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Wondering what else to do? We have broken it down for you so Eat, Drink or Lime the night away!

Barbados is the island of culinary delights, ranging from true, true Bajan delicacies, to mouthwatering international epicurean feasts. Several suggestions come to mind, however a dinner show in Barbados - A MUST, for every visitor and local. Costumes, limbo,

Gay or Cockspur Rum.


the family and money well spent. Whatever your pleasure, Barbados has a restaurant for you our favourites are listed below. FAVouRiTE EATERiEs AFTER DARK CAsuAL Oistins, Tapas, Phil’s sEMi-FoRMAL Café Sol, Champers, DAYTIME CAsuAL Ideal “Cave Shepherd” Restaurant, Pita Pan & Chicken Barn sEMi-FoRMAL Carib Beach Bar & Waterfront Café


ToP DRinKinG sPoTs AFTER DARK CAsuAL Bubba’s Sports Bar, Surfside Beach Bar Sports Bar, John Moore Bar Rum Shop sEMi-FoRMAL Lime Bar, Daphne’s, Tapas


Barbados is certainly not in short supply of bars and pubs to share drinks with friends and family, meet new people or cheer for your favorite team . Picture this, its Happy Hour in Barbados, the local favourite, Banks Beer, is two for one and you are sharing a cold one over a laugh with friends…No? Are you are sipping on a glass of wine in a cozy nook? Or are you trying the local rum punch at a nearby restaurant & bar? The options are truly endless, bar hop, explore the rum shops or visit one of the larger hotel bars… have a comfortable evening, sit by the pool, walk on the beach, simply enjoy it. Ask for an island cocktail, an international favourite or sample two of the oldest rums in the world, Barbados’ Mount

‘Lime’ is the Caribbean term for hanging out and enjoying yourself. In Barbados it takes on many forms but it essentially involves a social, relaxed environment with friends (or strangers), Often involving some form of alcohol (though not absolutely necessary) that was so much fun it’s always a pity when its over. In Bim ‘mass liming’ (which includes any and everybody) typically happens on the weekend. However, for many Bajans liming is also an after work staple during the week as well.


FAVouRiTE LiMinG sPoTs AFTER DARK CAsuAL By a friend’s house, Oistins, Mojo’s sEMi-FoRMAL LIME bar, Second Street, Tapas

Caribbean Dreams Magazine - First Edition - The Barbados Issue  

Explore or rediscover the wonders of the island of Barbados with Caribbean Dreams. Find out What’s Hot! Shop, Dine, LIME, Stay and Play…the...

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