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t’s that time of the year when cold winds and

the soft fall of delicate snowflakes drives vacationers to the Caribbean. They give in to the irresistible call of sunny days, cool island breezes and the magical, crystal-clear waters of the island. It’s also that time of year when most of the world gets excited about what’s coming, and Barbados comes alive with a festive buzz that drives us to paint, shop, change every curtain and cook monarchial feasts suitable for display in the grand dining halls of the bygone eras. But it’s much more than shopping and merriment; most importantly it’s a time of thanksgiving. Giving thanks for family, friends, and a wonderful culmination of another year. As one year closes and another opens, we look back on the blessings bestowed upon us, and the experiences of 2013. We set off into the new year, filled with new possibilities, a few over zealous resolutions and hope for another year of betterment. May all your dreams come true… we wish you a beautiful season, a joyous New Year and happy reading.

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Global Customer Service Certified Appraisal 30 Day Insurance Plan Follow us on Member of the Dufry Group, a Swiss company established in 1865 and operating in over 45 countries. Our Locations in Barbados: #24 BROAD STREET · CAVE SHEPHERD, BROAD STREET · SANDALS BARBADOS · GRANTLEY ADAMS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT · HARRISONS, BROAD STREET · HILTON BARBADOS RESORT · SUNSET CREST · THE BRIDGETOWN CRUISE TERMINAL THE CRANE RESIDENTIAL RESORT · VISTA MALL



t’s yours! Why not enjoy it? One frequently overheard phrase these days is: “I can’t afford it.” While that may be true to some extent, that minor fact should never deter you from fully enjoying the rich (free) treasures that the island has to offer. Paris, may be out of the question this year, but instead this is your chance to experience Barbados like never before and to enjoy the lighter side of

4 | Caribbean Dreams

island living. Dare I say, ‘don that straw hat, borrow a hired car and take it to the extreme!’ Go sightseeing, take in a staycation or play tourist with a free gift compliments our very own “Caribbean Dreams – Barbados” Facebook page, LOVE FM and our Freebie Friday promotion. Man! Rich cuisine, geographic treasures and beautiful ocean songs are all “part uh we culcha!” Embrace it! Love it! Live it! This is for The Visitor In You!



lippers, towel, swimwear, sunblock, shades; everything else might just be optional…where? On the island of Barbados, your Caribbean Dream come true. By no means are we advising you to pack only those items, but on an island where sun shine trickles through coconut trees, where warm waters caress your toes as you stroll along the shore, and where the national pastimes include: sports, swimming, socializing and anything involving slippers… trust us when we say, everything else is mostly optional.

Barbados is a beautiful travel location, set on a 166sq mile smorgasbord of cultures. From luxury to economy, the island is renowned for its hospitality, investment opportunities and warm friendly people. Add epicurean delights for the food enthusiasts, picturesque backdrops, and a rich history that has placed us first on several lists of historic achievements. The result is an amazing island experience. But it’s up to you to make the most of your stay, the Bajan or your way.

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6 great excuses to get a massage


Barbados by numbers


Fashion Must Haves


Rhianna: the Good & Bad of 2013


A Look at Barbados’ National Heroes

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Top 5 island Picks

IN AND UNDA DE SEA Ocean Adventures


The Real Pirates of the Caribbean


Beach Activities

34 Dah Beach is Mine! 36

Beach Beach Tips


40 Bring another round of drinks! 42 Movie Night 43 Coming Soon! 44 The Frugal Vacation 47 Just Dance! 48 What’s Hot? It’s Jazz Baby! 49 Barbados Celebrations & Festivals



Photo by DFree Rihanna arrives to the Grammy Awards

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Bridgetown Self Guided Walking Tour


Our Barbados Bucket List


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UH BELLY FULL Island Cuisine


A Food Lovers’ Guide to Bridgetown hotspots


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74 Five Minute Meals 75 Restaurant Listings



80 A man, a map & a hired car 82

Car Rentals



84 Hotel Listings 90 Lil Tings Bout de Island


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extra! extra! Amanda Reifer @WeAreCoverDrive Better to drown in love than to stand on the shore trying to imagine what it must feel like. Amanda Reifer on life @WeAreCoverDrive You've changed lifes! You've moved people's heart! You've made them believe in themself.. Im one of those people! THANKS! A Cover Drive fan about their impact on her life. Amanda Reifer

Hal Linton @Hal_Linton I can’t play this song for my mother. #TheSameTime ‬‬‬‬‬


Hal commenting on one of his latest and most sensual tracks “The Same Time”

Sheet Din

The twitter musings of Bajan celebrities (More like us than you think)

Rupert Clarke @TheRealRupee Haven’t felt like this since #entourage and #thewire ended :’( #goodbyebreakingbad‬‬‬‬‬‬ Singer Rupee on the final episode of Breaking Bad!

Alison Hinds @AlisonHinds Who’s out there watching @NBCTheVoice with me? Love this show so much! I hope our girl @Tessanne gets chosen! ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ Alison Hinds cheering on Tessanne Chin on The Voice! Mr. Dale @TheRealMrDale Tesanne Chin just light up n shell dung de Voice. C’bean = talent cant done!!!‬‬‬‬‬ Mr. Dale cheering on Tessanne Chin on The Voice!

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We Bet Yuh


1 Warm Caribbean days & nights can keep some of us hot, sweaty and at times smelly. Using Pea Tree (Cajanus cajan) leaves in your afternoon bath can help to reduce sweating and decrease body odor, as leaves have natural antiperspirant properties. 2 Stressed from the Independence/Christmas rush? Gently tug on the ends of your hair for a few seconds, , then use your fingertips to massage your scalp, in a circular motion, for 1 minute. The combination circulates blood in the brain, which scientists indicate can help reduce stress. 3 Are you an insomniac? Well, have no fear! Theres a natural and very yummy remedy for that. The island’s Sour Sop fruits and leaves can be consumed to help you get an unbroken night’s rest.

10 More Ways

to Know Yuh is a Bajan 1

“Good Night” doesn’t mean you’re off to bed. It’s an evening greeting, said when you arrive and when you leave.

2 3 4 5 6 7

When someone sympathises with you; you reply… "Yuh tink it easy?" Words like “hard” and “bad” have 30 different meanings. You live 5 minutes from the beach and get a “sea-bath” twice a year... You speak of “the van stand” and everyone knows where you mean, even though there are three of them. The beach refers to the South or West Coast, Bathsheba is anywhere on the East Coast.

You know that “going to a lime” means attending a party or get together and has nothing to do with a tree or a visit to the orchard.

8 9 10

You ‘skin yuh teeth’ when you smile and ‘put up yuh face’ when you frown. You just called a man 'Johnny' and his name is Kevin.

You give directions like “Brek a right at the mango tree and keep straight till you come to the boys on the block, but don’t turn there! Make the first left by Brathwaite shop and it’s the last yellow house on the right, with a white Toyota with the plates X00 in front of it! Yuh caahn mis’ it.”


Rangate (rang•gate) – Interjection

An exclamation of something gone array.

Common use – “Oh rangate! Ornella dog gone and bite Lester pun he big toe an almost pop em off!” Interpretation – “Ornella’s Dog has just bitten Lester on his big toe and almost severed it!” Defined & Illustrated by Nicholas Ward’s Bajan Slang Dictionary. Available at all Ganzee locations, Cave Shepherd, Pages, and other locations. Contact Nick at for special orders!

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Indulge Yourself

6 Great excuses to get a massage!

notice those movies where Everexecutives ver notice have those amovies whereat top masseuse


executives have a masseuse work?top Rubbing them down while at work? the Rubbing them down they manage office? Well there’s while they the office? a reason formanage that: massage hasWell there’s a reason that: massage has incredible healthfor benefits, that can incredibleimpact health benefits, thatlevels, can positively your stress positively levels, , your mood,impact boostyour yourstress immunity your mood, your immunity , improve brainboost function and relieve improve brain function and relieve long term and even chronic pain.

long term and even chronic pain.

Reduce stress hormone levels Get a massage to reduce the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body; this can help lead to a reduced heart rate and consequently, a lower blood pressure. Give your immunity a boost Studies have indicated that the use of massage therapy to reduce stress and stress hormones, boosts the level of good cells which act as your body’s first defense against invaders. Massage

10 | Caribbean Dreams

therapy has been shown to even boost immunity in people with severely decreased immune systems, such as patients with breast cancer. Regulate your moods Doing things to pamper oneself releases the body’s “feel good hormones”, like dopamine and serotonin. Giving you that wonderful buzz and euphoric feeling when the spa treatment is all over. Relieve pain Massaging the body is said to increase blood flow to the muscles and improve circulation; when these processes work in conjunction with the body’s mood regulators and decreased cortisol , they block the nervous systems pain receptors and relieve pain. Relieve PMS A common belief among reflexologists is that the act of applying massage therapy

to the ankle and the big toe, calms the endocrine and reproductive systems, helping to relieve the symptoms of PMS. Other studies have suggested that a massage can also reduce the incidence of PMS Pain, mood swings and water retention. Improve Brain Function A study conducted by The Touch Research Institute showed that a 15-minute chair massage boosted alertness, improved attention and stimulated brain-wave activity. Imagine improved productivity with a titillating massage.

With all these benefits, we’ve never had a better excuse to pamper ourselves, and while we may not be able to have a professional on call, we can afford to occasionally splurge on the spa!

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Turtle Beach Resort Christ Church

(246) 228-2634 OR (246) 827-7859


• Manicure • Pedicure • Hair Styling • Massage • Reflexology • Facials • Waxing • Body Wraps • Scrubs • Ear Candling for gents


Crystal's Executive Salon & Spa enhances body, mind and spirit. Their lovely facilities offer Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Styling, Massage, Facials, Waxing, Body Wraps, Ear Candling and much more. A visit to the spa is sure to leave both ladies and gents feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and at Crystal's, their aim is to provide care for the overall wellbeing of their clients and the friendly staff ensures this. Take a spa day for yourself or come with friends, visit Crystal’s Executive Salon & Spa at Turtle Beach Resort or the Courtyard Marriott. Contact them today to find out how they can cater to your needs, call 228-2634 or 827-7895. Come in and be pampered!

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Speaking BarbadosbyNumbers {One Million}


The age of the oldest Barbadian. At the time of his passing in May 2013, Barbadian James Sisnett was the second oldest man in the world.

The number of beaches that envelop this beautiful island. They are home to several popular dive sights and a plethora of amazing marine life.


1,000,000 Roughly 1 million+ tourists visit the island every year. Exactly 1,053,739 in 2012 according to the CTO.



The number of classic, international films shot in Barbados - “The Tamarind Seed”, 1974 (starring Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif) and “Island in the Sun” a controversial film (starring Harry Belafonte, Joan Fontaine, Joan Collins & Dorothy Dandridge). Several episodes of the popular daytime soap The Bold & The Beautiful were also filmed in Barbados in 1996



The world’s largest selection of 17th century British cannons can be found in Barbados. Over 400 have been found across the island.

12 | Caribbean Dreams

Number of US Presidents to have holidayed on the island of Barbados. Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and George Washington all stayed in Barbados.

27C The average temperature of Barbados, all year round 27°C

The number of active Windmills on record in Barbados in 1846 during the height of the plantation.


The age of the oldest rum brand in the world Mount Gay, produced since 1702.


The highest point on the island, Mount Hillaby, sits 1,115ft above sea level.


Two of only three original Jacobean mansions in the entire western hemisphere are located in Barbados. These are Drax Hall Mansion and St. Nicholas Abbey.

Barbados is the most easterly of the Caribbean islands, located just 300miles from South America (Venezuela).


Always Marvelous

#6 Swan Street, Bridgetown, Barbados. Tel. 436.7485

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ave items at The latest must h

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Rihanna the good & bad OF 2013


ince bursting out onto the scene in 2005, Barbadian born superstar has been dominating the airways with her music, her style and her personal life. Everyone wants to know what Rihanna has been doing. 2013, no different from previous years, has been a busy one for the icon. From tattoos to controversial music videos, awards to emotional breakups, Rihanna continues to give her fans, and the cynics, something to talk about.

16 | Caribbean Dreams

Tattoos January 2013, Rihanna revealed her 19th tattoo. Located under her left arm, sits a bust of Nefertiti an Egyptian Queen. Nefertiti is said to mean Hereditary Princess, Great of Praise, Lady of Grace, Sweet of Love; Rihanna’s tattoo may well be a symbol of her life and what she wants it to be. While in New Zealand in early October, Rihanna got yet another tat, this one, #20, a Polenesian tattoo done the traditional way – by mallet and chisel. OUCH! (This, tatoo covered the traditional Maori tattoo which she had done in 2008 with now ex-boyfriend Chris Brown). By November 2013 she was on to #21, under the needle yet again, she flew her favourite tattoo artist, Bang Bang, to the Dominican Republic to complete the piece on her hand.

extra! extra!

Chris Brown

that she is dating Drake, it seems the diva is not ready to settle down just yet.

