Caribbean Dreams Magazine - First Edition - The Barbados Issue

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he weekend is a great time to visit Barbados as many attractions are open and of course people always seem so much happier and more relaxed on weekends! Below are a few things you can do in Barbados during a short holiday or long weekend that will help give you an authentic ‘Bajan’ experience.


attractions Barbados is truly a gem of an island, blessed with a bounty of beautiful natural attractions that lure both locals and visitors. Nature lovers can treat themselves to a delightful weekend enjoying the island’s lush vegetation with each location offering something exciting and new. Select wisely based on your budget, and time as it’s quite easy to spend half day, or even a whole day, soaking up the serenity in any one of the island’s natural attractions.

WELChMAn hALL GuLLy This gully, formed from the collapsed roof of caves, is still connected to the island’s largest main cave - Harrisons Cave and as you walk inland you will be able to still see evidence of fallen stalagmites and stalactites... Welchman Hall Gully has a vast and interesting assortment of Barbadian, exotic plants and wildlife and is rich in natural history. In fact, the grapefruit, originally from Barbados, is also said to have been started in this three-quarter mile, St. Thomas gully. The gully is also a hot spot for viewing and photographing some of the island’s beautiful wild Green Monkeys. (246) 433-9454

Adults $12us Guide included Children 5-12yrs $6us Under 5 Free

AniMAL FLoWER CAVE This St. Lucy, sea cave offers spectacular views of the untamed Atlantic Ocean and traps raging sea water in its naturally formed pools. However, this is not its main attraction. The cave is home to delicate sea tentacles that retract into the stalk or stump for safety on contact with any awhile, allowing the danger to pass before leaving its stalk again.


These anemones are relatives to large ocean varieties whose tentacles can waters of the Atlantic Ocean, are truly amazing to see. (246) 439-8797 Daily 9am – 4:30pm

Adults $10us Children $5us

AnDRoMEDA GARDEns Perfect for nature-lovers, these scenic tranquil gardens feature the most extensive collection of tropical plants in Barbados. Andromeda is home to over six hundred different species of plants adapted to a range of tropical environments, a few small animals and a tropical stream that runs though the property, forming serene waterfalls and pools. This breathtaking greenery can be found in the parish of St. Joseph. (246) 433-9454 Daily 9am – 5pm

Adults $13us Children half Price

These are just a few sites that we recommend for your weekend stay. Other equally inviting natural attractions include Orchid World, St. George, the largest and most extensive orchid collection in the Caribbean, Harrison’s Cave, St. Thomas, the Flower Forest, St. Joseph and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, St. Peter.