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ust off the Caribbean island chain is a place beyond your imagination. Where warm waters caress your skin and the sun spends its day dancing majestically upon the clear blue sea. That place is Barbados, more than an island… it’s your Caribbean Dream come true. Here the sun rises and sets upon white, sandy beaches and the moon shines so brightly that you can almost reach out and pluck the stars from their heavenly perch. Until you actually experience it, you cannot imagine how calming it can be to fall asleep or awake to the lullaby of an ocean song. And beneath those waves, lies a magical, marine playground, where Nemo hides in the lush sea anemones and some sea turtles will take a piece of bread directly from the palm of your hands. Divers can bet on a seahorse or


the island’s reefs. Amazingly the ocean is only a small part of Barbados. Rich island culture, cuisine, colourful people and fantastic festivals also ignite your imagination and add another side to the excitement of your day. Caribbean Dreams Magazine encapsulates each and every one of these elements and is your tour guide to all the things that you imagined your holiday could be. Giving you an insider’s view to everything your heart could desire. Welcome to our maiden voyage, join us within these pages as we explore, taste, see, enjoy and “Experience the Dream” together. Read, Share, Enjoy…DREAM!



The Colonnade Mall Broad Street Bridgetown 246.431.0031




ive Like A Tourist! As a local, this is your chance to experience Barbados like never before. You are a native explorer, you may feel that you have seen, and done it all, but have you ever had a romantic moonlight picnic on the shores of Accra? Seen the sun set from the boardwalk in Speightstown? Slammed a dom’ while drinking a cold Banks Beer amongst


perfect strangers? Ok maybe this last one! While “tourism is our business”, it’s also there for locals to sample and enjoy. Get Out and Do! Live! Dream! Can’t afford to travel outside the island? Well enjoy your vacation here! Experience all the places that you may not have seen! Enjoy a Staycation! A restaurant! The island! This is for The Visitor In You!



very Traveler dreams of that perfect trip or holiday, the one that you remember forever and makes great stories to tell to your friends and family. On that dream holiday you travel to the best places, experience the true richness of varying cultures, sample and delight in the extraordinary tastes of new cuisine, explore historic and geographic treasures, have tons of fun and return home with the all-important photos in hand, rested, relaxed and yearning to go back tomorrow.

All this and more can be found on the island of Barbados. Here the island’s natural charm, warm friendly people, stunning beauty and historic treasures are only fraction of what the island has on offer. The island also boasts incredible villas & luxury rated cuisine and frequently plays host to prestigious sporting activities and international championships. Saying that this island has a lot to offer would be an understatement. The possibilities are truly endless.



caribbean dream By Dempstu Simmons Jr.

Dreaming, Visions reminding your subconscious of memories sublime, A mental slideshow capturing time, Finding a natural home, As the dream roams, Between palm trees, And the breeze blows calm over, Caribbean Seas, The island sees you, And waves hello, Even breaking a bow, As waves crash and splash a sandy shore, You long for the day your dream comes true, No need for a visa, As this vision takes ya, To a colourful land, Landscapes shape creating a beautiful wallpaper, Lifestyle boredom cannot capture, Friends around every corner, A natural carnival of pleasure, A masala of accented vernacular, All combined in a collage of culture, And whether we say “all yuh”, “unna”, or “wunna”, Is “You” that we mean… Being part of the romantic scene, Of a Caribbean Dream.

Dempstu is a popular local spoken word artist with regular Thursday open mike sessions at The Good Life Restaurant and Bar in Rockley Christ Church.



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Top Island Picks!


Our BARBADOS… For Families, For Adventure, For All Occasions


“JUST GO” Calendar of Events



in AnD unDA DE sEA

34 37

Ocean Adventures

Fun & FETE CAn DonE

24 Ideas For A Romantic Day at the Beach 26

Coast to Coast Beaches


Beach Day Checklist!

30 Sand Superstars

Sailing and Charter Boat Listings


40 Eat! Drink! Lime! 41

A Fantastic Date..reasonable price!

42 We Love The Nightlife!


Underwater Adventures

44 Just Dance!


Gone Game Fishing

45 All That Jazz


The Surfs’ Always Up

46 Bar Hopping by Night



48 Barbados’ Celebrations and Festivals

on ThE CoVER Our beautiful cover was shot by Darian Wickham of DW Studios. View more of his work at


ConTRiBuToRs PuBLishER

Guinea Plantation Estates


Nicole Forde Karen Forde C.A. Forde


David Niles DEsiGn & LAyouT

Paul Massiah



uh BELLy FuLL Island Cuisine



A Foodie Weekend Guide to local hotspots


Seven Sexy Foods


Go Take a Hike!


Eating In


Rentals: Cars, Mopeds & Bikes


A Bajans favourite foods


Bus To City Stop!

Getting Around

60 Fine Wine a Must

80 Taxi!

With Great Food!


Lil Tings Bout de Island


Restaurant Showcase


Hotel Showcase

LooKA DE ViEW Sightseeing

66 Tings to do pun a Weekend 69 Island Heritage Sites 71

Perfect Sightseeing

74 Bajan Arts & Crafts



Catspraddle – verb. To destroy or to fall very harshly. CoMMon usE – “Rufus try an run down Rendevous Hill after lickin’ back some rum and cokes and get catspraddle!”

Nicholas Ward is the author and illustrator of the selfpublished “Bajan slang Dictionary”. Born and raised in the St. John countryside of Barbados, he was exposed to some of the more colourful elements of Barbadian culture and word-use.

inTERPRETATion – “Rufus attempted to run down Rendevous Hill after consuming many rum and cokes, and fell very harshly!”



5 Island


Short on time? Then Top Island Picks is the place for you. The list below represents



hARRisons CAVE

Harrisons Cave is this month’s sightseeing Top Pick. If you ever happen to ask about places that you HAVE to see on island, Harrison’s cave is sure to be in the top three responses. Located in the parish of St. Thomas, Harrison’s Cave is one of the oldest and most amazing natural treasures that the island has to offer. Travel deep beneath the earth

add to the natural wonders of the cave. ExCELLEnT FoR Couples, Groups, Seniors, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone

Service Fun Factor coSt Adults $30us, Kids $15us 3-12 yrs

overall value For money


up the coast or explore the ocean depths from the safety of a glass bottom boat. These are all great options for a beach adventure. But Wait! Did we mention the facilities? Wi-Fi, changing rooms, bathrooms, showers and when you get hungry the Boatyard Beach Club has food, drinks, specials and a party to be had. ExCELLEnT FoR Couples, Groups, Mature, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone.


Picture yourself lounging on a white sandy beach that stretches as far as the eye can see, in both directions. Yup! Just a typical sight in Barbados… But! Adventure Beach, as the name implies, offers so much more. Come swim, snorkel, rope swing from the pier, play beach sports, use the kayaks and the ocean trampoline, rent jet skis for a race

Service Fun Factor Food Water SportS & amenitieS coSt A Beach Packages include access to water activities, Lunch & Drinks start at $20us


and explore the wonders of nature, immerse yourself in the adventure of Barbados’ early explorers. Jagged stalactites and stalagmites adorn the cavern and rushing streams and

overall value For money



Your Monday or Wednesday evening is covered. The Beach Extravaganza, at Harbour Lights in St. Michael, is a fantastic alfresco dinner show, guaranteed to please all ages. Worth every penny, it is often deemed as a must see by locals and visitors alike. This festive barbeque night

Fire Eaters , Stilt Walkers, Tuk Band , Shaggy Bear, Steel Pan, Limbo Dancers and much more. The show runs from 7- 10:30pm but drinks are free till midnight. Join in the fun and soak up this exciting party atmosphere. ExCELLEnT FoR Couples, Groups, Mature, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone. overall value For money

Service Fun Factor Food Floor ShoW reServationS 246 436-7225



Another name that will often be heard when inquiring about Barbados is that of the famed Oistins Fish Market. Oistins, in the parish community in Barbados with a given weekend locals and tourists alike converge here, at what may very well be the biggest and most Good Food, Good Company, Live

Entertainment and No Cover Charge! It’s no wonder that it’s an island only item on the menu, have a hearty dinner, an old fashioned Bajan meal, a seafood platter or line up for some expect to pay an arm and a leg the portions are generous and the prices ExCELLEnT FoR Couples, Groups, Mature, Kids, Locals, Tourists, Everyone.

Service Fun Factor Food coSt Meals (which are sometimes large enough to share) range from $12us to $30us



Guinea Plantation may be off the beaten path but it is an up and coming hot spot for Weddings & Events. Located in scenic St. John, it built on the island and references to Guinea Plantation date as far back as 1654. Today they cater to weddings, events and tours. Picture, intimate gardens, roof deck, Jacuzzi & pool, a bar & lounge, bridge and a picture perfect plantation, lovingly restored. That is your backdrop for a truly memorable Service experience enquirieS 246 236- 3194; 246 423-0039

overall value For money

wedding or event. The grounds offer a myriad of photo opportunities and the beautifully appointed, bridal suite & grand bedrooms provide wedding day privacy and comfort. The antique furnishings and elegant will leave the bride feeling relaxed as her special moment. Have a romantic wedding night or relax with close friends and family before preparing to walk down the aisle.. ExCELLEnT FoR Weddings, Events, Staycations, Retreats, Reunions Tours, Birthday or Pool Parties. overall value For money


Our BARBADOS For Families, For Adventure, For All Occasions!




Take a ride on a powerboat or explore the ocean in the safety of a submarine. Rent a car and travel to the Wildlife Reserve, or search for island treasure at the Arlington Museum.

arbados is your family’s doorway to fun, adventure and treasured memories. It may not be a hub for theme parks, rides and cartoon characters, but instead it offers a captivating island experience sure to draw your family closer together. Experience colourful island life, embark on interactive family adventures, and explore the ocean


line ‌ explore. Together you can hike, tour, interact with the tropical wildlife or state of the art museums on your familys island adventure.

Try your hand at learning to surf... its easier than you think and the kids are natural learners. If not then sail, snorkel or swim, the watery possibilities are endless.



FOR ADVENTURE FOR ALL OCCASIONS! Rent a jet ski and feel the adrenaline rush as you blast across the ocean full throttle. Join up with the aggressive “Grin & Bear” National Trust hikers for a free 12 – 14 mile Sunday trek across rugged Barbados. Charter a boat whopping Blue Marlin.


hrive on outdoor adventure and hungry for fantastic experiences? Then Barbados may very well be your very own fantasy Island. Surf & snorkel miles of perfect beaches, hike nature trails, crawl hidden caves, soar over treetops, visit sunken ships and travel the back roads all waiting to be explored. Buckle up and brace yourself for a wild ride through the trees on the island’s zip line, jump off and hop on the back of a four x four for an exciting off-roading adventure, wash the mud off and its time for a deep sea diving adventure, interact with the marine life and explore some of the top dive sites in the Caribbean… Exhausted?...No? Horseback riding, deep-sea big Grab a friend and hike in the island’s rugged interior or trek over the easterly coastal plains and take a dip in a quiet Bajan cove. Take your pick and let the adventure begin.


FOR ADVENTURE FOR ALL OCCASIONS! Two become one with a romantic island wedding, engagement or honeymoon. Family reunions are fun , fantastic and fearless Company retreats on island are engaging and rewarding with our award winning service excellence teams.


iterally set apart from the others Barbados is your vacation paradise. The perfect place for any special event, wedding, reunion, anniversary, business trip, birthday or a vacation with your best friends or family, nothing beats Barbados. Rolling hills, clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, breathtaking


dining, 5 star accommodations and fantastic activities, what else could you need for a special occasion? Oh Wait! Fantastic weather and a vibrant culture. Barbados has that too! Spend your days on an island where the quality of service and the warmth of the island’s people is simply unforgettable. Whatever the occasion and whatever you do, make it perfectly memorable in Barbados.