After months of speculation, Rihanna and Chris Brown officially reunited in January. This came just months after her confession to Oparah that she still loved him. The reconciliation did not last long and by May, they were “back on the outs”. Sources say the two argued nonstop and were obviously not meant to be. Since the break up, Rihanna seems to be ‘doing her own thing’. While there have been rumours

Rihanna made it to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2013 and is again set to be featured in 2014. In 2013, Rihanna was named as the best selling digital artist in the US, having sold 47.57 million digital tracks in the United States in 2012. The pop princess is not done yet. In 2014, she will again be featured in the record book. Rihanna is being named the “Most Liked Person on Facebook”. With 80mil Likes, she has dethroned the previous ruler Eminem.


At 25 years old, Rihanna already has 12 No 1 singles, selling over 180 million singles and 50 million albums. She is the first female to have had number one singles for five consecutive years in the US. She was also named the best-selling digital artist in the US and best-selling female digital artist in the UK and she continues to create great music and set the trends. All that being said, there is no question why Rihanna was honoured at the 2013 American Music Awards with the First Ever AMA Icon Award. November 24th, 2013 marked this proud and historic night for Rihanna, her family, her friends and her fans.

Albums Pop star Rihanna has been busy since her debut album in 2006, releasing seven albums in seven years. She celebrated this in 2012 with her 777 Tour – Seven countries in seven days on a Boeing 777. It is speculated that her eighth album will be released before the end of 2013, yet another record under her belt.

Visiting Diamonds home World Tour

Between her many shows and appearances, Rihanna spent lots of time in her home country, Barbados. She was seen on numerous occasions partying with family and friends in Priva and Sugar, as masquerading in the bands during the annual Crop Over festival, both on Kadooment Day and Foreday Morning Jump Up. In her down time, she is often seen frolicking on the islands white sandy beaches. During her visit in August, Rihanna reportedly purchased a $22mil beach front villa at the exclusive Sandy Lane, which will allow her to spend even more time with her family here in Barbados.

In 2013, Rihanna embarked on the Diamonds World Tour. This, her fifth world tour, had 96 performances spanning March 8th to November 15th and amassed more than 68 million in ticket sales in the first three months of the tour!

Causes Don’t think that the entire year for the Barbadian songstress has been all glitz, glamour and bad behaviour she also took the time to become the face of the UNICEF campaign “There For The Philippines”. The campain aims the assist in the relief efforts for those who were uprooted by Super Typhoon Haiyan. Rihanna made a $100,000 donation and along with WNBA’s Skylar Diggins, MLB Robinson Cano and actress Vanessa Hudgens, she is aiming to raise funds and awareness for the fight of the people of the Philippines. What will she do with the remaining days in the year? Your guess is as good as mine!

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independence Independence Day 30th Nov, 1966 Independence Food Conkies National Anthem Written by Irving Burgie Burgie wrote the popular “Day-O” (otherwise known as “The Banana Boat Song”) and many other hit songs for singer Harry Belafonte National Dish Cou-Cou & Flying Fish Father Of Independence Sir Errol Walton Barrow Barbados Motto Pride & Industry 100% Bajan Drinks Frutee, Plus, Malt & Banks Beer Population Approx 300,000 Capital City Bridgetown, St. Michael National Flower Pride Of Barbados (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) Flag

18 | Caribbean Dreams

extra! extra! Bussa

(Unknown — 1816)

Who led the 1816 revolt dubbed “the Bussa Rebellion”, the first large uprising in the British West Indies. This precipitated other riots in the region, and had a great influence on the eventual abolition of slavery in 1834

Sarah Ann Gill

(1795 – 1866)

Sarah Ann Gill is noted to have helped establish the first alternative to the white-dominated “Church Of England” in Barbados through her commitment to religious freedom. She stood up to the white planter class by opening her home as a Methodist church, after their mission was burned down by the planters. Though she was persecuted for holding these meetings, she continued.

Sir Errol Walton Barrow (1920−1987)

Errol Barrow is remembered as the founder of the Democratic Labour Party and the “father of independence.” Under Barrow’s leadership, Social Security, the School Meals System and National Health Insurance were introduced and free education at all levels was granted.

Samuel Jackman Prescod (1806−1871) Samuel Prescod was the first black person to be elected to the House of Assembly. He sought to create educational facilities for the children of ex-slaves and to give coloureds the freedom to buy land, this would potentially allow them to vote as voting was linked to land ownership.

Charles Duncan O’Neal (1879 – 1936)

Charles Duncan O’Neal was a community leader and humanitarian. He rallied for improved working conditions, leadership positions for women, free education and dental care for children, improved housing for the poor, the abolition of “Child Labour”, “The Located Labourers’ System” and “The Master and Servants Act”.

Sir Grantley Adams


We, loyal Sons & Daughters All

In 1938, Adams founded the Barbados Progressive League, now known as the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). As the First Premier of Barbados, he was instrumental in improving the welfare of the underprivileged, providing women with the right to vote and laying the ground work for the establishment of workers’ unions.

We take a look at our National Heroes Clement Osbourne Payne (1904 – 1941)

Clement Payne was a pioneer in the Caribbean trade union movement. He became an advocate of social reform and trade, and is credited with bringing about several social and economic reforms. His deportation from the island in 1937, resulted in violent roits.

Sir Hugh Springer (1913 – 1994)

Sir Hugh Springer was a leader of organized labour and the first General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union. He was the island’s third native Governor-General and a former General Secretary of the Barbados Labour Party.

Sir Frank Leslie Walcott

(1916 – 1999)

Sir Frank Walcott played a major role in the trade union movement for over fifty years. Among other notable achievements, he was Barbados’ first Ambassador to the United Nations after the island’s Independence; and in 1987 he was made a Knight of St. Andrew (KA) of the Order of Barbados. (1936 to Present)   Sir Garry is a cricket legend. He is one of world cricket’s greatest all-rounders, and was the first batsman to hit six sixes in a single over (of six consecutive balls) in first-class cricket, in 1968. He also held the record of highest individual score, 365 runs not out, for almost 30 years.

Sir Garfield Sobers

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! justGo Calendar of Events



The Dream Cup

Tennis Tournament

1 31

The bmhs Barbados Museum & Historical Society

Edmund Gill Exhibition

1 31

BMHS Exhibition A Few of our Favourite Things


Barbados Turf Club Third Horse Racing Season

Day 2

6 8

Run Barbados Series


Sagicor Christmas Jazz

At Illaro Court

8 14

7th Caribbean Secondary Schools’ Drama Festival


Barbados Turf Club Third Horse Racing Season

Day 3-Diamonds International Race Day




Public Holiday

Christmas Day


Public Holiday

Boxing Day

20 | Caribbean Dreams


The Royal Police Force Band

A Christmas Concert


Barbados Turf Club Third Horse Racing Season Day 4 - Diamonds International and Victor Chandler Race day

! justGo Calendar Events of


Provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority


Public Holiday New Year’s Day


Barbados bhs Horticultural Society Open Garden

15 22, 29

#1 Fairview”, St. John

2 31

BMHS Exhibition Edmund Gill Exhibition


9th Annual Barbados Music Awards

15 24

22 | Caribbean Dreams

The Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race Series


Barbados National Trust Open Houses FULL MOON

16 18, 19 23, 25 26

Polo Roger Gooding Memorial 6 Goal


Public Holiday


BHS Open Garden

Errol Barrow Day

16 21

Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari

“Fisherpond House”, St. Thomas

25 26

BHS Annual Flower & Garden Show

! justGo Calendar Events of

Provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority


2 9, 16

Barbados Horticultural Society Open Garden

2“Wind Blown”, Long Bay, St. Philip “By De Sea”, Long Bay, St. Philip 9 “Woodland”, St. George


12, 19, 26

Barbados National Trust Open Houses

9 Holetown Festival 16

11 15

: Barbados’ Bridge League 24th Annual Bridge Tournament Sun, Sea and Slams 2014




13, 16


BPC Villages Tour

18 Polo 20, 23


16 “#7 Gibbs Hill”, St. Peter

Send us your photos and a caption of you attending one of these events. Email us at and tell us about it!

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5 Top Island


Check out our ratings for this editions top 5 picks on the island. Ratings run from 1 Flying Fish (Poor) to 5 Flying Fish (Most excellent). Be sure to visit every one of them.



Showcase of Barbadian Creative The National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA). The festival of festivals for the display of the islands finest or ‘up and comings’ in dance, music, drama, literary arts, culinary arts, fine art



Concorde Experience Resting place of the Concorde Officially opened on April 21, 2007, this hi-tech museum highlights the British Airways Concorde G-BOAE aka Alpha Echo. This amazing and graceful wonder was capable of travelling at twice the speed of

Service Fun Factor COST Adults $30US, Kids $15US 3-12 yrs

24 | Caribbean Dreams

Fun Factor

sound at Mach 2 (that’s roughly 23 miles per minute). The museum provides insight into the Concorde, and offers little known facts about the history of Aviation. Your hi-tech tour includes: multimedia, motionactivated guides, a taste of luxury, interactivity and history. Excellent for Couples, Groups, Seniors, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone Overall Value for money

and craft, photography and film. This showcase of local talent is a must for any for all lovers of the arts. The festival runs from Oct 4th to November 21st. Excellent for Couples, Groups, Seniors, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone

Overall Value for money


Moon Town For Sweet Cultural Exchange! A journey to a place called Moon Town may conjure up thoughts of extraterrestrial escapades, but Half Moon Fort aka ‘Moon Town’ is definitely of this earth. This seaside fishing village in the north of Barbados is affectionately called the islands smallest “town” and is a great place to “lime” 7 days a week - mainly due to St

Elmos, one building that serves as the life of the community serving as home to the supermarket, a bakery, a hardware store, deli, restaurant, rumshop & night club - all in one. The area has fantastic views of the sea, fresh fish for those living in the area and a beach side fish fry every Friday and Saturday night. Excellent for Couples, Groups, Mature, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone.

Service Food local ambiance & Fun cost Meals which are often large enough to share range from 7US to 15US.

Overall Value for money


Accra Beach Swim, boogie board, body surf, shop (for colourful tropical cover-ups and wraps) or lounge on a chair with the ocean at your feet. It’s another picture perfect beach in BIM. At Accra, its not only the beach, it’s the fish cakes,

Service Fun Factor Water Sports & Amenities

5 Codrington College An Afternoon Delight The picturesque Codrington College has several features of which it can boast. Not only is it located in the pristine countryside of St. John, on a hill overlooking the captivating Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by beautiful lush vegetation and jeweled with a breathtaking lily pond, but


the refreshing coconut water, the craft vendors, happy smiling faces and the atmosphere. And if the day proves to be a scorcher, head across the street for a local treat of Chefette ice cream. Excellent for Couples, Groups, Mature, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone.

Overall Value for money

Codrington College is also the oldest theological college in the Western Hemisphere. It is a perfect location for picnics, a relaxing afternoon of feeding the ducks, a great place for your kids to play and a fantastic spot to just feel at one with nature, you a book , a glass of wine and nature. Excellent for Couples, Tourists, Groups, Seniors, Kids, Locals, Everyone Overall Value for money

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Provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority

in unda


There’s nothing better than a day at the beach. Picture a day in paradise: beautiful, turquoise waters, soft pink sand and endless sunshine … what could be better? Play in, on, around and under the ocean blue… Lounge beside or atop, soft lapping waves…Dine while overlooking the sea, or listen to an ocean song in a beach house for two. What will you do?

Oceentaurnes Adv


28 | Caribbean Dreams


The Real of the


hose who have had the opportunity to delve into the history of Barbados know that it reads like a story penned by one of the worlds literary giants.

Woven into an intricate web of mystery, suspense, drama, horror, romance and of course – ‘plenty action!’ For example, movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean” could easily have been inspired by the historic annals of Barbados; and instead of the now famous character Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp would have played the notorious Stede Bonnet the island’s most ruthless buccaneer.

Caribbean Dreams | 29



A bust of Stede Bonnet currently on display at Arlington Museum


ballad of Bonnet magine a tale of pirates for sale, fierce warship battles, pillaging, plundering, rocky escapes, deals cut with the infamous Blackbeard the pirate, and death... that would be the tale of Stede Bonnet otherwise known as “the gentleman pirate”.


