’t really for me.” She weaves into the conversation a book entitled Polished Hoe by Austin Clark, who became the cultural attaché

d POSHfeatures

Not only is Holness a real force and talent in the film business, she also sits on the Regent Park Film Festival Board as a member, helping raise money for the poverty stricken neighborhood in Toronto. Using her film Home Again and donating money from the showing gives her a sense of philanthropy that will grow with commitment. Asked why people should see the film at all, she ticks off several important things: “Home Again is a good film that is written, produced, and directed by Caribbean people. Its story is authentic, hard, harsh, sexy, and fun. It is unapologetic in the sense that most films apologize for the people that are depicted in the movie. It is a movie that

moves fast and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It sees deeply into humanity.” This film will also be shown in Africa as well as the Caribbean and will impact not just Jamaicans, but everyone around the world. She is hoping that the film can act as a force to let governments know that they must act to remedy the deportation issues before they simply say that it is some other country’s problem. In a final comment, Holness offers, “If we don’t support this film as black people, the rest of the world will not find it worthy. Vote with your dollars and view the film and whatever you do…don’t bootleg it!”


of the Embassy of Barbados. It is a Caribbean set story that tells of a slave master and his mistress, a topic of historical significance that Holness can see becoming a fabulous and interesting movie. She is however, currently working on an Inkheart series that is somewhat “scandalicious” with a multiracial cast that will take the viewer into some darker world drama “stuff.” It is based on an island theme too – colorclass, sexuality, and the possibilities of it becoming a mini-series keep her busy with it. To use her turn of phrase: “So many things go on in real life that could become great movies.”


MAASAI “A Warrior’s Story”





Hotelier KEN GUISTE If


anyone can be the voice of customer relations in any industry, especially the hotel business, it is Ken Guiste. Handsome, intelligent, hard working, with a wealth of experience and savvy to boot, describes Guiste to a tee. He was born in the UK to Dominican parents, and he grew up in the UK where for 39 years, he sharpened his skills in sales and customer service within the telecom industry. Currently working for Cable & Wireless (BVI) Ltd aka LIME, at age 56 Guiste decided sooner rather than later to prepare for a retirement career sort of speak. This is definitely a smart and bold move, preparing for a future of trading up in both technology and customer service by opening his own hotel on his home island of Dominica. Who says you can’t go home again? I forgot to mention that for the last five years before buying the hotel property, Guiste spent working in various Caribbean countries providing cable and wireless technology. He was able to meet business owners and other people to whom he provided reliability and services. All the experiences in areas like St. Vincent, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Tortola, and the British Virgin Islands has given him true insight into what it takes to be a good hotelier, and what the needs are for vacationing clientele when they visit a hotel facility. When asked what drove him to want to go into the hotel business himself, he was sure footed in describing


his entrepreneurial spirit that was not always fulfilled by working for other corporations. He likes the opportunities that come about to make a business a successful one by making his own decisions. Many of his friends work, manage, and own hotels, so it was easy for him to step into this new role. The emphasis to own a small hotel away from skyscrapers and one touched by sun, sea, and surf was most appealing. Travelling around Dominica for a week in early 2013, allowed him to narrow down his choice to Calibishie Cove where he located his boutique hotel that contains two suites – the Penthouse and the Rainforest – and two rooms – the Sea View and Garden Sea View. This particular cove is located in a beautiful location in the north of the island, twenty minutes away from Melville Hall Airport. An added benefit to Guiste’s purchase is that he has approved plans for an expansion that will include two additional suites, a host living quarters, and an infinity pool. The Dominica government is further encouraging Diasporas to return and to invest in the country by offering a number of generous tax incentives. All signs point to a most successful operation for Guiste, what with Barbados and Tortola having direct flights to Dominica. Calibishie Village is presently in negotiations for a new international airport that will allow guests to fly in from North America and beyond. Plans are in the works too, for a direct flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is envisioned that many Caribbean nationals who live in neighboring islands will also want to take advantage of short getaway stays, or the desire to have a Caribbean boutique hotel experience.