! justGo

Calendar of Events

august 1

Public holiday

Emancipation Day


Caribbean Premier League (Cricket)

1 31 2


3 4 5

Day 7 - United Derby Day


80th Anniversary Exhibition

Crop over Festival

Barbados Vs Antigua & Barbuda

Barbados Turf Club second horse Racing season


Bridgetown Market, Pic-O-De-Crop Finals


Public holiday

Kadooment Day


A Tour of the Garrison historic Area

14 21 28


11 24

Grand Kadooment


Foreday Morning Jam

Crazy sundays at Aerial


Fantasia in Concert


Barbados Turf Club second horse Racing season Day 8 - BTBA Breeders Sprint Race Day


25 31

FuLL Moon

Banks hockey Festival


Motor sport

Digical Williams Seaboard Marine International Race Meet - Race Meeting No. 4


Community Independence Celebrations

september 1

Motor sport

- Digical Williams Seaboard Marine International Race Meet - Race Meeting No 4



BMhs 80th Anniversary Exhibition

1 to 15: “Leviathan: The Story of Shore Whaling in Barbados” 1 to 28: “Something in de Music: The Journey of Calypso in Barbados”

4 11 18 25

8 22 8 22

A Tour of the Garrison historic Area


National Dinghy Championships

Crazy sundays


Barbados Turf Club second horse Racing season


FuLL Moon

Day 10


surfer of the year


Mr. Caribbean

Day 11


Motor sport

BRC Mud Dogs September Safari Championship Safari Round 4



7th Annual

Arbor Day Expo


Barbados Turf Club second horse Racing season

Body Fitness Competition

at Aerial Trek Adventures


october 1


BMhs 80th Anniversary Exhibition

Edmund Gill Exhibition

2 9 16 30

A Tour of the Garrison historic Area


Dog show

The Barbados Kennel Club’s All Breed Championship

6 20

national Dinghy Championships

13 27

14 16, 18 20, 22 24, 26

Crazy sundays

at Aerial Trek Adventures


Women’s Twenty20 TriSeries



FuLL Moon



Motor sport

Race Meeting No 5

26 27

Combermere Tin Pan Alley Concert 2013

Send us your photos and a caption of you attending one of these events. Email us at and tell us about it!




Highest Point

Mount Hillaby 1120 ft above Sea level

Favourite Foods


Fishcakes & Bakes or Pudding & Souse


National Dish Cou-Cou & Flying Fish


Outstanding Bajans

Rhianna International Pop Star

Cricketing Legend

Local Beer Banks Beer



Regular Tings We Bet Yuh Din Know


Out to a sumptuous dinner and your heartburn refuses to be forgiving? Ask the chef for a few almond slices, almond oil can neutralise stomach acid in roughly 15 minutes.


Hot date night in Barbados and want to impress with a whiter smile? No time to run to the store head to the fruit basket…rub the white inside of an orange on your teeth for 15 seconds and the d-limonene in the peel will lift surface stains quickly without damaging enamel. The look should last a few days.


Awoke anxious about this morning’s Caribbean business meeting? Beat the doldrums with an exhilerating body stretch. Lay on your back, bring both knees to the chest, then let them fall to the right side, hold for a few breaths and repeat on the left. The hold is said to release positive energy in the body that can last all day long.

10 ways to know yuh is a Bajan 1

You use words like fowl cock, rock stone and ram goat.


Somebody stupid is actually a ‘poppit’.


Every childhood game can be played for licks or lashes.


Soup is a bit of water with nuff dumplings, potatoes, yams, eddoes and any other ground provision.


Any hot beverage is considered tea - cocoa tea, coffee tea, tea tea, green tea.


You have a bad fall, and describe it as lick up, break up, skin up or catspraddle.


The word ‘horn’ does not conjure up images of Dizzy Gillespie or Jazz music.


You eat leadpipes!!!


You shake the ice in you drink and


A cutter is a sandwich & not a sharp utensil.




Capital City Bridgetown, St. Michael

Other Towns

Oistins - Christ Church Holetown - St. James Speightstown - St. Peter


166 sq miles (21 tall x 14 wide)


On The Left Side


80 - 87 ºF ( 27 – 30 ºC)


GMT – 4


What’s the craziest pick up line you have ever used or heard? Tell us the strangest thing you ever did to get a date. Email us at and tell us about it!



Oceentaurnes Adv


Caribbean is well known for blue waters, shallow reefs and glittering white sand, and Barbados is certainly is no exception. Beautiful sand, perfect, sunny weather; clear, calm waters - it’s just another gorgeous Bajan day. Enjoy the luxury of lounging on a beautiful stretch of beach, crowned by the Caribbean Sea. Barter with a beach vendor, refreshingly cool and delicious coconut water. It’s all in a day at the beach and with hundreds of beautiful Barbadian beaches to choose from, deciding where to go is the only challenge.

choose from, deciding where to go is the only challenge. CARIBBEAN DREAMS | 23

In&unda de Sea


Ideas for a

Romantic Day Beach at the


or many of us, sunset walks along the shore conjure up images of love and romance. A day at the beach can be a refreshing reprieve from indoor dates, as it can be intimate, relaxing and most of all memorable. The scene is set, the location already oozes romance and natural beauty, now all you need is a good idea to put it over the top!

Take your partner slow dancing Caribbean style. Imagine a slow walk on a

stunning beach, you’re holding hands, the sun sets, moonbeams begin to dance on the calm waters and you ask “may I have this dance?” Embrace your love and slow dance along the shore of the beach. The song of the ocean waves may be all you might need, but consider kicking it up a notch by playing a few slow tunes saved to your phone bottle of Muscato and make a wish upon a star that the night and your love will last forever. A good option is Brandon’s Beach.

Share a delicious picnic lunch or dinner favourite dish from home or a store bought

picnic basket is sure to delight! Add a few battery operated tea lights, for after the sun sets and the romance factor will skyrocket! Carry a blanket and enjoy chocolate dipped strawberries on the sand and for the real desert snuggle and enjoy each other! Dover beach is a perfect spot for this.

For those couples who share an early bird passion or for those late nights that

run into mornings, take a drive to the east coast, carry a blanket or folding chairs and snuggle down to watch the sunrise. A quiet beach and a spectacular show of colors in the sky are the backdrop for your morning together. Carry along a small breakfast, (fruits, juice and a thermos of their morning favourite). To make your partner really feel special draw a heart in the sand or play kissing tag at the edge of the water! There is no experience quite like sharing a quiet beach with the person you love. As you plan the activity, remember to consider the personality of your date and choose an option that will give you the chance to talk, kiss and snuggle in surroundings where both of you can feel comfortable and safe.


In&unda de Sea

BARBADOS’ SOUTH COAST Known as the ‘Fun Coast’, Barbados’ south coast shows off the gentle side to the ocean. These beaches enjoy more traffic from locals and visitors, and several are rife with water-sports, such as sailing, wind-surfing, scubadiving, kayaking and more. With a name like the ‘fun coast’ Its hard to suggest just one beach, but try Accra ( Rockley Beach ) and Dover beach for starters.


This coast is a favorite for many look ing to experience a day of fun in the sun. Stretching from Bridgetown to St. Pete r it is home to a slew of ocean adventur es; swim with the turtles, Jet Ski, snorkel over a sunken ship; or a gentle cruise over turquoise waters may be just what the doctor ordered. The West Coast is also home to man y restaurants and bars. Choose from a 5-star meal to a simple portion of fish n chips, relax with a refreshing beverage , or shop till you drop. It’s all available on the “Platinum Coast”. This month’s pick for the West is Brandon’s Beach, with its long stretches of beautiful white sand and accessible amenities.



The East Coast of Barbados faces the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. This coast is known to feature rugged stone formations with panoramic views of the sea. Swimming is not usually recommended here because of the rough nature of the Atlantic Ocean, however there are a few beaches and coves that swimmers can enjoy. Arguably the most beautiful of Barbados’ Coasts, the East Coast is a gem of stunning landscapes, cool breezes and rustic views and is a favourite for surfers. Brave adventurers may find their very own ocean cavern for a sea bath ( at low tide ) in Bathsheba.


many This enchanting coast has rito hin its ter ry. coastal gems nestled wit st be very aware However, swimmers mu t can naturally of strong sea currents tha rs rough waters occur here. Over the yea st lines and the have created rugged coa t are a favourite panoramic sea views tha . amoung photographers rt Po is ection Our North West beach sel beautiful & iet qu , ach be es St. Charl charming.


In&unda de Sea


any locals and visitors are trueblue, water babies, fresh tans, browned hair, and talk of having a ‘sea bath’ at every possible opportunity. For others a day at the beach may be more infrequent…a cherished thing only enjoyed on holidays or with much planning. How frustrating on that occasion, to settle down to enjoy it, only to realize a few crucial items didn’t make the trip. Things are missing and we could have done better. So for those of us with less experience, and for “Forgetful Jones”. No worries! We have you covered!


HydRaTe yOuRSeLF

SunSCReen! SunSCReen! SunSCReen! Don’t Think You Need It? WRONG! You do! Even in the unusual spots, ears, the tops of the feet and hands. You’d also be surprised how many people can get scalp burn parting their hair in the usual place every day, be careful its painful.

In CaSe OF LuLL, BReak GLaSS! In case the frolic in the ocean is not enough for a day at the beach, carry a book, a ball, a Frisbee, cards (if you don’t expect the wind), (but lather boogie boards, paddle and ball, snorkel gear, a water proof camera or any other item that might also keep you entertained.

SunGLaSSeS Refuse to add those years to your face by spending your day out squinting. Crows Feet? “Faget about it!” Carry a pair of fashionable sunglasses with uVA and uVB protection or buy a pair, dutyfree from The sunglass hut.

a MInI FIRST aId kIT While you may never actually use it, smart adventurers always have a contingency plan. You don’t exactly need a black doctors bag, but Band-Aids, painkillers, ointment etc … Still a good idea.

sun + salt + you = Dehydration. That’s dry skin, damaged hair, burnt lips and dehydrated cells. use hydrating cream before you arrive and afterwards. Replenish your skin’s moisture to avoid the alligator look in a few years. A bit of conditioner/ detangler (not too much) before the water can go a long, long, way in protecting those follicles. Either spend the day walking back and forth buying water or carry some with you and avoid a head ache later in the day. P.S. Hydrate your lips too.

PaCk a HaT “I’m too sexy for my Hat, too sexy for my Hat! What you think about that?” Even if a hat is never your style. Go overboard! You may need one now! Make a stylish selection, try Dingolay in sheraton Center, to protect you from the sun and add a classy look to your face! Broad rimmed hats are practically expected on the beach anyway!

BeaCH BaGS sturdy, beach bag and two plastic bags; one to hold wet clothing, the other for garbage, Enjoy your time at the beach but only leave foot prints behind!

Catamaran Cruises, Barbados

Superstar Sand


o you’re about to go off to the beach with your significant other. He’s up, dons his two year old, worn out, pants (Yes! the one with the hole) and he’s off! Unfortunately, we ladies can’t seem to get away with that. A female can plan for any outing, even a day in the surf. Wax, hair, diet! Prep! Prep! Prep! and The Suit… Some of us would swim the ocean for one that fits just right, enhances all our body’s best assets and makes you look and feel great. Not sure which is right for you? That we can fix! Girls before you cruise, Jet Ski, snorkel or swim, here’s our guide to “Female Sand Stardom”.