Bonnet’s story doesn’t start in the typical Pirate fashion; he started out rich. At the start of 1717 Bonnet was a retired army general and a wealthy plantation owner residing in Barbados, the island of his birth. He was also an increasingly miserable husband of one and father of three. in fact, it is said that it was his dissatisfaction with his wife Mary and married life in general that drove him to a life of piracy despite having no knowledge of seamanship. While this lack of knowledge would prove to be a continuing issue with his crew, it was his cultured and military background that made him unique and would earn him the nickname of “the Gentleman Pirate”. Bonnet “The Gentleman” was noted to have actually paid to have his ship, “the Pirate Ship Revenge”, built from scratch and paid his

The flag of “The Revenge”

30 | Caribbean Dreams

“ is said that it was his deteriorating relationship with his wife Mary that drove him to a life of piracy despite having no knowledge of ship board


70+ crew steady wages, straying from the usual tradition of hijacking, forced labor and the sharing of the plundered spoils. In the dead of night, and without a word to family or friend Bonnet and “The Revenge” set sail in the spring of 1717. Before the first 6 months had passed Bonnet was famous, having savagely, ravaged the then current Eastern Seaboard of the United States, the Caribbean and the New England Coast, plundering many a ship, and damaging or burning at least 9 known vessels, including two Barbadian vessels destroyed to keep the secret of his new venture from reaching the island. His tyranny remained unchallenged until September 1717 when, while on route to a known pirate den in New Providence, Bahamas he came upon a Spanish Man of War, a heavily armed battle ship, usually equipped with up to 120 cannons; Bonnet’s ship had 10. A fierce battle ensued and the faster “Revenge” barely managed to escape. The battle nearly destroyed the ship, claimed the lives of roughly half Bonnets crew and left Bonnet nursing serious injuries. These injuries left Bonnet unfit to captain his ship, and while recovering he met and befriended a man called Edward Teach, better known as the fearsome Blackbeard, captain of the “Queen Anne’s Revenge”. The two men struck a deal that would allow Black to temporarily take command of the pirate ship “Revenge” until Bonnet recovered.

Bonnet & Black For the next four months, the two worked together using three vessels to plunder roughly 27 more ships before amicably parted ways that December. Now on his own again, Bonnet returned to commanding his ship, but unfortunately by March of 1718 a failed vessel capture under his command left his crew untrusting the pirate’s ability to lead. This resulted in a “mutiny of sorts”, with the majority of his crew defecting to instead operate under Blackbeard’s command, leaving Bonnet to stay with the group simply as Blackbeard’s guest. Shortly thereafter, in an effort to secure the high seas the Governor of North Carolina offered both Bonnet & Blackbeard a full pardon; but only if they renounced piracy forever. Both accepted. By this time Bonnet had had enough of pirating and had planned to use his pardon and his ship to become a privateer (a private vessel contracted to attack enemy ships on behalf of the country). But in an ironic twist of fate when Bonnet returned to his ship to set sail he found he had been cleaned out – robbed – by Blackbeard. Poor Bonnet was now stuck in a precarious position, with no money, no supplies, very few men and very few options on how to raise money. His solution to this problem would seal his fate!

QUICKIE on a Pirate Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Ahoy, me hearties! Shiver me timbers! and Ya Scurvy Dog, are all popular pirate phrases that Barbados’ very own pirates may have said when they were plundering the Caribbean seas. Here’s what they mean along with a few other pirate terms to have you talking like a pirate in no time. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! exclaimation of discontent or disgust Ahoy, me Hearties! the same as saying “Hello, my friends!” Avast ye stop and check this out or pay attention Batten down the hatches put everything away on the ship and tie everything down because a storm is brewing Blimey! a cry of surprise Blow me down! an expression of shock of disbelief Blow the man down command to kill someone Dead men tell no tales leave no survivors Davy Jones’ Locker fabled, mythical place at the bottom of the ocean where the evil spirit of Davy Jones brings sailor and pirates to die

How it


July 1718 – In need of money, Bonnet opted to return to piracy, using an alias for himself “Captain Thomas” and renaming his ship “Royal James” (in an effort to attempt to keep his pardon). His wrath was swift and within one month he had ravaged at least 14 vessels and added two sloops to his fleet of pirate ships. August 1718 – Bonnet headed to Cape Fear

River to anchor, repair the ships and wait out the

Pieces of eight coins or found in pirate stashes Poop deck the part of the ship farthest to the back, usually above the captain’s quarters. Not the bathroom. Three sheets to the wind someone who is very drunk. One sheet is mildly drunk and four sheets is passed out. Shiver me timbers! An exclamation of surprise!” Ya Scurvy dog A mild insult used during conversation.

hurricane season.

September 1718 – Having

Remained in Cape Fear too long, news of the pirates’ location reached the navy, who set off to capture the looting criminals. A fierce battle with the Navy left the pirates outnumbered and their vessel grounded forcing captain & crew to surrender.

Early October 1718– The pirates were arrested and brought to Charleston. Late October 1718– Three weeks later Bonnet escaped and fled with three others to a nearby island.

November 1718– The hunt for

Bonnet left one companion shot dead and the other two wounded and led to Bonnets quick surrender. This time, again charged with piracy he was sentenced to death (as were the majority of his crew members). Notably it was reported that his incarceration led to a brief civil uprising that nearly led to the burning down of the town. Bonnet wrote to the Governor to ask for clemency and was denied - though this did gain him a stay of execution seven times.

December 1718 - Stede Bonnets’ reign of terror lasted just over one year - from the summer of 1717 to October 1718 - having escaped death in fierce gun ship battles, survived life threatening wounds and mutiny. He eventually paid for his crimes and on Dec 10th 1718 Bonnet was hanged for his crimes in Charleston. Overall Bonnet amassed a fortune large enough to place him at #15 on the Forbes 2013 list of Top-Earning Pirates, just 3 ranks below his former friend Blackbeard. Today a plaque commemorating Bonnet stands near Bonnet's Creek in Southport, North Carolina, on the Cape Fear River and an annual Stede Bonnet Regatta near Southport, commemorates the pirate's dash for the ocean to flee capture. Bonnet he has also been depicted in several video games, novels and television shows and information on the pirate can be found at the Barbados Museum, St. Michael & Arlington House in Speightstown.

Caribbean Dreams | 31

beach activities


f you desire a water adventure filled with fun and excitement, nothing beats the heart-racing, adrenaline-

pumping excitement of jet skiing! Action packed adventure waits across Barbados’ pure, blue surf. It’s your opportunity to slice and zip through the waves, on the ultimate thrill ride, and see another side of the island, its coastal landscapes; and if you keep your eyes peeled, you may spot a friendly turtle. Experience the unforgettable and addictive adventure of a ride on an exhilarating personal watercraft, and if that wasn’t enough, hop off and try waterskiing, tubing or the banana boat.

32 | Caribbean Dreams



PARASAILING Once you ride the wind you may never want to return to being just a regular “land lubber” again! Admire a bird’s eye view of the coast line of Barbados in a peaceful, uncluttered world just for you. No experience is required, we just hope that you aren’t afraid of heights this ride soars up to 250ft above the ocean, an experience for just you or in tandem with a friend or loved one. It’s a breathtaking and thoroughly enjoyable experience. The parasail is stable, comfortable and safe, so you enjoy the ride effortlessly, and landings are just as easy: the tow vehicle slows down and the rider gently floats from the heavens back down to earth. Ride the wind this weekend!

stand up paddle Boarding SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding) may not quite be walking on water, but it’s as close as you may ever get to the experience. This Hawaiian sport is all the rage; popularized by competitions and events held worldwide. If you are not a surfer or familiar with a surf board then you may experience a sense of nervousness and anxiety at the thought of the deep blue beneath your feet, but the fun, the thrill and the ease of learning soon makes the experience comfortable and enjoyable.

No clue how to get started or want to make the most of a SUP lesson? Then here are a few tips that will get you started!


Test your sea legs Slowly Don’t head out to the surf to soon! Try it first on low, flat water, where there’s less movement and you can get accustomed to the board beneath your feet.


Check your position & stance The center handle of the board is the most stable location, so take a “wide”, comfortable stance over the handle to increase stability; as you get better, and more stable; you can try different positions to find your ultimate comfort zone.


Keep Your Focus Look at the water in front of you instead of at the board, it makes balancing much easier.


Hold your paddle just right Hold your paddle with the blade tilted up or with the bend pointing towards the sky. If the blade is tilted down toward the ground or water, it is backward.


Set the right pace It’s not a race – at least not yet! So start with small, easy strokes when you’re learning, then build to the power strokes later.


Use safety gear A leash will ensure you don’t loose your board and visa versa; the added protection of a life jacket makes good beach sense, in case anything goes wrong.


Take a friend or a more experienced person along Paddle with a friend or someone who can give you pointers on your techniques.


Do take it too seriously Expect to lose your balance, tip over, fall off and try again. It may take a few tries before you get it right, but that’s simply a part of the fun. Enjoy!

Caribbean Dreams | 33



What’s Your Favourite Beach and Why?

brownes beach Richard S and 9 others like this Richard S I grew up on that beach. Learned to swim there, learned to roast fish and breadfruit there. Even got sent home naked by a wave there (I was a mere 5yrs old) So I have a lot of history at that beach. Kerri Central location, very calm water, has showers and restrooms, adequate parking, shade, lifeguard station and its lengthy so you can walk for exercise as well. Karen The water is usually nice and low, the beach is clean and the area is pretty safe Kimberley G You don’t have to worry about rocks in the water and it is clean and clear. Antonio Bus route, popular, close to home and town Kimberley T The water is calmer and there is lots of the nice Anthony It is the cleanest.

Pebbles beach Renee and 2 others like this Renee It is nice and sandy with minimal rocks, and there’s a lovely snackette nearby and there are lifeguards. Jason The atmosphere, low tide and scenery. Shakina Nice atmosphere and great location.

34 | Caribbean Dreams

mullins beach Glendeen and Trecia like this Glendeen Clean and calm. Trecia Because you get treated like a tourist and the atmosphere is nice.

miami beach Neekaie and 5 others like this Neekaie has a nice picnic area and the water current is usually low Kerri Not many people go there so it’s usually nice and quiet. Trudy Close to home, fairly calm, good for sea bathing. Trynelle cool atmosphere Shelly Security and proximity NIcole Location is close to home.

Bottom bay Sean likes this Sean It’s a beautiful, quiet hideaway, very picturesque and serene. The first whole day out with my then girlfriend, now wife, seemed like the perfect day. Camped out (had a tent) and picnic stuff and took many pictures by the sea and the rocks...

Caribbean Dreams | 35



currents A QUICKIE ON


Beachy Beach Tips!

Barbados is well known for its stunning - and top ranked, white, sandy beaches enchanting, warm and oh so inviting. But a fantastic day at the beach can easily turn sour with sunburn, dehydration and poor awareness of your environment. So before you go…


Consider an umbrella, broadrimmed hat, cover up and sunglasses between the peak sun hours of 10am and 2pm.


Liming at the beach can often involve caffeinated beverages and at times alcohol, but don’t forget your water. Experts suggest that individuals should have close to 1 liter of water for every hour that is spent in the sun.


Beautiful, sunny, tropical days are fantastic but use an (SPF) 15 or higher, with UVA & UVB protection that’s sweat and water proof, on all akin types. We suggest 30 minutes before you head

36 | Caribbean Dreams

out, with reapplication every two hours, especially if you are sweating or swimming. Oh! Don’t forget the special sunblock for your lips either.


If you can’t swim you should visit beaches with lifeguards and look for red flags which indicate strong currents and bigger waves.


Enjoy water sports safely - It might sound obvious but avoid boogie boarding, swimming or surfing in waves that don’t match your capabilities.


Be mindful of Manchineel trees which are sometimes found on the beach (usually marked with red paint) they carry a small fruit similar to a crab apple – DO NOT touch or eat this fruit! It is poisonous! In fact even standing under this tree during the rain can be hazardous, as dripping water from the tree can blister the skin and cause injury to the eyes.

Barbados’ beaches are typically safe but occasionally strong current or rip currents can occur. You would never have experienced currents, riptides and undertow in a pool or lake so be careful. Rip currents are narrow, fast-moving belts of water traveling offshore; they can occur at any beach with breaking waves. While it is very difficult to see rip currents, one can still be cautious - look for: - look for: A channel of churning, choppy water moving out to sea. A line of foam, seaweed, or debris moving steadily seaward.

If you get caught in a Rip Current

• Don’t panic, instead conserve your energy, try to float and let it take you out. • Swim parallel to the beach to beach to get out of the current and swim back at a 45-degree angle to avoid getting caught in the current again. If you are having trouble getting back, float or tread water, then yell or wave your arms to attract attention. • ONLY attempt to help someone if you have a floatation device such as a surf board, boogie board or something large enough to accommodate two people.

Fun & fete caaaaaahn DONE!

Island Vibes &e Nightlif

fun & fete caahn done!

island vibes and nightlife


Another Round Of

Drinks! S

unset is said to be one of the most bewitching hours on the island of Barbados. Bright orange, pink and peach hues fill the bright, blue sky and heads turn towards the heavens, if only for a moment, to bask in the beauty of the magical parade. Grannies scuttle their children off the streets and hard working Barbadians head home for a well-earned rest… Well some of us at least! For a few others, the day has only just begun, night falls and skinny jeans, stilettos and dress shirts take their turn marching to the infectious call of the bar and party scene in Barbados! Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Rum shops and clubs, swing open their doors AND THE’RE OFF! To a night of drinks, shots, laughter, social commentary (of sorts) and liming with friends, family or perfect strangers.

