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Looka de View


Sightseeing PLAy PRoFEssionAL

and a super large or extra SD card are also a must!

You may not have thought about composition before but think about it now! Take extreme close-ups of a sparked your interest. isLAnD TiPs FoR TAKinG BETTER PhoTos

It’s a stunning day, no work to be done and you don’t have a care in the world. It’s a perfect day to “Be or Play” tourist. You head out digital camera in hand out. Point! Shoot! Click!...Hhumm? Too much sun? Is that my thumb? And in that moment another potentially perfect photo bites the dust! Taking pictures is a fun way to document a great day and these simple tips, can turn your pictures from poor, dull or ordinary to

Its OK to shoot objects slightly to the left or right? It’s more than ok, its Perfect! Try out the black and white setting and impress a few friends! If you can, before you start the day try to take a minute to review photos in travel Magazines or online, try to replicate compositions and angles at different times of day. It may seem obvious but Don’T shoot facing the sun, instead put it behind you, over your shoulder. Click after click of plain old scenery can get boring! Add someone for scale, interest and comic relief. Extra batteries, a car charger


Caribbean Dreams Magazine - First Edition - The Barbados Issue  

Explore or rediscover the wonders of the island of Barbados with Caribbean Dreams. Find out What’s Hot! Shop, Dine, LIME, Stay and Play…the...

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