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Superstar Sand


o you’re about to go off to the beach with your significant other. He’s up, dons his two year old, worn out, pants (Yes! the one with the hole) and he’s off! Unfortunately, we ladies can’t seem to get away with that. A female can plan for any outing, even a day in the surf. Wax, hair, diet! Prep! Prep! Prep! and The Suit… Some of us would swim the ocean for one that fits just right, enhances all our body’s best assets and makes you look and feel great. Not sure which is right for you? That we can fix! Girls before you cruise, Jet Ski, snorkel or swim, here’s our guide to “Female Sand Stardom”.


EMPhAsizE youR CuRVEs

Whole suits with V-neck lines

Need an hourglass silhouette

Bikinis with full or Brazilian bottoms Cover up skirts

swimwear that shows you off in all the right places and creates illusions that emphasize your curves by wearing suits with interesting shapes and cuts. WhAT To GET Mitered suits swimwear with lines and angles, not just stripes Suits with details or prints on the top and the bottom for a good balance. One pieces suits with cut outs on the sides.

Suits with the warm solid colors on the top and the bottom



Are you frequently described as short and sweet? Create the illusion of long legs with high waists (which also support the tummy). Suits with smaller sides and V shaped bottoms show more skin and dramatize the line of your legs.

For extra bust, halter straps create cleavage.

WhAT To GET Suits that have thinner sides V-bottom bikinis Suits that sit higher on the hip Suits that have a higher waistline


MiniMizE youR CuRVEs oR WAisTLinE

dangerous curves and feel beautiful on the beach with stylish suits that slenderize and compliment. Feel free to focus on your favourite body part and work it! Legs? Cleavage? Round bottom? Only you can decide, but a suit that draw eyes to your best spot can make you glow with satisfaction. Or cover up tactfully as also go hand in hand, onepiece suits and tankinis

WhAT To GET Whole piece suits and tankinis with ruching, front paneling or draped sides.


LEnGThEn ThE ToRso

Say “hello” with your body, in bikinis that slenderize and emphasize! To give the impression of a lengthened torso try styles that highlight a lower waist or styles that add interest to the area, this includes monokinis with cutouts, or bikinis with heavily embellished bottoms. WhAT To GET Monokinis Bikinis or monokinis with thinner sides Suits with low-rise bottoms


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