EMPhAsizE youR CuRVEs

Whole suits with V-neck lines

Need an hourglass silhouette

Bikinis with full or Brazilian bottoms Cover up skirts

swimwear that shows you off in all the right places and creates illusions that emphasize your curves by wearing suits with interesting shapes and cuts. WhAT To GET Mitered suits swimwear with lines and angles, not just stripes Suits with details or prints on the top and the bottom for a good balance. One pieces suits with cut outs on the sides.

Suits with the warm solid colors on the top and the bottom



Are you frequently described as short and sweet? Create the illusion of long legs with high waists (which also support the tummy). Suits with smaller sides and V shaped bottoms show more skin and dramatize the line of your legs.

For extra bust, halter straps create cleavage.

WhAT To GET Suits that have thinner sides V-bottom bikinis Suits that sit higher on the hip Suits that have a higher waistline


MiniMizE youR CuRVEs oR WAisTLinE

dangerous curves and feel beautiful on the beach with stylish suits that slenderize and compliment. Feel free to focus on your favourite body part and work it! Legs? Cleavage? Round bottom? Only you can decide, but a suit that draw eyes to your best spot can make you glow with satisfaction. Or cover up tactfully as also go hand in hand, onepiece suits and tankinis

WhAT To GET Whole piece suits and tankinis with ruching, front paneling or draped sides.


LEnGThEn ThE ToRso

Say “hello” with your body, in bikinis that slenderize and emphasize! To give the impression of a lengthened torso try styles that highlight a lower waist or styles that add interest to the area, this includes monokinis with cutouts, or bikinis with heavily embellished bottoms. WhAT To GET Monokinis Bikinis or monokinis with thinner sides Suits with low-rise bottoms


In&unda de Sea

BAJAn DiVinG Dos & Don’Ts

Do noT attempt to feed or touch any of the marine life while underwater. Do noT wear jewelry while

underwater as shiny objects can

Underwater Adventures A real adventure in Barbados would be incomplete without an expedition into the depths of the islands waters. These waters hold many hidden treasures, revealed only to those willing to go for the deep sea adventure.

Do walk carefully on the seabed as some creatures, like Sea Urchins can hurt you.

Do noT roam too far away while

underwater. Keep your companions nearby at all times, and always be aware of your positioning in the sea.

Do noT remove any objects from dive sites. Its illegal and punishment can be severe!


norkeling and diving are two fun ways to enjoy Barbados’ alluring waters. Explore the islands reefs or sunken ships and get up close and personal with some of the island’s sea turtles and other marine creatures. Barbados has some of the best diving in the Caribbean, in fact roughly 800 meters off shore lies a reef system which runs parallel the west coast from south Point to the north Point of the Island. This area is prime for ocean exploration, putting the beauty of the Caribbean sea at your here, ensuring that marine life is locations, such as Carlisle Bay, have revealed antique whiskey bottles, cannon balls, anchors and more.


If you are just a beginner, venture out and enjoy the more shallow reefs along the West Coast such as Bell Buoy, Dottins and Pieces of Eight. These areas feature a variety of of hard and soft coral and sponges. There is also a wreck located in shallow waters that beginners can explore called the Lord Combermere wreck, which features an abundance of marine and coral life. Other beginners’ reefs include Accra and Carlisle Reefs. .


Advanced divers also have their fair share of sites to explore. Maycock’s Bay is said to be an excellent site for advanced divers; it offers fantastic views of large coral reefs, with sightings of and Bermuda chub, among other reef The Muff and Caribee descend up to 60m and at times the odd rare eagle ray and Shark have been spotted.


In&unda de Sea


GONE FishinG and Barracuda especially during the months of December to April - Prime


hartering a boat is an interesting way to spend a day in Bim, but it’s not only for the professionals! Amateurs are often said to reel in the best catch of the day.

hungry for an off shore adventure. Most of these are all inclusive (tackle, bait, drinks and some lunch), so your only worry is

perhaps the next one will feature you!

Game Fishing Operators

iou ChARTERs With over 45 years of experience, on this possibilities are endless and the likelihood of excellent. Take a four, six or eight hour trip, with free drinks and then top it off with a relaxing snorkel with the turtles.

CAnnon ii

hiGh sEAs FishinG ChARTERs


beauty, is good for a full or half days

A fun experience for all, with half day, full day or shared trips available.

Their specialty and favourite Blue Marlin

like tuna, blue & white

Their packages All Inclusive

Tuna, white Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo & Barracuda. Take an exhilarating whole day, half day, or shared trip with their experienced crew always eager to snorkel. Drinks, snacks, tackle, bait & all safety equipment provided.

& barracuda. Take an exhilarating all-inclusive, whole day, half day, or shared trip with their award winning captain Robbie.

The Experience Priceless



In&unda de Sea






he average Joe is unaware of one of Barbados’ best kept secrets. This perfectly placed island is a surfer’s paradise and a East Coast of the island, the Atlantic trade winds meet ocean waves untouched for thousands of miles, strengthening and waiting patiently to unleash their energy upon the shores of Barbados’ East coast! The East is un-spoilt by shopping and tourism and it is a dramatic change from the gentle shores on the West Coast of the Island. Delighted surfers often experience waves that have been compared to those on the famed shores of Hawaii, South Africa or Indonesia. In fact, surfers Point Barbados is named in top world surfer Kelly slater once ranked the famous Barbados soup Bowl in his top three locations in the world to surf. Yes Barbados is much of the activity concentrated on the shores of silver sands Beach in Christ Church. On any particularly good day these beautiful kites litter the shores and the waters off silver point hotel, thrilling spectators with the ease of 20ft to 30ft vaults in the air.


In&unda de Sea

Sailing A perfect way to see the island “at least from a distance” is by sail boat. Sailors get a fantastic view of the island’s coastal topography and sailing is an everyday activity in Barbados. For leisure or in competition few things are as relaxing as gliding across the ocean.

sAiLinG FoR LEisuRE Who could blame you for wanting to spend the afternoon cruising on the Bajan blue. Luckily Barbados has a wide variety of casual or party Catamarans for you to enjoy a perfect sunrise, a stunning sunset or a breezy summer afternoon. Step aboard, cruise down the coast, take a swim then enjoy light refreshments or devour an all-inclusive Bajan buffet. Sit back, relax and enjoy the glide. CATAMARAn CRuisEs

TiAMi Did someone say Tiami? baby, aptly named the “Spirit of Barbados” is said to be the sprit of luxury on the high seas and “100% Bajan Bliss”, guaranteed. Sail over calm waters, enjoy a delicious 5-Star lunch,


feel the cool ocean breezes away. With not one, not Tiami is an obvious choice. EL TiGRE Take a relaxing 3 or 5 hour tour down the West coast on this 60ft beauty. The friendly and experienced crew will take you on a boat ride through heaven, and swim with the friendly turtles. CoMPETiTiVE sAiLinG Competitive racing occurs almost every month on Island but the January Mount Gay Rum Regatta is the feature of the racing season. This round Barbados race has been an island tradition since 1936, started amoung trading schooners, “Just For Bragging rights “. Of course today bragging rights are still one of the top prizes and participants come from all over the world to get in on this action. This regatta is jam packed with action, fun, after parties and the famous Mount Gay Rum.


The island has countless beaches for you to enjoy and explore but take note: as they indicate strong currents, rough waters and bigger waves on that day. block to protect your skin. sometimes found on the beach (usually marked with red paint) they carry a small fruit similar to a crab apple – Do noT touch or eat this fruit! it is poisonous! In fact even standing under this tree during the rain can be hazardous as dripping rain from the tree can blister the skin and eyes. behind.

In&unda de Sea

Sailing & Charter

Boat Listings BiG GAME FishinG 28 Prior Park, St James 246 424-6107 BLACK PEARL PARTy CRuisE inC. Carlisle House, Bridgetown 246 436-2885 ChALLEnGE ChARTERs Golf Club Rd Rockley Christ Church 246 435-6851 www. .com JAMMin' CATAMARAn CRuisEs (B'Dos) inC. BTI Carpark, Cavans Ln, Bridgetown 246 422-1152 TiAMi CATAMARAn CRuisEs The Shallow Draught, Bridgetown 246 430-0900 WAsn'T ME sAiLinG CRuisEs The Shallow Draught, Bridgetown 246 429-8580 ‘Why noT’ sAiLinG CRuisEs Danbrook, Rockley, Christ Church 246 262-3792



Fund & fete can done

Island Vibes &e Nightlif




Wondering what else to do? We have broken it down for you so Eat, Drink or Lime the night away!

Barbados is the island of culinary delights, ranging from true, true Bajan delicacies, to mouthwatering international epicurean feasts. Several suggestions come to mind, however a dinner show in Barbados - A MUST, for every visitor and local. Costumes, limbo,

Gay or Cockspur Rum.


the family and money well spent. Whatever your pleasure, Barbados has a restaurant for you our favourites are listed below. FAVouRiTE EATERiEs AFTER DARK CAsuAL Oistins, Tapas, Phil’s sEMi-FoRMAL Café Sol, Champers, DAYTIME CAsuAL Ideal “Cave Shepherd” Restaurant, Pita Pan & Chicken Barn sEMi-FoRMAL Carib Beach Bar & Waterfront Café


ToP DRinKinG sPoTs AFTER DARK CAsuAL Bubba’s Sports Bar, Surfside Beach Bar Sports Bar, John Moore Bar Rum Shop sEMi-FoRMAL Lime Bar, Daphne’s, Tapas


Barbados is certainly not in short supply of bars and pubs to share drinks with friends and family, meet new people or cheer for your favorite team . Picture this, its Happy Hour in Barbados, the local favourite, Banks Beer, is two for one and you are sharing a cold one over a laugh with friends…No? Are you are sipping on a glass of wine in a cozy nook? Or are you trying the local rum punch at a nearby restaurant & bar? The options are truly endless, bar hop, explore the rum shops or visit one of the larger hotel bars… have a comfortable evening, sit by the pool, walk on the beach, simply enjoy it. Ask for an island cocktail, an international favourite or sample two of the oldest rums in the world, Barbados’ Mount

‘Lime’ is the Caribbean term for hanging out and enjoying yourself. In Barbados it takes on many forms but it essentially involves a social, relaxed environment with friends (or strangers), Often involving some form of alcohol (though not absolutely necessary) that was so much fun it’s always a pity when its over. In Bim ‘mass liming’ (which includes any and everybody) typically happens on the weekend. However, for many Bajans liming is also an after work staple during the week as well.


FAVouRiTE LiMinG sPoTs AFTER DARK CAsuAL By a friend’s house, Oistins, Mojo’s sEMi-FoRMAL LIME bar, Second Street, Tapas

Fun & fete can done

fantastic a


ATTEnD A PoETRy READinG This can spark stimulating conversation or steamy romance. Try Thursday nights free at the Good Life Bar in Rockley.


Go To ThE CLuB and dance like togther like you did when you were single. Be as bad as you wanna be! (Check out our Party Time Table on Pg 44?…)


FinD A Cosy BAR order the

other all night long. Role play, try taking on different personas for the evening and act like you’ve just met.


TAKE A WALK in ThE PARK or on the boardwalk, stop for an icecream cone or have a mini picnic.

5 6

Go To A REsTAuRAnT, and ONLY order dessert.

EnJoy A MusEuM (most are free to CARICOM nationals) or an art gallery (free for everyone). Disuss the exhibits and the other attendees.