40 | Caribbean Dreams

ANY CORNER RUM SHOP No matter where you are, chances are there is a rum shop a short drive away or literally around the corner. These are great spots for socializing, abstract competitions with strangers (dominoes , pool , darts etc) and reasonable prices on drinks all night long. BAXTERS ROAD, Bridgetown| For a rustic Bajan experience, try Baxter’s Road. Famous for its open air fish fry, small local bars, rum shops and constant activity. Hungry at 2,3 or 4am? Baxters Road.

Oistins, Christ Church| We’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend this open air, relaxed atmosphere, and arguably the most recommended night spot on the island. You’ll find food and fish at reasonable prices, with nightly specials on beer, rum and spirts, and weekend entertainment. St. Lawrence Gap | his popular party strip is home to a number of clubs (including Sugar Ultra Lounge, Reggae Lounge & McBrides), shops, hotels and restaurants; choose from Brazilian, Mexican, Greek, Italian, Local Cuisine and more.

island vibes & nightlife

fun & fete caahn done!

1st & 2nd Street, Holetown| Defined as the St. James version of St. Lawerence Gap, this strip is known for upscale restaurants, fantastic dining, hotels, bars and clubs. Moontown, St. Lucy| Moontown is a fantastic area set, within the midst of a lively village setting. Known island-wide for great food (Its said to have some of the best fish on the island on Saturday nights), karaoke, a festive atmosphere and ridiculous beer specials! Limegrove Lifestyle Centre | This upscale centre, located in Holetown, is a great place for luxury shopping, high quality food, drinks and cigars. Their popular Lime Bar, is a sophisticated stop that is popular among locals and visitors on Friday and Saturday nights. Martins Bay, St. John | Many are often surprised at the sheer numbers of limers, drinkers and diners to be found at Martins Bay. Long lines, ocean views, packed tables and huge servings are the norm.

Rum & Coke | We all know CocaCola, but when its mixed with Mount Gay Rum, the oldest rum in the world (produced since 1703) it becomes a Bajan tradition. Local Beer | Ask a group of Bajans their favourite beer and a rousing argument is likely to ensue. When the dust settles the most popular answer remains the same - the locally made Banks Beer – The Beer of Barbados (look out for specials island wide) Rum Punch | A lively, tasty Caribbean fusion of fruit punch and rum, and a favourite with female visitors to the island. Bajan Lemonade | Many of us grew up on liters on this stuff. Ask for it to be made with freshly squeezed lime and a dash of Angostura bitters. Blended Fruit Punch | This tasty non alcoholic drink, is frequently enjoyed all over the island and is a favourite for locals and visitors alike. Johnnie Walker Black, Hennessy and Patron shots are among the popular “Big mowt drinks” (i.e. the more expensive imported brands) which are also island favourites.

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fun & fete caahn done!

island vibes and nightlife

cinemas A QUICKIE ON


very night is movie night in Barbados! However, if you are on a tight budget or simply the frugal type then Monday or Tuesday may be the best days to take in the newest blockuster, see a fantastic tear jerker or laugh till your sides ache. Movie night isn’t just about selecting the right type of movie, its also about the experience; and where you go is sometimes a big part of that, particularly in Barbados where every theater on the island offers a varying movie experience! The Globe Drive - In If you are up for a double feature, head over to the Globe Drive In. Sit in the comfort of your vehicle and turn your personal surround all the way up. Load the car up at home with snacks to save even more, but buy your popcorn at the movie because movie popcorn is always a part of the experience! Additionally, if you happen to have an open cab truck, go all the way! Carry cusions and a blanket and turn the back of the cab into an intimate evening for two, or a cosy and memorable night for the kids. Show times 6:30 and 8:30pm Cost Monday & Tuesday Special on select movies: Adults $8 Children $4 All other nights: $15

The Olympus Theaters $6 Tuesdays at the Olympus theaters are particularly popular. This multiplex, which has 6 huge cinemas, offers a wide selection of movies, including 3D, sure to be suitable for even the most discerning movie goer. Pick a flick, then

42 | Caribbean Dreams

head over to their snackette for a wide variety of snacks, candy and sodas. We suggest you arrive early, as it’s common to find long lines on Tuesdays. Show times vary but there is usually a Sunday Matinee at 3 pm Cost Tuesdays $6 All other nights: Adults $16 Children under 12 $9 (extra for VIP or 3d movies)

Lime Grove Cinemas Another great location to catch a flick is at the Limegrove cinemas on the West Coast! Offering a luxury movie experience. There is no need for lines, as tickets can be bought online, and the snackette comes to you at the push of a button, so no waiting in line for popcorn here! Show times See online or call 420-2000 for start times Cost Tuesdays $6 All other nights: Adults $25 Children under 12 $15 (extra for VIP or 3d movies)

Check the weather before you go at, as rain can spoil a Drive in movie. Call for listings and showtimes, or check online. If everything sounds good check YouTube for trailers to whittle down the choices. Plan to arrive 20 – 30 minutes before the movie, especially on weekends or special days. Add a few minutes, if its opening night of a much awaited blockbuster. Where possible, buy tickets in advance to avoid, disappointments and to increase your chances of getting great seats. Not much to spend? Consider saving money on snacks by carrying candy or smaller snacks in your pockets or bag. or smaller snacks in your pockets or bag.

island vibes & nightlife

fun & fete caahn done!


With information constantly at our finger tips, our decision to catch any flick these days is seriously impacted, not just by the teasers and the crazy line up of stars, but by the Oscar Buzz, the budget, the soundtrack, leaks from the movie set, the past work of the director or author, and of course the internet “plants” used to generate excitement for things to come (i.e fake websites etc). All used to build a burning desire to empty our wallets on many


We are definitely going to see! The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

films well before the official release. YES! The days of movie selection based on one image and a description may be long gone, but today we are making our way back to a simpler time. Here are our picks for movies to consider this season based SOLELY on their trailers. The ones that made us feel good, laugh, cry, cringe or tingle with excitement in just 3 minutes or less.

These look Great!

Some people liked

47 Ronin

Grudge Match

•Out of The Furnace

• The Secret Life of Walter Mitty • Walking with Dinosaurs

• Lone Survivor •The Wolf Of Wall Street


We are definitely going to see! One Chance

These look Great!

• Ride Along

That Awkward Moment

•I, Frankenstein

• Labor Day

Some people liked Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones • Devil’s Due

• The Nut Job • Jack Ryan


We are definitely going to see! Robocop •Winter’s Tale • Non Stop • Pompeii

These look Great! The Lego Movie • About Last Night

Some people liked The Monument Men • Endless Love

• Vampire Academy

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Consider travelling in off season! We all know that fruit and vegetable prices at the market drop when there are copious amounts to go around. The same is true for vacation accommodations; when rooms are in less demand the price of some locations can drop by 50% or more and with great weather all year round, any time is a good time to be in Barbados.

Provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority

If you have a kitchen or a kitchenette, USE IT! Dragging yourself away from eating sumptuous, exotic island food every day may be a challenge; the alternative however - eating out every night - can be frightfully expensive. Why not try a few days of light eating: frozen pizza, sandwiches, subs and cereals - supplemented by the local fast food or Chinese joint. Conversely you can save hundreds of dollars over your entire trip, by making lunch your large meal of the day and snacking lightly for dinner (most restaurants offer a similar, less expensive lunch menu).





ld School Bajans and repeat visitors may remember the Frugal Gourmet with Jeff Smith, a popular television cooking show from the 80’s and 90’s which emphasised fantastic meals at a reasonable price. Well move over Jeff, this one’s “The Frugal Va-Stay-cationer”, with great tips on maximizing (not just your eating) your entire va–stay–cation experience on a budget.

44 | Caribbean Dreams

The words “vacation/ staycation” and “frugal” are difficult words to tie together but spending wisely just means more bang for your buck, with equal amounts of fun. If you think about it, many of us start the va/ stay-cation process by being frugal – saving for that perfect vacation. So these are just a few more things that can be done to make vacationing more affordable.

Consider all your options. The allinclusive hotel may be the most popular option, but a frugal vacationer needs to consider every possible alternative. Small hotels, apartments, condos, guesthouses and even house swapping as viable options. Look for free or reasonably priced things to do. The park, window shopping, the movies, art shows & exhibits, bike riding, self guided sightseeing (Getting lost is a big part of the experience) and of course the beach; carry toys and games and the experience gets even better. Look for deals or coupons. No sense paying full price if discounts are available. Several island attractions have a good local rate or a discounted rate for visitors with coupons. Check the net before you arrive and you might save yourself a few dollars. Consider traveling as a group. Group deals can drive prices down to rates that are easier on your eyesight and your pocket. So call up your friends, plan a group trip, and save. Join mailing lists and use the social media where possible. Simply sign up to get deals and steals right in your inbox, to your Facebook and your Twitter feeds making it easier to get a better deal without the hassles of the big bothersome search.

46 | Caribbean Dreams



Looking to party like it’s 1999? Well you might be a bit late for that! But! Instead, we suggest you party like there is no tomorrow, like you’re on a diet with calories to burn, like there is prize money at stake, or simply like you are in the

Caribbean, or live here and there is no place that you would rather be! This is the good life, so enjoy it! Dj’s, local bands or cool entertainers will keep your night moving and your hands in the air; just remember to wear comfortable shoes!

*Typically the club gets jumping between 11pm and 1am and ends at roughly 3am. Info accurate at time of Publisihing.

Caribbean Dreams | 47

fun & fete caahn done!

island vibes and nightlife

Tings to mek yuh

What’s Hot?




Slow soulful jazz, cool blues and rhythms, that beat in time with the hearts of music lovers, may not be a nightly occurrence in Bim, but Jazz still seeps its way into the pores of Jazz connoisseurs at weekly escapes around the island. The local Jazz adventure gets going with the perfect mix of Jazz, Latin, Soul, Funk and Blues, to draw us in, titillate our taste buds and compel us to tap our feet in time to the infectious sounds. Find Monthly Jazz Sessions *

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Jazz Dinner (7pm) & Sunday Jazz Lunch Lobster Alive, Bay Street, Bridgetown. $ No cover charge, reservations suggested but not required. Thursday Jazz Evenings Colony Club, St. James $ No cover, reservations required. Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evening Jazz The Waterfront Café, Bridgetown $ Dinners will require reservations. No cover charge. BAND

Thurs – VSOP Friday – Ayana John and Jerry Roberts Sat – Victor Linton & George Gill

48 | Caribbean Dreams

Saturday Jazz Evenings Oceans 15, St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church $ $25 cover – Band varies weekly, walk ins accepted. Sunday Jazz Brunch Naniki
(from 11am) $ No Cover Charge, Reservations are welcome. Sunday Jazz Oceans 2, St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church (from 6:30 – 9:30pm) $ Walk-ins welcome, no cover charge.

Smile Night club ICE Breakers!

Heading out to a bar or a party and not sure what to say to the cutie across the room? Try these crazy icebreaking suggestions from our readers: q: What’s the craziest icebreaker/ pick up line you have ever used or heard? • “I was so caught up by your beauty, I ran into that wall. So I am gonna need your name and number for insurance purposes.” • “My friend, I have a weakness for Sweetness!” • “There’s something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t have your number in it.” • “Hey Angel! Looka God!” • “If being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty!” • “If a thousand painters, worked a thousand years, they couldn’t create a work of art as beautiful as you.”

a bajan funny The Last Meal Three prisoners are waiting to be executed and they are asked what they wish to have for their last meal. The Trini responds, "A chicken Roti." The warden serves him his Roti, and then escorts him to his execution. The Jamaican requests Jerk Pork. The warden serves him his Jerk Pork, and then escorts him to his execution. The Bajan requests a bag of plums. The warden asks: "plums???" "Yes,plums" says the Bajan. The warden replies, "but them outa season!" "So?" replies the Bajan. "I gine wait..."


NJ 3.0


Be sure to call to confirm or make reservations.

Tell us the strangest thing you ever did to get a date Email us at and tell us about it!


Celebrations & Festivals Barbados’ Celebrations and Festivals Trying to decide when to take a vacation, stay-cation or break from work? Consider a holiday that falls, close to the dates outlined below, for fabulous opportunities to learn about the islands celebrations, festivals and the customs.

December | Run Barbados | Dec 6th – 8th The first weekend in December marks the Run Barbados festival A Fun Mile, a 5k, a 10k, a Half-Marathon, and a Marathon make up this event. Since its inception in 1983, runners from the world around have flocked to the island to participate in this charitable event. Run Barbados festival is open for persons of all fitness levels, from the highly competitive down to the stroller. While many are in it for the competition, some see it is the opportunity to get the blood pumping while interacting with friends.


Christmas | Dec 25


Christmas is one of the most highly anticipated seasons in Barbados. It begins with our music, then moves into our houses, and our food right down to our outfits when persons get to show off their best. The climax takes place on Christmas day. Persons, decked out in their finest, head to Queen’s Park for a grand promenade. From the young to the old, it’s said that anyone who is

anyone is in Queen’s Park or Christmas morning; and that’s only one of the island’s holiday traditions. Check online at for more on Bajan Christmas.

January | Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari- Barbados Jan 16th – Jan 21st 2013 saw the dawn of a new regional festival - The NANIKI Caribbean Jazz Safari. This musical ride travelled throughout the Caribbean. It started in Barbados, in January, continued in Antigua in April, Grenada in June, then Suriname in August and St. Vincent in October. The show featured local, regional and international talent to treat the ears of jazz fans. The overwhelming response would, no doubt, indicate continuity and growth for many years to come. Barbados Horticultural Society’s Annual Flower Show | Jan 25th & 26th This annual show held by the Barbados

Horticultural Society at Balls Plantation in the parish of Christ Church is a haven for nature lovers; it is an exhibition of the most beautiful and exotic flora offered by Barbados and the other islands of the Caribbean. The Society uses this platform to show off its award-winning horticultural and flowerarranging expertise and is a show not to be missed.

•Balls Plantation, Christ Church February | Holetown Festival Feb 9th – 16th

In the year 1627 British sailors established Holetown, Barbados first known settlement, on the West Coast. To commemorate this historic event, there is an annual weeklong celebration in February, known as the Holetown Festival. This event features many interesting parades, dancers, live music, arts and crafts booths, and of course, delicious Bajan delicacies! If you are in Barbados around this time be sure to be part of this colourful and funfilled event.

Caribbean Dreams | 49

looka de




Bat 52 | Caribbean Dreams


sight seeing

Looka De View

5 Days



ooking for Fun, adventure and treasured memories? Look no further…bike, hike, dance, tour, fish, sail, swim, snorkel or take an educational trip and learn about our flora, fauna or island heritage. Whether you have five or only one day to play you can consider these options to maximize your pleasure!

Hire a car and head out early, and we mean early, early! Over to Barclays Park A Day in The Country Side on the East Coast, relax and take in the beautiful sunrise. If you are on a romantic day out, score Brownie points with your significant other by carrying a blanket, some sandwiches and drinks or their favourote foods for a picnic experience.

DAY 1 : The East

Travel through the hills and valleys of the East Coast, stopping at Horse Hill, Cherry Tree Hill, Bathsheba, East Point and Hillaby to take in the sights. Visit St. Nicholas Abbey and tour the superbly refurbished Jacobean mansion and plantation grounds, sample the rum and learn about their fascinating heritage. Visit the Springvale Eco Heritage Museum considered a folk museum of Barbadian culture. If there is time, a trip to the Andromeda Gardens should definitely be on the list. This tropical garden located on 6 acres of land is a gem to behold.

St. Nicholas Abbey

If surfing is your style, head down to the soup bowl and catch a few waves, or relax on the shore and enjoy the show. Across the road and you can find a few restaurants, serving bajan dishes,so be sure to grab a bite.

Caribbean Dreams | 53

Looka de view

Sight Seeing

DAY 2 : The Platinum Coast

Holetown is home to a number of excellent shopping centres. Spend the day Shopping in style starting at Cave Shepherd, Sunset Crest and working you way to Limegrove. After a bout of shopping, head to one of the many fine dining locations overlooking the ocean to enjoy great cuisine and beautiful views. We suggest Tides. Further north, there is Arlington House Museum, located in Speightstown. This interactive museum is a delight for the family. And an interactive experience with Barbados’ history. While in Speightstown, you can also visit the Barbados Art Gallery to take in the local & Caribbean talent.

Even further north is the Animal Flower cave. Visit and see beautiful creatures and flowers in their natural habitat. This is a must visit because of the uniqueness of the marine life. Be sure to bring an extra set of clothes or a swimsit as you may end up quite wet. When the sun sets, its time for a night out on the town; head to Priva, a night club also on the Platinum Coast. Be prepared to dance the night away to top international and local music.

Today is your day for more sights and some adventure. Harrison’s Cave, Welchman Hall Gully and Hunte’s Garden are located, short distances from each other, in the parish of St. Thomas and are all on our must see list. In need of a little excitement? Aerial Trek is a great adventure; we tried and loved it… but acrophobics beware, this exhilarating zip line adventure goes up to 100ft off the ground. Take the family out for mini golf in Cane Gardens. This tricky course is sure to be fun for all. Not interested in Being behind the wheel? then try the Island Safari tour or the Barbados Transport Board Scenic Sunday Bus ride, these are great ways to see the island.

DAY 3 : Barbados’ Midlands

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Join a chartered catamaran cruise and enjoy the sea breeze. Several cruises offer snorkeling, swimming with the turtles, diving wreck sites and all inclusive packages. If you want more sea action, head to Adventure Beach where you can play all day – use fun floaties, trampolines, rope swing, jet ski, body board, or SUP (stand up paddle board). Have fun. Evening is a great time to go on the Atlantis Submarine for their night dive. See fantastic creatures that would usually be hiding during the day and witness the beauty of the underwater hues which are only visible at night.

Provided by the Barbados Tourism

DAY 4 : Out on the Ocean

Today is your day Head into Bridgetown where The Centre of the Action you can find duty-free shopping, lovely boutiques and fantastic food. Shop to your heart’s content and include great souvenirs from your Barbados trip. Take a break for something to eat; if you are on a budget then Ideal Restaurants or Chicken Barn are two great eateries in Bridgetown. While you are here, take a walking tour of Bridgetown and its Garrison, which has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Be sure to stop at George Washington House and the Barbados Museum. On a family trip with Kids? Then travel to Casa Grande for bowling, bumper cars and go kart racing! What could be more fun? A quieter family stop is Quayside Centre, where there are a number of restaurants and shops. Visit Chilly Moos and treat the family to your very own icecream flavour! That’s right its made right there for you! If you want to shake a leg after dark, then St. Lawrence Gap may have exactly what you need. The party scene in The Gap offers many clubs in close proximity to each other, Reggae Lounge, and Suga are popular picks.

DAY 5: The South

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Barbados Photo Hotspots


he magazines, the brochures, the videos and the island websites all carry stunning images of island life, island living and beautiful sights that stretch as far as the eye can see. These images excite our imagination, touch our hearts

{ View from Morgan Lewis Windmill, St. Andrew }

and ignite a sense of yearning to find and be a part of that same locale. Today we’re providing you with that opportunity. If you have a day or two to roam, play and simply take in the sights we suggest you visit these photo hotspots. { Culpepper Island, St. Philip }

{ Foul Bay, St. Philip }

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Looka De View

{ Conset Bay, St. John }

{ Codrington College, St. John }

{ Gun Hill, St. George }

{ East Coast, St. Andrew }

{ Cove Bay, St. Lucy }

All photos were graciously provided by Clement Faria: Website & Multimedia Developer and “amateur” photographer.

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Sight Seeing

Bridgetown aka “town” The city of Bridgetown is Barbados’ largest city, and the commercial centre of the island. With an estimated population of 90,000, this St. Michael town was established by the English settlers in 1628; it was the second town to be settled in Barbados and quickly became one of the main shipping ports in the Caribbean.


When the settlers arrived, at what is now called Bridgetown, they discovered a basic bridge, built over a mosquito-infested swamp, in the area of the Careenage. Believing the bridge to be built by the Arawak’s, an indigenous Indian people who once resided in Barbados, they named the area ‘Indian Bridge’. Despite the swamp, the location overlooked Carlisle Bay and was

National Heroes Square Once called Trafalgar Square, National Heroes Square is positioned in the heart of Bridgetown, on the northern shore of the Careenage River. Some visitors may be surprised to find that one of the significant monuments found within this square is a statue of Admiral Lord Nelson which was erected in 1813; a testament to Britain’s pervading influences at the time. The statue predates the more famous Nelson’s Column, located in England’s, Trafalgar Square, by roughly 30 years. At the time, Barbadians felt a strong connection to Nelson, who died in 1805 in England’s Battle of Trafalgar, only 6 months after


Today, Bridgetown is a hive of activity; as the commercial centre of Barbados, there is no lack of restaurants & shops, from high-end duty-free boutiques to basic street vendors. Visitors can shop and then enjoy many of the historic and culturally significant sites and monuments that make Bridgetown famous.

visiting Barbados in command of the British fleet. Trafalgar Square was renamed National Heroes Square in 1999, in honour of ten of Barbados’ most outstanding heroes, who were involved in all aspects of the countrys development. To further honour them, a National Heroes Museum highlighting their ahievements, lies nearby in the Parliament Buildings; open Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 4pm. Notably, the Square is not without controversy; to date some Barbadians are of the opinion that the statue should be removed from the Square because Lord Nelson is not recognised as a National Hero.

The Barbados Cenotaph Also found in National Heroes Square is the Barbados Cenotaph, featuring Barbados’ Coatof-Arms; the four-sided war memorial was originally built in 1921 to commemorate the Barbadian soldiers who died in World War I (1914-1918), and has since also been inscribed with the names of Barbadians who


the perfect place to develop a port with a safe harbor; soon Bridgetown was alive with the bustle of travellers, traders and workers carrying bananas, mangoes and barrels of rum from the merchant ships. Eventually the name ‘Bridgetown’ was coined, and in 1654, the town was renamed such. That same year the town was plagued by cholera and some 20,000 inhabitants died from its effects.

died in World War II (1935-1945). Constructed of grey granite and coral stone, this structure is reported to be the only obelisks in the world without a pyramid-shaped top. Yearly on Nov 11th, Remembrance Day (also known as Poppy Day) a ceremonial parade and laying of wreaths takes place at this site.


SelfGuided WalkingTour 58 | Caribbean Dreams

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The Barbados Dolphin Fountain This 1865, Dolphin Fountain is yet another historic monument found within The National Heroes Square. The fountain features three dolphins, releasing water from their mouths into the base pool; it


The Public (Parliament) Buildings The Parliament of Barbados is the 3rd oldest parliamentary body in the world, following Britain and Bermuda, and dates back to as early as 1639. It is currently the home of the Parliament of Barbados, and has been the meeting place for both chambers of Parliament (the House of Assembly and the Senate) since the 16th June, 1874.


Originally called the Public Buildings, Barbados’ Parliament Buildings’ have many striking features including its West Wing clock tower, which has a 14ft long pendulum and copper dials, 7ft in diameter. In the East Building, stained glass windows depict British kings, queens and dignitaries from King James I, to Queen Victoria and Oliver Cromwell.

was erected using funds donated by the towns citizens to commemorate the introduction of piped water into Bridgetown in 1861.Work on the surrounding gardens, including the planting of a rare cannonball tree, began in 1882.

The coral limestone buildings of Neo Gothic Architecture, were completed in 1874; they replaced the previous buildings, which had been destroyed by the Bridgetown fire of 1668. With the first parliamentary building having burnt to the ground, Parliament was forced to meet in homes and public taverns. Today interested visitors are welcome to watch the House of Assembly proceedings every Tuesday.

The Chamberlain Bridge The Chamberlain Bridge was originally a manually operated swing bridge, built in 1872, over the Careenage River (Constitution River to the locals). As legend has it the original swing bridge replaced an older, crude bridge used to span the inlet. This was said to have been built by the Arawak’s the islands earliest inhabitants. As a result the early British settlers aptly named this wooden bridge ‘Indian Bridge’ and it


Bridgetown is an interesting and relatively easy, city to walk, explore and tour. In a few hours, one can experience a tour rich with history, take snapshots and capture a true essence of

Looka De View

is from this bridge that the city gets its name. The Bridge is named after Joseph Chamberlain, the former British Secretary of State for the Colonies, who helped to keep the islands economy afloat through favourable grants and loans. The manual swing bridge was replaced in 2006 by a modern, horizontally swinging, lift bridge, 39ft in length, which converts to a pedestrian walkway

the islands culture, then and now. Follow this free self-guided tour with the only requirements: sturdy shoes, comfortable clothing, sunblock, a hat, a bottle of water and a camera. Caribbean Dreams | 59

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Sight Seeing


SelfGuided WalkingTour

The Independence Arch This Bridgetown monument was built in 1987, at the southern end of the Chamberlin Bridge to mark the island’s 21st year of independence. Barbados was regarded as a British colony until November 30th, 1966 when it gained political independence. As such, the Independence Arch has several symbols of Barbados’ heritage and culture designed into it. The top of the arch - The Coat of Arms bears the


national motto: ‘Pride and Industry’. Along the two sides Four national symbols: the broken trident (symbolizing the break away from Britain), the dolphin (for Barbados’ fishing industry), the pelican (for Pelican Island), and the Pride-ofBarbados (the national flower). At the base of the arch Barbados’ National Pledge. On each side – A picture of the Father of the Nation, the late Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow. (The island’s first Prime Minister)

Independence Square Independence Square is a ‘waterpark’, located on the Careenage waterfront, just east of the Independence Arch. It is a peaceful place to relax; an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. There are two large fountains, an amphitheater, glazed walls, sculptured seats, paving mosaics and bathroom facilities; its architecture is said to


St. Mary’s Church Built in 1825, St. Mary’s Church was constructed on the grounds of the, then, St. Michael’s Parish Church. St. Michael’s, then a wooden church, was to be relocated, but was destroyed by a hurricane in 1780, before this could occur. It would be another forty-five years before St. Mary’s Church was actually constructed on the site (the second oldest piece of consecrated land in Barbados). This location is ripe with history: their majestic, silk, cotton tree was once known as the ‘Justice


be a modern spin on colonial days. Formerly a car park, it is now landscaped with plants, trees, and benches. A main feature of this square is the 9ft Statue of the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow, who was the first Prime Minister of Barbados, National Hero and Father of Barbados’ Independence. Acts such as Diana Ross and the Supremes performed here in 1966 to celebrate Barbados’ independence.

