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teak, Shrimp, Scallops and Salads are only a few of the savoury, epicurean delights, whipped up by top chefs in restaurants around the island. Their mouth watering creations drive us to their doors, where they lovingly caress our stomachs, our mouths and even our pockets, time after delicious time. However, though eating out is fun and fantastic, it can also be a costly addiction. Earlier this year 5 star restaurant chefs, from all over the island, came home, whipping up fabulous 5 Minute Meals, in our very own kitchens, that were deliciously simple and easy to recreate. Who? What? When? Where? How? It was 5-Minute Meals! An exciting, and welcome contribution to the local television airwaves and a rip, roaring success. Understandably,



after a long day, 5 minutes is more than a magic number… it’s a savior. They broke up the monotony of macaroni pie or rice while reducing the cooking time of meals in kitchens everywhere. With several celebrity and awardwinning chefs, including John hazard and Kreg Greenidge, the concept quickly found a place in the hearts of the island’s voluntary and involuntary workaholics, by activating the salivary glands of much of the viewing audience. Top chefs, yummy recipes and a reasonable food bill. What foodie could refuse? While we may no longer have top chefs misbehaving in our kitchens! We love the concept of 5 minute meals and offer you our favourite recipe for your tasting plaeaure. Bon Appetite! Do you have a favourite local place to eat or lime? Email us at and tell us about it!

Caribbean Dreams Magazine - First Edition - The Barbados Issue