Go To A LoW KEy KARAoKE CLuB. Sing your favourite song loud, hard and badly! It’s not about the quality of the song, its about having fun!


hEAD To A PooL hALL and play a game of pool. Can’t play? Check

play together.


Go FoR A BiCyCLE RiDE (borrow one from a friend or rent one reasonably for the day) take a packed a lunch, dinner, or snacks.


siT soMEWhERE PRiVATE and read together. Take turns reading a chapter from a steamy novel, but change the names to those of you and your partner.


Fun & fete can done


we love the

unset is the magic hour in Barbados, the setting sun lights up the sky and gives way to cool island nights. This is when the party really


moonlight walks on cool beaches await. There are many locations only open in the evening42 | CARIBBEAN DREAMS

night, from cozy nooks to hip, happening spots, catering to the night owl in each of us. Bajans like to dress up, so to avoid being turned back, steer clear of slippers and shorts at night. Club & dinner wear is typically elegantly casual so don’t forget that little black dress or slacks for the night on the town.

oistins and st. Lawrence Gap are two of the island hot spots, places that simply cannot be missed. Both located in the parish of Christ Church, these two spots are island favourites. The “dressier” stetting, St. Lawrence Gap aka ‘The Gap’, is a 1.3 km stretch, famous for the picturesque Dover Beach, partying. The Gap has several party spots including: suGAR uLTRA LounGE a newly renovated, modern club with a club-chic dress code. Sugar is fast becoming one of the more popular clubs in Barbados, and offers a great partying experience.

oPA Restaurant attached to the Yellow Bird Hotel; specialises in Greek cuisine.

REGGAE LounGE An open-air club which plays a variety of music, ranging from the rhythmic reggae to the nice and easy R&B.

PisCEs Seafood Restaurant.

Other restaurants & bars found in The Gap include:

For a more casual pace Oistins is the place to be, the massive open air Fish Fry takes place in one of the island’s oldest towns, this popular, free, weekend event is a perfect combination of food, music & entertainment.

CAFE soL Restaurant and bar specialising in Mexican dishes. BELLini’s TRATToRiA Restaurant specialising in Italian cuisine.

PAuLo’s ChuRRAsCo Do BRAsiL Brazilian steakhouse.

sWEET PoTAToEs Restaurant specialising in Bajan dishes.


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Night Owls beware! Bajans can Party! Really party! If it happens to be the Crop Over season the party can last from dusk, till well past dawn. With that warning, you better come prepared, because club hopping is fairly common place. Dance the night away to popular Dj’s or local and internationally known bands. For many clubbing also means making new friends as Bajans are a friendly bunch with a love of socialization. Typically the club gets jumping between 11pm and 1am and ends at roughly 3am.

Fun & fete can done

all that


ince the inception of the Barbados Jazz Festival in 1993, Bajans have had a hankering for all things

headliners such, Anita Baker, the inimitable Lionel Richie, James Blunt, saxophonist Arturo Tappin, Ruben studdard, Angie stone, & hal Linton have ignited the shores of Barbados satisfying the cravings of audience members from the world over. But between star studded shows audience’s can depend on local talent such as Andre Woodvine, accomplished guitarist stefan Van Den Bossche, the Roger Gittens or stefan Walcott Quartet, Rosemary Phillips, Wesu and the up and coming nJ30, to satisfy any jazz cravings and keep the jazz

Arturo Tappin

said to be easily comparable to many international headline acts. On the weekly circuit the cover charge is frequently free, just enjoy a meal or drinks at the bar. ouR FAVouRiTE LoCAL JAzz sPoTs* Thursday Jazz Evenings @ oceans 15, st. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church Thursday Jazz Evenings @ Lanterns, Bougainvillea hotel, Christ Church Thursday Jazz Evenings @ Colony Club, st. James Friday & Saturday Evening Jazz @ The Waterfront Café, Bridgetown – Diners will require reservations. Friday & Saturday Evening Jazz @ The Beach house, holetown, st. James Saturday Jazz Dinner & Sunday Jazz Lunch @ Lobster Alive, Bay street, Bridgetown. Sunday Jazz Brunch @ naniki, suriname, st. Joseph Sunday Jazz @ oceans 2, st. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church

Rosemary Phillips



Fun & fete can done

by night W

hen darkness blankets the island, souvenir shops, and stores close their doors and the spotlight shines upon a vibrant bar scene bars, rum shops & the most talked about liming spots on island. Barhopping is a great way to meet other locals or other travelers from around the world, 46 | CARIBBEAN DREAMS

while enjoying stunning views, elite spots or simply soaking up the sidewalk scene. There are hundreads of bars for your every desire, just waiting for you to sip on a rum punch, enjoy a pint, sample “Uh Rum”, or to try a hot new drink. Once the sun goes down, you’re sure to have a story to tell.

WestCoast This strip is known for upscale restaurants, bars and clubs - including the popular nighttime spots, 1st and 2nd Street in Holetown. Highlights include:

SouthCoast The South Coast is not only chock full of beautiful beaches, there’s also great night action. With a variety of restaurants and bars along this coast which all offer various forms of entertainment. Below are some of the South Coast night time hot-spots: oisTins Yes Oistins Again! It’s Stop by for the specials on beer, rum and spirts. BuBBA’s sPoRTs BAR & REsTAuRAnT A fully airconditioned sports bar and restaurant featuring three 10ft screens and 12 plasma television sets, all playing various sporting activities simultaneously. MoJo A great pub to hang out and enjoy drinks with friends. LuCKy hoRsEshoE sALoon & sTEAKhousE This 24hr saloon is known for reasonably priced food, one-armed bandits (slots) and sports screens. BERT’s BAR This classy Sports bar offers tasty food, relatively good prices and an on site sports store. sT. LAWREnCE GAP This popular party strip is home to a number of bars, clubs, shops, hotels and many restaurants. Including Brazilian, Mexican, Greek, Italian, Local Cuisine and more. Try to start at one end and have a Banks beer in every bar, tell others whats up and invite them to join you.

sCARLET REsTAuRAnT A chic restaurant/lounge that serves tasty eats and spirited cocktails.

Bridgetown Barbados’ main commercial area is not only well known for its shopping, but also for its bustling nighlife in the Bay Street area. Below are some of the restaurants and clubs that you can enjoy in this historic town. BAxTERs RoAD This is a great place for a traditional, authentic Bajan experience. Baxter’s Road intimate bars, rum shops and after midnight action. JoLLy RoGER TAVERn A great bar to visit in the heart of Bridgetown. WATERFRonT CAFé This restaurant can be found overlooking the Careenage River and is popular for their entertainment nights and full bar as well as their Bajan, Caribbean and American cuisine. Fusion REsTAuRAnT Located in the Bayshore Complex on Bay Street, Fusion is an Asian-inspired bar and restaurant. ThE BoATyARD BEACh BAR A lively waterfront restaurant, bar and nightclub offering fantastic live entertainment.

LiMEGRoVE LiFEsTyLE CEnTRE This upscale centre, located in Holetown, is a great place for luxury shopping, and high quality food, drinks and cigars . Their popular Lime Bar is a sophisticated stop that is popular among locals and visitors on Friday and Saturday nights. LExy PiAno BAR Located in 2nd Street, Holetown, this great air-conditioned nightspot is hosted by former Broadway singer Alex Santoriello and a team of talented international piano bar entertainers. John MooRE BAR Located on the waterfront in Weston, St. James this bar is a beautifully, mellow place, local beer and plenty rum. Arrive early and enjoy a front row seat for a spectacular bajan sunset! MoonToWn Located in the northerly parish of St. Lucy, Moontown is a fantastic bar found in the mist of a lively village setting. They are known island-wide for great food, karaoke, occasional limbo dancing, a festive atmosphere and ridiculous beer specials, especially during the weekend.


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Celebrations & Festivals Barbados is a land of many cultural celebrations and festivals. When you settle down to plan your vacation on this beautiful island, why not take the time to have some extra festival fun and partake in one of the festivals that Barbados has on offer! Be sure to check out what festivals may be taking place during your stay- you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to see a different side of this unique island, and learn more about its fascinating customs.

August CRoP oVER FEsTiVAL Crop Over is, without doubt, the most popular, vibrant, and highly anticipated festivals on the island. The festival has its origins in the days when the islanders would have a massive celebration on the streets to mark the end of the sugar cane harvesthence the name “Crop Over.” This tradition has maintained its popularity throughout the years, and has evolved into the colourful and musically delightful festival that it is today. Beginning in May, this 12 week affair with a fantastic street carnival, where revelers adorn themselves in beautiful costumes and party the day away.


BAnKs inTERnATionAL hoCKEy FEsTiVAL With entrants from across the world, the Banks International Hockey Festival is considered to be the largest of its type in the region. Taking place during the last week in August, the 25th to 31st, this exciting festival is as much fun for the spectators as it is the players. The festival is hosted at the Astroturf Sobers Complex, Wildey, St Michael and displays all levels of competition.

October O sun, sEA AnD sLAMs inTERnATionAL BRiDGE FEsTiVAL This Held annually since 1990, the International Bridge Festival is hosted by the Barbados Bridge League. The competition takes place October 19th to 23rd and attracts entrants from across the world. 246 427-4839


belly full



Islande Cuisin

cuisine has been described as a tasty

fusion of African, Amerindian, European, East Indian, and Chinese cuisine. Add tropical fruits and seasonings into this melting pot and the creation is an array of Barbadian Cuisine, in fact if you are a foodie looking for a veritable food utopia and world-class reputation, then you have arrived! Internationally acclaimed chefs blanket the shores of Barbados, sweetening their pots with fresh

From the shores of the platinum coast to the hidden gems that dot the country side, Barbados is home to many alfresco restaurants, trending bars, seaside designed to delight and satisfy every pallet. Foodies can run rampant on these shores, with selections to satisfy a Whether you’re looking to paint the town red or “blue yellow and black in this instance”, splurge on the highest gourmet of the gourmet or simply settle down for a


belly full


Friday night in Barbados, oistins in Christ Church. This historic spot is a favourite for locals and tourists, a smorgasbord of food, culture, natives and festivities. The alfresco dining experience offers mouthwatering, seafood selections, traditional


sights, sounds and delights on the island are boundless but if you really want to get into the tasty, local action, head into the country to Lemon Arbour. No reservations can be made and an afternoon of socializing (liming) making new friends and endless country views is in store. Be sure to arrive before 12 to beat the expected






even though you may think

always a little room for dessert. Would it be such a crime to make one last stop for a little piece of decadent heaven? Try Chili Moos and choose from 20 ice


entertainment. The atmosphere is truly Caribbean, relaxed and effortless, with much of the food in intimate eateries, which dominate the area.

rush and secure a table or the journey may be in vain. The atmosphere – loud, festive & local! If this spot is deemed too busy for your liking, a ten-minute drive south to The souse Factory or west to Country View Bar will reveal other favourite Saturday hideaways with the locals.

bit of fruit or nuts and have them create your eyes. How? Using granite ice slabs!

EAT Fresh Fish with any local side.

DRinK The Beer Of Barbados - Banks Beer

PRiCE $12US–$25US

EAT Try their pork! Pickled sea cat, or pudding and souse (All Saturday favourites) and you’ll blend right in.