Tree’ and was used for public hangings. A former Governor of Barbados, William Tufton, was said to have been shot under Justice Tree on allegedly fabricated charges by his predecessor. And within the graveyard lies Samuel Jackson Prescod, a National Hero and the first non-white person to be elected to the national parliament. The brick, Gregorian styled, Anglican Church, features a jalousied south porch, a barrelvaulted ceiling, a large red roof, and a century old clock which is attached to the church tower. Provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority

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The Tom Adams Financial Center (Central Bank Building) At 10 stories, the Central Bank stands the tallest building in Barbados, at a cost of US $30


million the structure is also home to a 500-seat concert theater (the Frank Collymore Concert Hall), which is used for shows, exhibits, performing arts, lectures & meetings.



After changing hands several times, in 1983, the government seized the property and since 1985 the Barbados National Trust has owned it. The Neo-Gothic building, which is still open for religious services, is home to a museum, a unique drinking Montefiore Fountain and a spring-fed Mikvah (ritual bath, rediscovered by archeologists in 2008 ). The adjoining Jewish cemetery, which is still in use, has tombstones dating back to the 1630s. Opening Hrs: Mon – Fri: 9am – 12pm and 1pm to 4pm.

Regiment from Barbados, the property was handed over to the Government; the park was opened on 10th June 1909. On site is a stately African Baobab tree, roughly 1000 years old. It has a commanding 61.5-foot circumference, which would need 15 adults with outstretched arms to circle the trunk. As such it is said to be the largest known tree in Barbados.

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Photos on this page provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority

The Nidhe Israel Synagogue & Montefiore Fountain This Jewish Synagogue is said to be the first one to be built in the Western Hemisphere. Built by Jews from Recife, Brazil who were fleeing from harsh Dutch treatment. They brought with them their skills and expertise in the sugarcane industry, which had previously been unexplored on the island. The Synagogue, which was completed in 1654, was destroyed by hurricane in 1834, rebuilt in 1933, then subsequently sold in 1929.

qUEEN’S PARK Queen’s Park was originally established as the residence of the commander of the British Troops, in the West Indies. Formerly known as King’s House, before the ascension of Queen Victoria to the throne, it is now owned by Government and managed by the islands’ National Conservation Commission. In the early 1900’s, after the withdrawal of the British

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Looka de view

Sight Seeing

Here’s our list of places that make this issue’s cut of must see/do places and activities.


OISTINS BAY GARDENS for sweet music, dancing, socialisation, good food, drinks & great prices

2. 3. 4.

Take a walk on the beach and Enjoy beautiful sunsets or sunrises from the beach of Barbados.

Take a catamaran Cruise swim with the turtles , feed the fish and enjoy a sumptious Bajan buffet. Enjoy a full body massage splurge on a complete package: massage , mani , pedi and facial.

5. 6.

Burst into a rum shop! Drink a beer , sample a rum and sam a dom(domino)

Try The Islands National Dish try cou–cou & flying fish at Brown Sugar Restaurant, the waterfront Café or the Atlantis Restaurant.

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Visit an Open Garden or an Open House the Barbados Horticultural Society opens private gardens ( Tuesdays) and the Barbados National Trust opens private houses of interest (Wednesdays) all over the island during the winter season.

8. 9. 10. 11.

Visit Harrison’s Cave a beautiful natural cave formation in the center of the island. Sample the world’s oldest Rum Mount Gay Rum circa 1703 Tour the UNESCO world heritage Site Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison.

Feed the beautiful Green Monkey at Welchman Hall Gully or at the Wild Life Reserve.


Visit the Morgan Lewis Windmill the last of 506 windmills which once operated in Barbados.


Visit the following island heritage sites:

• Hutson Sugar Museum

-Portvale Sugar Factory , St. James

• Sunbury Plantation – St Philip

• The Barbados Museum

-Garrison, St. Michael

• The Bridgetown

Synagogue (The Nidhe Israel Jewish Museum) –Bridgetown, St. Michael

• George Washington House & Museum

– Bush Hill, St. Michael

• St. Nicholas Abbey – Cherry Tree Hill, St. Peter

Going Green Grand Gorgeous Gardens


Provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority

arbados is home to award winning beaches, homes, gardens and flowers; it is also home to thousands of horticultural enthusiasts. Between the months of January and April, the Barbados Horticultural Society encourages the green thumbs on the island to open their gardens to those of us with the ‘not so green thumbs’ to go green with envy and admiration. The event brings droves of people to the homes in the open garden program, which is hosted on certain days on the island. It is an event anticipated by locals and visitors alike and it has been an ongoing tradition for the last 25 years. Garden enthusiasts, this is your chance to learn their secrets, chat with an owner, have tea on their lanai and spend an afternoon enjoying the fruits of Mother Nature’s labour. Enter open gardens and experience the lives of “the rich and famous”, well at least those of the gardening world! So if you don’t have the time, space, energy or green thumb to create one of these stunning works of

art yourself, then why not visit one of the Barbados Horticultural Society’s Open Gardens? The program begins in January but not every garden on island is open, so don’t run off with your camera to photograph your neighbours perfect Frangipani tree. Instead, visit the following Grand Gorgeous Gardens this season for a small fee. Follow the signs to find these gardens open from 2 – 6pm, admission is only $15. Call (246) 428-5889 Wednesday or Friday between 9am- 2pm for more info.


“Fisherpond House” St Thomas Garden of Mr & Mrs Jeff Chandler FEBRUARY 2ND

“Wind Blown” Long Bay , St Philip Garden of Mr & Mrs Orson Daisley “ By De Sea” Long Bay , St Philip Garden of Mr Ed Thal & Mr Joe Murphy FEBRUARY 9TH

“Woodland” St George Garden of Mr & Mrs Damien McKinney FEBRUARY 16TH

“#7 Gibbs Hill” St Peter Garden of Mr and Mrs Keith Simmons

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David Skinner | Artwork on display Barbados e-Commerce Seminar

Artwork on display Barbados e-Commerce Seminar

Enthusiastic about


Feeling artsy? Why not check out any one of the fantastic exhibits below?

Edmund Gill Exhibition Oct 1 – Jan 31

Roslyn Watson Retrospective Dec 1 – 28

'Rural Barbados' Group Show Jan 27 - Feb 15

• BMHS, The Garrison Savannah,

• Queens Park Gallery, Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown

• BAC Gallery, Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown

Monday to Saturday 9:00 am •to 5:00 pm, and Sunday 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

• Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

• Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Independence Group Show Nov 4 – Dec 13

Christmas Group Show Dec 15 – Jan 11

Susan Mains & Asher Mains from Grenada Feb 15 - Mar 12

St. Michael

• BAC Gallery, Pelican Craft Centre,

Bridgetown • Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Echoes Of The Sea Nov 16 – Dec 11

• Gallery of Caribbean Art, Queens Street, Speightstown • Monday to Friday: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm and

• BAC Gallery, Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown • Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm ‘BAC 57th Anniversary' Group Show Jan 6 - Jan 25

• BAC Gallery, Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown

Saturday: 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

• Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

A Few of Our Favourite Things Nov 28 – Dec 31

Catherine Forter Chee A Tow Jan 18 - Feb 18

• BMHS, The Garrison Savannah, St. Michael • Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm,

and Sunday 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

• Gallery of Caribbean Art, Queens Street, Speightstown • Monday to Friday: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm and Saturday: 9:30 am - 2:00 pm 'The Art of illustration' (Group Show) Feb 17- Mar 7

• BAC Gallery, Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown • Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

• Gallery of Caribbean Art, Queens Street, Speightstown • Monday to Friday: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm and

Saturday: 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

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belly full!


Islande Cuisin

All bout we food! Barbados’ culinary experts have descended from places such as West Africa, England, Spain and even Portugal. Not only have these cultures had a direct influence in the foods used, but they also influenced the cooking techniques that the island adopted - creating a mouth watering fusion that is distinctively known as Bajan food. When the first settlers arrived in Barbados in the 17th century, they brought with them several animal & plant spices, including the mango and the breadfruit tree, which were all eventually amalgamated into Barbadian cuisine. Our bountiful fields of sugar cane were introduced to the island by Dutch Jews, and today, sugar and many of its by-products such as rum and molasses act as key ingredients in many Barbadian dishes. Because of Barbados’ close relationship with the sea, its no surprise that seafood and the Bajan pot are kindred souls. Commonly prepared fish include the nationally famous flying fish, mahi mahi (locally known as dolphin), snapper, wahoo (king fish), and yellowfin tuna among others. All of these fish dishes can be found at any popular bajan eatery across the island. Martins Bay, Baxters Road, Moontown and Oistins all feature deliciously prepared, freshly caught fish - usually grilled on open fire.


ou may already know that Bridgetown and it’s Garrison have recently been named a UNESCO world heritage site; with boundless architectural and cultural splendor, shopping and tours just waiting to be experienced. Sounds and sights are all part of the Bridgetown scene, but the city of Bridgetown also has a smell. Yes! A smell! An oh so important smell that enters your nostrils and vibrates down your throat to make your tummy grumble with delight. Traditional island dishes, Italian, fast food, Bajan buffet, Bajan cutters, and alfresco dining can all be found in Bridgetown and the surrounding environs.

68 | Caribbean Dreams

Ideal Restaurant Ask a Bajan where to eat in Bridgetown and one common suggestion is likely to be the Ideal Restaurant, top floor, Cave Shepherd. Bajan buffet style at less than $US10 per plate. Waterfront Café | Take a casual walk across the bridge for a la carte, alfresco dining at the Waterfront Café; and for a treat on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings there are Jazz sessions that go until 11pm. Chicken Barn | A personal fast food favorite of mine is Chicken Barn; their slogan “Home of the heavenly chicken” says it all. Who knew that the combination of great Bajan seasonings and rotisserie chicken could be oh so good!

island cuisine

Brown Sugar Restaurant | Many have said that Brown Sugar restaurant, with it’s local & creole dishes offers the best buffet in Barbados. This would explain why the restaurant is always packed. Walk-ins are welcome, but we suggest a lunch reservation to avoid the wait.

Cuz’s Fish Shack | Cuz’s snackette may not be much to look at but, plain façade aside, customers are happy to wait in the long - but fast moving - line for one of the fresh fish cutters that they have on offer. Incidentally, they also rank 6th on Trip Advisors list of places to eat in Barbados.

uh belly full

Mama Mia’s Italian Deli & Pizzeria | On the outskirts of Bridgetown lies a little hidden gem and a little slice of Italy- Mama Mia’s. Simply step inside for authentic Italian décor, delicious Paninis, salads, desserts, pastries and pizzas baked in a traditional Italian pizza oven. It’s a favourite with both the locals and the tourists.

Cin Cin Cin Cin by the sea is a beautiful contemporary locale for elegant upscale dining. Open for lunch and dinner and serving Mediterranean cuisine with a Caribbean twist. Bush Bar | This local watering hole is a favorite for Saturday and after-work limes. Locals are drawn, like flies to the great drink specials and the good food, especially the fish, pudding & souse and the pork. TNT Barbeque Hut | Just off Spring Garden Highway is a fast food styled restaurant, which specialises in Barbeque chicken bathed in a finger licking secret sauce. But be careful! It’s addictive! Many are hooked from just one try!

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Grandma’s Kitchen! L

ike many of the islands of the Caribbean, Barbados is heavily reliant on grandparents in the rearing and growth of a child in the family. Many of us have fond memories of grandparents who gave great advice (at times in the form of a parable or Bajan saying), were quick to “share licks”bat any sign of bad behavior, provided warm nestling arms in times of trouble and were notorious for cooking up a storm. I’d watch my Granny move about in the kitchen to prepare dinners, snacks and lunches, and the dynamic duo of mummy and granny would whip up Christmas feasts that would be the envy of top chefs in restaurants around the island.