When he addressed the key steps for owning a successful business, he ticked off a list of things. First, investigate whether the business you are buying can make the revenues that you believe are achievable and investigate thoroughly the previous revenue and expense sheets. Secondly, have a business plan. You will need one if you are asking for partial or full bank financing. Have a marketing plan in place. Particularly if it is a service oriented business. Not only will you have to deal with guests and/or customers, but you must get on with the staff also. Before any of the above steps can be taken, make sure that you have a passion for what you are going to do. He reminds us that the hotel industry involves hard work, long hours, and catering to a guest’s every whim. If they are happy, your guest will become the ambassadors for your enterprise. Calibishie Cove has received very good Trip Advisor reviews. In fact, it sits currently at 97% and ranked #1 out of six Bed & Breakfast facilities and Inns. That means that people love the rainforest, diving, hiking, whale, turtle, and bird watching, swimming in the natural spa locations, and other activities of choice. The success of Guiste’s property is built also upon the wonderful staff that the Trip Advisor touts for their helpfulness and friendliness. Yet, Guiste maintains that he will be frequently asking his guests, “How can we serve you better? What could we have done better to enable you to have had a much more positive experience?” “Never giving up your personal brand for mediocrity” is truly his motto. He was trained in the corporate world that allowed him to serve at every opportunity. He will take that training to build his customer loyalty at Calibishie Cove. In spite of the touchy economy here in the Caribbean, he just can’t throw up his arms and give up. He states that, “We need to ensure that we are in the best position possible to reap the benefits in an economic upturn because it will come.” Understandably, and because of the lushness of the island, Dominica is called the “nature isle of the Caribbean.” Guiste and Calibishie Cove, Dominica will be at the center of the rejoicing when that day of economic upturn arrives. Of course, we will be celebrating as well! Check him out at their website: or on Facebook, Calibishie Cove, Dominica.


The subject of how he has been preparing himself for a career transition came up in our conversation. He explains how he has been working hard taking training courses in Hotel & Restaurant management through Penn Foster on-line. The course has taken him through not only the hospitality industry, but management of people, front office, housekeeping and maintenance, accounting cost controls, legal, banqueting, food preparation, and a myriad of other things that hospitality professionals have to know and deal with. His dreams of owning this business have also been aided by visiting many of his friends in the industry. Something new that he must get involved with to support and promote his hotel is to join the various associations such as D.A.I.C., the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce, and the D.H.T.A., Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association. This should be simple for Guiste with

his years of involvement in Rotary Club and other organizations that work for humanitarian causes.


CE newsANDculture

hristopher LLIS

Wilson, Joe Higgs, guitarist Ernest Ranglin, saxophonist Dean Fraser, and the aforementioned Alton Ellis, a soulful vocalist who made his name with countless rock steady classics, including “Get Ready, Rock Steady,” “Girl I’ve Got A Date,“ “I’m Just A Guy,” and “Willow Tree.”

“When they made music, they would make songs religiously,” says Christopher Ellis, who touring extensively with his father and shared the stage with him since the age of 11, thrilling audiences around the world as he soaked up the finer points of life, music and the music business from the master himself. “When you have a father like that, greatness is passed down onto you.” After his father passed away in 2008 Christopher Ellis was introduced to Stephen Marley by a mutual friend from Trenchtown. “He drove me to Hope Road one day,” Christopher recalls. “I sat down with Stephen Marley and the rest is history. Just like that it happened—just like that. Stephen said to me ‘It’s a family thing,’ and I really give thanks for that. I learned so much from him and Damian, just being in the studio—sounds and vibes, all kind of things I’m learning.” The first fruit of that collaboration was “End of Time,” collaboration with Stephen Marley and Jah Cure based on Alton Ellis’s “You Make Me So Very Happy.” That was followed by a 2010 reworking of the Alton Ellis classic “Willow Tree” that showcases Christopher’s sensitive vocal interpretation over a state-of-the-art reggae track produced by Stephen Marley. More recently, Ellis released the fresh-sounding single “Don’t Change Your Number,” featuring hard-hitting rhymes from Bay-C of the dancehall super group T.O.K. that has enjoyed strong radio airplay in his native London.


ome things are planned, some things just happen, and then there are those things that are simply meant to be. Such is the link between Christopher Ellis, the youngest son of legendary Jamaican vocalist Alton Ellis, and the Ghetto Youths International crew. “It’s a lineage thing,” says Christopher Ellis, who is currently preparing his debut EP for release on the GYI label. “It stems back to when I met Stephen and Damian Marley. And more than that, it stems to our fathers and the whole Trenchtown thing.” Trenchtown, of course, is the economically down pressed but musically blessed area of downtown Kingston that was immortalized by The Wailers in their song “Trenchtown Rock.” Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer all hailed from Trenchtown, as did many other Jamaican musical heroes including Delroy

“I’m so proud of that song, it’s a different mood—total niceness. I was in Tuff Gong studio with Jr. Gong and the vibes were just building. I hummed two things and Gong said ‘Yeah, keep that!’ So we took it back to Miami and Gong did that genius thing he does. When he goes behind that drum kit and orchestrates the thing—it’s crazy.” The swinging, up-tempo track is a departure from the one-drop reggae fare Ellis is best known for, but he’s embracing the creative growth. “It’s always nice when people can’t predict what’s coming,” says Ellis, who recently shot a video for the tune in Jamaica. “Showing versatility Is a great thing.” For the future, Ellis advises fans to expect the unexpected. “If you don’t hear me singing reggae music, don’t worry ‘cause it’s still music. I love One Drop reggae so much, but we’ve been experimenting with different sounds and it’s really sounding good. I have some things to portray to the world. It’s all about fulfilling the mission of extending my father’s legacy. Anything I can add to that legacy is a blessing.”