DRinK Mount Gay Silver or

Banks Beer. PRiCE $10 - $25 us (Lemon Arbour) TiP Get there early to beat the line

EAT Our suggestion:

Go WiLD!

early, to go meandering in the markets. These open-air markets, reminiscent of traditional island fairs have more to produce and organic foods. This mix and mingle is home to great buys that range from gourmet cheeses, to accents for home decor and one of a kind bags. It’s a perfect atmosphere to




unwind and is a fun Bajan experience for the whole family. ouR FAVouRiTEs: Brighton Farmers Market, St. George (6:30am – 2pm) and holders Farmers Market, St. James (sundays 9 – 2pm). Another plus… the fantastic historic holders house and polo estate, is the backdrop for the sunday holders Farmers Market.


you managed to pull yourself away from the farmers markets, then head out to a Big Bajan Buffet. Sunday in Barbados is family time, so round up the gang and you’re off! Buffets are a great way to sample many staples on the island all at once. Additionally, these buffets are always eating fests, so it can be quite hard to not gorge yourself on

EAT At Holders try their “Br itish Banger ”


Crafts Stalls Local Jams, Jellies & Chu tneys Music & Art Exhibitors Gourmet foods – (Includ ing, Local fresh fruit and veg

etables the early bird here, catches the deal!

TiP Avoid going at noon…

the offerings! Popular Sunday Buffets can be found at award winning locations like the Crane, St. Philip or closer to the heart of town at Brown sugar Restaurant, Bay Street, St. Michael.

The sweet Treat Check List ! If you happen to have a serious sweet tooth or know someone who does, then securing the following treats while in Barbados is a must! nut Cake – Nuts and sugars combined for a heavenly treat! Guava Cheese – Containing no cheese at all; Guavas, Sugar & Spice are blended to make a wonderful snack. Tamarind Balls – A tamarind Sweet & Sour treat. sugar Cakes – A hard Coconut delight. Comfort


belly full

uh AVoCADo In the early days, the shape of this fruit was said to be so sexually suggestive that it was banned by catholic priests in Spain. Today not only is this a delicious treat grown in Barbados but it is also rich in Vitamin E, B6, Folic Acid and Potassium which can arouse sexual desire in some.

hoT ChiLiEs For those of us that can only stand the heat that relates to the temperature of the food, and not its ingredients, we may have crinkled our nose at the thought of Chili peppers. However this tidbit may make you reconsider. Capsaicin, found in these peppers, increases circulation and stimulates nerve endings, which can heighten the feeling and the intensity of everything!

oysTERs Somehow, somewhere, you heard a million times, that oysters are an aphrodisiac. Its true, they are increase testosterone, and sex drives.



BAsiL Basil is said to be the king to sexual aromatherapy. Not only does it add romance as well.


The Caribbean is the perfect place to fall in love, rekindle love or set a rip-roaring fire to an already steamy romance. While soft music and candlelight are part of the setting for a romantic night out, what ends up on your plate, can positively impact the rest of the night too. Certain foods are known to be natural aphrodisiacs and because of their chemical compounds they can certainly add to your romantic night out.

AsPARAGus Yet another good reason to eat your vegetables! Asparagus comes with a positively naughty side effect. The early scholars noted it had the ability to “stir up the lust in men and women”. The vegetable is chemically made to boosts testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and histamine production, all needed to reach and intensify the Big O.

ChoCoLATE Don’t you dare skip the dessert! Heard that chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac? Well its chemical make up is to blame! This decadent pleasure has phenyl ethylamine, which releases dopamine in the brains pleasure centers and encourages feelings of attraction and excitement, its other compounds encourage relaxation, generate feelings of well being and help lead to this baby’s reputation for increasing sexual desire.

BAnAnAs Bananas are often associated with love as its shape may be strikingly similar to that of male reproductive organs. But apart from the obvious, the enzymes, minerals and vitamins found within its sinful form are also good for the said suggested male libido.


belly Roberts curry chicken full penne alfredo




teak, Shrimp, Scallops and Salads are only a few of the savoury, epicurean delights, whipped up by top chefs in restaurants around the island. Their mouth watering creations drive us to their doors, where they lovingly caress our stomachs, our mouths and even our pockets, time after delicious time. However, though eating out is fun and fantastic, it can also be a costly addiction. Earlier this year 5 star restaurant chefs, from all over the island, came home, whipping up fabulous 5 Minute Meals, in our very own kitchens, that were deliciously simple and easy to recreate. Who? What? When? Where? How? It was 5-Minute Meals! An exciting, and welcome contribution to the local television airwaves and a rip, roaring success. Understandably,



after a long day, 5 minutes is more than a magic number… it’s a savior. They broke up the monotony of macaroni pie or rice while reducing the cooking time of meals in kitchens everywhere. With several celebrity and awardwinning chefs, including John hazard and Kreg Greenidge, the concept quickly found a place in the hearts of the island’s voluntary and involuntary workaholics, by activating the salivary glands of much of the viewing audience. Top chefs, yummy recipes and a reasonable food bill. What foodie could refuse? While we may no longer have top chefs misbehaving in our kitchens! We love the concept of 5 minute meals and offer you our favourite recipe for your tasting plaeaure. Bon Appetite! Do you have a favourite local place to eat or lime? Email us at and tell us about it!

belly full


Roberts Curry Chicken Penne Alfredo with Alfredo Sauce Ingredients


6oz Penne pasta 1 Starchick Chicken Breast Salt MIS Ground black pepper 2 tbsp Roberts Curry cream spread Roberts cooking oil 2 oz Parmesan cheese 2 Cloves chopped garlic Onion 4 oz Heavy cream 4 Slices French bread

1. Finely dice onions and garlic 2. Cube chicken breasts and season with salt and pepper 3. Boil pasta in salted water 4. SautĂŠ onion and garlic in Roberts Cooking oil and Roberts Curry cream. Add chicken and cook until almost cooked through. 5. Add heavy cream and half the cheese and allow to thicken. 6. Add cooked pasta and season with salt and pepper. 7. Cut 4 slices of French bread and paste with Roberts Garlic Spread and place in oven for 10 mins. 8. Plate pasta and garnish with remaining cheese and chopped parsley. Serve garlic bread on the side.



belly full



Favourite FOOD


the island and in the architecture of its many historic buildings, but it is also evident in the various culinary styles of the island and our favourite foods and dishes. One such favourite food is Pudding & Souse. Usually sold across the island on Saturdays, this extremely popular Barbadian pork dish, is served with steam pudding, a sweet pudding made from sweet potato and herbs. The souse is prepared with prime pork meat and also inclides other parts of the pig, such as trotters, ears, tails & ears all pickled in cucumber, onion and lime. The eating of these additional parts of the pig can be traced back to colonial days, when slave-masters kept the leaner cuts of pork for themselves. The slaves used the remaining parts as the base for the dish we love so much today .

Lean Pork Souse & Sweet Potato Pudding (Serves 6 – 8 ) sousE 6 lbs of pork stewing meat cut into 1 inch chunks 1 Tbsp Salt 2 Tsp Minced Garic 1 Thinly sliced Onion 1 Chopped Hot pepper 1 Cup freshly squeezed lime juice 3 cups water 2 Large cucumbers , peeled and diced 1/2 Tsp Black Pepper 1 Tsp Salt Place pork into pot, cover with water and add 1Tbsp Salt. Cook on a medium heat for 30 minutes or until the meat is tender. Remove the meat from the pot and place in a non - metallic bowl. Mix together all

of the remaining ingredients and add to the pork meat, cover and refrigerate for a minimum of 6 hours. Serve at Room Temperature. sWEET PoTATo PuDDinG 3 lbs Sweet potatoes peeled & Grated 2 Tsp Salt 1 Tsp ground cloves Onions 3 Tbsp 3 Tbsp margarine 2 Tbsp Bajan Seasoning 3 Tbsp brown sugar 2 Tbsp gravy browning 1 Tbsp hot pepper sauce Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Grease a casserole dish and the dish with foil and bake for 30-45 minutes at 350 °F. Serve with souse. CARIBBEAN DREAMS | 59

belly full


fine wine a Must With Great Food!


of the Bajan food scene, but Barbados also offers varying choices of food, Chinese, Brazilian, italian, Greek, Mexican that can make food and wine pairing exciting and fresh. If you generally enjoy sampling and experiencing various wines then you will be delighted to encounter the islands new exotic wines. However if you are a novice, like many of us, and nothing seems remotely familiar on the sommeliers list, have no fear; just remember these basic tips to make pairing simple when dining out. The old adage “red wine-red meat, white wine-white meat,” still works quite well as a general principle. This is simply because a powerful, refreshing white wine would be lost alongside your Kobe beef. Meal Type

Accompanying Wine


Wines can be both fruity and rich, zinfandel or rosè make good choices and sauvignon blanc’s are popular with seafood.


(white or red) should work well too.


Choose slightly sweet or off-dry wines, rosès or rieslings. With peking duck, try cabernet, merlot, pinot noir or zinfandel. Notably too much plum and hoisin sauces will kill any wine.


Choose very cold, off dry, fruity white wines or any sparkling wine.


Rosé is the best choice but rieslings can also be a good bet. Warning—dry whites and reds are generally to be avoided.


Try very cold, fruity, full-bodied sauvignon blancs and rosés. Pinot noirs will perform well, too. But Cabernet and merlots are not a good choice because the tannins and spices clash.


Choose full-bodied sparking wines and reds such as merlots and zinfandels or drier, full-bodied rosés.


Fruity wines, both red and white are favoured here.

Whats your favourite local wine or rum brand and where do you like to have it ? Email us at and tell us about it!


Kathy’s rESTAURANt AT Treasure BEach

Treasure Beach Hotel, Paynes Bay, St. James Barbados T: (246) 419 4200 reservations@ opening hours: 7 - 9pm Dinner 9 - 10:45am Breakfast 11 - 3:30pm Lunch


elicious offerings from the kitchen together with warm and welcoming staff make the awardwinning Kathy’s Restaurant a must. Where guests can dine under the stars and enjoy a variety of culinary experiences all using fresh local

ingredients prepared to international standards. Richard’s bar, casual and relaxing, serves delicious rum based concoctions including what is often referred to as ‘the best rum punch on the island’. While the entertainment is led by our excellent band, ‘Spectrum’.


Top Floor, Cave Shepherd Bridgetown, St. Michael T: (246) 431-2139

Ideal restaurant Ideal Restaurant, located on the 2nd Shepherd in Bridgetown. opening hours: Mon - Sat: 9 - 10:45 Breakfast 11 - 3:30pm Lunch



his a wonderful place to have a delicious meal. Serving some of the best food in Bridgetown and at the best prices, there is no doubt that this restaurant is truly ideal. Ideal’s wide array of Bajan dishes whet the appetite and certainly satisfy the taste buds. These local delicacies include peas and rice, cou-cou, creamed potato, macaroni pie, shepherd’s pie, chowmein, baked or stewed chicken, beef

baked pork and even souse on certain days. Coleslaw, potato salad, tossed salad and pickled cucumber are also on the menu. This fully air conditioned restaurant has plenty of seating, friendly staff and television entertainment is provided. The casual ambiance at Ideal Restaurant, is a welcoming break from the hustle and bustle of Bridgetown. When seeking a refreshment stop, why not try the Ideal Restaurant.


Home of The Heavenly Chicken

Warrens, St. Michael Coverly, Christ Church Bay Street, Bridgetown Worthing, Christ Church Opening Hours: 10:30am 10:30pm T: (246) 228-6381 opening hours: 9 - 10:45am Breakfast 11 - 3:30pm Lunch

Chicken Barn is rotisserie at its best!Available at several locations island wide.


ead over to Chicken Barn Coverly. Where birds are slowly cooked over a keenly regulated rotisserie to allow the specially prepared seasonings and herbs in each bird to penetrate the meat giving it a that tantalizes the palate, creating an authentic Caribbean experience in every bite. Enjoy rotisserie chicken accompanied by a choice of french fries,

garden or pasta salad and cole-slaw. Try a succulent chickenbreast sandwich garnished with lettuce, onion, tomato and alternative for the non-meat eaters who are desirous of enjoying this Barbadian favourite. On your next visit enjoy home-style hamburgers made from ground beef, using their forty-year old family recipe. A treat thoroughly enjoyed by the discerning beef lover.