Granny’s Black Cake Ingredients 6lbs mixed dried fruits (raisins,currants, prunes, candied cherries) ½ lb mixed citrus peel 1 cup sweet red wine ½ cup rum ½ cup falernum 1 bottle Guinness stout (Optional) 2 lbs brown sugar 1½ tbsp mixed spice (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg etc) 1 lb unsalted butter 12 eggs 1 tsp vanilla essence 1¼ flour 1 lb almonds grounded 1 tsp salt Browning

One of the things they liked to make was Bajan Black cake. This decadent Rum soaked cake also known as Rum Cake or Great Cake is an island favourite. For many Bajans this cake is a Christmas tradition, but it is also quite commonly the cake of choice for Barbadian weddings as well. It bears some similarities to the British Plum Pudding, but has the Caribbean flair and favour, with one of the main ingredients being- rum! Fruits, such as cherries, raisins, and a bit of orange rind, are mixed, then left to soak in Bajan Rum for a minimum of two to three weeks. This gives the cake an especially strong, rum-infused, distinctive

flavour, and when finished baking the cake is still occasionally moistened with Rum or Falernum to preserve its freshness and to add an extra kick. Granny stored ours for as long as 2 months, and it always made great gifts and souvenirs to send to the folks back home.

Method 1. Combine fruit with wine, rum, falernum, Guinness and spices. Mix ingredients well and put in a jar; cover and allow mixture to steep for 3 weeks or more.

When ready to bake 2. 3. 4. 5.

Heat oven to 250 degrees F. Line 3 cake pans with waxed paper In a large bowl, Cream butter and sugar until fluffy In a seperate bowl, combine 2 tablespoons water to egg and essence. Whisk until light, then add to the butter mixture. 6. Combine the remaining dry products (flour, salt and ground almonds) in another bowl 7. Gradually stir flour mixture and fruit into butter mixture 8. Add browning to bring to a dark brown colour, similar to chocolate. 9. Gently pour or spoon mixture into prepared cake pans and cover with foil. Fill the pan ¾ full. 10. Bake for 2 ½ hours, reduce heat to 150 degrees F and bake for another 2 hours 11. Allow to cool before removing from pans. Keep leftovers stored in an airtight container. Caribbean Dreams | 71

uh belly full

Island Cuisine


Favourite Food Give me a piece uh pie - Macaroni Pie


n any given day of the week the phrase “I’d like to have a piece of pie” can be heard resonnating, time after time, from Bajan lunch eateries around the island.

sweet pepper, ketchup, seasonings and grated cheddar cheese. A common staple in almost every Bajan household, you are sure to find this dish offered in any restaurant with Bajan

This exceptionally popular island favourite is said to be the Bajan

cuisine; usually served with fried chicken or fish, and vegetables.

version of the American ‘mac and cheese’. It’s prepared by

Macaroni pie, or more simply ‘pie’ as it is normally called, is truly

baking together a combination of macaroni, milk, eggs, onions,

a sumptuous dish.You can try our recipe for this Bajan delight.



1 lb macaroni 1 green sweet pepper, chopped 2 tbsp paprika 1 tsp black pepper 2 tbsp mayonnaise 1 onion, chopped 2 tbsp French’s Mustard Fresh parsley, chopped 2 tbsp Bajan seasoning 16 oz grated Cheddar cheese

1. Cook and drain the macaroni (do not overcook).

72 | Caribbean Dreams

2. Transfer to a large bowl, and add ingredients mixing each ingredient in slowly (including 3/4 cheese).

3. Mix everything together with a spoon. 4. Place macaroni into a pyrex dish using the remaining 1/4 grated cheese on top as a crust. 5. Place in oven at 350°F. The pie is finished when top cheese starts to look slightly brown.

Dining at the

Waters Edge 5 Suggestions for where to dine tonight!


f you are looking to eat out , and you are interested in fantastic food and the romance of the ocean, try one of our island favourites. Café Luna | Christ Church Looking for a beautiful hideaway that’s off the beaten path then, the romantic

rooftop of the Little Arches Hotel, is the place you desire. The restaurant boasts fantastic Mediterranean décor and PanTropical fare (fusion Caribbean Asian and Mediterranean flavors) in addition to, beautiful sunsets, panoramic views and a sweet, comfortable atmosphere, that makes you want to come time and again. Champers | Christ Church Not only is Champers one of our favorite restaurants, but 759 others also sought to give it their stamp of approval by rating it the third best restaurant on the island on Trip Advisor. Champer’s was also once rated “Most Popular” culinary experience in Barbados by Zagat, so there’s no way we can all be wrong! What do we love? The ambiance, the service, the art and the food (right down to the dinner buns). The Tides | St. James Up next is another high ranker on

Trip Advisor (rated # 4 on the island) this Holetown jewel is known for its fabulous décor, exquisite food, great service and its wonderful art gallery. It’s our favorite spot for dining on the West Coast. L’Azure | St. Philip If you fancy an incredible Sunday Gospel Breakfast, breathtaking scenery or a fantastic Sunday lunch buffet, then try cliff-side dining at L’Azure at the Crane Resort. Top it off with a walk and a few photos on the award-winning Crane beach once named one of the top ten beaches of the world. Fish Pot | St. Peter Get out of the city and enjoy lunch or dinner at a location that’s definitely well worth the drive. This intimate restaurant offers Excellent Service, fresh seafood, an impeccable wine list and stunning ocean views

Caribbean Dreams | 73

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Island Cuisine


Boneless Chicken & Sweet Potato Dumplings in Creole Sauce By Chef Gregory Austin

Ingredients 2 Starchick Chicken Legs quarter (deboned) ½ red, green, yellow peppers (thin sliced) 1 whole tomato (diced) 4oz sweet potato (boiled) 4oz flour

Method ½ onion (diced) ½ oz parsley and Thyme 2 tbs Roberts health Spread 2tbs Roberts soya bean oil 1 tsp MIS basil, cumin, curry & paprika

Do you have a favourite local place to eat or lime? Email us at and tell us about it!

74 | Caribbean Dreams

1. Add a teaspoon of basil, cumin, curry and paprika to bowl, add crushed pepper, a little salt and mix together with ½ oz of parsley and thyme. 2. Add deboned Starchick chicken legs to this mixture of spices. 3. Add the Roberts soya bean oil to a hot pan. Then add ½ of a sliced pepper, a teaspoon of Roberts Health Spread, add water and allow to boil and then simmer.

4. Place boneless Starchick chicken in the hot frying pan, then add Roberts soya bean oil and a teaspoon of Roberts Health Spread to pan. Fry on both sides until brown, crispy and cooked. 5. Take a cooked sweet potato, crush it, then add flour and roll into tiny balls. Place balls in pan with the cooked, steaming creole vegetables and allow to sit for two minutes. 6. Serve and enjoy.



Top Floor, Cave Shepherd Bridgetown, St. Michael

(246) 431-2139

Opening Hours Mon - Sat 9 - 10:45am Breakfast 11 - 3:30pm Lunch


Ideal restaurant| Ideal Restaurant, located on the 2nd floor of Cave Shepherd in Bridgetown. This a wonderful place to have a delicious meal. Serving some of the best food in Bridgetown and at the best prices, there is no doubt that this restaurant is truly ideal. Ideal’s wide array of Bajan dishes whet the appetite and certainly satisfy the taste buds. These local delicacies include peas and rice, cou-cou, creamed potato, macaroni pie, shepherd’s pie, chowmein, baked or stewed chicken, beef stew, lamb, flying fish,

baked pork and even souse on certain days. Coleslaw, potato salad, tossed salad and pickled cucumber are also on the menu. This fully air conditioned restaurant has plenty of seating, friendly staff and television entertainment is provided. The casual ambiance at Ideal Restaurant, is a welcoming break from the hustle and bustle of Bridgetown. When seeking a refreshment stop, why not try the Ideal Restaurant.

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Treasure Beach Hotel, Paynes Bay, St. James Barbados

Kathy’s Restaurant|

At Treasure Beach

A taste of Barbados (246) 419-4200 reservations@

Dinner 7 - 9pm Breakfast 9 - 10:45am Lunch 11am - 3:30pm

Casual Elegant

76 | Caribbean Dreams

Delicious offerings from the kitchen together with warm and welcoming staff make the award-winning Kathy’s Restaurant a must, where guests can dine under the stars and enjoy a variety of culinary experiences all using fresh local ingredients prepared to international standards. Guests may purchase the Modified American Plan which includes breakfast and dinner.

All of our guests may choose from 6 appetizers and 6 entrees that change on a nightly basis. Richard’s bar, casual and relaxing, serves delicious rum based concoctions including what is often referred to as ‘the best rum punch on the island’. . While the entertainment is led by our excellent band, ‘Spectrum’.



Warrens, St. Michael Coverly, Ch Ch Bay Street, Bridgetown Worthing, Ch Ch

Chicken barn|

Home of The Heavenly Chicken

Chicken Barn is rotisserie at its best! Available at several locations island wide. (246) 228-6381

Opening Hours 10:30am - 10:30pm 9 - 10:45am Breakfast 11 - 3:30pm Lunch


Head over to Chicken Barn Coverly. Where birds are slowly cooked over a keenly regulated open flame in the rotisserie to allow the specially prepared seasonings and herbs in each bird to penetrate the meat giving it a mouth-watering flavor that tantalizes the palate, creating an authentic Caribbean experience in every bite.Enjoy rotisserie chicken accompanied by a choice of french fries, garden or pasta salad and

cole-slaw. Try a succulent chickenbreast sandwich garnished with lettuce, onion, tomato and pickles or the flying-fish and chips is an alternative for the non-meat eaters who are desirous of enjoying this Barbadian favourite. On your next visit enjoy home-style hamburgers made from ground beef, using their forty-year old family recipe. A treat thoroughly enjoyed by the discerning beef lover.

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Provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority

slam tar or bum uh ride!



Slam Tar or bum uh ride

Sight Seeing


A man a map and a

hired car


eeing the island as captain of your own vehicle can be a very nice experience. But be mindful…some of the roads are narrow, there are quite a few sharp

Green Bay, #1 Fairholm Gardens, Maxwell , Ch Ch

(246) 271‑6321 OR (246) 230‑1850 •GL RENTALS OFFERS•

• Prompt, efficient and friendly service Flexible rates • Delivery and pickups free • An ideal location just 5 mins from the airport Free 24hr emergency service • Full insurance is available

80 | Caribbean Dreams

turns and be on the look out for potholes (evil holes out to damage your car or give you a flat tire at the worst possible time), avoid them! Additionally, pedestrians can be just as surprising (in Barbados they seem to think they own the road!), so watch for casual crossers at any time. Putting all that aside, we encourage you to get an old fashioned map not the GPS – and get caught up in the beauty of the island. Travel over as many hills and dales as you can find, and be sure to check off the sightseeing list as you go. And if you get lost…all the better, its just another part of the island experience.

GL Rentals GL Rentals is a family business, which is operated by Geoffrey and Linda Ince. The company has been operating for the nearly 20 years, currently offers 26 vehicles for hire and has prompt, efficient and friendly service. GL has a wealth of experience and provides a high level of dedication and professionalism to ensure that their clients leave fully satisfied.

Drivin’BoutinBim If you decide to drive while in Barbados make note of two things: First obtain a valid 1. Barbados license for $5 US, by carrying your valid

national or international license to a police station or authorized car-rental company. (Ask, when booking, if they can manage this for you before you arrive).