St.Kitts Carnival by photographer Recardo “Ricki” Richardson (f)





he universal power of music is not better exemplified than the talents of Jamaican Reggae artist Wayne Marshall. They say that music is the Almighty playing his Aeolian harp and frolicking with the Zephyr winds to create music…and this time He has chosen as his conductor, this very seasoned and ever-so-talented modern day Reggae musician, Marshall, to bring all the vibes together. The 33-year old Wayne is now solid and ready to use his gift of making righteous sounds after paying his dues and working toward success for the last ten years. Experiencing long hours in studios and honing his craft, he has recently dropped his new EP album called Tru Colours on the Ghetto Youths International label, to be released on January 22, 2014. Ghetto Youth is a record label founded by the Marley Brothers to help underprivileged youths. Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, and Damian Marley created the music label, sons of the founder of the legendary Reggae movement, Bob Marley. As an adjunct to the recording company, the Ghetto Youths Foundation, Inc. was also started up by the brothers, but exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Research has shown that many ghetto youths may not be literate, but are quite articulate and talented musically. They know their identity but are limited in reaching success because of a lack of financial resources and many other problems including the background of families, the neighborhoods where they live, and peer pressure. The Marley mission is to: “Improve the lives of disadvantaged and minority youths both in the Caribbean and abroad by educating and assisting this group with the ultimate goal of reducing poverty, social, family disorder and alienation that this group feels on a daily basis.”

The Marley family has been on the Reggae scene for many years and it has been 30 years since their founder, Bob Marley, passed on. The family is always on the lookout for new Reggae talent and for seasoned talent such as Marshall to explode onto the music scene. This year, Marshall intends on moving beyond the straight dancehall arena and the Marleys will make it a point to help him achieve this goal. Added to what he calls his new lease on life, and the addition of a new baby son born to him and his wife Tami Chin, is a new level of music that proves to the world what he is all about. “There is so much more to know and many more musical levels to reach,” he emphatically says about his life and his career. An interesting note on the new album is that on the track called “Stupid Money,” Marshall features his eight-year old son, Damian. “The journey of fatherhood is wonderful,” he explains and family indeed holds a strong place in the evolution of his life and his music. This new role of being a husband and father enables him to be somewhat different from other male artists in that his lyrics have a double meaning – a meaning that in his words, “Celebrates marriage and the sentiment of respect for having a wife and family, while still being a bit on the “wicked” side with these double meanings.” Marshall, or the new and improved Marshall, is also touring Europe extensively this year and performing in front of all sorts of different people and venues with solo dates as well. He has come a long way from Barbican and Hope Pastures, Jamaica, where he was raised. The world is truly his oyster now and his artistic credibility is at its peak. One can tell that he is on a roll. Working hard, marriage, family, and being the brother-inlaw of Tessanne Chin - the recent winner of the popular TV show, The Voice has not hurt him either. “It has,” he says, “Given me enough experience under my belt now to show my true colors.”


Stating in a recent interview that his two years spent so far with Youths International has truly helped him achieve the natural progression of releasing a full album again. He had not done so since ten year before when he debuted with the album, Marshall Law. That first album was merely a compilation of songs grabbed from here and there. Tru Colours, he says this time, “Is a dream come true.” The album is produced by Damian “Junior Gong” Marley and features a song called “Go

Harder,” one that Marshall performed with deejay Cham and a couple of American rappers, Ace Hood and Waka Flocka. It is definitely a remix of more of the hip-hop influence, and an exciting track as far as Marshall is concerned. We would have to agree.


d o o w y l l o H By Jackie Jones

Caribbean women can be found making waves in every corner of the world and in Hollywood, this is no different. Below are a few of those familiar faces who have graced the silver screen and have strong island roots.


Name: Garcelle Beauvais Age: 47 Best Known for: Role of ‘Francesca “Fancy” Monroe’ on The Jamie Foxx Show (1996 – 2001) This Haitian beauty left her island home when she was 7-years-old and moved to the USA with her family. A decade later she signed to Ford Models in New York and Irene Marie Models in Miami. With a successful runway career under her belt, she then turned her attention to acting. Besides The Jamie Foxx Show, Beauvais has also appeared in popular dramas like NYPD Blue, among others and music videos including R. Kelly’s 1995 single Down Low (Nobody Has to Know). In addition to acting, Beauvais has written the book I Am Mixed, which ‘tells the story of siblings Jay and Nia as they explore the thoughts and emotions of being of mixed ethnicities’. The


foreword for the book was written by famous actress Halle Berry. Beauvais’ achievements also include her own children’s jewellery line, aptly named Petit Bijou. 1. Beauvais in an official photo for The Jamie Foxx Show (Source: www.tumblir. com) 2. Beauvais ‘reppin’ her book I Am Mixed with her three sons (Source: www. 3. Beauvais at the New York City premiere of White House Down with co-star Jamie Foxx (Source www.