Looka de View



Ok, so you’re already in Barbados and now you only have to decide what to do.

Local or visitor, no matter how many days you have to lounge in the island, deciding where to go, what to see and what to do can often be a challenging decision. However if you are tight on time here are our suggestion for a perfect weekend in BIM.


Looka de View


he weekend is a great time to visit Barbados as many attractions are open and of course people always seem so much happier and more relaxed on weekends! Below are a few things you can do in Barbados during a short holiday or long weekend that will help give you an authentic ‘Bajan’ experience.


attractions Barbados is truly a gem of an island, blessed with a bounty of beautiful natural attractions that lure both locals and visitors. Nature lovers can treat themselves to a delightful weekend enjoying the island’s lush vegetation with each location offering something exciting and new. Select wisely based on your budget, and time as it’s quite easy to spend half day, or even a whole day, soaking up the serenity in any one of the island’s natural attractions.

WELChMAn hALL GuLLy This gully, formed from the collapsed roof of caves, is still connected to the island’s largest main cave - Harrisons Cave and as you walk inland you will be able to still see evidence of fallen stalagmites and stalactites... Welchman Hall Gully has a vast and interesting assortment of Barbadian, exotic plants and wildlife and is rich in natural history. In fact, the grapefruit, originally from Barbados, is also said to have been started in this three-quarter mile, St. Thomas gully. The gully is also a hot spot for viewing and photographing some of the island’s beautiful wild Green Monkeys. (246) 433-9454

Adults $12us Guide included Children 5-12yrs $6us Under 5 Free

AniMAL FLoWER CAVE This St. Lucy, sea cave offers spectacular views of the untamed Atlantic Ocean and traps raging sea water in its naturally formed pools. However, this is not its main attraction. The cave is home to delicate sea tentacles that retract into the stalk or stump for safety on contact with any awhile, allowing the danger to pass before leaving its stalk again.


These anemones are relatives to large ocean varieties whose tentacles can waters of the Atlantic Ocean, are truly amazing to see. (246) 439-8797 Daily 9am – 4:30pm

Adults $10us Children $5us

AnDRoMEDA GARDEns Perfect for nature-lovers, these scenic tranquil gardens feature the most extensive collection of tropical plants in Barbados. Andromeda is home to over six hundred different species of plants adapted to a range of tropical environments, a few small animals and a tropical stream that runs though the property, forming serene waterfalls and pools. This breathtaking greenery can be found in the parish of St. Joseph. (246) 433-9454 Daily 9am – 5pm

Adults $13us Children half Price

These are just a few sites that we recommend for your weekend stay. Other equally inviting natural attractions include Orchid World, St. George, the largest and most extensive orchid collection in the Caribbean, Harrison’s Cave, St. Thomas, the Flower Forest, St. Joseph and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, St. Peter.

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Museums ARLinGTon housE MusEuM Barbados has a wealth of history, even predating its colonial arrest. As such there are many interesting places that document the history of the island and its people. During your weekend off, take the opportunity to learn more about Barbados, and what makes this island so unique. Museums are a great place to start, and often times provide information in an engaging, and even interactive, way.

Located in the heart of Speightstown, St. Peter, theme. In addition to the house being of architectural interest, the Museum has many interactive features that make this a fun and educational visit for the whole family. (246) 422-4064 Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm Sat 9 am – 3 pm

ThE ConCoRDE ExPERiEnCE This hi-tech museum highlights the technological wonder of British Airways Concorde G-BOAE. There are several zones within this museum that give further insight into this aviation wonder, with tidbits and little known facts about

(246) 420-7738

Bajan Food Shopping up a storm can make one ravenous! So be sure to partake in a succulent Bajan meal! The Bajan Saturday Staple is called Pudding and Souse, consisting of pickled pork and a tasty sweet potato pudding pie. This meal is very tasty and very

The Beach After all of those attractions and museums, what would be the best way to relax on this island? That’s right! The beach! Home to over 70 beaches, there is certainly no lack of sandy scenes in Barbados. Depending on what you prefer, Barbados offers the calm waters on its west coast, and the rugged terrains and rougher waters of the east coast.

Locals & Caricom members with I.D $10us Visitors $13us Children 5-11yrs $7us Under 5yrs Free

Tue - Sat 9 am – 5pm

Bajan! If you love pork, be sure to try this weekend treat. If you are not a lover of ‘the other white meat’ don’t worry! & Cou Cou to freshly baked Macaroni pie or vegetables, dish to satisfy your palate. Don’t forget to wash it all down with an ice-cold Mauby!

Shopping Of course, no weekend is complete without some kind of shopping! The weekend is customarily the best time to do your shopping, as more specials, giveaways and deals are on offer. Bridgetown is a must! “ Town”, as it is affectionately known, is the island’s chief commercial centre, has a wealth of monuments and historical buildings and was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many stores offer duty-free shopping, and there is a wonderful arts and crafts site - Pelican Village - that makes a great stop for affordable souvenirs, accents for home décor and authentic Bajan works. holetown and speightstown are also great places to shop, providing duty-free shopping, top international luxury brand outlets and local arts and crafts. Local crafts are a great way to capture the spirit of the island, are great for gifts and can be sourced island-wide.

Nightlife Spending the weekend in Barbados gives you a great opportunity to experience Barbados’ nightlife. Barbados is very active after dark especially at weekend hotspots like St. Lawrence Gap, Oistins & Baxter’s Road. Here you will and a strong police presence to ensure order. On the west coast, close to Holetown, is another very popular spot for nightlife with bars and clubs, and is a favourite place to go for many locals and visitors. Right across the road is Limegrove Lifestyle Centre (LLC) – said to be the shopping mecca of the Caribbean. LLC is also an after dark hotspot at its cigar lounge and a bar - very popular and active on weekends. You are sure to have a great time experiencing Barbados at night, and it is also a fantastic way to make new friends and hear about the experiences of others on the island. There is something for everyone.



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Island Heritage Sites

Valued objects, cultural traditions, unspoiled countryside, and historic buildings passed from generation to generation…that’s heritage! The heritage of Barbados is no different and the legacy of the island is a unique blend of historical, architectural & natural beauty inherited by us all.


stories. Its fun for the whole family.

sunBuRy PLAnTATion housE


St Philip

This beautifully restored, great house, originally built by Matthew Chapman, an Irish/English planter, is more than 300 years old. The house is open for public viewing, and a tour through this great house is a virtual step back in time. Sunbury is home to the largest collection of antique horse-drawn carriages in the Caribbean as well as antique furniture, silver, glassware, china, beautifully landscaped grounds and century old machinery. The venue is a pleasant place for Sunday lunch or an afternoon outing. (246) 423-6270 Daily 9:30am – 4:30pm

The African Exhibition “Connections and Continuities” highlighting the geographical and demographic diversity of the continent.

ThE BARBADos MusEuM & hisToRiCAL soCiETy

Garrison Savannah, St. Michael The Barbados Museum and Historical Society is housed in the historic buildings of the former British Military Prison at St Ann’s. The prison, whose upper section was built in 1817 and lower section in 1853 is one of only twelve such prisons constructed anywhere in the British Empire and as such it is unique to the region. Main displays and features of the Barbados Museum include:


The Children’s Gallery An exiting, interactive, exhibit specially tailored to younger minds to touch, and interact with. Play “dress up” prince or a mulatto girl and listen to enthralling historic


The Decorative Arts Gallery This gallery highlights the furnishings / lifestyle of the Planter class during the mid 18th to late 19th century. Set in four period rooms (a master bedroom, nursery, dining room and living room)


The Natural History Gallery An ecological treasure trove on our coral reef, mangrove swamps, marine life and the island’s local & migratory birds.


he museum is also home to, a military gallery, a

gallery and the Jubilee Gallery (Highlighting 4000 years of human development in Barbados) (246) 427- 0201 Mon - Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 2 - 6pm


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GEoRGE GEoRGE WAshinGTon housE & MusEuM Bush Hill, St. Michael

A close neighbour of The Barbados Museum is George Washington House, this former plantation house, known at the time as ‘Bush Hill House’ was the two-month residence of the United States’ Washington, and his ailing half-brother, Lawrence Washington in 1751. Barbados was the only country Washington ever visited outside colonial America and Washington marked his two-month stay with several journal entries in his diary. Visitors experience a and interactive museum highlighting Barbados’ social, economic, and political conditions. 246 228-5461 246 228-5710 Mon -Fri 9am–4:30pm



Originally called “the Public Buildings”, the gothic, coral stone structure is the location of the Parliament of Barbados, and has been the weekly meeting place for both the upper (Senate) and lower house (House of Assembly) of Parliament since 16 June 1874. These buildings are


not only home to the 3rd oldest parliament in the Commonwealth but the walls of the West Wing are also home to the Barbados Museum of Parliament and the Barbados National Heroes Gallery. Enter these interactive museums and discover the history of Barbados’ Parliament and the contributions made to Barbados by ten of the island’s most outstanding national heroes. 246 310-5400

sT. niChoLAs ABBEy Cherry Tree Hill, St. Peter sT. niChoLAs ABBEy

Cherry St. Peter Built in Tree 1658,Hill, St. Nicholas Abbey one St. of ONLY Built in is 1658, Nicholas three Jacobean Abbeygenuine is one of ONLY mansions in the Western three genuine Jacobean Hemisphere. Barbados mansions in the Western is home to two of these Hemisphere. Barbados mansions, is home to two of these St. Nicholas Abbey and mansions, Drax Hall. The Abbeys St. Nicholas Abbey and beautifully landscaped Drax Hall. The Abbeys grounds, perfectly beautifully landscaped preserved buildings grounds, perfectly and the incredible view preserved buildings atop Cherry Tree Hill and the incredible view are well worth the atopallCherry Tree Hill drive. you arrive are all When well worth the take tour through the drive.aWhen you arrive great house, admire the take a tour through the architecture historical great house, and admire the furnishings, a short, architectureview and historical furnishings, view a short the former owners tale of crime tragedy. hear the and former owners Next explore the fully tale of crime and tragedy. operational mill Next exploresteam the fully and rum distillery, operational steam used mill to produce St. Nicholas and rum distillery used Abbey RumSt. . Its an to produce Nicholas enjoyable way spend Abbey Rum anto enjoyable the wayday. to spend the day. 246 228-5461 246 228-5710 Mon -Fri 9am–4:30pm


(The Nidhe Israel Jewish Museum) The Nidhe Israel Jewish Synagogue is said to be the Western Hemisphere. It was built by Jewish immigrants from Recife, from harsh Dutch treatment and looking for somewhere to settle. They brought with them their skills and expertise in the sugarcane industry, previously unexplored on the island. Built in 1654, this Synagogue was destroyed by a hurricane in 1834, rebuilt, subsequently disregarded and ultimately resold in 1929. After changing ownership several times, the Jewish Synagogue was then seized by the Barbados Government in 1983 and handed over to the Barbados National Trust in 1985. The buildings highlights include Gothic architectural features, a museum and a 17th century spring-fed mikvah (ritual bath) discovered by archaeologist, Michael Stoner, in 2008.


