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Short on time? Then Top Island Picks is the place for you. The list below represents



hARRisons CAVE

Harrisons Cave is this month’s sightseeing Top Pick. If you ever happen to ask about places that you HAVE to see on island, Harrison’s cave is sure to be in the top three responses. Located in the parish of St. Thomas, Harrison’s Cave is one of the oldest and most amazing natural treasures that the island has to offer. Travel deep beneath the earth

add to the natural wonders of the cave. ExCELLEnT FoR Couples, Groups, Seniors, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone

Service Fun Factor coSt Adults $30us, Kids $15us 3-12 yrs

overall value For money


up the coast or explore the ocean depths from the safety of a glass bottom boat. These are all great options for a beach adventure. But Wait! Did we mention the facilities? Wi-Fi, changing rooms, bathrooms, showers and when you get hungry the Boatyard Beach Club has food, drinks, specials and a party to be had. ExCELLEnT FoR Couples, Groups, Mature, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone.


Picture yourself lounging on a white sandy beach that stretches as far as the eye can see, in both directions. Yup! Just a typical sight in Barbados… But! Adventure Beach, as the name implies, offers so much more. Come swim, snorkel, rope swing from the pier, play beach sports, use the kayaks and the ocean trampoline, rent jet skis for a race

Service Fun Factor Food Water SportS & amenitieS coSt A Beach Packages include access to water activities, Lunch & Drinks start at $20us


and explore the wonders of nature, immerse yourself in the adventure of Barbados’ early explorers. Jagged stalactites and stalagmites adorn the cavern and rushing streams and

overall value For money

Caribbean Dreams Magazine - First Edition - The Barbados Issue  

Explore or rediscover the wonders of the island of Barbados with Caribbean Dreams. Find out What’s Hot! Shop, Dine, LIME, Stay and Play…the...

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