newsANDculture Name: Persia White Age: 41 Best Known for: Role of ‘Lynn Searcy’ on the successful comedy-drama sitcom Girlfriends (2000-2008) Fans of UPN’s and later the CW’s Girlfriends are no strangers to White. More recently, her role as “Abby Bennett” a witch turned vampire and mother of powerful witch Bonnie (Kat Graham) on the tremendously popular television series The Vampire Diaries, has continued her streak of landing coveted roles. Before all this, White spent many of her early years in the Bahamas, the homeland of her father, before later moving to Miami, Florida with her mother and siblings. As a teen she signed with the Ford Agency, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Since then, she has appeared in various independent films including Blood Dolls (1999) and Red Letters (2000) and was featured in a number of




her to be co-producer of the awardwinning documentary film Earthlings (2005), which she also co-narrated with Joaquin Phoenix. Her reach doesn’t stop there however, as she is also involved in the Animal Planet series Whale Wars, co-founder of Echoed Images -- a production company with the goal of creating conscious, world-changing media, a board member of the Humane Society of the United States, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and a PETA member. 4. White in an official photo with the cast of Girlfriends (Source: www.clutchmagonline. 5. White has recently been romantically linked to co-star of The Vampire Diaries Joseph Morgan (Source www.gossipgirl. 6. White in a TVD scene with actress Kat Graham (Source 7. White represents PETA in this graphic ad campaign (Source www.

7 popular television shows like The Steve Harvey Show and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When White is not bringing her talent to the screen, she is a producer, musician and animal rights activist, whose desire to change the world drove


Name: Anna Maria Horsford Age: 65 Best Known for: Awardwinning actress; the role of “Betty” in the comedy films Friday (1995) and Friday After Next (2002) Though she was born in New York, Horsford’s parents were from two Caribbean islands – Antigua and the Dominican Republic. And, while Horsford might not have known it yet, her mother foresaw that she was destined for greatness, as she was always very talkative and as such, enrolled her

in a variety of programmes to keep her occupied. Later, she honed her craft at Manhattan’s School of Performing Arts and from 1967, has worked in television and film. Horsford can only be called a stalwart in her field as not only has she embraced various roles with ease throughout the years, including on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Moesha and Everybody Hates Chris, but has been both a producer and director. Recognising this talent, the Director’s Guild of America honoured Horsford as one of the few African-American directors in the industry. Most recently Horsford is known for her role on the BET sitcom Reed Between the Lines and will appear in the upcoming Tyler Perry movie A Madea Christmas (2013).

8. Horsford with the cast of BET’s Reed Between the Lines (Source: www.awesomelyluvvie. com) 9. Horsford at the premiere of The Fighting Temptations in 2003 (Source: www. 10. Horsford attends the 23rd Annual American Cinematheque Awards (Source:

Names: Tia & Tamera Mowry Age: 35 Best Known for: The roles of ‘Tia & Tamera Landry’ on the ABC/WB sitcom Sister Sister (1994-1999) The Mowry sisters were born in Gelnhausen, West Germany and have a rich cultural heritage that includes a mother who is of Bahamian-American descent and an English-American father. The girls always knew they wanted to act and perform and





12 13

at 12-years-old convinced their mother to move to California so they could pursue their careers. She agreed and soon after they began appearing in small roles and commercials. Though Sister Sister remains one of their best known roles, the twins have appeared in various movies including The Hot Chick (2002) and Twitches (2005). Tia went on to star as “Melanie Barnett” in the BET hit series The Game and is also the author of the book Oh Baby: Pregnancy Tales and Advice from One Hot Mama to Another. The sisters are currently the stars of the Style Network’s popular reality show Tia and Tamera. 11. The Mowry sisters appear in Essence Magazine (Source: www. 12. The girls with their younger brother actor Tahj Mowry (Source: 13. The sisters also starred in the Twitches 2007 sequel, Twitches Too (Source: www.

Name: Dania Ramirez Age: 34 Best Known for: Role of “Rosie” on Lifetime’s Devious Maids

14 15


Ramirez was born in the Dominican Republic and her parents migrated to America seeking a better life when she was only a few months old. She was able to join them at 10-years-old and the little girl who always knew she wanted to

be an actress, little by little saw that dream come true. After being discovered by a modelling scout when she was fifteen, there was no stopping her and she decided to take her career even more seriously later on and studied under Flo Greenberg at the Actor’s Workshop in New York City, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue better opportunities. Since then Ramirez has appeared in television hits such as Entourage and The Sopranos, the movie X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), multiple music videos including Jay-Z’s Streets is Watching (1998) and LL Cool J’s Hush (2005) and, she has graced many magazine spreads and is one of the faces for CoverGirl cosmetics.