Scotland District, St. Andrew Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum is a hidden gem tucked away in the Barbados countryside in the northern area known as Scotland District. Take a step back in time on this delightfully tranquil property, enter the museum and enjoy the tales of a younger Barbados as told by the museums’ elderly owner Mr. Newlands Greenidge.


Codrington Village. St. Michael Constructed in 1854, Tyrol

Cot was once the family home of, Sir Grantley premier and the only Prime Minister of the Federation of the West Indies) and his son (second Prime Minister of Barbados) the late J.M.G.M. “Tom” Adams. Adams was said to be the founding father of Barbadian democracy and his former home is a historic Palladian-style house, andthe site of a modern “Heritage Chattel House Village” with local crafts and a restaurant , giving visitors an idea of 1920’s architecture and way of life. 246 424-2074 Mon - Fri 8am – 4:30pm (last tour at 4:00 p.m.)

siR FRAnK huTson suGAR MusEuM

Portvale Sugar Factory, St. James Barbados produces some of the highest quality cane sugar in the world and the Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum highlights this sweet, sweet treasure. The museum, which showcases the sugar industry in Barbados through the 1700’s and 1800’s, is the namesake of one of its founders, Sir Frank Hutson who was an avid Barbadian historian. The Museum is said to be one of the island’s best sites for understanding the sugar industry as it is also home to exhibits of old sugar making & transporting machinery. The museum is open year round but visitors to the museum between February to May (the reaping season) can also enjoy a tour of the modern factory and get a better understanding (and sample) of the relationship with molasses and our world famous rum. 246 250-9290 Mon to Sat 9am - 5pm

Looka de View


Sightseeing PLAy PRoFEssionAL

and a super large or extra SD card are also a must!

You may not have thought about composition before but think about it now! Take extreme close-ups of a sparked your interest. isLAnD TiPs FoR TAKinG BETTER PhoTos

It’s a stunning day, no work to be done and you don’t have a care in the world. It’s a perfect day to “Be or Play” tourist. You head out digital camera in hand out. Point! Shoot! Click!...Hhumm? Too much sun? Is that my thumb? And in that moment another potentially perfect photo bites the dust! Taking pictures is a fun way to document a great day and these simple tips, can turn your pictures from poor, dull or ordinary to

Its OK to shoot objects slightly to the left or right? It’s more than ok, its Perfect! Try out the black and white setting and impress a few friends! If you can, before you start the day try to take a minute to review photos in travel Magazines or online, try to replicate compositions and angles at different times of day. It may seem obvious but Don’T shoot facing the sun, instead put it behind you, over your shoulder. Click after click of plain old scenery can get boring! Add someone for scale, interest and comic relief. Extra batteries, a car charger


Looka de View Bajan




or many art connoisseurs visiting an art gallery or new exhibition can be a fun and exciting experience depending on your interests. Barbados is home to several internationally known artists who utilize many mediums for artistic expression. Artwork can be thought provoking, inspiring and unique and makes excellent gifts and lasting souvenirs. Caribbean Art is often reflective of local culture, the day to day occurrences of current life, the past hardships of olden days and the island’s rich natural resources, often expressed in bright Caribbean colours, patterns and shapes.

ART HIGHLIGHTS soMEThinG in DE MusiC: ThE JouRnEy oF CALyPso in BARBADos View documentaries, costumes, trophies, musical instruments, records, original sheet music of calypsos and more. Aug 1 - 30 @ BMHS, The Garrison Savannah, St. Michael Mon to Sat 9 am to 5 pm; Sun 2 pm to 6 pm

ThE sToRy oF shoRE WhALinG in BARBADos Showcasing the local shore whaling adventure through the years. April 15 - Sept 15 2013 @ BMHS, The Garrison Savannah, St. Michael Mon to Sat 9 am to 5 pm; Sun 2 pm to 6 pm

BMhs’ 80Th AnniVERsARy ExhiBiTion Illustrating the history of Barbados in 80 objects, showcasing 5000 years of human habitation on the island. Aug 1 - 31 Oct @ BMHS, The Garrison Savannah, St. Michael Mon to Sat 9 am to 5 pm; Sun 2 pm to 6 pm


P R O S P E C T, S T. J A M E S

For More Information Call: 246-233-2814 or Visit our website:

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or bum uh ride





slam tar or bum uh ride

AuGusT 2013 hiKEs AUGUST 4th CARRINGTON’S FACTORy yARD, St. Philip @ 6am or 3:30pm. FIND IT Travel just over a mile west of Six Cross Roads on Highway 5. AUGUST 11th HAYMAN’S OLD SUGAR FACTORY, St Peter @ 6am or 3:30pm. FIND IT Travel Highway 2A turn off where sign-posted to Haymans & Speightstown.

Go Take a


AUGUST 18th Moonlight Hike DRAX HALL PLANTATION, St George @ 5:30pm. FIND IT Travel Highway 4 - dont take road to Drax Hall Village but next right to the Plantation.


hiKinG & nATuRE TREKs Miles of powdery white sand beaches, dramatic cliff tops and tropical rainforest trails provide a variety of interesting walks for those in search of a leisurely stroll or a more energetic hike. Hiking is very popular on the island with regularly scheduled morning and forests and enjoy the island’s un-spoilt beauty through little traveled trails. Tours are offered by several groups on island including Hike Barbados, Barbados Eco Tours and The Barbados National Trust, which organizes free Sunday hikes. nATionAL TRusT WALKs Beginners: The “Stop ‘n’ Stare” group walks 5-6 miles. AM & PM Walks intermediate: The “Here ‘n’ There” group walks 8-10 miles. AM Walks Only Advanced: The “Grin ‘n’ Bear” group walks 12-14 miles. AM Walks Only


Most hikes last approximately 3 hours torch. Don’t forget the necessities sturdy shoes, comfortable clothing, water and a camera. (246) 426-2421

AUGUST 21st Special Moonlight Hike: SIR GARFIELD SOBERS COMPLEX, GYMNASIUM, Wildey, St Michael @ 6pm. AUGUST 25th BATH BEACH, St John @ 6am or 3:30pm. FIND IT Turn left at bottom factory. sEPTEMBER 2013 hiKEs SEPTEMBER 1st INDIAN GROUND SPORTS FIELD, St Andrew @ 6am or 3:30pm. FIND IT Travel Highway 2A until right turn towards The Rock bear left to Sailor Gully - at top of road turn right - Indian Ground SEPTEMBER 8th BARCLAYS PARK, St Andrew @ 6am or 3:30pm.

FIND IT Travel Ermie Bourne Highway (East coast Rd) - Meet at the side of the road - opposite the casuarina trees. SEPTEMBER 19th Moonlight Hike: APPLEWHAITES PLANTATION yARD, St George @ 5:30pm. FIND IT After Hothersal Turning, - go through Bibbys Lane (Highway E). - After Exchange, bear right (dangerous junction) just before Proutes and look for old factory chimney. - Park in Plantation yard. SEPTEMBER 19th Special Moonlight Hike: ST JOHN PARISH CHURCH, St John @ 6pm. SEPTEMBER 22nd CASTLE PLANTATION, St Peter @ 6am or 3:30pm. FIND IT Not Castle Village but the Plantation. Reached by a cart track to the left soon after leaving Diamond Corner. SEPTEMBER 29th DISTRICT C POLICE STATION, St Philip @ 6am or 3:30pm. FIND IT Travel Highway 4B turn left 1 mile east of St Philips Church. oCToBER 2013 hiKEs OCTOBER 6th TURNER’S HALL WOODS, St Andrew @ 6am or 3:30pm. FIND IT Take Highway 2D to Farmers & Mose Bottom - turn right towards Bawdens in St Andrew - meeting point at junction approx. 1/2 mile down the road. (formerly site of Turners Hall Plantation). OCTOBER 13th OISTINS CAR PARK, Christ Church @ 6am or 3:30pm. FIND IT Meet at Oistins car park. OCTOBER 20th Moonlight Hike: LODGE SCHOOL, St John @ 5:30pm FIND IT Via Four Cross Roads, Gall Hill - follow the road to the cemetery - turn right and travel that road until you past Collection Plantation. OCTOBER 27th HEYWOODS, St Peter @ 6am or 3:30pm FIND IT Car park to the north of Almond Beach Village Hotel.


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on’t hesitate to rent a vehicle and see the island in the comfort of a car or van. Having your own transport, can be a pleasant experience and Mopeds or a bikes are perfect to explore sites that aren’t easily reached by car. Drive carefully on the left, watch out for pedestrians and note that some roads are quite inclines can still be found. There are several rental companies at the airport and online bookings can be delivered, ready and waiting when you arrive at the airport or at your hotel.

Car Rental Listings VoyAGER REnT-A-CAR Oldbury Terrace, St Philip 246 420-7508 JonEs GARAGE & REnT-A-CAR LTD Passage Rd, St. Michael 246 425-6637 z & s CAR REnTALs Perkins Rd, Brittons X Rd St. Michael 246 437-7084 CoConuT CAR REnTALs LTD Bayside Bay St, St Michael 246 437-0297 BRyCE CAR REnTAL Union Rd, St Philip 246 423-6630 Or 246 243-7057 Executive Rentals Inc. 10 Tamkris W'thing, Ch.Ch.


246 228-1993 M A h CAR REnTALs Passage Rd, St. Michael 246 427-1952 or 246 436-7189 1sT ChoiCE CAR REnTAL Worthing Main Rd, Christ Church 246 434-2277 or 246 228-2899 KAT's AuTo REnTALs #1 Pool Land, St John 246 433-1657 VEnTuRE CAR REnTALs inC. Warners Park, Christ Church 246 228-4141 RAysiDE CAR REnTALs Charnocks No 1, Christ Church 246 428-0264 CoRBin's CAR REnTALs inC. Upper Collymore Rock, St Michael 246 427-9531


iN a car

Notes on Driving in Barbados Driving in Barbados is

the island. Simply remember to drive on the left. Obtain a valid Barbados license for $5 us, by carrying your valid national or international license to a police station or authorized car-rental company (Ask when booking is they can manage this for you before you arrive).

slam tar or bum uh ride


etting around on the bus is an easy way to save money while on holiday. Public transport is only $1.00 (usD) and it is a convenient way of traveling to the beach, the mall, other places of interest or simply for sightseeing. Barbados has two major types of public transportation available.

Government Owned

Privately Owned There are two types of privately owned buses or vans.

Blue buses with yellow stripes hese buses run mostly according to the days schedule found here This schedule is largely reliable and this bus provides a comfortable and relaxing ride, they only stop at marked bus stops and will require exact change. $1.00 us. Notably the bus may be crowded depending on the time of day and the route. Several routes are long and perfect for daily sightseeing, however specially organized Scenic Bus Tours take place every Sunday for your convenience. Buses depart from Bridgetown, Oistins in the south, or Speightstown in the north. For more information about routes and schedules, contact the Barbados Transport Board at 246 436-6820 or the Tourist Board at 246 4272623.


yellow and blue striped buses: These pass frequently, arrive at their destinations quickly and may be quite crowded depending on the time of day. These buses are predominantly seen on mid length routes, 30 - 45 minutes from beginning to end.


