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Caribbean District News Desk October 5, 2012


Hi Five! Caribbean District charters first new club in Browns Town Montego Bay, Jamaica:

In other news:

PTIMIST INTERNATIONAL, Caribbean District is off to a flying start chartering a new club in Browns Town, St Ann, Jamaica on October 4. With only four days into the 2012-2013 year, the High Five Optimist Club of Browns Town is the first new club to be chartered and both District Governor Lynden Buchanan from sponsor club Mammee Bay and International Vice President (IVP) Sonia Anderson, the Field Representative, are understandably delighted.



Charter President Leonie Bailey will be supported by Secretary Simone BrownMcFarlane, Treasurer Ann-Marie McInnis, and a full slate of Directors from the 25 member club. Lieutenant Governor Kerisha Pinnock is placing Zone 8 out front as a leader in the game – building one club at a time for the future. “It is indeed a great start to what will be a great year” declares Lt.G Kerisha as she takes to Facebook to share her own excitement with the world. The newest club on the International roster is sponsored by the Optimist clubs of Mammee Bay and Thriving Bamboo. The Builder of Excellence is New Club Building Chairperson, Barbara Watson.

LYNDEN Buchanan is expressing appreciation to the leadership of Immediate Past Governor Dwight Philips (OC Kingston Breakfast) and his team for their “warm reception during (his) year as Governor-elect”. In his New Year message to the Caribbean Optimists, the 2012-2013 District Governor is also extending to Governorelect Nutilia Simon “the strong hand of Optimist fellowship…as we cover the Caribbean with Optimism”. GE Nutilia hails from the Optimist Club of St. John’s, Antigua and was elected at the August 2012 District Convention in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The recently retired Customer Relations Manager at LIAT will serve as Governor in 2013-2014. Here are some details which, according to Governor Lynden, Caribbean Optimists must have “so that all our members will be on the same page”:  

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District theme: Caribbean Optimists…Making a difference one child at a time. Theme songs: Greatest Love [Whitney Houston]; We are the World [USA for Africa] and One moment in time [Whitney Houston] Vision Statement: To see optimists more visible in our communities and to see children smiling because we met their needs District colors: Royal blue and Gold The District and International Logos are displayed left and right of this newsletter’s mast head. International theme: For the future…Optimists bringing out the best in kids We are all working only for the best


MAKING plans folks! The

Governor is reminding that this year will see some special initiatives for which Caribbean Optimists need to get ready. Among these are the District meetings starting with the return of Parallel District Conferences (PDC). The Southeastern region will hold its first of two PDCs November 16-18 in Tampa, Florida and the Caribbean District is expected to give its own IVP Sonia an overwhelming support. The Awards conference is scheduled for April in Sint Maarten followed by regional meetings in June and Annual Convention in August. Expect also the Governor and a District team visiting zone and small group meetings between District confabs. These are aimed at engaging the membership in more on-the ground follow up on critical decisions taken at the larger gatherings. Also on the Governor’s agenda is a series of youth fora and a major Optimist Showcase in which all the clubs in the District and their partners in public, corporate and civil society are expected to demonstrate the awesome work being done for and on behalf of the region’s children and young people. Editor’s Note: Please send material for this publication to Caribbean District News Desk c/o

Thanks to all Optimist for their show of support and words of advice as I step up to this honorable office. Let’s make a difference for our children. In the same breath we must treat our members well so that they feel that there is something in them. - Governor Lynden

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