14. Ramirez as “Callisto” in X-Men: The Last Stand (Source: 15. Ramirez attends the Seven Psychopaths Los Angeles premiere (Source: www. ) 16. Stars Roselyn Sanchez, Ana Ortiz, Judy Reyes, Ramirez, Marc Cherry (creator) and Edy Ganem, attend the Lifetime Original Series ‘Devious Maids’ Premiere Party at the Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades (Source: www.

Name: Gwyneth Paltrow Age: 41 Best Known for: Acclaimed actress; Role of “Viola de Lesseps” in the movie Shakespeare in Love (1998) Paltrow who is the daughter of actress Blythe Danner and the late producer Bruce Paltrow, only recently discovered that she and her brother are of Barbadian descent and soon afterwards, made a point of visiting the island with her children. Her roles in such films as The Talented Mr.

17 Ripley (1999), Proof (2005) and most recently the Iron Man and Avengers movies for which she has portrayed Iron Man’s love interest Pepper Potts since 2008, have secured her place as one of the top working actresses in Hollywood. Otherwise, Paltrow is a very busy bee with many other projects under her belt. In addition to a host of other activities, she has appeared in popular television series such as Glee and Saturday Night Live, is a singer with multiple songs released and, a Save the Children artist ambassador, a food writer of two cookbooks and has a daughter and son with Coldplay front man Chris Martin. 17. Paltrow as “Viola de Lesseps” in Shakespeare in Love (Source: www. 18. Paltrow was a hit in her recurring role as “Holly Holiday” on Glee (Source:



Bellaforma Wine is a producer of premi-yum wines made from the exotic fruits and flowers that adorn the Caribbean landscape. Bellaforma was the original name given to the island of Tobago by Christopher Columbus. The name means “beautiful form”. Bellaforma Wine is the vision of Laurence “Saundo” Saunders who was a native of the island of Tobago from the small village of Moriah. His goal was to produce quality fruit wines using local fruits. His passion and determination were infectious and soon became a family affair. He worked hard at refining his craft and experimented with a variety of local fruits and flowers. In the summer of 1993, his winemaking dream became a reality. After much trial and error, he showcased his wines at the World Food Day Exhibition. An article in the Tobago News gave credence to his endeavor. It read, “…His wines were a big hit at the recent World Food Day Exhibition where a number of patrons attested to the quality of his products…This column takes pleasure in giving full support to Mr. Saunders for taking the initiative to produce some exciting products…It is something that we should hold with pride…Hats off to Laurence Saunders.” Mr. Saunders did not live see his vision fully realized, but the tradition of quality, ingenuity and excellence lives on through his children. It is our goal to build upon this foundation to craft distinctive wines of unparalleled quality for your enjoyment. Our


r Y

Y r


emphasis is on a small, yet unique selection of wines. We currently offer three dessert-style fruit wines – Passion fruit, Sorrel and Pineapple. Our Sorrel wine is made from the red sorrel plant found throughout the Caribbean region. This red wine is celebrated for its distinctive flavor and is sure to play havoc with your senses. This wine tells the story of a flower that has been kissed by the Caribbean sun, watered by the tropical rain and allowed to bloom in mineral rich soil. Can you handle this? Bella Pineapple wine is rich and fruity. It is full-bodied and superbly structured with a smooth finish. But there is so much more to this wine. We wont spoil the surprise… Well let you be the judge. The definition of finesse; this wine is so magnificent and seductive that the bold, rich flavors come as a total surprise. But that is only the beginning; the echoes of passion fruit remain on the palate long after your glass is empty. We can be found in the New York / New Jersey areas and will continue to expand into other US states. Within the Caribbean, we can be found in Tobago and also have plans to expand our sales to the other islands. It is our goal to establish the Caribbean as the new wine region. We invite anyone who has a passion for wines and an appreciation for these delectable tropical fruits to join us on this new adventure!