White and burgundy striped buses also known as zR Vans: These minivans also pass frequently, they are very popular with the locals Leg room can be limited at times and buses are conductor (or the driver) typically collects the fare and some drivers may at times drive quite briskly. These buses are predominantly seen on short length routes, 10 – 40 minutes from beginning to end. Additionally they can pass quite frequently, some every 10 - 15 minutes. This bus ride can be interesting and fun and can make an excellent conversation piece for later, so feel free to try it out. All in all, buses are a valuable resource for getting around Barbados, they run from as early as 6:00am, to as late as midnight.


slam tar or bum uh ride

Taxi! I

f you ask, most Bajans will know and be able to refer you to a reliable taxi man but your hotel or accommodation may have a recommended driver. Taxis in Barbados are all marked with a “Taxi” sign on top and carry “z” license plates. Flag one down, consult the phone book or check our Recommended Taxi Services. Also be sure to ask the Taxi service what the rate will be before leaving. These rates are also at the airport if you need to catch a taxi from there. Typical Taxi Rates From The Airport (AVERAGES)

BETWEEN ThE GRAnTLEy ADAMs inTERnATionAL AiRPoRT AnD: Any point North of Speightstown Atlantic Shores Bathsheba/Cattlewash Belleplaine Bridgetown Harbour Callenders Coverley Crane East Point Garrison Savannah Gibbs Harrison’s Cave Heroes Square (Bridgetown) Holetown/Porters Long Beach/Silver Sands Oistins Prospect/Cavehill Providence Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle/Pollards Speightstown St. George’s Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church St. Lawrence




43.50 12.00 36.50 32.00 23.00 12.00 6.50 15.50 20.00 18.50 32.00 26.50

83.00 24.00 73.00 64.00 46.00 24.00 13.00 31.00 40.00 37.00 64.00 53.00

21.00 29.50 12.00 12.00 26.50 9.50 17.00 17.00 36.50 18.50 23.00 15.00

42.00 58.00 24.00 24.00 53.00 19.00 34.00 34.00 73.00 39.00 46.00 31.00

BETWEEN ThE BRiDGEToWn hARBouR/CiTy CEnTRE AnD: Any point North of Speightstown Bathsheba/Cattlewash Callenders Crane East Point Grantley Adams International Airport Hilton/Grand Barbados/ Garrison Long Beach/Silver Sands Oistins Paradise Prospect/Holders/ Paynes Bay Rendezvous Sam Lord’s Castle/Pollards Sandy Lane/Holetown/ Porters Speightstown/Heywoods St. Albans St. George’s Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church St. Lawrence Gap /Dover Welchman Hall Gully/ Harrison’s Cave



30.50 29.00 18.50 26.50 30.50

61.00 58.00 37.00 53.00 61.00



9.50 18.50 15.50 9.50

19.00 37.00 31.00 19.00

12.00 12.00 29.00

24.00 24.00 58.00

17.00 23.00 19.50 12.00 27.50 14.50

34.00 46.00 39.00 24.00 55.00 29.00



BETWEEN ThE BRiDGEToWn hARBouR AnD: $usD $BDs City Centre Deacons Road Sheraton Centre Warrens

5.00 5.00 14.50 12.00

10.00 10.00 29.00 24.00

BETWEEN sAnDy LAnE AnD: $usD $BDs Bathsheba/ Cattlewash Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Hilton/Garrison Savannah Long Beach/ Silver Sands Oistins Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle St. George Parish Church St. John Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church



20.50 19.50 27.50 27.00 23.00 41.50 34.50 14.50 30.50

41.00 39.00 55.00 54.00 46.00 83.00 69.00 29.00 61.00

BETWEEN GLiTTER BAy AnD: $usD $BDs Bathsheba/ Cattlewash Farley Hill Park Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Hilton/ Garrison Savannah Long Beach/ Silver Sands Oistins Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle St. George Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church

34.00 20.50

68.00 41.00

20.50 19.50 30.50 28.50 27.00 41.50 14.50 30.50

41.00 39.00 61.00 57.00 54.00 83.00 29.00 61.00

BETWEEN hEyWooDs AnD: $usD $BDs 27.00 15.50

54.00 31.00

30.50 23.00

61.00 46.00

36.50 32.00 30.50 46.00 26.50 46.00

73.00 64.00 61.00 92.00 53.00 92.00



Bathsheba/ Cattlewash Farley Hill Park Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Hilton/ Garrison Savannah Long Beach/ Silver Sands Oistins Rockley Sam Lord’s Castle St. George Parish Church St. John’s Parish Church

Harrison’s Cave/ Welchman Hall Bathsheba/ Cattlewash St. John’s Parish Church Rockley Oistins

27.00 34.00 23.00 23.00 19.50

54.00 68.00 46.00 36.00 39.00

slam tar or bum uh ride


lil tings bout de


GOVERNMENT Barbados was once an island under British rule and as a result the island’s government and governmental practices are a result of British rule. In fact, the island is a constitutional monarchy, and parliamentary democracy, modeled on the British Westminster system. In 1966 Barbados gained its independence from Britain but the island maintains a Prime Minister and 2 parliamentary houses – The House of Assembly (30 ministers) and The Senate, with Elizabeth II, as the head of state (she is represented locally by the island’s Governor General). Notably Barbados has the third oldest parliament in existence.

Banks open from 8:00am to 3:00pm Monday – Thursday, 8:00am to 5:00pm on Friday and are closed on all national holidays. You can easily use your credit card at most businesses island wide or withdraw up to $500 usD per day at hundreds of ATM Machines. ATM machines can be found island wide outside banks or at most 24hr gas stations.

BUSINESSHOURS From Monday to Friday businesses and stores in Barbados normally open between 8am & 9am and close at roughly 3:30/ 5:00pm. Saturdays are shopping days in Barbados, however stores typically close between 1pm and 2pm in Bridgetown, but shopping malls and supermarkets open till 9:00pm. On Sundays the Grocery stores will close between 12 noon and 2pm. Cave shepherd, a popular duty free department store in Hastings is also open until this time.

DRESS You can’t go wrong if you remember the following: illegal. No bare feet & bare backs in most stores. Sneakers are frowned upon in several clubs & restaurants Try elegantly casual for


you need to be sure. Shorts of a reasonable length are mostly acceptable in this cool climate but if in call ahead.


EDUCATION According to UNESCO Barbados’ education level is ranked within the top 5 countries in the world partially because the literacy rate is estimated to be very close to 100%. A Large part of the island’s GDP is spent on education and all children under the age of 16 must attend Primary and Secondary Schools. Notably a large percentage of the population also attends one of four Tertiary Level Intuitions on island.

HEALTH&SAFETY Barbados is a safe place to visit with no need to worry about vaccinations and disease. You may be on vacation, but safe guard your health as you would at home. Wash hands, and be sure to protect yourself from mosquito bites by using insect repellent to avoid itchy insect bites & wails or to protect yourself against the possibility of dengue fever. Barbados is relatively safe, but be careful when traversing the island. Don’t leave valuables unattended, lock your car and hotel room doors and stay within the areas that are well



Having an Illegal drug in Barbados is a serious offence and the penalties can be severe. In fact a person caught with even marijuana can be sentenced to as much as 20 years in prison.

You can easily obtain stamps from the hotel front desk or hotel boutique, however the General Cheapside, Bridgetown and there are 17 other district

ELECTRICITY The voltage is 110 volts, 50Hz cycle. Consider bringing your converter if necessary or asking your travel agent if your hotel provides one, as many of them do.

DRINKINGWATER The island’s water supply is clean, tasty and perfectly safe to drink straight from the tap. The coral formation of the island and ensure that it is amongst the purest in the world.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS PoLiCE 211 FiRE 311 AMBuLAnCE 511 FMh EMERGEnCy MEDiCAL CLiniC 246 228-6120 sAnDy CREsT MEDiCAL 246 419-4911(Open 24 hours) sPARMAn MEDiCAL CEnTER 246 624-3278 (Open 24 hours) hosPiTAL 246 436- 6450(Open 24 hours)

LANGUAGE The language of Barbados is British English, however Bajans have a tendency to speak quickly in a heavy dialect affectionately called ‘Bajan’. At times this may sound quite foreign, however its simply ENGLISH - spiced up Caribbean of dialect mixed in.


EXCHANGERATES The US dollar typically has an exchange rate of $1.00 US - $1.98 US dollars. oThER ExChAnGE RATEs Major credit cards and US dollars are accepted island wide. Traveler’s checks in U.S., U.K. and Canadian funds can also be used at many outlets.


Pack your sundress, shorts, swimwear, casual shirts and slippers for the day but at night most restaurants and clubs require you to be elegantly casual. To be sure of what’s expected, call ahead or check here before you go.

TAXES &GRATUITIES VAT - Value Added Tax (VAT)-17.5% is charged on most items Tax on your hotel or

accommodation is 8.5% and at some locations another 10% is added for service charge. Gratuities are normally 10% - 15%

TELE COMMUNICATIONS Want to check in with your family MAKE A DiRECT CALL To north American / Canada territories Dial 1, the area code, and the telephone number. united Kingdom – Dial 011 44, the area code (Omit the usual 0 before the area code), and the telephone number. LoCAL CALLs Feel free to rent a cell phone locally or utilise your “unlocked” international cell phone by purchasing a LIME Smart Card / Digicel SIM card from marked retail outlets’ island wide. FRoM ThE hoTEL/ ACCoMMoDATion Check to see if any fee is attached to this before you dial.

The Crane Residential Resort

Crane St. Philip, Barbados T: (246) 423-6220 usA/CAn Toll Free: (866) 978-5942 uK Toll Free: (800) 097-1794

Set on Barbados’ world-famous Crane Beach – named “one of the Ten Best Beaches in the World” by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. exerum id qui dolorestium eiumquo bea dem rehendis


et on Barbados’ world-famous Crane Beach – named “one of the Ten Best Beaches in the World” by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – The Crane is the hotel. First opened in 1887 and now fully restored and expanded, this truly unique property combines old-world charm and incredible natural beauty with a romantic sense of seclusion. The Crane goes beyond the typical Caribbean vacation

packages, and offers unparalleled service and spacious, luxurious accommodation including private pools, gardens, and rooftop terraces. This is combined with awardwinning cuisine, duty free retail shopping, and close proximity to the airport. There is complimentary WiFi in all guest rooms and around the resort even on the beach - and complimentary long-distance calls to most international destinations.


Treasure beach Hotel & SPA

Paynes Bay, St James, Barbados T: (246) 419 4200 F: (246) 432 1094 reservations@treasure



true gem among luxury hotels in the Caribbean, Treasure Beach Hotel and most popular hotels on the West Coast of Barbados. Located on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Platinum Coast, Paynes Bay, this 35-room all suite luxury hotel is set in lush, tropical gardens with stunning veiws overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The luxurious suites are arranged in a horseshoe shape around the fresh-

water swimming pool. The Spa Suite provides a private and unique experience. Unlike other spas, where you are just a few paces from someone else having a massage or pedicure, when you book a treatment at the Spa Suite, you will have exclusive use of the spa. Treatments include massages, facials, scrubs & wraps, Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures and utilise pure organic skincare products from Clinique.

best e. villas

AN Intimate hotel of Barbados

With two locations, we can provide more options to suit your individual needs and guarantee you a home away from home in our award-winning apartments.

Green-Ridge,Prospect, St. James, Barbados T: (246) 425 -9751 F: (246) 425 9653


entrally located on the west coast, this beautiful property sits on lushly landscaped grounds with its own private fresh-water swimming pool. Best E. Villas - Prospect the Best E. Villas. The property hosts both two and three bedroom accommodations, offering much more than a vacation but an experience, with incomparable home-

style living with all the amenities and more! Best E. Villas Providence - is the newest addition. Set on beautifully landscaped grounds, this property offers four 2 bedroom units and a private fresh-water pool. Your complete privacy is guaranteed with a state-of-the-art intercom system and secure parking for up to eight vehicles. Wireless internet access is available to all guests.