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In&unda de Sea


any locals and visitors are trueblue, water babies, fresh tans, browned hair, and talk of having a ‘sea bath’ at every possible opportunity. For others a day at the beach may be more infrequent…a cherished thing only enjoyed on holidays or with much planning. How frustrating on that occasion, to settle down to enjoy it, only to realize a few crucial items didn’t make the trip. Things are missing and we could have done better. So for those of us with less experience, and for “Forgetful Jones”. No worries! We have you covered!


HydRaTe yOuRSeLF

SunSCReen! SunSCReen! SunSCReen! Don’t Think You Need It? WRONG! You do! Even in the unusual spots, ears, the tops of the feet and hands. You’d also be surprised how many people can get scalp burn parting their hair in the usual place every day, be careful its painful.

In CaSe OF LuLL, BReak GLaSS! In case the frolic in the ocean is not enough for a day at the beach, carry a book, a ball, a Frisbee, cards (if you don’t expect the wind), (but lather boogie boards, paddle and ball, snorkel gear, a water proof camera or any other item that might also keep you entertained.

SunGLaSSeS Refuse to add those years to your face by spending your day out squinting. Crows Feet? “Faget about it!” Carry a pair of fashionable sunglasses with uVA and uVB protection or buy a pair, dutyfree from The sunglass hut.

a MInI FIRST aId kIT While you may never actually use it, smart adventurers always have a contingency plan. You don’t exactly need a black doctors bag, but Band-Aids, painkillers, ointment etc … Still a good idea.

sun + salt + you = Dehydration. That’s dry skin, damaged hair, burnt lips and dehydrated cells. use hydrating cream before you arrive and afterwards. Replenish your skin’s moisture to avoid the alligator look in a few years. A bit of conditioner/ detangler (not too much) before the water can go a long, long, way in protecting those follicles. Either spend the day walking back and forth buying water or carry some with you and avoid a head ache later in the day. P.S. Hydrate your lips too.

PaCk a HaT “I’m too sexy for my Hat, too sexy for my Hat! What you think about that?” Even if a hat is never your style. Go overboard! You may need one now! Make a stylish selection, try Dingolay in sheraton Center, to protect you from the sun and add a classy look to your face! Broad rimmed hats are practically expected on the beach anyway!

BeaCH BaGS sturdy, beach bag and two plastic bags; one to hold wet clothing, the other for garbage, Enjoy your time at the beach but only leave foot prints behind!

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