INTERVIEW WITH BITTER END OWNER DANA HOKIN Not only does Dana Hokin, who owns the property along with her family, agree with this spirit but has worked most of her adult life to bring it to fruition, and to keep it that way. Among those that have sailed the North Sound, Virgin Gorda, was her grandfather Myron Hokin, who with the history of Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkings behind him, anchored in its shelter. Myron along with wife Bernice returned often to the area. While sailing the BVI

in the early 70s, the Hokins’ came upon Bitter End, that was mainly a pub and five cottages owned by Basil Symonette, pioneer Virgin Island yachtsman and son of the last colonial governor of the Bahamas. The five cottages provided a haven for charter captains and seekers of sailing adventure. Early accommodations during those days were rustic to say the least. According to the family history,



hould you happen to be huddled around your fireplace somewhere in the frozen North, you’ll think that you have hit the mother load of all jackpots just reading about Bitter End Resort and Yacht Club. Bitter End is an island retreat – a real treat - where the love of water, family tradition, welcoming staff, and the generous Caribbean spirit matter most. Bitter End offers one of the best watersport activities and excursions in the Caribbean.




beds were made with paper sheets, and cold water was the only option. An old generator provided lights, and cisterns collected rainwater underneath the cottages. When sailors would approach, they were required to sound their boat horns before approaching the long wooden pier. If Basil felt sociable, he would respond with his megaphone and invite visitors up. Hokin offered one day to buy or lease an acre from Basil. Basil in turn, offered to sell the entire place. The deal was formalized and soon the site became the family’s retreat and home away from their Chicago home in 1973. Wishing to share their love for the islands and the sea the homestead became a hotel serving yachtsmen, visitors, and explorers of the islands in 1975. While none in the family were hoteliers, it sure didn’t stop their enthusiasm for learning the ropes and as their skills and interest grew, so did their resort. Asked how she became involved in the business, Dana explained that her grandfather engaged her in small projects to start with. Grandfather Hokin bought a neighboring property called The Tradewinds. Her first job was to try to figure out how to merge the two properties in a seamless way. She was able to do that easily. After this initial success, she came back stateside and taught school. Hokin called her one afternoon with two options: take over another family business

in Chicago, or come down to Bitter End so he wouldn’t have to sell “paradise!” By this time, Dana, who had married a marine engineer, was ready to take over with her grandfather’s guidance and so they melded into the BVI entrepreneurial spirit. She has carried the torch for twenty years now as Managing Director, and as she tells me, the family business will be 40 years old in 2015. Of course they will have a 40-year extravaganza par excellence party! She mentioned also, that Little Dix’s Bay will be 50 years old this year. As you can imagine, there will be lots of celebration going on at both resorts. I could not resist the opportunity to ask Dana about her beloved grandmother, Bernice Hokin who died at the age of 97 in 2012. “Grandma was the rock” for the entire family and Dana feels that to honor her and her legacy, she needed to be celebrated in a special way. So, a new exclusive line of skin products came together for Bitter End called Captain B’s in honor of Bernice, who maintained that

one should “dress” for dinner, no matter where in the world one might be. To pull together the rinsing off of sea and salt, the products include hair care such as “Zero Knots” conditioner, and “Tender Care for Salty Hair,” as well as a bath gel called “Sudz Up,” and my favorite, “Because Scales Belong on a Fish” body lotion! Today, Bitter End has become one of the world’s finest destination water sport resorts. There is a first of its kind Adventure Center, a refresh of the resort, and an unmatched program that will train guests at any level on all of the watercraft. Their Club Fleet includes top of the line sailboats, skiffs, windsurfers, roomy excursion boats, and exciting day trips. There are signature attractions for the community as well that offers Sunday Brunches, fresh fish, black bean soups, roasts, and ham. It is clear to see that the entire staff and management are committed and embracing of the North Sound community for the long term. The main take-away for us as visitors and island residents alike, is that the foundation of Bitter End is still the family, and the emotional attachment that Dana and her staff have to the place is built on a commitment for excellence and that commitment to the founders, Myron and Bernice Hokin.




itter End Yacht Club, the Caribbean’s five-star resort and watersports mecca has reopened to welcome visitors from around the world who love the sea. I spent some time becoming familiar with the facility and was given a wonderful tour by Gordon Overing, originally from Canada and now the Executive Managing Director of the resort. He certainly knows his stuff, as they say. Having been involved with sports most of his adult life, Gordon is an expert in water sports. What better place to work than a resort that stretches along miles of pristine beach, has a world-class marina waterfront on the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, and is located in the British Virgin Islands.

As he showed me around the entire property, including the rooms, I felt that I

Boasting that Bitter End was the first to bring windsurfing and high performance dingy sailing to the BVI nearly 40 years ago, and now kite boarding as well, I can understand his pride. Along with all these features, the opening of a new Adventure Center has expanded the already unmatched watersports program. Gordon explained that Eustasia Sound is now also open for the first time for performanceoriented sailors. “We are essentially opening up the back bowl to our black diamond athletes since historically, only the sailing staff and select sailors were allowed to sail the Eustatia Sound,” said Gordon. The Adventure Center is a 1,600 square foot open-air palapa steps away from the fresh breezes and flat water that make Eustasia Sound such a favorable place for watersports. By the way, while I was there, the most popular activity seemed to be wind surfing, with lots of people waiting to participate. An additional item that I locked in on is the fact that Bitter End is an accredited Sailing, Windsurfing, and Kite Surfing School. Experts in these areas are on hand to teach guests at any level on all of the devices. Overing stated that there is such a high demand for performance

