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on’t hesitate to rent a vehicle and see the island in the comfort of a car or van. Having your own transport, can be a pleasant experience and Mopeds or a bikes are perfect to explore sites that aren’t easily reached by car. Drive carefully on the left, watch out for pedestrians and note that some roads are quite inclines can still be found. There are several rental companies at the airport and online bookings can be delivered, ready and waiting when you arrive at the airport or at your hotel.

Car Rental Listings VoyAGER REnT-A-CAR Oldbury Terrace, St Philip 246 420-7508 JonEs GARAGE & REnT-A-CAR LTD Passage Rd, St. Michael 246 425-6637 z & s CAR REnTALs Perkins Rd, Brittons X Rd St. Michael 246 437-7084 CoConuT CAR REnTALs LTD Bayside Bay St, St Michael 246 437-0297 BRyCE CAR REnTAL Union Rd, St Philip 246 423-6630 Or 246 243-7057 Executive Rentals Inc. 10 Tamkris W'thing, Ch.Ch.


246 228-1993 M A h CAR REnTALs Passage Rd, St. Michael 246 427-1952 or 246 436-7189 1sT ChoiCE CAR REnTAL Worthing Main Rd, Christ Church 246 434-2277 or 246 228-2899 KAT's AuTo REnTALs #1 Pool Land, St John 246 433-1657 VEnTuRE CAR REnTALs inC. Warners Park, Christ Church 246 228-4141 RAysiDE CAR REnTALs Charnocks No 1, Christ Church 246 428-0264 CoRBin's CAR REnTALs inC. Upper Collymore Rock, St Michael 246 427-9531


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Notes on Driving in Barbados Driving in Barbados is

the island. Simply remember to drive on the left. Obtain a valid Barbados license for $5 us, by carrying your valid national or international license to a police station or authorized car-rental company (Ask when booking is they can manage this for you before you arrive).

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