Drive on the left at all 2. times (Unless overtaking another vehicle)

Caribbean Dreams | 81

Slam Tar or bum uh ride

Sight Seeing



1st Choice Car Rental

Worthing Main Rd, Christ Church 434-2277 / 228-2899 Bajan Car Rentals Limited

Chelmead, Chelsea Gdns, St. Michael 429-4327 or 253-9812/9815 Coconut Car Rentals Ltd

Bayside, Bay St, St. Michael 437-0297 Courtesy Rent-A-Car

Wildey, St. Michael 431-4160 Direct Car Rentals Ltd

Balls Pltn, Christ Church 420-6372 / 420-6391

82 | Caribbean Dreams

Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals

Address: CWTS Complex, Lr Est, St. Michael 434-8440 Executive Rentals Inc

Address: #10 Tamkris, W’thing Main Rd, Christ Church 228-1993 GL Rentals

Green Bay #1 Fairholme Gdns, Maxwell, Christ Church 271-6321 Infinity Car Rentals

Melrose, St. Thomas 823-7832 / 836-9473

Jones Garage & Rent-A-Car Ltd

Passage Rd, St. Michael 425-6637 Mary Hutchinson Car Rentals

St, Thomas 438-0876/ 231-0922 Philrod Car Rentals Inc

Headley, Deacons Rd, St. Michael 234-1239 Stoutes Car Rental Ltd

Kirtons, St. Philip 416-4456 / 420-2926 Voyager Rent-A-Car

Oldbury Terrace, St. Philip 420-7508

sight seeing

Looka De View


Taxi! Need a taxi? Just look out for a “Z” license plate and check the list below for typical taxi rates. Please note these are rough estimates and you should always agree upon a fare before leaving. Average taxi rates can also be found on display at the airport. Typical Taxi Rates From The Airport (AVERAGES) BETWEEN THE GRANTLEY ADAMS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AND: Any point North of Speightstown Atlantic Shores Bathsheba/Cattlewash Belleplaine Bridgetown Harbour Callenders Coverley Crane East Point Garrison Savannah Gibbs Harrison’s Cave Heroes Square (Bridgetown) Holetown/Porters Long Beach/Silver Sands Oistins Prospect/Cavehill Providence Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle/Pollards Speightstown St. George’s Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church St. Lawrence

$USD $BDS 43.50 12.00 36.50 32.00 23.00 12.00 6.50 15.50 20.00 18.50 32.00 26.50

83.00 24.00 73.00 64.00 46.00 24.00 13.00 31.00 40.00 37.00 64.00 53.00

21.00 29.50 12.00 12.00 26.50 9.50 17.00 17.00 36.50 18.50 23.00 15.00

42.00 58.00 24.00 24.00 53.00 19.00 34.00 34.00 73.00 39.00 46.00 31.00

BETWEEN THE BRIDGETOWN HARBOUR/CITY CENTRE AND: Any point North of Speightstown Bathsheba/Cattlewash Callenders Crane East Point Grantley Adams International Airport Hilton/Grand Barbados/ Garrison Long Beach/Silver Sands Oistins Paradise Prospect/Holders/ Paynes Bay Rendezvous Sam Lord’s Castle/Pollards Sandy Lane/Holetown/ Porters Speightstown/Heywoods St. Albans St. George’s Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church St. Lawrence Gap /Dover Welchman Hall Gully/ Harrison’s Cave

$USD $BDS 30.50 29.00 18.50 26.50 30.50

61.00 58.00 37.00 53.00 61.00



9.50 18.50 15.50 9.50

19.00 37.00 31.00 19.00

12.00 12.00 29.00

24.00 24.00 58.00

17.00 23.00 19.50 12.00 27.50 14.50

34.00 46.00 39.00 24.00 55.00 29.00



City Centre Deacons Road Sheraton Centre Warrens

5.00 5.00 14.50 12.00

10.00 10.00 29.00 24.00

BETWEEN SANDY LANE AND: $USD $BDS Bathsheba/ Cattlewash Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Hilton/Garrison Savannah Long Beach/ Silver Sands Oistins Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle St. George Parish Church St. John Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church



20.50 19.50 27.50 27.00 23.00 41.50 34.50 14.50 30.50

41.00 39.00 55.00 54.00 46.00 83.00 69.00 29.00 61.00

BETWEEN GLITTER BAY AND: $USD $BDS Bathsheba/ Cattlewash Farley Hill Park Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Hilton/ Garrison Savannah Long Beach/ Silver Sands Oistins Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle St. George Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church

34.00 20.50

68.00 41.00

20.50 19.50 30.50 28.50 27.00 41.50 14.50 30.50

41.00 39.00 61.00 57.00 54.00 83.00 29.00 61.00

BETWEEN HEYWOODS AND: $USD $BDS Bathsheba/ Cattlewash Farley Hill Park Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Hilton/ Garrison Savannah Long Beach/ Silver Sands Oistins Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle St. George Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church

27.00 15.50

54.00 31.00

30.50 23.00

61.00 46.00

36.50 32.00 30.50 46.00 26.50 46.00

73.00 64.00 61.00 92.00 53.00 92.00

BETWEEN PARADISE AND: $USD $BDS Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Bathsheba/ Cattlewash St. John’s Parish Church Rockley Oistins

27.00 34.00 23.00 23.00 19.50

54.00 68.00 46.00 36.00 39.00

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Highway 1, Holetown St. James

(246) 422 3052 FAX (246) 422 1937 reservations@ www. settlersbeachvillahotel .com

84 | Caribbean Dreams

Settlers’ beach| Villa Hotel

On the vibrant west coast of Barbados, you can find the peaceful oasis, Settlers’ Beach Villa Hotel. This elegant and spacious beach resort is among a stunning backdrop. It sits on 4 acres of beautifully landscaped tropical gardens bordered by the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Just imagine – colourful gardens, a white sandy beach and crystal clear waters. Here you have a unique opportunity - the space and privacy of your own villa yet all the amenities of a luxury hotel. This

boutique 22 villa hotel will cater to your varying needs – a simple escape, a fun filled holiday or that special occasion. Their friendly staff will welcome and care for you. Your pleasant experience is of the utmost importance to them. Come and experience an exclusive vacation, enjoy the various amenities and dine at one of the most delightful, Italian restaurants on the island. Settler’s Beach Villa Hotel is truly a hidden treasure that once found will never be forgotten. Discover one of the true Barbados gems!



Crane St. Philip, Barbados

(246) 423-6220 USA/CAN Toll Free (866) 978-5942 UK Toll Free: (800) 097-1794 reservations@

The Crane|

Residential Resort

Set on Barbados’ worldfamous Crane Beach – named “one of the Ten Best Beaches in the World” by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – The Crane is the Caribbean’s first resort hotel. First opened in 1887 and now fully restored and expanded, this truly unique property combines old-world charm and incredible natural beauty with a romantic sense of seclusion. The Crane goes beyond the typical Caribbean

vacation packages, and offers unparalleled service and spacious, luxurious accommodation including private pools, gardens, and rooftop terraces. This is combined with awardwinning cuisine, duty free retail shopping, and close proximity to the airport. There is complimentary WiFi in all guest rooms and around the resort even on the beach - and complimentary longdistance calls to most international destinations.

Caribbean Dreams | 85



Paynes Bay, St James, Barbados

(246) 419-4200 FAX (246) 432 1094 reservations@

86 | Caribbean Dreams

Treasure beach|

Hotel & Spa

A true gem among luxury hotels in the Caribbean, Treasure Beach Hotel & Spa is one the finest and most popular hotels on the West Coast of Barbados. Located on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Platinum Coast, Paynes Bay, this 35-room all suite luxury hotel is set in lush, tropical gardens with stunning veiws overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The luxurious suites are arranged in a horseshoe shape around the fresh-

water swimming pool.The Spa Suite provides a private and unique experience. Unlike other spas, where you are likely to find yourself just a few paces from someone else having a massage or pedicure, when you book a treatment at the Spa Suite, you will have exclusive use of the spa. Treatments include massages, facials, scrubs & wraps, Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures and utilise pure organic skincare products from Clinique.



Needham’s Point, St. Michael

(246) 271‑6321 OR (246) 230‑1850

hilton barbados|


Stay at the luxury Hilton Barbados Resort. Located on a stunning 17th Century fort, Needham’s Point. Set amidst stunning grounds, on its own tropical peninsula overlooking the waters of the Caribbean sea. Hilton Barbados is perfect for couples, families and discerning business travelers. This 100% nonsmoking Caribbean resort is a true tropical paradise, with exquisite ocean-facing accommodation and four fabulous dining options. Just five minutes from the island’s capital, Bridgetown, and 20 minutes from Grantley Adams International Airport, this luxurious ocean-front hotel

features a sprawling pool complex with whirlpool, as well as three premium tennis courts and a Fitness & Health Centre with spa treatment rooms overlooking Carlisle Bay. Children will get star treatment at the fun-filled Kidz Paradise Club, while the surrounding area offers a multitude of cultural and recreational activities for all the family, including water sports, world-class golf, horseback riding, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, swimming at some of the best Barbados beaches and of course sightseeing at the historic Charles Fort, the fascinating 17th century colonial fortification.

Caribbean Dreams | 87



Green-Ridge, Prospect, St. James, Barbados

Best e. villas|

An intimate hotel of Barbados

With two locations, we can provide more options to suit your individual needs and guarantee you a home away from home in our award-winning apartments. (246) 425 -9751 FAX (246) 425 9653

88 | Caribbean Dreams

Centrally located on the west coast, this beautiful property sits on lushly landscaped grounds with its own private fresh-water swimming pool. Best E. Villas - Prospect - is the flagship of the Best E. Villas. The property hosts both two and three bedroom accommodations, offering much more than a vacation but an experience, with incomparable homestyle living with all the

amenities and more! Best E. Villas - Providence is the newest addition. Set on beautifully landscaped grounds, this property offers four 2 bedroom units and a private freshwater pool. Your complete privacy is guaranteed with a state-of-the-art intercom system and secure parking for up to eight vehicles. Wireless internet access is available to all guests.

Caribbean Dreams | 89

Slam Tar or bum uh ride

Sight Seeing


lil tings bout de


Banks open from 8:00am to 3:00pm Monday – Thursday, 8:00am to 5:00pm on Friday and are closed on all National Holidays. You can easily use your credit card at most businesses island wide or withdraw up to $500 USD per day at hundreds of ATM Machines. ATM machines can be found island wide outside banks or at most 24hr gas stations.

BusinessHours From Monday to Friday businesses and stores in Barbados normally open between 8am & 9am and close at roughly 3:30/ 5:00pm. Saturdays are shopping days in Barbados, however stores typically close between 1pm and 2pm in Bridgetown, but shopping malls and supermarkets open till 9:00pm. On Sundays the Grocery stores will close between 12 noon and 2pm. Cave Shepherd, a popular duty free department store in Hastings is also open until this time.

dress You can’t go wrong if you remember the following: • No Camouflage – It’s illegal. • No bare feet & bare backs in most stores. • Sneakers are frowned upon in several clubs & restaurants • Try elegantly casual for fine dining - Call ahead if you need to be sure. • Shorts of a reasonable length are mostly acceptable in this cool climate but if in doubt call ahead.

90 | Caribbean Dreams

Government Barbados was once an island under British rule and as a result the island’s government and governmental practices are a result of British rule. In fact, the island is a constitutional monarchy, and parliamentary democracy, modeled on the British Westminster system. In 1966 Barbados gained its independence from Britain but the island maintains a Prime Minister and 2 parliamentary houses – The House of Assembly (30 ministers) and The Senate, with Elizabeth II, as the head of state (she is represented locally by the island’s Governor General). Notably Barbados has the third oldest parliament in existence.

Education According to UNESCO Barbados’ education level is ranked within the top 5 countries in the world partially because the literacy rate is estimated to be very close to 100%. A Large part of the island’s GDP is spent on education and all children under the age of 16 must attend Primary and Secondary Schools. Notably a large percentage of the population also attends one of four Tertiary Level Intuitions on island.

Health&Safety Barbados is a safe place to visit with no need to worry about vaccinations and disease. You may be on vacation, but safe guard your health as you would at home. Wash hands, and be sure to protect yourself from mosquito bites by using insect repellent to avoid itchy insect bites & wails or to protect yourself against the possibility of dengue fever. Barbados is relatively safe, but be careful when traversing the island. Don’t leave valuables unattended, lock your car and hotel room doors and stay within the areas that are well lit or are heavily trafficked.

Illegal Drugs

Postal System

Having an Illegal drug in Barbados is a serious offence and the penalties can be severe. In fact a person caught with even marijuana can be sentenced to as much as 20 years in prison.

You can easily obtain stamps from the hotel front desk or hotel boutique, however the General Post Office is located in Cheapside, Bridgetown and there are 17 other district post offices island wide.

Electricity The voltage is 110 volts, 50Hz cycle. Consider bringing your converter if necessary or asking your travel agent if your hotel provides one, as many of them do.

DrinkingWater The island’s water supply is clean, tasty and perfectly safe to drink straight from the tap. The coral formation of the island acts as a natural filter for the island water and ensure that it is amongst the purest in the world.


Police 211 Fire 311 Ambulance 511 FMH Emergency Medical Clinic 246 228-6120 Sandy Crest Medical 246 419-4911(Open 24 hours) Sparman Medical Center 246 624-3278 (Open 24 hours) Hospital 246 436- 6450(Open 24 hours)

Language The language of Barbados is British English, however Bajans have a tendency to speak quickly in a heavy dialect affectionately called ‘Bajan’. At times this may sound quite foreign, however its simply ENGLISH - spiced up Caribbean style with the flavour of generations of dialect mixed in.


ExchangeRates The US dollar typically has an exchange rate of $1.00 US - $1.98 US dollars. Other Exchange Rates Major credit cards and US dollars are accepted island wide. Traveler’s checks in U.S., U.K. and Canadian funds can also be used at many outlets.

Pack your sundress, shorts, swimwear, casual shirts and slippers for the day but at night most restaurants and clubs require you to be elegantly casual. To be sure of what’s expected, call ahead or check here before you go.

Taxes &Gratuities VAT - Value Added Tax (VAT)-17.5% is charged on most items Tax on your hotel or

accommodation is 8.5% and at some locations another 10% is added for service charge. Gratuities are normally 10% - 15%

Tele communications Want to check in with your family or the office at home? Make a Direct Call to •North American / Canada territories Dial 1, the area code, and the telephone number. •United Kingdom – Dial 011 44, the area code (Omit the usual 0 before the area code), and the telephone number. Local Calls Feel free to rent a cell phone locally or utilise your “unlocked” international cell phone by purchasing a LIME Smart Card / Digicel SIM card from marked retail outlets’ island wide. From The hotel/ Accommodation Check to see if any fee is attached to this before you dial.

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