sailing and kiting now, that the resort is rapidly becoming the go-to destination for watersports. The Adventure Center serves this demand and works well in familiarizing guests and potential students with an unprecedented fleet of over 100 sailboats, kayaks, windsurfers, stand-up paddleboards, and small motorboats. More than 85 beachfront guest rooms await the traveler and visitor, not only the sports enthusiasts, but the snorkeler and spa seekers too. The resort features two restaurants, an on-site bakery, a dive shop, a store called the Emporium for provisions, and Bitter End Outfitters for vacation gear that you may have forgotten to bring or just want to buy. There is also a freshwater pool and several private beaches to seek solitude on. Some fairly recent awards that Bitter End and Gordon can boast of is the 2006 “100 Best Romantic Resorts of the World” award, along with Outside Magazine’s award in 2004 of “Top Atlantic/Caribbean Resorts” by a reader’s survey. Recently in 2011, Condé Nast Traveler readers ranked Bitter End Yacht Club one of the top resorts in the Caribbean. It looks like Gordon has maintained this mecca located in the sunny area of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. It’s just 12 miles from Tortola, 30 miles from St. Thomas, and 75 miles from Puerto Rico. Stop in for a getaway and tell Gordon I sent you to experience paradise!


Gordon’s passion for Bitter End is crystal clear when he states that it is a “must experience destination for watersport lovers.” The North Sound in particular, is one of the calmest and protected harbors in the Caribbean and very noncommercial at that. The clear waters and calm- most of the time - trade winds make it a true haven for sailors, both experts and novices. Gordon’s 26 years of experience in luxury resort brands allowed him to refresh the resort and recently dealt with the conversion of the property’s south end to residential villas. All the while dealing with the management of 180 employees as well as the day-to-day operation, marketing, and guest activity oversight. It is exhausting to just think about.

was somewhere in Tahiti because of the way the rooms were built into the lush green hills. The view of every single thing is a feast for the eyes. The surrounding environs and the room interiors work together to create a natural and relaxed feel, a Zen-like experience for the body and the mind.


Est. 1975



experience a Caribbean watersports vacation like no other

800.872.2392 • 312.506.6205 • 284.494.2746 WWW.BEYC.COM








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Reflection of a


Caribbean Woman

grew up on the beautiful island called St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, which the world calls Paradise. Even though the world calls it Paradise, my life was not a paradise. I grew up with very low selfesteem, following the wrong crowd and not having a vision for my life. During my years in school, I had trouble comprehending certain subjects. Every summer I had to attend summer sessions until I reached high school. In my high school years I hanged around the wrong type of girls I called friends at the time. Our mentality was to be in the latest fashion. We would spend all of our money our hair, nails, clothes & jewelry, partying and not save as much as one dollar in the bank.

Shortly after graduating from high school, I relocated to Delaware to attend Delaware State University. I brought with me the same mentality of shopping, partying, and dressing in the latest fashion. I began to date a guy thirteen years older who did everything for me. I thought I had the perfect life until I got pregnant! I was looking for love in the wrong places. On January 1997, I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl.

Two weeks after returning to Delaware, I received a phone call from a friend and she invited me to attend church with her in Dover, Delaware. My life changed that DAY! In my journey with God, I began to find myself through reading the Bible and prayer. I began to feel comfortable with myself. I began to love myself instead of looking to

When you begin to find yourself, you will begin to walk, talk, look, act and think differently. I want to encourage you today: Don’t give the enemy any reason to cause you to have low self-esteem or doubt. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. You are gifted and talented by God. You have to learn to love who God made you to be. You have to believe that there is no one like you. Draw closer to God and He will reveal to you who you are. You are SPECIAL. You are BEAUTYFUL. You are SOMBODY. You are CHOSEN by God. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You have to learn how to value yourself. You have to know your self-worth. God created you for such a time as this. Colossians 1:16 says, “All things were created by Him and for Him.” As I continued my journey walk with God, a door was opened for me to work with youths aging out of foster care. While working as a Wrap-Around Therapist, I witnessed the tremendous challenges the youths who aged out of the foster care experienced while trying to find their way to a self- sufficient and stable life. A passion within me grew for the aged-out youths and their future as I experienced their frustration in handling basic skills such as opening a checking/savings account, and I empathized with their frustrations of single parenthood. God began to reveal to me my purpose. God lay in my heart to open up a transitional home for young women aging out of the foster care. I was very excited about the vision and told a friend of mine my DREAM and her response was very negative. She said, “Can you really open up a transitional home without money or resources?” She told me it is impossible because I was not business-minded and that I had no business connections. I want to encourage you today that you have to disconnect yourself from people who disrespect your God-given dreams and drain your energy. You need to be around

people who believe in you, inspire you and motivate you toward reaching your vision, dreams, goals, and destiny! You have to guard your mind against dream-killers and distance yourself from the small-minded and negative people who want to pull you down. Having positive relationships and the right people around you, will empower you to reach your highest potential in God. As I continued pursuing my dream, I met someone who was very knowledgeable about youths aging out of the foster care system in Delaware. I was instructed to contact one agency and when I did, other doors of opportunities opened. In 2008, K.I.S.H. (Kingdom Investments in Single Hearts) Home, Inc. was birthed. K.I.S.H. Home, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that empowers, inspires, heals, and guides girls and women in the community, as well as those who are presently in, or have aged out of the foster care system, and are transitioning to independent living, by providing the necessary tools needed for them to become self-sufficient in all areas of their lives. Throughout all of the pain, struggles and tribulations I endured, God showed me that there is purpose in my pain and that He has a plan for our life no matter how people negatively label us or what they think about us. I came a long way from having low selfesteem, being a single mom with no hope, and not knowing how I would provide a roof over my head, to having a dream to provide housing for young women aging out of the foster care system. I am determined to see that dream fulfilled. Romans 8:28 says, “all things work together for good to them that love God.” I want to encourage you today with the fact that God loves you and has a purpose and a plan for your life. Don’t give up! Don’t lose hope! Continue to walk and seek God no matter what your life circumstances look like or how you feel right now. Remember that you are truly destined for greatness and there is GREATNESS inside of you!


After residing in Delaware for a year and a half, with all the drama going on in my life, I decided to take a vacation and I visited my mother in the Virgin Islands. I knew deep down inside, I wanted more to life but I thought to myself, how do I come out of this? Who will pay my bills and take care of my child? I did not think I could take care of my baby and myself because I was not employed. I remember asking my mother how to get out of this mess. I felt so stuck! I didn’t know who I am... She answered and said, “Only God can help you.” I thought to myself what kind of mother would give an answer like that.

men to love me. I began to see what God saw in me. I learned not to wait for people to accept me but to know God accepts me.




Valentines Entertaining Essentials By Michelle Rostamian

It’s the start of a new year, which means apart from trying to recover from holiday feasting and prepping for New Years resolutions, it’s time to get ready for the one holiday we can’t get enough of: Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day-themed party or having a few loved ones over for a casual get together, check out these Valentine’s Day-friendly essentials that make celebrating the day of love all the more festive!

1. Heart Shaped Ice Cube Tray

Add a romantic twist to any Valentine’s Day drink with the Heart Shaped Ice Cube Tray from Convenient Gadgets & Gifts. Available in red and pink, these trays are the perfect way to get creative with your guests’ drinks. Best part? You can use them to make whatever your heart desires: ice cubes, chocolates, or even Jell-O! $7.95,

2. Create Your Own 4-in-1 Cheesecake

No Valentine’s Day spread would be complete without something to satisfy the sweet tooth, and the Create Your Own 4-in-1 Cheesecake from Miss Nini is sure to hit the spot. With flavors such as Velvet Fudge, Creamy Vanilla, Lemon Raspberry Swirl, and more, your guests will get to try a little bit of each! $59.95,

1 2


3. Vintage Marquee Lights

Brighten up the room with some festive lights from Vintage Marquee Lights. Whether this Valentine’s Day calls for a quiet night in or a grand party, the options are endless. Spell out your special someone’s initials with the letter lights or douse the room with some love lights with the heart shape design. From $200,

3 7

4. Sweetheart Flower Vase

Looking for a love-ly way to store your favorite V-day flowers? This Iron Cylinder Sweetheart Flower Vase by DanyaB does the trick. Throw in some red and pink stems for an instant way to brighten up your party. $24.99,


5. The Tina Apron

Whoever said you had to sacrifice style while cooking up a feast for your guests was clearly mistaken! Introducing the Tina Apron by Marcy Butler Designs. Unlike most aprons, which are often unflattering, this figure-forming apron looks attractive all while keeping clothes underneath clean. Plus, it’s available in this bright (and totally appropriate) red color! $88,


6. Polka Dot Dinner Plates

Wow your guests or a loved on with this classically festive plate set from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy’s. Whether you’re serving a massive spread or just a few nibbles, one thing is for sure: your dinner table will look as stylish as ever! Dinner Plate $16, Salad Plate $15,,

7. Lips Pillow

Smooch up your home décor for the big day with this Lips Pillow from P.J. Salvage. Whether your Valentine’s Day involves a mellow date night or a friendly gathering, this pillow is the perfection way to cuddle up with something sweet. $34,

PLUS a Ms.POSH favorite, Verdi Distributed locally in the British Virgin Islands by Caribbean Cellars



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